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12:00 AM
Your IDE didn't catch it?
@RavenDreamer It just told me that there wasn't a valid constructor.
I like VS.
C++'s support is way better in 2010.
Ah, well I have 2010.
Yay for the way Microsoft treats students!
I have 2010... at home, not at work.
12:15 AM
goes to work in VS2010, speak of the devil
12:44 AM
So, Puss in Boots from Shrek has his own movie?
Apparently he does :O
12:56 AM
Apple is really pushing the iPad 2 during Big Bang Theory.
Then again, they had two shows back to back.
The iPad 2 is quite cool
1:12 AM
OK, that's a weird GoG promotion
> First, the six millionth downloader will receive every game on the platform for free. Second, for the first 48 hours after hitting the mark, everyone will get a free download of Broken Sword: Shadow of The Templars Director's Cut.
Of course, I already own BS1 DC...
Valve is integrating Gun Game into CS:GO.
God I love this dialog
> And are those...penises I see wriggling on its feet?! Disgusting...
oh my god that is amazing ahahahahahahahahaha
It depends on ones own frame of reference, dr. O.
So, yeah. New Vegas DLC is the best thing.
1:20 AM
This is how I moderate:
> "Once the brain was out, then came the COILS. The TESLA coils. The coils of NIKOLA tesla!"
> Shhhh... little organs. Go to sleep in your tanks. Dala loves you.
1:30 AM
Oh man, I think I need to play Dead Island now.
God, I hate his thumbnails.
You can hear him smashing his keyboard.
But it might just be lego scattering on the floor.
Who the heck is this guy?!
@Mana I have no idea. But I think I might have subscribed.
Uh oh, a Deus Ex one...
1:35 AM
Okay I know what I'm doing this evening
Oh, some of them look like actual walkthroughs.
How boring. :/
This conversation really is mind blowingly amazing.
@GnomeSlice Watch the New Vegas video I linked a little ways up. SCIENCE.
1:40 AM
@LessPopMoreFizz It may have re-convinced me to re-install FO:NV just to read/listen to the dialogue more carefully
@Mana (This is from Old World Blues. The DLC of New Vegas is absolutely mind blowingly good.)
What about the game itself?
Seriously, the New Vegas DLC, combined, amount to one of the best expansions to a game I've ever played.
@Mana The game itself is great. But holy shit the DLC.
Particularly Old World Blues.
This is 30 minutes long?
@GnomeSlice Worth every second.
1:41 AM
@Mana what the fuck...?
Don't know what else to say about that video
@Wipqozn REALLY.
watch the other ones Gnome linked
Man, you linked so many videos @Mana
@LessPop_MoreFizz This is really creepy.
1:43 AM
Let it be known that @Mana linked several excellent videos tonight.
@Wipqozn FUCK.
@GnomeSlice SCIENCE.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Are they going to stop talking about penises.
@GnomeSlice Yes.
Well... mostly.
23 mins ago, by GnomeSlice
This is how I moderate:
23 mins ago, by GnomeSlice
@lesspop this voice sounds familiar.
1:45 AM
@GnomeSlice Which one?
@LessPop_MoreFizz The most prevalent one.
The first one, I think.
Last one I'm going to link
@Mana That one isn't as funny.
I liked the ending though.
The ending!
Pointy laser tails?
1:47 AM
