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12:46 AM
abby hairboat has added an event to this room's schedule.‌​
1:08 AM
Given that there is a bookmarked conversation "SE Podcast #09", is there going to be no #100?
1:29 AM
Hah. I was editing the s.tk link list, and wondered if s.tk/livechat needed to be removed because it was obsolete. I clicked through to confirm... and what lucky timing.
(s.tk/podcastquestions seems to be genuinely dead.)
6:01 AM
~2 months ago:
Abby T. Miller on November 25, 2014

Welcome to the 61st installment of the Stack Exchange Podcast, brought to you by okra (yes, that okra). On our show today are David Fullerton, Jay Hanlon, and Joel Spolsky. It’s been a long time since we last did a podcast, so let’s get started.

First point of business: we have an iPad app! It’s got a snazzier feed and a fancy live preview in the Compose view. We’ve been getting more posts from mobile than we expected, because computing via iPad is the way of the future (according to Joel), so lots of features in the iOS app are now better optimized for posting as opposed to reading. …

7:06 AM
Tomorrow at 4PM ET (9PM UTC) we will be recording a new Stack Exchange podcast, and you can listen live! I'll tweet the URL then
2:14 PM
is offended he didn't say UTC outside of parens
3 hours later…
4:46 PM
thar she blows -- or will at 9PM UTC
> Get Adobe Flash Player
5:43 PM
Joel Spolsky on January 20, 2015

(Note: This is a cross post from Joel on Software).

Stack Exchange Raises $40m

Today Stack Exchange is pleased to announce that we have raised $40 million, mostly from Andreessen Horowitz.

Everybody wants to know what we’re going to do with all that money. First of all, of course we’re going to gold-plate the Aeron chairs in the office. Then we’re going to upgrade the game room, and we’re already sending lox platters to our highest-rep users.

But I’ll get into that in a minute. First, let me catch everyone up on what’s happening at Stack Exchange. …

I believe this is the first (publicly) live episode since:
Alex Miller on December 08, 2011

Guests this week are Robert Cartaino and Rebecca Chernoff. Yeehaw! They’re members of our Community Team.

The original Joel on Software forums were sort of a progenitor for Stack Overflow. They had strict rules: nothing off-topic was allowed – and discussing the forums themselves was off-topic. So a Joel on Software Off-Topic discussion group was created for all of That Stuff. Joel’s forums are still going strong!

What happens if we let a community go on forever? If it’s stagnating or not really growing, it’s not necessarily making the internet worse. It’s jus …

6:57 PM
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 3 mins ago, by Bart
Top tip: hold your dishes up to the speakers during the podcast and you won't have to wash them. (Eat your heart out Lifehacks SE)
Be sure to scrape your dishes first to avoid clogging the Internet
7:54 PM
Is someone mining Unicoins?
we can hear your every keystroke MUHAHAHAHAHA
... or not anymore
Wait, this is a place?
room topic changed to SE Podcast: Livestream: s.tk/livestream. It hath returned like tinnitus. (no tags)
VC funding allows them to pay performance royalties on these songs
7:59 PM
We hear you! :D
Hi everyone
hello folks
Good to see everyone getting here fashionably early.
Maybe this way I'll have a shot at knowing who's talking.
8:01 PM
I always get confused about them freedomtimes
@Undo Still haven't figured that out? :P
@Seth no :(
I'm like, "I thiiiink that's Joel". Then the same person talks about something Joel did and then I give up.
Joel is Joel
8:04 PM
@Seth no upside-down text here?
@LynnCrumbling Nope, I'm straight-side up on main.
err, right-side up.
I get enough complaints on meta ;P
@Seth haha
wait - we are going to talk about the Series D? I thought this was a satyrical reading of the Hacker News comment threads!
I like the way the waiting music on the stack exchange livestream is all about 10 years old, meaning it's even older than the last podcast
@Sklivvz added!
8:09 PM
@AlexMiller LOL ;-)
@AnnaLear I thought hatz ended? :)
@LynnCrumbling I'm lazy. :)
is this thing on?
Speak up!
blast from the past @abbyhairboat
8:16 PM
oh wow
i wonder why it hasn't updated itself with my current display name?
That was ... the CHAOS member mark?
@abbyhairboat Chat never does.
@abbyhairboat transcripts don't update
oh, i thought it was the sidebar, not the transcript
yes, the CHAOS member mark :)
Q: What's with all the username suffix symbols?

Torben Gundtofte-BruunI know that the users with a Ψ suffix are SE employees, and of course ♦ means it's a moderator. But I'm seeing a handful of other greek characters too, like Φ - is that just other users being funny, or are there more "task force" teams à la CHAOS? Here are some random examples: Alain Pannet...

