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2:37 PM
@David Why is that?
3:15 PM
@GiantCowFilms Hi
3:42 PM
@GiantCowFilms You are almost 1k ahead!
I have averaged 1k per month so far . . .
@NoviceInDisguise :D hard at work
You moved up a good 3 places since I last looked :/
@NoviceInDisguise :D
I've still got 150 or so to go
Until you are 1k ahead?
@NoviceInDisguise yup
3:54 PM
160 rep more
You should put out a 500 rep bounty :-P
Oh well, it is 70* and sunny here :)
@NoviceInDisguise Fun fact: I once had more rep then @cegaton (not much, and not for long)... now even after the bounty he is 3.5k ahead!
@NoviceInDisguise No fair, at least precedent is being broken here and there is sun as well (but it isn't that warm)
3:57 PM
-28* windchill if I was at home. Yikes!
@NoviceInDisguise :O
vacation not so bad after all
Maybe not
Its funny, I'm one rep ahead of mike pan, I once met him in person
@NoviceInDisguise No idea...
4:00 PM
A question is always clear to the asker :-P
@NoviceInDisguise yes....
They don't consider all the information they have that a potential answerer doesn't have access to.
I guess these people think we are wizards... and know everthing lol
Maybe we are . . . not
Whew... that was close...
4:05 PM
I think when we graduate, we need to pressure @StackExchange for a .blend upload feature
I'm going to on meta...
Post a link here
GTG, bbl
@NoviceInDisguise Bye
@NoviceInDisguise Here:
A: Things to address with Stack Exchange on graduation?

GiantCowFilms.Blend upload a storage Although many downsides could be seen, the number one must common comment on a question is a variant of "Could you upload your .blend, thanks!" Often times it is the easiest way to trouble shoot issues, since images can only tell so much, and it takes a lot of time to rec...

4:23 PM
Q: Things to address with Stack Exchange upon graduation?

GiantCowFilmsAre site is wonderful, and I love it, but I'm sure we all realize that it could be improved greatly! Now that SE is going to develop a custom design for us (Which will be soon, they have $40 million) they are probably going to be as willing as ever to make the changes that we need. What are chan...

4:56 PM
@iKlsR I think this should be featured ^^
Its rather important to our site
Hi I'm new to blender (...and I don't really want to learn) I imported a file from [Other software] and it doesn't do what I want when I export it to [Other Software] what's wrong? HELP! HELP HELP!
Is there an addon to read my mind? (+5000 bounty)
5:15 PM
Just like it, sadly :-P
@cegaton LOL
I forgot to mention that I've watched ALL the tutorials and searched the web to no avail!
@cegaton Even the cg cookie citizen ones?
Even read all of @gandalf3's answers!
5:37 PM
5:57 PM
@someonewithpc I have no idea. I even asked a question on the SE meta about it. meta.stackexchange.com/q/246820/278094 (which does not have a good answer)
@cegaton but did you read all of the manual, and each release notes back to 2.50a?
6:13 PM
@David I even sent a fax to the support number for 2.49
7:04 PM
I just noticed I have 100 answers :D
7:19 PM
iKlsR has stopped a feed from being posted into this room
@iKlsR ?
Oh I stopped Proog, too slow with the meta posts.

  Sintel and Proog

Record of all posts
We hit 7000 users!
@iKlsR Yay!
@iKlsR He was...
8:00 PM
@iKlsR so now he is just locked up with sintel in their own privet room?
@David Sintel still posts here...
@someonewithpc no sintel was kicked out long ago.
8:33 PM
Since posts the recent questions.. .
@David At the bottom of that page
@someonewithpc 97 for me :D
@someonewithpc all that is doing is adding the recent questions to a pop up box at the top of the screen, like the NB posts. Not as messages in the chat.
8:51 PM
Recent render . . .
@NoviceInDisguise Over the top vignette, again...
Otherwise, it looks pretty good
9:10 PM
@NoviceInDisguise Now I have 97 as well - I deleted my downvoted (and also first) answers, as they were wrong
@someonewithpc Or rather still :/ I forgot to change it before rendering. I did notice afterwards
@NoviceInDisguise You can still change it... if you haven't close Blender yet
I started a test render from another position before I thought of that, but thanks anyways. I will be making actual progress soon.
BTW, why don't the clouds "warp" around the planet?
I thought of that, but how I am going to be using the scene I don't think that would work, maybe some of both would be nice . . .

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