James Kevin "Jim" Ward (born May 19, 1959; New York City, New York) is a voice actor who has contributed to a large number of video games and movies. He co-hosts The Stephanie Miller Show, a nationally-syndicated liberal radio talk show which features a number of his impersonations of political figures and other celebrities and newsmakers. On the show, it was revealed that Jim went to the University of California, Los Angeles, where his father, Don Ward, was a professor of German and folklore. Filmography Anime roles * Yojimbo of the Wind - Master of Tonbo, Tanida * Gokudo * Fruits Ba...
@LessPop_MoreFizz Is he the one who does the voice all in Caps?
Says he did various voices in Lost Planet 2.
That might have been it.
@GnomeSlice Yeah, that's him.
You might also recognize this guy:
James Christian Urbaniak (born September 17, 1963) is an American actor. Urbaniak was born in Bayonne, New Jersey. He lives in Santa Monica, California with his wife Julie and their twins, son Severn Jerzy and daughter Esme Maeve. One of his first noteworthy roles was in the avant-garde playwright/director Richard Foreman's The Universe, for which Urbaniak won an Obie. He has also been acclaimed for his acting in the films Henry Fool and American Splendor, in the latter of which he played legendary illustrator R. Crumb. He was nominated for a Drama Desk Award for his role in Thom Pain (...
Why would I recognize him? I recognize 'you don't know jack'.
@GnomeSlice I mean the voice.
Another voice that you might have recognized:
Cameron Arthur "Cam" Clarke (born November 6, 1957) is a prolific American voice actor and singer, well known for his work in animation and video games. Clarke is well known for providing the voices of Leonardo in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Shotaro Kaneda in the 1989 original English-dub of Akira. He often voices teenagers and other similarly young characters. In Mormon circles, Clarke is best known as the original "Jimmy Flinders" character during the 1970s, from the hit LDS musical, Saturday's Warrior. He is also known as the voice of Liquid Snake in the Metal Gear video game ser...
Oh, I didn't realize there was a 'you don't know jack' movie.
1:53 AM
@GnomeSlice You were better off before you did.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I thought it was the game.
I always thought it was funny that Cam Clarke was credited as "James Flinders" in Metal Gear Solid.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Hey, Jack Archer.
> Who knows what terrifying secrets lie beneath your EPIDERMIS.
I loved that game, even though nobody else did.
1:55 AM
> Scalpels will tell us all of your secrets. Your TERRIBLE TERRIBLE SECRETS.
Eh, this is sort of funny.
> Perhaps a demonstration of my castrating POWER would settle your doubts.
erectly vs directly... really?
wtf sonjaculating.
This is ridiculous.
@GnomeSlice Ridiculously amazing.
Just wait for the sterilizing 'WooWOO'
N...not really.
I can't watch this
Sonic Ejaculate.
Remind me to never, ever play this game.
Why does his gun poop?
...What's formography.
Nevermind, I'm sure I don't want to know.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Wtf, that's his PISTOL?
If a string consists only of a null character in C, does that evaluate to false in an if statement?
@GnomeSlice No, it's basically a whacked out minigun. Who said anything about a pistol?
@LessPop_MoreFizz *Give him a Combustion Pistol"
Q: Games like Limbo?

