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Q: Bug: Users favroite counts are wrong

TheIdiotGamerOm meta, I have went to my profile, and saw the number 7 appear next to favorites. Then, I went into the page and only saw one. Here are some screenshots.

1 hour later…
1:12 AM
@Doorknob冰 do you have any idea if a mod can somehow edit a post and made it not show in the edit history?
Not necessary.
Edits show for a reason.
I know that
but I'm asking because I could have sworn I said something and one important word seems to be conveniently left out so that it says the opposite :P
@ZachSaucier Change it.
1:15 AM
I'm not so sure I disagree with it now
@ZachSaucier Then leave it.
lol, so direct
just chatting
I'm wondering if such a thing is possible
My bad, I tend to be very blunt.
that'd be a crazy unknown power
@ZachSaucier Oh, so it's not something you're trying to do.
1:17 AM
the secret hand of SE employees
I'm not a mod :P
Didn't say you were.
Kevin Johnsrude doesn't like me. I wonder why.
is he a user?
Posted the most closed questions of all.
Two meta posts.
-4, and -1.
Maybe I'm just unlikeable.
Oh well, whatever.
Even with seas of dv's, I hit my cap every day. :D
1:23 AM
lol, what a repwhore ;)
I stopped participating on the main after the first day, lol
@ZachSaucier I am, aren't I.
@ZachSaucier smart...
2:09 AM
Anyone see a need for ? ...I removed it from a question, but noticed that it existed on two others. All questions here could get that tag, so none of them do. Am I right?
@Shokhet nope.
Yes you're right.
Nope to the first thing you said.
@J.Musser I figured. Thanks for the input :)
Q: What's our stance on questions about tips?

michaelpriShould questions about tips be allowed? ie: Tips for falling asleep, tips for waking up, tips for eating fruit without getting sticky. I asked this question about how to fall asleep quickly, and it was put on hold as too broad. This question about how to wake up quickly is still open and only has...

I figured if it's on three questions, there just might be a need for it....but I guess not.
@Shokhet yup, go ahead and remove it.
2:14 AM
@J.Musser Done.
@Shokhet good.
One question that I removed it from was this one....probably should be closed as "Unclear," for lack of detail....what do you think?
looks like tb to me.
A: What is a lifehack?

Zach SaucierPulling from Bobo's answer, MattS.'s answer, and all of these meta posts, here's my definition: A lifehack is a strategy or technique used to make one's physical life more efficient, but is applicable to a wide range of people. Lifehacks tend to be creative, meaning they use materials that ma...

I found this comment on a question I just edited for
[self-help]??? Won't all questions here get that tag? (Ping @Infinite, who apparently created that tag, according to revision history) — Shokhet 2 days ago
2:17 AM
would love some feedback on my definition linked above
upvotes are feedback.
commentary about what to fix is appreciated as well though :)
@ZachSaucier I'll post it if I come up with anything.
@ZachSaucier I'll take a look at it.
@ZachSaucier I've upvoted for agreement.....just curious why you thought another answer was necessary when there already were 9 (okay, 8 'cuz I have two) answers to that question.....
What are you looking to add to the discussion with that answer?
because my answer is different
I'm looking to provide a clear response
one that supports the ability to close questions and to define the actual scope of Lifehacks
2:25 AM
It's a little more succint than the others, but basically the same idea.
it's clear and to the point IMO :)
Those words work, I suppose ;-)
most of the thought behind it is in the links
good word
@ZachSaucier Done. Thanks :) ;-)
thank you!
2:27 AM
No problem.
@Shokhet The question has no real problem, except I thought it did not have enough research. I think that if the user adds some more content then the problem is solved. It seemed subjective to me.
@ZachSaucier I hope to see this site launch for real; it will not be easy...
if the community accepts an answer similar to mine I think it'll be alright (not that I'm always right or anything like that)
@iliveunderawesomerock What are you referring to? .....I've closed so many questions here already.... ;-)
@ZachSaucier Nope, not possible
2:28 AM
I didn't think so
@ZachSaucier The OP can accept an answer.....but to get the community to act like it will be hard.
I'm not talking about the OP
I'm talking about the community
@iliveunderawesomerock Also, research isn't required; ask @ZachSaucier
@ZachSaucier I know
@Shokhet IDK you pinged me remember about some meat question.
if it's accepted we can make real close reasons
2:29 AM
@ZachSaucier I was playing on the word "accept"
real close reasons = cleaned up site
cleaned up site gives us a shot at making it out of beta
@iliveunderawesomerock Oh. That. .....d'you have a link for that one, or am I gonna have to search for it?
@ZachSaucier True that
@Shokhet lifehacks.stackexchange.com/q/47/59
I just don't know if we can get custom close reasons just yet....we could certainly make the reasons for closure a lot clearer.
@iliveunderawesomerock Not answer research, question research not required.
@ZachSaucier has an opinion on that
@iliveunderawesomerock That question is a problem that needs a solution. The question is pretty well-defined, I think.
And I apologize for the ping....I hope it didn't bother you.
The guys in this room decided that we need to have clarity on why questions are being closed, so LH as a site can go off in a clearer direction.
@Shokhet Oh, you didn't bother me I was just wondering what the problem was. Thank You for telling me about the questions not needing research thing, it confused me.
2:44 AM
@iliveunderawesomerock No problem
A: Should we require a certain amount of research from people asking questions?

