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12:30 AM
@J.Musser Why'd you remove the (me)?
@ZachSaucier because folks in the tavern who didn't understand why it got downvoted suspected that it had something to do with being a self-nomination.
that's silly
I know.
Tavern = ?
Where I hang out:

 Tavern on the Meta

MY GOD, IT'S FULL OF STARS AND BACKLOG! General friendly chit-...
12:34 AM
I didn't even know meta.SE had its own chat rooms
@ZachSaucier Yeah, on a different platform so you can't change the parent site. Only staffers have blue names.
It'd be so nice if I could use 1 tab for them all
@ZachSaucier all the meta rooms?
all chatrooms
The tavern is by far the most active MSE room.
12:36 AM
I'm preparing my envelopes to get SE stickers right now :D
@ZachSaucier Why?
because I want them
what's your impression of bjb?
That room is where I met Mooseman.
@ZachSaucier Smart kid, but he needs to grow up, imo. Why?
he didn't leave a good impression on the web dev community on SO
just wondering
Ah. Yeah he hangs out in that room all the time. He does work on the lq posts all the time, but some things he says are...
12:41 AM
what music do you like @J.Musser?
@ZachSaucier Not a super musical person. I like Two Steps from Hell (instrumental, better than it sounds), I like The Piano Guys (because they're awesome), let's see...
I like both well enough
mannheim steamroller
not Skrillex
hadn't heard of that
not most pop music
or country
I like Antonin Dvorak
12:45 AM
does mannheim steamroller just play Christmas music?
And Chopin
@ZachSaucier I only have Christmas music from them - that's prolly why I thought of them just now
orchestral type stuff is my next big genre to explore
I know a fair bit of it from growing up but I'm interested in getting to know it a bit more
I like Ottorino Respighi
and Gustav Mahler
@ZachSaucier Cool. Classical is by far the majority of the music I own.
animusic is cool the first time you watch it.
Franz Liszt
John Powell
Sergei Prokofiev
Sergei Rachmaninoff
Dag Wiren
Modeste Mussorgsky
Johannes Brahms
Charles-Valentin Alkan
and others
I like some soundtrack music also.
This is cool:
And where is Matt?
a bit cheesy for an electronic music lover ;) I've looked fairly in depth for good Christian electronic music. The only good one that I could find was this one
1:03 AM
@ZachSaucier nice
Funny how it goes: -4, -1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9
like counting almost.
No one's the same.
I am very unpopular :) But at least I was nominated meta.lifehacks.stackexchange.com/questions/1269/…
@J.Musser Who r u laughing at?
your positivism, perhaps
1:15 AM
@ZachSaucier I didn't expect to even get nominated.
you have a lot of rep, users notice a lot easier
I just voted for the people I wanted to become mods :)
@J.Musser Why am I funny?
@iliveunderawesomerock The way you put that made me laugh.
@ZachSaucier What does that mean?
that means people look at questions/answers and you have a lot of them on the main Lifehacks site. They know you from your answers more than they know others
1:17 AM
@J.Musser People usually don't like me, this is new and exciting. They like me, they really like me :)
Shokhet is the only un-downvoted nominated user there.
@ZachSaucier So they downvoted me, becuz I am long winded, and research to much.
@iliveunderawesomerock I don't think that's the reason
@J.Musser his nomination is newer
@ZachSaucier You downvoted me I knew it.
@ZachSaucier yeah.
1:19 AM
@iliveunderawesomerock You can't know how I voted :P
@ZachSaucier Whatever the reason they downvoted I don't care, I am just happy to be here.
@iliveunderawesomerock You were here before.
@J.Musser What?
@iliveunderawesomerock You were here before.
@J.Musser What does that mean? I'm getting a headache.
1:22 AM
> I am just happy to be here.
@iliveunderawesomerock he means you were here before the nomination
@J.Musser you have to rephrase sometimes, especially with non-native speakers