AlexDo you know any other games like this one: I mean with similar puzzles and cool & creative graphics.

Q: Which stat is applied first, Damage Reduction or Damage Threshold in Fallout New Vegas?

James JiaoThe information found on the Fallout Wikia seems to be conflicting. Under the Damage Threshold article, it states that: The combined statistics of DT and DR (with DT being applied first) determines.... whereas on the Damage Resistance article: Damage resistance is applied before damage thres...

2:15 AM
@lesspop What's this 'sink' they're talking about?
but yes
I've been meaning to say
@Mana, @RavenDreamer: I think you guys have been doing a great job as mods.
> Great, Psychology... clearly the worst of the sciences, right after Colosto-diuretics.
2:35 AM
So, did anyone ever manage to beat my time?
> I have a gift with machines. I can render anything inoperable. Preserve them in a non-functioning state.
I'll take that as a no.
Turns out it's really handy that I actually define the variable I'm externing in C++.
whacks GnomeSlice
2:44 AM
is used to it.
@GnomeSlice aww, poor gnomeslice
come over Gnome
have something for you
@Wipqozn Um...
@Wipqozn No thanks...
Did you beat my time, by the way?
@GnomeSlice oh god no
this is what I wanted to give you
@GnomeSlice Clever girl.
2:51 AM
Good, CreateVote is my only current unresolved external.
I haven't decided if I want to move CreateVote into a new "Style" class like the SourceMod system uses or not.
@Wipqozn ÉÉÉ
@Wipqozn I actually needed this though
8 minutes left of access.
@GnomeSlice ...what?
@GnomeSlice Wait, what?
@Wipqozn I needed this song right now.
@GnomeSlice hm, okay
you're welcome
I'm a hero, really.
2:54 AM
Well, I need scissors 61. :|
@Powerlord My father has our router automatically cut off net access to my devices at 11:00 PM. It was 10:00 until a few nights ago.
@GnomeSlice Should I point and laugh now? :D
@Powerlord Go right ahead...
(I'm 19)
Oh wait, I'm supposed to act mature.
@GnomeSlice OK, now that's kinda pathetic. :/
@Powerlord Tell me about it
2:55 AM
Why are they killing your Internet access at night, anyway?
You should see some of the shit he's built over the course of my youth.
@Powerlord So that I'll sleep. Which I won't, anyway.
@Wipqozn I didn't actually unfurl the link.
@GnomeSlice That's not what I replied to.
I should go to bed, too.
Tomorrow's still a weekday.
same here
yeah, damn weekdays.
@Wipqozn I just assumed you were incompetent.
2:58 AM
Still, I've made an extraordinary amount of progress in this extension, ironing out all but 1 error in the framework so far. However, the hard parts are yet to come: The actual voting logic.
This time around, I at least know there is a hidden timer somewhere that controls how long the vote lasts.
I bet if I open MenuStyle_Valve.cpp I'll find it staring in my face.
(although I'd have thought the timer would be a shared code thing)
@Powerlord For a a TF2 server?
Worse case scenario, I'll slap a timer on BuiltinVote_Base.
And with that, I'm disconnected.
@GnomeSlice good night
@Wipqozn And L4D. And L4D2.
Actually, a lot of the vote logic is already written in the last version. This time, I just have to make it work.
3:00 AM
@Powerlord By the sounds of it, it's just an improved voting system?
@Wipqozn Have you seen the TF2 built-in vote system?
This is basically an API to control it.
Which, incidentally, means custom votes using it.
@Powerlord the code behind it? No.
@Wipqozn No, I meant the voting screen itself.
More importantly, though, I'm writing an API that very closely mimics the SourceMod API, so it should be possible to port voting to it with minimal effort.
@Powerlord as in the little box that pops up and says "press F1, F2.. for the next map"?
@Wipqozn Yes, that one.
3:04 AM
okay. sounds nifty.
Anything that vote can do, my script can do. Including, if TF2 really does support and doesn't just say it does, team-specific votes.
Oh hell, I just realized I didn't write the logic for that either. Whoops.
Actually, I think I'll skip team-specific votes for version 1.
So you could set it up so that the losing team chooses the next map?
I'll leave it in the API, though.
@Wipqozn In theory, yes.
You'd need a SourceMod Plugin to control that, though.
Since this is just the API that exposes that functionality.
So what are you trying to achieve by doing this?
A voting system that selects the available maps differently, or do you have something else in mind?
such as first choose game type, then choose map, et cetera
People complain endlessly about the SourceMod voting system blocking the 1-9 keys when it comes up, preventing weapon changes.
However, the TF2 voting system comes up whenever 2 minutes are left on the map clock (whoops). And you can't select which maps are on it.
I've already written a test plugin against the old version of this that's based on the SourceMod MapChooser.
Which is how I discovered that some logic was missing (whoops)
Logic that was missing was the displaying of the current vote leaders (which would have required a LOT of infrastructure changes to fix), the timer that actually ends the vote, and the Extension API (but the Plugin API was present).
I'm hoping to start alpha testing of this version sometime this weekend.
However, I may actually implement the Vote Styles (like the menu styles of the original) to make it work more like the original so I don't have to figure out "why isn't this working?!"
I already eliminated display styles, though, as you can't disable vote items.
(The SourceMod vote system lets you grey-out items)
3:15 AM
hmm sounds interesting
well I'm off to bed
Wow, now you've got me wondering: What does the TF2 map vote do if there are less than 5 maps on the server rotation?
I'll have to test that to get me new data. Maybe it does have a way of disabling items.
I've noticed that disabled vote types get the text (Disabled) at the end in the call vote screen. Maybe that works with vote items, too.
(Speaking of which, I added one extra feature to display CallVoteFailed screens. ;D)
That feature is used by one of my planned plugins: TF2 Vote Manager.
Anyway, I think it's time for me to save this to my USB drive so I can continue working on it if I have free time tomorrow.
Holy crap, I ran out of space on my Flash drive.
Man, I had like 9 different versions of this extension.
er... make that 12
At >100MB a piece because I never clean out the compiled files and Intellisense files. Whoops.
and a New PC folder from the previous time I changed PCs in 2007 that had 800MB of files on it. Gee, I wonder why my 2GB flash drive is full.
4:02 AM
Q: Network Profile - Gaming Account Bug

