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Q: Add a new off-topic close reason for questions asking for scripts

DragonLordRecently, I've seen several questions in the close queue that simply ask for a script to be written to perform or automate a particular task. These questions are currently closed as too broad with comments that say that "we're not a script-writing service". I think it might be a good idea to add ...

12:25 AM
@CanadianLuke You've confused me with your comment :S
You didn't realise they allowed what on SO? o.O
The script-writing service - "Here's my problem, write the code for me"
I'm just saying the focus of SU is such that telling users to learn to write code is inappropriate.
@CanadianLuke ...I don't think that's what I meant.
Maybe I misinterpreted...?
12:29 AM
shrug iunno
Wouldn't that indirectly count as a PSL recommendation?
@JourneymanGeek ?
product/service/learning rec
I was feeling lazy :/
@JourneymanGeek Giving one is generally fine.
12:41 AM
But saying "You should learn to write this yourself" is not really good.
1 hour later…
2:04 AM
@CanadianLuke @DragonLord See, this is an example of close reason abuse:
Q: Computer Monitor and mouse only

user408725I want to put a brain computer with cameras in 1 spot than have another one away from it at least a good 20m, with a Monitor and mouse. How can I tend to do it? and what wires

It's not asking for "product, service, or learning material recommendations" in any way, yet... someone decided to choose that reason.
That's an even bigger problem with broad close reasons (or reasons that don't have very obvious applications). People don't think about it, they just think "this question doesn't feel that good, slap a reason on and close it"
...though I do expect a duplicate. Can't find one for some reason.
2:19 AM
Superuser type people, looking to help my younger brother build a budget PC... whats a good AMD processor these days? Looking to be able to play some moderate games but not break the bank
@SimonSheehan: I hate to be that guy but unless you're looking for creditable integrated graphics, you're prolly better off with intel.
@Bob I would have closed as "unclear what you're asking".
@JourneymanGeek not looking for integrated graphics, just a processor. I have never explored the AMD market haha
@SimonSheehan: Basically intel has two lines, the FX (which run bulldozer and other construction machinary named cores), and their APUs (named after rivers).
hm. do they still do phenoms?
ugh. Never mind. I'm an intel guy ;p
@JourneymanGeek Haha i wish i could throw an intel at him, but pricier
2:23 AM
@Bob: Brain computer?
@SimonSheehan: eh, do a comparison between a AMD and a intel that's ~the same price range or a tier lower.
@JourneymanGeek I assume the main box.
@JourneymanGeek good plan
Actually, I'm not sure how to describe it, other than just saying "computer".
Didn't bother to edit the question too much.
Does he mean powerful?
@JourneymanGeek I think he's trying to distinguish between the main box and a 'remote' display.
2:24 AM
@SimonSheehan: logicalincrements.com is where I'd start
then tweak it on pcparts picker ;p
@DragonLord Perhaps. It's pretty clear to me. But you can still see that people just tend to pick incorrect close reasons.
@Bob: he may also mean main
@JourneymanGeek ...?
brain = main.
(and eh. I may be looking at a low cost build soon ;p)
I don't see it.
Sounds a lot like he has a camera in one location, attached to a computer. He wants to be able to interact with said computer from another location (~20m away).
You know well that a lot of people will call the monitor a computer too.
2:28 AM
I don't see the ambiguity at all.
You're making massive inferences ;p
"I think he's trying" and you're already guessing if the remote system is a monitor
@JourneymanGeek I pretty much always say "I think"
Commented suggesting improvements. ;p
@JourneymanGeek Eh. Even if the second system is supposed to be a full system - that doesn't make it any harder to answer.
2:32 AM
It makes it easier, in theory
BUT I wouldn't consider this definatively answerable without many basic details.
@JourneymanGeek that website is very convenient
shrug I wouldn't bother trying to write an extended step-by-step guide anyway. That would be too close to software/hardware-rec.
@SimonSheehan: it is. Its one possible build, but gives you a rough idea of how much you're spending on a box
Identifying the general technologies involved is about as far as I'd go.
@JourneymanGeek Until you factor in shipping :P
Hello! Is this the place I should go to get help workshopping a question to hopefully reopen it?
2:36 AM
@Bob roughly
@DuckTapeAl Sure, what question was it?
@DuckTapeAl: amongst others.
Q: How can I get Google Chat and Gmail notifications without having Chrome open?