8:17 PM
Are y'all allowed to say whether this is a one-time "yay we got $40M" live podcast, or whether you'll be returning to usually doing live podcasts in the future?
A bit like those kids' transferable tattoos. Then there's the mod diamond which is like a real tattoo ;-)
@JeremyBanks it's not a question of "allowed to say", just a question of "whether or not we know yet"
depends how this podcast goes. if it goes smoothly i can see us doing more in the future
but the occasion for bringing it back was this specific announcement
Got it, thanks.
i like doing them this way, and lots of others do too, so i for one hope it sticks :)
Dance! This won't end up on AFV or on youtube, probably.
8:19 PM
Who's in charge of the music selection? Needs more Justin Bieber...
can i still drink wine while i watch this even though it's "public" now
@animuson And to that, sir, I say "have a star."
i enjoy that my failed attempt at livestreaming is still on our account
@KasraRahjerdi Failures live on forever. It's widely known. Think of the MobileMe disaster.. or that AWS reboot. Or Microsoft's entire attempt at cloud.
Google wave...
8:23 PM
hey man
i still have a Wave shirt
I honestly tried to set up a Apache Wave as a Service when it first got migrated but the name and history behind it ruined it
If Slack didn't exist I'd still say Wave is the best way to communicate with a distributed (or even open-space layout) team
You can spin up a Wave instance in a few minutes on Sandstorm.io. I had fun poking at it a few weeks ago.
I loved Wave
it was just such a marketing disaster
a solution without a problem
as bad as the N-Gage (First sub $300 not Blackberry mobile device that supported real applications and had a removable SD card)
nah Wave was actually really really useful for communication in an open-office environment where you don'tw ant to talk out loud every second to distract people
Hipchat was a weak alternative. Slack is pretty good.
2 mins ago, by Kasra Rahjerdi
If Slack didn't exist I'd still say Wave is the best way to communicate with a distributed (or even open-space layout) team
8:26 PM
Not Stack Exchange chat? :P
I'm being told I'm making the room go off-topic so our new topic is U2 and other music played on this Pandora station
So what percentage of the 50+ livestream viewers are SE employees?
Wave was awesome.
well, what percentage of the folks in this room are employees?
Hacker News has got an official API now; you could add chat oneboxing for optimal mockery.
8:27 PM
I just had no one to communicate with ;P
Everyone say hi to @DavidGreenley - he's our amazing audio editor!
i'm a huge fan of your David Fullerton Podcast - Episode 1
^ ditto! :)
Best podcast ever. Don't know why we didn't quit while we were ahead.
No podcast is great without seeing some of Shog's ceiling.
8:33 PM
hey @DavidGreenley! :)
we hear your audio
@AlexMiller at least 90?
go back to the music.
8:33 PM
It works!
8:34 PM
of course, idiot me said that in TL instead of here :P
@Undo Should have been iWorks
You works @Undo?
but then Apple'd sue you so..
No. Because no one on the Internet cooperates. It's like trying to get sync kills in Assassin's Creed Unity co-op all over again!
8:35 PM
That first picture in that article immediately made me think of Stargate.
there's no chevrons
@animuson I can see the resemblance.
should i order a sandwich from jimmy john's or make a frozen pizza
8:38 PM
Why would you make a frozen pizza?
i like the way you think, @shog
@abbyhairboat get jimmy johns since i can't
turkey bootlegger with bacon
why can't you get jimmy john's?
@Bart so she can heat & eat it later, after digesting the jimmy johns, of course
no jimmy johns in NYC
8:38 PM
It depends on what you would get at jimmy john's.
i'm not going to go up to Ithaca just for a sandwich
what? that can't be true
is that true?
Bootlegger's club with bacon. No other option.
that's ridiculous
Hmm, planning ahead I see @Shog9. Smart ...
8:38 PM
@KasraRahjerdi That sounds so good.
the confusion sets in
@Shog9 If it won't be on the test, then what's the point?
i guess i forgot because it's big in chicago
@MichaelKjörling because I might be lying
There's one right across the street from where I work. The Election Commissioner orders a sandwich from there every single day.
8:39 PM
@abbyhairboat there's some in NJ, but the NY ones are just near colleges
there's a bunch upstate but none in NYC
trust me i used to get drunk jimmy johns every night :(
@Shog9 uses his keyboard to deflect the incoming
When we were in Denver there was one near the hotel but they were only open Monday-Friday and I tried going on Saturday, I almost cried
the hunters!
I'd imagine they'd probably have a problem with the "freaky fast delivery" part of their business in NYC.
this is now a jimmy johns conversation
8:39 PM
we're changing the podcast topic