drneelI couldn't find this listed, and I'm not quite sure if this is the right place for it, but here goes. On the stack exchange network profile, under the accounts listing, it shows that I have answered 0 questions on the gaming site, when I have answered 1. Potential bug? EDIT I just visited my p...

4:21 AM
Q: does damaging craft influence tactical battles?

ShaderachIf I attack but do not shoot down a UFO, and then it lands and I send in a skyranger, will I be facing less live aliens than if it had landed fully unmolested? Does damaging the UFO have any effect, or must you fully shoot it down?

4:42 AM
Q: Exchanging disc drives (360)

keightyI have two 360's one with red ring and one with a jammed disk drive. The jammed dvd drive is a Ben Q the other is a Toshiba. I switched them out putting the Toshiba in the system the BenQ was in, but I'm reluctant to turn it on to see if it works. Do I need to flash the firmware before I turn...

Another prospective tag denied due to 26 characters: .
5:03 AM
Q: What actions earn points in Dominion?

Raven DreamerSo League of Legends currently has its new Dominion game mode open sporadically for testing, and I've been checking it out. It's pretty neat; one of the biggest changes from the traditional MOBA-style "Classic" mode is the advent of a scorecard. I've noticed that certain actions give me points. ...

2 hours later…
6:56 AM
Yay, an question! Finally another of my favourite tags. :)
7:10 AM
Q: Can you grow a Giant Mushroom by planting a mushroom in the Giant Mushroom biome?

DemonicMushyIs it possible to grow a Giant Mushroom in the Giant Mushroom biome by planting it on the ground without BoneMeal?

7:52 AM
Q: Dominion center map buffs

DrakeI played Dominion yesterday for the first time, and I noticed that in the center of map there are two buffs (flash icon on mini-map), one for each team. Which are the bonuses granted by these buffs? And which are their respawn time?

8:17 AM
9:14 AM
Q: Creating a browser based text MMORPG game

maverick340A team of 5, we are trying to create a browser based MMORPG game. Its text based, something like Might and Magic. We are mainly design students and don't have much of a technical background. So our first choice to develop this game was Unity3D. Would like to have advice on creating browser baed g...

@Lazers Needs to be migrated to GameDev.SE. How do migrations work, anyway? I already flagged it as "Off Topic for Gaming.SE", but can't add the info that I think it should belong on GameDev.SE instead.
and closed
but not migrated
The question is not a good fit for SE right now anyway, so I don't want to risk a migration just to have it closed on the target site.
Well, we do have a bunch of "What technology should I use for ...?" questions on GameDev. Oh well, he can easily ask the question there again.
Except he didn't ask "What technology...?" but "Do you have any advice or direction?"
Same thing, really. :)
Q: Simple scripting language for "one-liner"-type scripts?

heisheCan you recommend a scripting language which allows me to easily parse "one-liner" types of scripts (they're just commands, really)? For example, a C/C++ function which simply sets the value of a 2-dimensional vector (position, for example): void SetVector(Vector2 &vector, float x, float y)...