DuckTapeAlI bought an old laptop from a friend recently, and I've been trying to get it up and running with all the services that I'd like to use. One of these is Google Chat/Gmail. However, the laptop isn't very powerful, and I'd rather not have to keep Chrome open all the time to get chat and mail noti...

I'm not really sure how that's not a computer question
Add an OS maybe?
I read the guide on how to write a good 'software rec but not software rec' question, and I thought the way I did it was right.
2:38 AM
I personally see nothing wrong with it
Me neither
I added the windows-7 tag.
and integral to the question
I suspect mentioning your system specs would be useful too
@DuckTapeAl I'm confused in that you find Chrome too resource-intensive to keep a single process open, but find alternative software to be acceptable.
2:40 AM
Reopened it anyway
@Bob: chrome is a bit of a pig? ;p
Wouldn't the alternative software just be additional overhead when you actually use a web browser?
(Also: I don't think Pidgin does email..?)
tho, do you get gmail notifications over legacy gtalk?
Chrome, oink oink
Let me check if it does, i do have it installed
2:41 AM
Tbird does email and chat now
Sure, but chrome+IM client isn't a problem, it's chrome+video game that I'm worried about.
@JourneymanGeek I was going to suggest that :P
The answer is yes @Bob
But it's also not particularly lightweight.
Pidgin has a thing for "new mail notifactions", should your protocoll support it, which gmail/gtalk/google whatever does
2:42 AM
(I don't consider pidgin particularly light either. miranda maybe... but the mail notification thing...)
Yeah, Pidgin was pretty much exactly what I was looking for.
and IIRC hangouts and legacy gtalk are seperate networks
@JourneymanGeek It's reasonable.
Pidgin weighs in at ~20 MB
Spark (my current XMPP client for work) is 150 MB O_O
fucking java
Java is a real hog
@Bob: I had a setup tuned for a 128mb win2k box once ;p
2:43 AM
Java is the bane of my existence lol. I just find it to be so sloppy
we use openfire too, but pidgin
Takes up tons of RAM, uses too much CPU, etc
but ram is not a problem, unless you're an artist ;p
A freshly launched but otherwise empty Chrome window and associated processes eats up... approx 100 MB.
@JourneymanGeek that would be me ;)
2:44 AM
Just checked, Pidgin is using about 14m ram, and chrome uses 50m just from the chrome home screen.
After Effects is a RAM hog lol
At least, on my laptop.
@DuckTapeAl s/k/M/
Only extension is ABP.
@SimonSheehan: our workstations start at 16gb of ram.
2:45 AM
@JourneymanGeek I refuse to have anything less in my machines now
My macbook only had the option to upgrade to 8 from apple, but theres 16 in it now :D
@SimonSheehan: we top out at 48 ;p
@JourneymanGeek We, ah, officially use some MS chat thing...
@DuckTapeAl I don't even use Chrome... so this is about as vanilla as it gets.
We're very into FOSS software ;p
I tried chrome a few times
and gave up a few more times
i'm overly adjusted to firefox lol
Compare Spark and Outlook's memory usage -_-
2:52 AM
Added my laptop's specs.
Took me a while since it's in another room, and the battery doesn't hold a charge so I couldn't bring it to my PC.
@SimonSheehan Well, that's another thing that makes me prefer Intel.
Ark is an excellent resource.
AMD, meanwhile, has effectively nothing.
If you aren't gonna give me an easy way to find detailed CPU specs? Well, I don't want your CPUs then.
My poor process list is plugged up with crap from my keyboard sadly
@DuckTapeAl Ouch. 2006?
CPU's about on par with the Atom Z2760, but single-cored :P
It's an old craptop that a friend sold me for 25$.
2:57 AM
@SimonSheehan I see Logitech software (mouse?) and Renesas USB 3.0 software :P
Sandy Bridge mobo?
@Bob indeed. Logitech software is for my G510 keyboard, so there's a few applets in there. Got a razer mouse
@DuckTapeAl Also 31 W TDP... The Atom Z2760 has something like 4 W TDP.
That's what ~6 years will do.
I understood 6 words in that sentence.
TDP = heat output. Lower is better for a given level of processing power
3:00 AM
@DuckTapeAl Eh, not too bad, I guess.
Well, I can definitely notice that it runs a bit hot.
What're you planning to do with it?
@DuckTapeAl It'll also run down an equivalently-sized battery faster, and use more power (the latter is more significant if you have a bunch of them on 24/7).
@Bob oops, meant ivy bridge btw
@SimonSheehan Sandy motherboard?
1. Go on websites when I'm not at my PC, especially google drive and gamefaqs.
2. Play older games.
3:01 AM
Because IIRC Ivy CPUs and chipsets come with USB 3.0 on an Intel controller.
Not Renesas.
if not for 2, I'd suggest trying a lighter linux on it,
@JourneymanGeek Depends. How old are we talking?
Any examples?
Some older games run pretty well under WINE.
@Bob in that case yes.