@ZachSaucier What does non-native mean?
@ZachSaucier I did that to be facetious.
@iliveunderawesomerock the opposite of native
@ZachSaucier Thanks.
@ZachSaucier Native to what?
1:24 AM
@iliveunderawesomerock speaking, in this case English
@J.Musser lol
on surveys and stuff I put I'm native american because I was born here
I barely know any language other than english.
@ZachSaucier Who's says I'm not native?
@J.Musser We take you seriously :)
I do
@ZachSaucier How do you know?
1:26 AM
from your English skills
@ilive your nomination has a fake flair. Wanna fix it?
@J.Musser What do you mean?
It's easier for ya cause you can just copy/paste.
@iliveunderawesomerock The flair in there is just a screenshot.
@J.Musser Why do I need to?
@ZachSaucier I have good English skills. I took several English and grammar courses.
@iliveunderawesomerock If you do, the flair will update with any changes that may come to your profile. As it is, it'll remain the same. Not useful years from now.
I can do it for ya if you want.
1:29 AM
@J.Musser Yes, please.
@iliveunderawesomerock I know you do. It's just not native level :)
@ZachSaucier OMG, what if I am English, then you just called me stupid :)
no, I didn't
but you're not, so the point is null
@ZachSaucier How do you know I'm not English?
I already told you
1:32 AM
@ZachSaucier That's not good enough.
sure it is
@ZachSaucier Are you trying to be aggravating?
@J.Musser Thanks for the edits, but it seems the same to me :)
@iliveunderawesomerock You can click on the new pic. Also, it will update.
@J.Musser I have no idea what that means.
@iliveunderawesomerock nope :)
1:35 AM
@iliveunderawesomerock Before, it was just a pic.
Now it links to your profile, and will update as your profile changes. Like if you change your name, or your rep goes up, or you get a badge.
@ZachSaucier Well, its working! I am so English!
I don't think so
@J.Musser I need explanations like that, thank you. You will be a great mod.
@iliveunderawesomerock If I be one.
Looks like that's likely.
1:38 AM
@J.Musser Well I voted you and a certain other person that will not named, but we both know :)
@iliveunderawesomerock I know all the other folks there.
@ZachSaucier So what language am I, if I'm not English?
I know 4 of them from other sites.
I have no idea there
@J.Musser Yeah, but we both agreed that this person would be great as a mod.
1:40 AM
@iliveunderawesomerock oh.
@J.Musser Yeah, now you know :)
@ZachSaucier I displaced you as #1 in meta participation. Go post some stuff and get back, or edit your nomination.
activity whore ;)
1:42 AM
I'm only there cause it counts votes.
1:55 AM
When do the moderators get picked?
@iliveunderawesomerock later
@J.Musser Bye!
I'm not going anywhere.
@J.Musser You said later, though.
1:57 AM
he was answering your question
@iliveunderawesomerock I was answering your question.
this is why I know you're not English xD
@ZachSaucier Maybe I just don't get these things?
@J.Musser You need to be more descriptive
@iliveunderawesomerock I disagree
2:00 AM
@ZachSaucier About what?
you have a hard time understanding us most the time, it seems
it's tiring to explain everything again
@ZachSaucier We shouldn't talk then :)
The best answers my questions get are made by me, I am so incredible :)
ayyy I caught up to Matt :D
@ZachSaucier with what?
votes for mod
2:03 AM
yup I saw.
Wow I got a lot
Courtesy of me, say "Thanks"! :)
Oh dear when you follow through on commitments you get 50 rep
And you get a badge
@iliveunderawesomerock I didn't commit to lifehacks, I didn't know that.
@J.Musser How could you not know that?
these questions
@ZachSaucier What questions?
I can only write (removed) once in a row, why?
2:10 AM
:19216636 Same with any post.
@J.Musser You did that?
It merges the post into the one above if it is an exact dupe.
@J.Musser Oh
2:39 AM
Q: After we elect new moderators what will the changing of the guard look like?