9:25 AM
Not really
Advice can be "Oh, and consider going freemium!" "Oh, and use jQuery!" "Oh, and you should have flagging!"
Direction can be "Oh, you should look at Crawl nettiles!" "Oh, you should look at this boat game!"
There's no question to be answered
(I updated the comment)
@henryhey Please don't copy paste Wikipedia in tag wikis. If you positively must do that, at least give attribution.
Well, maybe he has more than one question. :)
He'd generally get technological advice first though, looking at similar ones at GameDev.SE.
@MartinSojka So he's got many questions in one page (bad sign already) and he didn't even bother to list them? :)
@badp No, what I meant was - he likely doesn't even know the rat's nest he's stepping in. :D Creating an MMO, even "just" text-based, is huge - and has a long, long history.
I dunno how strict you guys on gamedev are, but we need to be a bit stricter given that our audience is far wider
9:56 AM
Q: GOW3 body part damage modifiers

theoriseAre there any damage modifiers on Gears of War 3, depending on what part of the body you are shooting? I know you can get headshots with certain weapons, so there must be a damage modifier on that body part at least. An example; 1 shot to the head with a longshot is a kill, 1 shot to the torso...

10:17 AM
Q: What are the active reload effects on GOW3?

theoriseWhat are the effects of active reloading weapons? Extra damage, extra range or both? Are the effects the same for every weapon?

Q: How Epic are the Epic Robe weapons?

JupotterThe gamer DLC pack introduced three new robe, the zombie, the tentacle and the epic. The effect of the first two is easy to understand, but I don't understand what the Epic Sword and Epic Staff does. The inventory description for the sword say that is has "Epic effects". Right, when I hit with i...

10:32 AM
@badp Have you deleted my edits? I was going to add the attributions to Wikipedia
@HenryHey I haven't; here are they
10:56 AM
@badp I can't see them, it shows the "There is no tag wiki for this tag … yet!" text.
Q: Help to identify old mid-90 sidescrolling "RPG" (PC)

DimmkoI don't remember much about it, I was a kid then. I played that game in, like, 1996-1997. It was a 2D side scroller. It was possible to travel between some kind of "cave" areas, where there were monsters, and the "city" areas, where you could buy some stuff, talk to people, etc. The city are look...

user image
Notch has one of those days ... :D
11:21 AM
Q: XBox powers on but does not boot

Barend GarvelinkWhen I try to start my XBox 360, I get most of the noise and none of the action. The cooling fans spin up The 1/0-logo in the middle of the led ring is lit, all four parts of the ring are dark. The four lights on the controller blink when started with the controller. After that just sits ther...

Q: Zero force gaming

rwallaceWhat devices (in any form factor) exist on which one can play video games by touch, gesture etc. without having to press buttons or otherwise exert mechanical force?

11:32 AM
good afternoon all
good morning
How goes it?
Good, good
someone delete this guys account
just a spammer
looks at @badp
@Wipqozn He has rejoined the spamming collective now
@badp yay, go badp
11:43 AM
Ok, woke up a bit later than intended today though
The Spaminator™ now has 36 answers and 4 questions
still disappointingly low
We're going to have to make sure we update all the Endermen questions
12:45 PM
Q: How do you deal damage to your opponent's nexus?

dpatcheryI know that you damage the opponent's nexus by controlling more capture points than they do. And I think I recall from the one game I played last night that there were other actions that did this as well, like killing enemy champions. I'm also curious about the rate at which nexus health decreas...

1:40 PM
@FallenAngelEyes Perhaps let's wait for 1.9 to actually get out before we do...
1:59 PM
2:11 PM
So I decided to load up my original pre-1.0 Minecraft world for fun.
I gathered all my good loot together, said goodbye, and stepped into a nether portal, then spent about an hour digging a long, long tunnel in a single direction
uh... what's the speed of walking again?
You move at 15.3 km/h, so that's 122.4 kms
Anyway, I find a long tunnel network and wander to the end of it, then find a good place to drop a portal... turn around and backtrack a bit to pick up some stuff from a chest...
so... it might just be far enough to experience rounding glitches perhaps?
And in a small room there's a freaking Ghast just sitting there looking at me
I backtracked, sealed off the tunnel two or three layers thick, quit the game, and went to lie down on the couch for a while.
All the while saying "nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope"
@Brant Man, your neck must be hurting
(this is where I wish I were any good at garry's mod, or I wish I could be running it right now)
2:16 PM
@Brant That's about two nope.avi's
Maybe 2 and a half
Ello, folkses.
@Wipqozn Thanks buddy!
I think you're doing a great job as a user.
@RavenDreamer 'ey man! How's it going?
you've probably seen this
2:37 PM
that is SO COOL
3:13 PM
Q: Do the Watcher fights affect the game at all?