Zach SaucierResearch: No Effort: Yes If you're going to ask how to cover a nail hole effectively, you had better specify why spackle will not work for you. - Robert Cartaino (Director of Community Development for the SE) in this meta post. As talked about in this meta answer and others, in addition to...

See ^^^ for more info
I just found out that that presentation that I was gonna give tomorrow night....time limit 45-55 minutes.....was cut two minutes ago to 35 minutes or less.....
Do we have a lifehack for that?
@Shokhet Thank You I read that and you should really go on wikihow they have some good info that might help you.
My notes are still not organized into lecture notes....I guess I'll just have to organize less notes.
@iliveunderawesomerock Oh really? ....I should check that out. Thanks!
@Shokhet it's not a physical problem ;)
@ZachSaucier Fair.
yay, I can close things now! :D
well, not now, but hopefully soon
2:49 AM
@ZachSaucier You always could, couldn't you?
I have been hesitant to close things other than too unclear and duplicate
@ZachSaucier Oh, you meant "for a reason," didn't you? :P
yes :)
well, did my answers on meta. Time to see how people like the approach I used
@iliveunderawesomerock I did a quick wikihow search.....I didn't find anything obviously, immediately useful....I will go back there a different time and poke around. Right now I need to cram my research into speakable notes.....
........and to do that, I have to get off SE.
Gnight @all!
3:55 AM
@MattS. hello
I'm interested in your thoughts about my recent posts
@ZachSaucier Which one's?
Sorry, my inbox is really overloaded from this site.
no worries :)
I did see that one. I like it, I'm still not quite sure I see it being applied to questions, but I might just need to think about it some more.
4:00 AM
it'd make questions like your math one off topic, but I think it's a necessary loss
a question like that may even be able to go on math.SE
4:29 AM
...aftershave... no real hack necessary. I use this stuff if you're not sure what I refer to — Jimmy Hoffa 3 mins ago
There's no way this site can happen if we can't define rules for topicality that stop people from asking about stuff that's got such well known solutions
There's lots of things which just...aren't problems... like that, is a bandaid a life hack for having a cut?
gods no
There's just no annoyance in getting cuts; you put a bandaid on tada.
or shaving...or grating cheese...
there'd be no site left if we stopped questions like that
perhaps the topic rule needs to be something like no imagined problems
A: What is a lifehack?

Zach SaucierPulling from Bobo's answer, MattS.'s answer, and all of these meta posts, here's my definition: A lifehack is a strategy or technique used to make one's physical life more efficient, but is applicable to a wide range of people. Lifehacks tend to be creative, meaning they use materials that ma...

@ZachSaucier yes. I'm rather convinced this site was a mistake heh
would love to hear feedback
4:34 AM
perhaps it can't be on topic if there is a product that exists specifically for the given problem
what if people don't know about it?
like that shaving one or cheese grating one. It has to be a problem that is everyday, and there isn't a product explicitly meant to solve it
@ZachSaucier then the question is closed when someone points out the product exists. It cuts the site off from a lot of potential questions where people find out about enw products, but finding uot about products isn't the point of this site
I'm talking about cross culturally
now that I think about it, I think that rule could be applied to questions and give us a clear rule that cuts out a lot of chaff\
I don't care if people don't know the product exists; if smoeone shows a product does exist explicitly for that purpose - close the question.
A: Should we be downvoting conventional answers?