I don't really have any experience with Linux. How hard is it to get WINE running?
Like, for a total noob?
3:03 AM
@Bob It does have it on the controller. I have USB expansion as well
@DuckTapeAl: these days, not that bad
@DuckTapeAl Not too hard if you use a popular distro.
Pretty much install and go.
The USB3 header on my mobo for the case front ports had some broken pins, and I needed an extra 3.0 so I've got a PCI card here as well
@SimonSheehan Ahhh.
Generally if you can read documentation and not accidentally poke an eye out picking your nose, you should be fine.
@SimonSheehan: I thought USB3 headers were robust 0_0
3:04 AM
@JourneymanGeek That's what I've heard. I've stayed with Windows mainly because I have enough experience with it that when it does break, I know how to fix it. Most of the time, at least.
@JourneymanGeek Pin came off like it was nothing when I disconnected it one time to fix my wiring mess
@DuckTapeAl You could use this as a learning experience :P
That's what my Linux friends keep telling me. :)
We're generally happy to help in here.
Personally, I'm happy with Windows on client machines.
@DuckTapeAl Oh, which version of Windows are you running on there?
7 32-bit.
3:08 AM
Consider putting 8.1 on there, if you have a spare licence.
Which isn't a bad option for that system ;p
I don't.
8 and 8.1 are far more optimised for low-spec machines (they run on quite a few tablets with similar RAM).
They might not be too happy with a single-core CPU though.
The last time I bought a license was when I was in college, and there was a deal for Windows 7 licenses for 10$.
@DuckTapeAl: I got licences free ;p
3:10 AM
Lucky. :P
I'm stupid and refuse to upgrade still
It always confused me why they charged for them. It's like, didn't I just give you like 50k in tuition? Do you really need that ten bucks?
@DuckTapeAl: Might be cause I was under school of IT, and they bought dreamspark premium licences
@DuckTapeAl When you charge a token amount, you filter out many of those who'd grab a freebie just for the sake of it.
3:15 AM
Fair enough.
This reminds me of a joke a Linux-using friend of mine told me.
In the Windows household, the ketchup is in the fridge, with the condiments. In the Mac household, the ketchup is with the hot dog buns. In the Linux household, you don't have ketchup at all, just tomatoes and vinegar to make exactly the ketchup you want.
@DuckTapeAl: and 20 different types of tomato...
3:33 AM
And someone will tell you you're using the wrong sort of vinegar.... amount of salt...
@ThatBrazilianGuy: Glad to be of assistance. I'll leave that account up if you need it again (least until that host goes kaput)
4:10 AM
@JourneymanGeek I'm listening to an admin in the other cube trying to figure out how to navigate Server2012 :P
Very carefully with a hammer? ;p
(I wonder if start menu replacements are very enterprisy)
Eh. I find it decently easy to use.
I'm not super fond of metro/modernUI
@JourneymanGeek Ehh... I was thinking notmyjob, but really wanted to say something.
4:14 AM
...then she ended up asking me anyway
Solved then ;p
Was she cute ? :P
@JourneymanGeek I prefer just hitting winkey and searching, so...
@HackToHell ...plsno
Yeah, workflow.
4:15 AM
@Bob k :/
I essentially use steam as a launcher on everything but FF tho ;p
(its mostly a gaming box after all)
I should download Windows Server sometime to learn about Active Directory
Thinking of removing the Windows 7 32 bit install in my PC and replacing it with Windows Server 2012
could always run it on a VM
(or spare hardware. I'm still plotting to get rid of my mini itx box)
4:23 AM
My PC has become spare hardware
i don't even have it powered on these days
I do want to downsize a little tho
Oh my. Someone brought in... THE INTERNET.
@JourneymanGeek How did they get the Elders of the Internet to agree? :O
4:42 AM
Its a active 3d glass tester ;p
but yes, black box, one button, red LED
@Bob: I have no idea ;p
@JourneymanGeek A fan needs replacing
It's noisy ._.
@HackToHell: ahh
Besides I realized that the TDP of my CPU is higher than the power consumption of my laptop
(I generally have all 3 boxen on at home. Planning on migrating everything long running to the nuc/brix tho)
I keep my computer on 24/7, but I'm not really running anything that requires that.
All those are running in an off-site (and off-shore, but not yet off-world) server :P
4:56 AM
Only a matter of time. ;p
I wonder how long is it before we live in a universe like Arthur Clarke's
could be next year, could be never ;p
> Any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology.
(that was intentionally jumbled :D)
5:00 AM
Now I want to read the Foundation series again .-.
Tempted to enable UEFI
Boot takes 10-15 seconds
Takes about 2.5 - 5 secs in a UEFI enabled laptop
With the same specs :/
Q: How much speed difference for a tweaked bios versus uefi boot?