to whether a $40MM series d gives us enough to open a jimmy john's franchise inside our nyc office
What's everyone's opinion on the gargantuan vs a regular sub? I don't like that there's too many flavors for me to be able to taste every individual one.
again, looked into this too, they normally like to make deals with people who want to make more than 1 franchise
e.g. license to open up 5-10 stores in the entire city rather than a single one
i'm so happy you looked into that
@KasraRahjerdi Depends if you count Staten Island as being part of NYC cc @Jaydles
you should've really expected that
@AlexMiller if it was the DQ by USQ wouldn't be called "New York's First Dairy Queen"
Podcast editor @DavidGreenley doesn't have the rep to say hi back, but he told me to tell you he says hi everyone
8:42 PM
we can fix that
if only we had a site for people who know about editing podcasts
ok, @DavidGreenley - you should be able to talk now.
dammit you beat me
@abbyhairboat it's called access control lists ;)
you know i completely forgot about those
i was in the middle of counseling him to create a bunch of 1-rep accounts so his network rep would add up to 20 :P
8:43 PM
@abbyhairboat I think you guys fixed that at some point.
I thought we plugged that hole
we did.
god, do i even work here
Also, that's the hard way to do it anyway
@abbyhairboat you're too focused on food
8:44 PM
Digging this '90s music
(apparently not)
@bluefeet i still haven't made a decision. what's your vote?
@abbyhairboat cake, always cake
So much blue text in here.
Be careful or you'll get demoted to Jimmy John's retrieval duty for the NYC office.
@Brant because you're not typing enough, slacker
8:45 PM
Why even make a decision @abbyhairboat. Both. Done.
@Shog9 hoping that the CEO doesn't force us to listen to his favorite band
@Brant scary, ain't it? :/
they'd get pretty gross on the cross-country flight @anim
@abbyhairboat get this instead goldbely.com/central-grocery
ohhh that looks fantastic
8:46 PM
Join us in 15 for a LIVE SE Podcast (4PM est.) We’ll discussing serif vs sans fonts. And maybe one other thing. http://www.livestream.com/stackexchange
@KasraRahjerdi great now I want that instead of cake
Thanks Shog9. Hi everyone.
@KasraRahjerdi oh, those are good
Hiya @DavidGreenley!
8:47 PM
I guess I should head over to the conference room recording studio
@bluefeet get some of those funky NOLA donuts to chase it with.
@KasraRahjerdi son of a...
that looks so good
great now i want cake @bluefeet
I used to share an office with these people
they used to get free samples all the time it was HEAVENLY
nothing wrong with that @abbyhairboat
8:49 PM
@KasraRahjerdi Was this in the Fitocracy dayz?
except i HAVE none
@stevvve yah we were on the same floor of WeWorkLabs until Goldbely went to YC
ps @kasra have they hired an android developer since you left fito
@KasraRahjerdi Fitocracy being near Goldbelly seems like a dangerous combo.
@abbyhairboat lol no they hired a firm for 6 months then the firm fired them and I came in at my hourly rate to fix it up
8:50 PM
because they complain about that app never getting updated and it's hilarious to me because i am like "HAH he is OURS NOW"
then they just kind of gave up
the company's dying now, the ios dev left too
it's becoming very apparent to users that they're pivoting desperately
@stevvve it wasn't dangerous until goldbely got replaced by Swill and we had free alcohol everywhere
brb crying around a campfire
can we put on Jumper by Third Eye Blind next in honor of @Laura
8:54 PM
HI there
that continues to make no sense @KasraRahjerdi
BTW: the best parts of the podcast usually occur before and after recording starts/stops - so if you can lip-read, now's your chance to enjoy it.
@Laura "I wish you would step back from that ledge, my friend" --> your initials are LEDG
who let @kasra in here?
8:55 PM
@KasraRahjerdi Please let this joke go away forever
@abbyhairboat CUT OFF
LOVE YOU @AlexMiller
@Shog9 But I'm actually trying to work!
8:56 PM
i'm going to hit record
@hichris123 me too. How do you think that's working out?
so we get plenty of b-roll of joel typing
@Shog9 Very well, of course.
With $40mm you can't just hire a Joel Double?
How do you know we didn't?
8:57 PM
$40mm gets you Life Model Decoys
There's a good chance all of this is just CG. There's no meeting room at all
why hasn't stark industries invested in us yet :\
@Max Confusing lack of blue username. Get a diamond, please.
@Fundamental He has two, but his chat profile isn't set right.
8:58 PM
@abbyhairboat Maybe they did... shh.....
@MichaelMrozek xkcd.com/331 (no onebox)
Ping them all, lets see if they listened >:D
we're live-streaming the Stack Exchange Podcast RIGHT NOW come listen! http://livestream.com/stackexchange
They really need a sign on the wall or something

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