apaul34208In general I'm wondering how the power shift works once the new mods are elected: Will the new mods go to work immediately? Is there any structured training or is it all "on-the-job" training? Will SE's team still be minding the store, stepping in when needed? Sorry, if answers to these kinds...

Q: The question number counter is funky

Khan PowerI swear the question counter on our main page is messed up. I checked last week and it said 234, and now it says like 201. Does it not go over 299? Or does it cycle weekly or something?

How are moderator pro tempores different from just moderators?
@michaelpri Do you want to read the blog post?
@michaelpri they're just temps :P
they could turn into actual mods after beta
@michaelpri blog.stackoverflow.com/2010/07/moderator-pro-tempore the blog post J.Musser mentioned
3:04 AM
@ZachSaucier I see. When will we have regular moderator elections?
@michaelpri After we graduate from beta.
@J.Musser Ok, so that could take a very long time
@michaelpri Yes. I'm part of a beta site (gardening.se) that is 1293 days old as of now.
@J.Musser Wow. Is it close to graduating yet?
@michaelpri idk, there are only 4 users over 20k (myself included), but we're still just over 3 questions/day, which is very low. I'm hoping we graduate in the near future.
3:17 AM
Are there certain credentials needed to graduate or is it decided by the community team?
@michaelpri I don't know.
They do look at specs.
3:51 AM
Whoever the mods are I will still have more rep than them :)
@iliveunderawesomerock Mods don't really need rep.
@J.Musser Go tell yourself that! I win no matter how you cut it :)
@iliveunderawesomerock win what?
And... I'm not a mod. .
My stats are usually second in all tabs, I WIN, I WIN!
@J.Musser You will be, but I still win!
@J.Musser IDK, But I win something!
3:54 AM
Woot, thousands of internet points!
No, the best part about rep is the privs that come along with them.
Do you guys hide in the chatrooms, becuz whenever I post something stupid, you are first to answer. No offence.
@iliveunderawesomerock I was here.
@J.Musser I have 2000 rep, I have 2000 rep!!!!!
3:55 AM
@iliveunderawesomerock Why would you post something if you thought it was stupid?
@iliveunderawesomerock On your highest site?
3 hours ago, by J. Musser
@iliveunderawesomerock You were here before.
@J.Musser I always do!
@ZachSaucier If thats your alibi!
@iliveunderawesomerock please pay attention to the comments I'm directing my comments to
@J.Musser No on here, that's more rep than the mod
3:57 AM
@iliveunderawesomerock uh, what mod?
You don't have 5k on your highest site.
So by your logic I win!
@ZachSaucier Maybe you should direct better :) you never have the left hand turn signal thing!
@iliveunderawesomerock I almost always do.
@J.Musser I've been in school, so I win.
@ZachSaucier I don't see them!
@iliveunderawesomerock I've been working overtime, so...
@iliveunderawesomerock that's not my fault
3:59 AM
@J.Musser So I still win!!!
@ZachSaucier By my logic it is your fault :)
your logic is incorrect then
I got a interview, I win, I win
Do you have anything useful to talk about?
@J.Musser u r a nIcE tree!
Very nice.
4:01 AM
@ZachSaucier I was sort of joking, this chatroom needs some background colours.
@J.Musser Your leaves r yellow.
I'm leaving to watch a movie!
@iliveunderawesomerock It's a beta.
@J.Musser Its ugly and pathetic looking! :/
@J.Musser Is that you in 30 years?
@iliveunderawesomerock When we get out of beta, we can change it.
Its very tall!
@iliveunderawesomerock On MSE, I change my dp to match the seasons. That was my autumn pic.
4:03 AM
@J.Musser You change it, I have a movie to watch :) Cheerio!
Now it's winter.
@J.Musser Your green in winter, how special you are
There's my winter pic^
@J.Musser Now that is a scene out of frozen!
Snow blows white on the mountain tonight not a footprint to be seen
It's my dp on MSE right now.
4:05 AM
Came out of isolation and it looks like I'm a queen
Because it's winter.
@iliveunderawesomerock You are.
The snow is blowing like the stormy wind inside
Could it keep it in heavens know I tried
Don't let them in
can u stop singing now?
4:06 AM
Don't let them see
Be the good girl you always have to be
Conceal don't feel
Don't let them know
So yeah we already heard the lyrics of let it go from frozen.
Well now theyy know
Let it go
@J.Musser Let it go, man. Just let it go!
Can't hold it back anymore
Let it go, let it go
Turn away and slam the door
Well, looks like everyone is gone. My business here is done!
That's not how it goes.
@J.Musser What?
I'm going to sing something else, I'm taking request?
Pretty self explanatory statement.
4:11 AM
@J.Musser No it isn't?
@iliveunderawesomerock uh, summer by calvin harris
it has barely any words
I hate all Calvin Harris songs, I didn't even know he sang.
I hate them too.
But they're short
I'm going now, for real. Bye my Homies!
oh shut up
4:13 AM
@J.Musser They suck!
@iliveunderawesomerock Cya later!
@J.Musser Who?
@ZachSaucier Vacation
@MattS. Nice!
Have a good time?
4:20 AM
Oh yeah, 16 hour drives are awesome
in case you haven't seen yet, meta.lifehacks.stackexchange.com/a/1274/78 @MattS.
I live a couple states away from family.
@ZachSaucier Yeah I don't know how I feel about that yet.
@MattS. I actually enjoy driving.
I like driving, people think I'm weird. 6 different people told me at different times (irl) that I'm the most patient person they know/worlds patientest person/other variation on that theme. Which is kinda like hinting towards, "that's boring that you like doing stuff that long".
I don't mind driving
gives time to think
I like driving pickups better than cars.
Cause you don't have to stay on the road.
4:25 AM
It's not so bad, except through all the fields. It's rough when there's no change in scenery.
@MattS. Your area is worse than mine that way.
In my area there's no flat ground anywhere.
Wanna see something fun?
would be sick if it actually happened
would be fun.
4:33 AM
How 'bout:
That guy...
Why did he hang on?
real and awesome
@J.Musser some people don't think quickly xD
is awesome
@J.Musser curious that he's doing all of that on a road bike
@ZachSaucier haha
I don't even have enough balance to coast backwards.
2 hours later…
6:17 AM
Q: A what point does a hack become a common/standard method?

apaul34208I guess my question is still a bit hypothetical at this point, but I'm wondering... At what point does a "hack" solution become so common that it it isn't really a "hack" anymore? As in the "life-hack" is so common and so well known that it becomes the conventional solution. I guess Shog9's...

5 hours later…
11:28 AM
3 hours later…
2:50 PM
@Sterno Would you be interested in being a mod?
I've been thinking about that and I'm not sure I have an answer at the moment.
3:17 PM
@Sterno you're gaining votes quick, lol
Probably from Arqade.
My main reason I'm not sure at the moment is that I'm not sure that Lifehacks can really work in the SE model, but I'm very very curious to see if it can. And I'm not sure "This probably isn't going to work" is the right attitude for a mod.
eh, I don't think it matters so long as it doesn't affect how you do things
I also have a pretty great disdain for lifehacks existing just for the sake of being a lifehack, particularly if they're way less useful than the conventional answer, but I've been pleasantly surprised that (for the most part) that wasn't what this site was all about.
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