FallenAngelEyesI'm in chapter 9 in El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, and so far I've come across several miniboss type fights. These have been most often with Watcher Azazel, but sometimes with Watcher Ezekiel or Watcher Sariel. I've lost most of them, except one with Watcher Azazel. However, they don't s...

Q: League of Legends : Dominion quests

DrakeDuring Dominion matches (new League of Legends mode) it happens to read a message that a new quest is available, but I didn't understand really what my team should do to accomplish it. Can you explain me which type of quests could be available, how to complete them and which is the prize?

3:28 PM
@Mana Not bad, not bad
Q: Can I get Good Listener through multiple playthroughs?

FallenAngelEyesThe Good Listener trophy in El Shaddai says I must Obtain all of the Freemen's notes. If I happen to miss them in my first playthrough, can I just pick up the ones I missed in playthroughs on other difficulties, or do I have to hunt them all down in a single playthrough?

Q: How to view warcraft 3 models using WoW model viewer?

karabeanI haven't installed World of Warcraft, I have just installed Warcraft 3 (+ Frozen Throne). Now, I want to view models using WoW model viewer because WoW is too large (~16GB) for me. Please give me some solution for this problem. Thanks !

3:44 PM
@Lazers Are you asking how to use a program, designed for one application, with a third, entirely unrelated, application?
lol next question will be, "I need it in the browser as well!"
4:10 PM
@badp what does that steam openid exploit do?
@badp I find that relevant to my poster...
@Brant "didn't see that coming"
4:32 PM
yay 24 more inches of monitor
@ThomasMcDonald 24 more ?
heh if thats the case that is amazing @ThomasMcDonald
in addition to my laptop.
@Brant It changes your steam display name to something such as 'I'm a dumb ass moron'
See, this is why you don't use eval().
4:44 PM
This is actually pretty serious -- theoretically, any site you log into via steam could hijack your account by changing its password.
Or buy games. Or send gifts.
I hope no one sends me any gifts...... waits for gifts.
@Brant How does that work?
Trying to figure that out now.
I mean, that should not be possible at all.
Unless there's XSS involved.
4:53 PM
oh my god they're terrible web designers
yeah, it's bog-standard XSS
<iframe name="shit" id="shit" style="position:absolute;left:-999px;top:-999px;"></iframe>
<form method="post" action="http://steamcommunity.com/id/adversity/edit/profile" name="frm" id="frm" target="shit">
<input type="hidden" name="type" value="profileSave" />
<input type="hidden" name="personaName" value="i am a dumb nong" />
That's horrible.
Wait... hang on. I think I know who did this.
Do you have some kind of link?
Yep, that's a friend of mine.
You auth to steam, get redirected back to his site, and the above script runs on the page
This is a PoC, not intended to be harmful.
4:55 PM
I know
Hmm, okay, apparently you can't change your account password from the website.
I guess that's only possible from the steam client itself. So your account is safe.
But any website you've logged into via steam openid basically has full write access to your community profile
That is, assuming it doesn't work if you do a POST to store.steampowered.com instead of steamcommunity.com... assuming.
Q: Chess Cube Not able to play

Kirk HammettI was playing Chess Cube on facebook, suddenly this pop is coming up and I am not able to play any match. Why is this happening? Is there way to continue playing? Any method other than buying the cubits ofcourse?

Actually, you probably don't even need to have logged in via openid.
You just have to visit a site:

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