Zach SaucierNo. We each have a different background, often times a different culture as well. What's conventional for you very well may not be conventional for me. Simply because that's the case does not give reason to downvote. As such, it's impossible to determine what culture (and therefore convention) a...

4:36 AM
not talking about answers
it's the same thing.
> For example: Someone asks how to peel an orange. Someone answers saying to use an orange peeler. That isn't really a lifehack, that's just the common method of peeling an orange. Since it's not a lifehack it should be downvoted, no?
@ZachSaucier The problem with closing questions because they exist on another site is that it relies on other sites.
The site might could work if there's a rule that says "If your problem has a product that exists to solve it, your problem is not on topic here"
@MattS. what's that in reference to?
@JimmyHoffa how would you handle the situation in the quote above in that case?
So if a question is asked here first. Then it gets asked somewhere else, we'd have to close it despite it being okay earlier.
@ZachSaucier Catching up. Your description of a lifehack and mostly this: meta.lifehacks.stackexchange.com/a/1161/8
4:38 AM
@ZachSaucier this sentence doesn't parse...rephrase?
@MattS. As I noted the cross site part needs more discussion/thought
haven't thought through it well
@JimmyHoffa sorry, was thinking about what Matt was saying :P
@ZachSaucier which situation specifically?
2 mins ago, by Zach Saucier
> For example: Someone asks how to peel an orange. Someone answers saying to use an orange peeler. That isn't really a lifehack, that's just the common method of peeling an orange. Since it's not a lifehack it should be downvoted, no?
A: Should we be downvoting conventional answers?

Angelo FuchsFrom my perspective an orange peeler is a foreign concept and in fact I have never seen such an item before I looked it up while I was on this site. Using it is neither common nor conventional. (I use a small kitchen knife for the task) Corncub holders are something that I have already seen once...

@ZachSaucier question get's closed. Period. Easy rule to apply and follow that solves lots of problems - imperfect in that it doesn't help everyone, but SE isn't about helping people, it's about gathering an encyclopedia of problems and solutions
@JimmyHoffa that means lifehacks has to aim at a certain culture
A: Whats our target culture?

Zach SaucierI think this is a question that needs asking. While we have all come from cultures, our goals are the same: As an asker, we seek to obtain an effective/efficient solution to a problem we face in ways we haven't personally thought of. As an answerer, we hope to provide a solution to the asker's ...

4:40 AM
@ZachSaucier no it means if a product exists for a specific problem you can't ask how to solve that problem. Orange peelers exist so you can't ask how to peel an orange.
your logic is flawed
... I'm not sure you're good at logic
let me explain
(trying to phrase it correctly)
the cheese question you answered is a good example
foreign cultures may not have never heard of an invention like that
now relate that to a problem to you seems to not have some conventional solution
say, your keeping 2 blankets together question
say that some culture had a little material that kept them together
should your question then be closed even though you didn't know about it?
You're bad at logic. With the rule I suggest culture doesn't matter. Product exists? Close. It's boolean.
it doesn't hep everyone
SE doesn't exist to help everyone
@JimmyHoffa if a "hack" fixes a solution then the question should be closed according to that
4:52 AM
SE exists to collect information of a certain sort- not to solve problems.
all questions should be closed
again you're bad at logic. Not every problem has a product explicitly built to solve it
so now I learned that devices can't be multifunctional
Find me a product that's explicitly built to clean glass and we can close that how to clean glass problem
@JimmyHoffa you should probably update your answer with your changed view then
5:14 AM
Q: How is this question too broad

skvOpen a suitcase with a numeric lock when you forgot the key code this question of mine has been closed now for the second time, this is not a rant, so please read the question as objectively as possible. The reason I decided to post here was because I feel that this has been put on hold for two...

2 hours later…
7:03 AM
Q: Let's eat some cake

Matt S.While it's a small sample size, I tried a little experiment today. Question 1: How do I keep pots of water from boiling over? No comments. No votes. Never voted to close. 3 answers. 1 with 2 votes (1 was from me), others with no votes. Question 2: How can I efficiently plant seeds in my ga...

How goes this?
Q: Can we stop this close war?

Door HandleOpen a suitcase with a numeric lock when you forgot the key code This question has been closed, reopened, and closed again. Currently, it is in nomination for re-opening. I think we should just stop closing/opening this question. It is on-topic. First off, why does legality really matter? If...