Pro Backup EFI can be faster, but that's not certain. The biggest speed difference is in hardware initialization early in the process. On my systems, this is a fraction of the total boot time, so a reduction in the hardware initialization time, while good, doesn't make all that much difference. —...

Urk. SVN tags and branches are stupid.
I don't want to break anything
5:35 AM
@HackToHell: That's for super specific mobo models no?
5:50 AM
@JourneymanGeek yeah, wrong link
Q: How to disable SSLv3 for POODLE attack

Utkash BhattI want to Disable SSLv3 to restrict the POODLE attack on my website My website is hosted on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 System I am using Apache Tomcat as an application server with thee version Java 7 (I have tried registry level changes and restarted the system but it wasn't helpful.) ...

this guy is three months late
Google pushed out a prototype pretty darn fast
A: What can be used as formal euphemism of "hack"?

HellionI would go so far as to say that unless you are very sure of your audience, you should not use "escamotage" at all, as it is not in broad circulation (0 hits at the Corpus of Contemporary American English(COCA)) . If you don't want to label it a hack, a short descriptive phrase such as "short-te...

"short-term patch"... 10 years later...
@HackToHell: for certain values of fast
6:13 AM
I like Field Improvised repair. ;p
6:23 AM
@JourneymanGeek Atleast it's not valve time
More likely its Hammer Time ;p
7:08 AM
Cnet lost all credibility years ago, there is no better time for a complete tracking and user control of software than ever before. Just tell that to the "trusted installer" :-) who ended up with more control than the user.
Malware/addware with proper ceritifications and safety endorcements for simply not being an actual "virus" , turns the whole purpose of certifications and safety endorcements into a complex addition of nothingness.
ugh. Its quiet today
You want i should write some stupid questions to moderate?
Q: Best online shopping place for buying hard disk?

soniasinghalI want to shop hard disk online please suggest best hard disk company?

Oh nevermind :-)
Oh was meaning werk
Oh , how could there not be enough to do there? dont you have years of OTJ learning to do?
(shit they dont teach in colleges)
We have crazy periods and quiet ones. And ones like today ;p
7:17 AM
Does this mean that your actually a journeyman ?
Oddly enough?
Though I suspect there are others who are journeymanlier.
I have VGA-out and HDMI-out in laptop. Laptop has dedicated nVidia chip and onboard VGA.

How to know what videocard uses HDMI-out?
Isnt that shopping question Team Spam? not a lost user?
Oh wait, i guess that is a normal user just trying to help
Prolly, but I think its heading for a question ban
7:22 AM
@Boris_yo logically the laptop has one "screen buffer" set, that always comes out of the one GPU, then when mass GPU processing is needed, the added gpu does the processing, and send it to the one screen buffer set . (set meaning enough buffer to cover whatever res and monitors it allows to connect).
So unless it is otherwise designated in the manuel, both outputs are from the same gpu. this is unlike say a desktop, where they may have a weniehead gpu capability onboard, or on-die.
@Psycogeek Then all ports are connected to same GPU. I wanted to offload second extended monitor to nVidia and main laptop's to onboard GPU but...
nVidia Optimus™ is responsible for activation of dedicated chip. Maybe I can tell it to work when extended monitor is connected?
@Boris_yo Could be you can? i donno. For simple display of 2D stuff, there isnt a whole lot of need for vast grafics computations.
Then Windows comes in and makes a simple desktop a 3D calculation :-)
@Psycogeek I think it is load to onboard card to process output for 1st and 2nd monitor.
Yea they may already kick in more GPU (engage the dedi) when running a second? on the desktops they sure like to wake up the GPU when the second monitor is connected, even unnessisarily.
So my Windows 7 PC shut down over night and I have no idea why.
This is from the events
7:37 AM
@slhck I am not sprechen Dutche!
Sometimes my laptop freezes after waking up and I have no idea why.
@Boris_yo Heh, sorry about that.
@slhck if something happened on one day and was shown in the events , then it happened on the day before? Both days show the same events, and most of the stuff looks like normal "WTF It's windows" errors.
It's kind of awkward showing models that differ in shape...
Usually consistency is retained.
@Boris_yo why? black is "slimming" vrses white whales, so the other color is appro for who would find themselves in it .
I hear marketing for most of these womens clothing isnt about showing how it will look on You anyways, it is about being jelous of another woman looking better than you :-)
7:52 AM
@Psycogeek That's how wars start
Exactally. they say women start wars and end them. Now with the female president we will actually see that occur :-)
@Psycogeek Female president? What happened?
OOps, sorry i am on the wrong timeline, wait for it.
8:10 AM
@Psycogeek True, it did the same thing yesterday when it shut down
@Psycogeek My Dell external monitor shows delay when I quickly sift through images. Laptop display is in-sync.
8:51 AM
@Boris_yo is it 25-50ms or like slow refresh stuff? because monitors in general have a latency from input to pannel due to the processing/display engine. odd side notes some of the fastest monitors in BS milisecond refresh stats, had some pretty slow time to get to the screen, and weirdly slow ass IPS screens had like 1/2 that delay. So is it the display or the computer?
If the screen is updating really slowly, , grafic elements themselves drawing slowly, then is it likely to be the gpu rendering stuff (even 2D) not the display.
4 hours later…
12:43 PM
@JourneymanGeek Happen to know any decent small-ish speakers (for low-volume use)? :P
@Bob: alas no
Someone thinks they can get away with spam links by posting it alongside good content
@JourneymanGeek Oh well :P
I wanted to listen to music to sleep. Problem: device built-in speakers suck. Headphones are uncomfortable.
@DragonLord Better to not edit it.
12:46 PM
@Bob I didn't remove the spam link, I only expanded the shortened link.
@DragonLord Leaving the original link for context makes it more obvious that they're trying to hide something, though.