5 hours later…
11:49 AM
@fredley Hi blue porkchop!
12:24 PM
Q: Is no an answer?

Tom MedleySometimes there are questions along the lines of "Is there a lifehack for [problem]". In such a case, is it okay to post an answer along the lines of "No"? It seems in a lot of cases where this has happened, the question has been closed because it doesn't have an answer. Is this how we intend th...

Cool, a meta chat user already, in private beta? :)
@Unihedro You mean the feeds bot?
@fredley yep
Yeah, don't know if they're created automagically but I wouldn't be surprised
I can make one for regular questions too if you like
Oh wait, that's configured as an overlay
@MacGyver answered
Hiya @Uni
12:32 PM
@fredley No, they aren't.
@ProgramFOX Oh ok
12:46 PM
room topic changed to The Junk Drawer: General discussion for lifehacks.stackexchange.com (no tags)
A: Let's think of a creative name for our chatroom

Adi BradfieldHow about "The Junk Drawer" You know, that drawer that every person in the world has, where all the weird and wonderful things that aren't currently useful get stored, because you know they might be some day! Typically this is the drawer where you will find the radiator bleeding key alongside ...

@fredley No, I created it.
1:12 PM
A: Is no an answer?

MoosemanNo. If there is no possible "hack" answer, a close vote should be cast. Such answers should be downvoted as they fall outside the already broad topic of this site.

@Doorknob冰 Are you actually door handle? I thought that was someone playing a joke
@fredley Huh? You mean this user?
@fredley Door handle is the user formerly known as mew.
> I am Doorknob's mortal enemy xD
@J.Musser I see
1:24 PM
...and lifehacks the junk drawer becomes a conversation about door-related hardware.
Noo!! The doorknobs has taken over lifehacks!
A: Can we stop this close war?

J. MusserThe question is on-topic. Leave it open. If necessary, comment under the post with a simple explanation and link(s) to the appropriate meta post regarding its scope (this one included). And your point that it is not our job to be police is valid, we shouldn't vote to close a question because it...

Doorknobs just need one life hack: if they don't want to be touched anymore, they need to connect electrical wires to themselves.
@ProgramFOX Wouldn't change the fact that trees can stand that kind of current. I wouldn't care.
1:30 PM
Even if I hit my cap today, I won't reach 1k.
Neither can I... but I could by midnight local time :)
@Mooseman I'm gonna be busy all day, so I won't hit my cap anyway unless someone goes through and upvotes all my old stuff.
@J.Musser gl :)
Q: Is 'too specialized' a reason to close vote?

J. MusserMy question: How can I test for electrical current in bare wires without a meter? received a close vote for the reason: This question appears to be off-topic because it is about too specialized a topic. Is that a valid close reason? If so, what do we compare against when judging how spec...

1:46 PM
Q: Is no an answer?

Tom MedleySometimes there are questions along the lines of "Is there a lifehack for [problem]". In such a case, is it okay to post an answer along the lines of "No"? It seems in a lot of cases where this has happened, the question has been closed because it doesn't have an answer. Is this how we intend th...

I like how the answer no, and the answer yes both get downvoted. :D lol
@J.Musser You can see vote counts, right?
Would lifehacker posts be considered a valid source for answers?
@AwalGarg Yes, if you're willing to question if lifehacks.se should be here at all.
Oh by lifehacker I meant the lifehacker blog... lifehacker.com
Q: Your answer is in another castle: when is an answer not an answer?

Shog9I think we can all agree, this sucks: If you've been around a little while, you've probably encountered hundreds of answers like this in various forums, some of them even marked as "The Answer" by well-meaning1 forum admins looking to close a thread. We could try to enumerate the commonly-obse...

2:00 PM
not lifehacks.se
lifehacks.se *
yeah that
oh btw, hello Uni!
nice to see you here.
hallo :D
@Unihedro so.. no?
@AwalGarg Well... as long as you post under CC3.0 properly, aka no plagarising
2:04 PM
2:19 PM
Q: Is the lack a narrow scope problomatic for this site?

James JenkinsThere are a couple of existing Meta questions on scope, and lots of ideas about what should or should not be in scope. But as a group we seem to be far from defining scope limits. Is the over broadness of the current scope problematic for the Private Beta phase? Can we wait until public beta t...