Downvotes/spamflags/deletevotes + comments should kill it pretty quick in any case, so the more information the better.
@Bob The edit was noted in a comment. My current policy is to explain spam flags in comments, so that others aren't confused by a sudden -1.
@DragonLord Do you have VtD privs?
Ah, needs 20k
Hurry up and get there :P
1:22 PM
deleted both
the 'selected' answer seems to be a copy paste
in Ask a Super User Moderator, 14 hours ago, by DragonLord
@JourneymanGeek I'm very sorry to say that your fears have come true. I cannot contribute at my full pace any longer and may retire from Stack Exchange completely within the next few months.
Might not turn out to be this bad, but I'll try :/
@DragonLord: You need to learn to have fun ;p
1:34 PM
I'll try :)
@DragonLord :(
That message will probably prove to be a bit exaggerated but I still have a slight fear that that I might end up abandoning Super User at some point
For now, at least, things will slow down a bit for me
@DragonLord There's no need to push yourself.
There's no competition.
@Bob Not when a moderator election is on your mind :p
I think I ended up hurting myself with this go-big-or-go-home mentality
Let's bear in mind that I lost to Mokubai in the last election with a margin of less than 15 points
@DragonLord Been there, done that. It doesn't really hurt, but it's not all shiny either; it is a feeling of some accomplishment, but not enough accomplishment. It does end you up leaving (as when you cut time or stress or ..., the biggest consumers sometimes go first) but you may end up coming back to it at a later point.
1:41 PM
Yes, I care about the ♦, but avenging a defeat in an election is not a good reason to burn myself out
I think I've been too ambitious lately
There's no avenging to be done.
Note, also, that I put in quite a bit of work to improve answer quality
@DragonLord The first election I attended I was too new. The second I didn't make the cut due to the amount of participants. The third I just resigned as I was too ambitious. The fourth I skipped as I've already left the community for some time by that point.
Who knows I could've made the third one; but it didn't feel right, which doesn't make it a good idea to continue.
@DragonLord I prefer to think of moderating as something you already do, and getting a diamond just makes it a bit easier. Something you should do because you actually enjoy it, then take the diamond if it comes - but no need to push for it.
Protip: Think your answers might be a bit hard to read? Look at Thaddeus's recent answers and try adopting his style.
It made a huge difference for me, that's for sure
1:49 PM
@DragonLord Just to clarify, do you mean his answers are "harder to read" or "very easy to read"?
@TomWijsman Far easier to read.
It was a very ambitious project to improve post quality, to the point where I opened my own chat room for feedback

 Post Quality Advice and Tips

If you're looking to improve the quality of your questions and...
Seems to have paid off
@DragonLord Hmm, maybe there is an idea to the structure. But I don't like long paragraphs.
Something like spanning 2-4 lines seems okay to me. He frequents 6-8 lines in some of them, which makes it busy (no breathing room) and jumping to the next line costs a very tiny bit of extra effort.
One of the things I've been doing post-SU era is shorten my text where possible.
Here's an example of an answer revised to the new format:
A: Why did adding memory significantly increase gaming performance on an AMD APU?

DragonLordWhen you installed the second memory module, you enabled dual-channel mode and doubled memory bandwidth. GPU performance is highly dependent on memory bandwidth and your frame rates reflect the increase in bandwidth. The AMD A10-6790K is an "Accelerated Processing Unit" (APU). APUs combine a CP...

@JourneymanGeek Thanks! But I just found out I can tunnel using my shared hosting's SSH account (and it's faster than yours)
1:59 PM
Should I assume they can track everything I do while the tunelling is active?
@ThatBrazilianGuy can != allowed to
just be warned - it might be considered abuse
@ThatBrazilianGuy yes, they can intercept all connections
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