^ fix title typo ples
2:32 PM
Consider the hashtag coined.
@GdD That's #NotAHack — Mooseman 27 secs ago
Q: Fastest way to boil water?

TheIdiotGamerWhen I want to make Hot chocolate, one of the steps to boiling water. It seems to take forever. Is there a faster way? The method I am currently using is putting water in a metal can and useing the stove.

Q: How do I eat a mango without getting sticky?

Kevin JohnsrudeIt's been suggested that the best place to eat a mango is in the bathtub. How can I eat mango without getting very sticky?

Q: How do I eat an orange without getting sticky?

Tom MedleyI like to snack on oranges at work, but usually juice gets on my fingers and makes them sticky, so I have to get up and go and wash my hands. Is there a way to peel and eat an orange, without utensils, without my hands getting sticky?

Q: How can I eat an apple without getting sticky fingers?

AlizterI really enjoy eating apples, however it is annoying when my hands are sticky afterwards. How can I eat an apple so that the juices do not make my hands sticky?

Did I miss where we decided to close those as duplicates of each other?
was a silly tag, I removed it
3:27 PM
A: What is the goal of this site?

Matt S.I don't think we're going to be able to successfully handle a site this broad where we try help people in a "how-to" format. It's become pretty clear that we're floundering with our scope, trying to define what's on-topic or not, and devolving into a war of closing and reopening questions. It m...

3:52 PM
I don't believe this is a good proposal. Unconventional ways aren't going to help future readers / googlers. — Unihedro 44 secs ago
@Unihedro I answered in a comment.
@MattS. Cool, it showed up at the same time as you posted this magic. You're a ninja!
We would be about as helpful as code-golf.
I got the notification as I hit enter.
Will we have life-hack-bowling then? Doing something in the most resource consuming / unproductive / most time consuming way?
If someone asks a question with the specific intent to get answers like that.
If you look at code-golf, the majority of their questions are asking to do code with the least amount of characters though.
3:57 PM
wait for it
See I think that's better than having all our answers being found on other sites in the network.
That's an interesting concept, need time to devour it :) Will voice again later, thanks for the post!
And it would be okay for voting to be subjective, so if you don't want the convoluted answer you can freely downvote it.
Well, it is a real evolution, so.
@Unihedro And that took how long to build?
4:03 PM
This one is longer, if you like rube goldberg machines:
4:26 PM
Happy 200000-seconds-until-winterbash-mark!
5:09 PM
Q: Isn't this considered vandalism?

Matt S.This question is in line to be closed: How do I decelerate the ripening of bananas? The reason for closure is that it's a duplicate of this question: How can I accelerate the ripening of bananas?, because you can simply do the inverse of the answers there, so it's a duplicate. The problem I ha...

5:31 PM
Same as the other sticky hands questions.
2 hours later…
7:33 PM
Possible problem: we had 218 committers (I think).....why does the newest user have the UID 1241? .....see also lifehacks.stackexchange.com/… for the current newest
Having 6x the number of users we're supposed to have might make things difficult.......
I don't know how private betas work (this is my first) ......but shouldn't there be something, I dunno, more private about the membership in this beta? .....we're about public, now.
I mean, I joined WB a while after they went public (less than a month, more than a week), and got the UID 2072......at the rate we're going, we might have UIDs in that range before the minimum end of private beta (3 days from now).
8:05 PM
Do UIDs correspond that way? Mine is 89, despite not being committed (or even knowing about the site) during definition. I just heard it about it in another chat room and popped on over.
I'm not doubting at all that there are far more users than committed, btw, since SE has effectively killed the 'private' part of private betas.
UIDs are the order in which people register for the site.
First person to register gets 1, second gets 2, etc.
Huh. I must have came over just after it went "private" then.
8:46 PM
Q: Saving "Lifehacks" — Can we make this a topic space instead of a vague buzzword?

Robert CartainoI've been an outspoken proponent for trying new sites like this since you launched, but so far the actual execution hasn't being coming together too well. This site is built on a buzzword, but there's been little consensus about what "Lifehacks" actually means — and even a bigger disconnect betwe...

9:12 PM
@MacGyver Surprise!
@MattS. do you think we should try to put together one of those "welcome to new user" posts or should we try to answer the big remaining meta questions first?
@ZachSaucier I don't think anyone has any ideas on the other ones.
So I say just make a post and see what people say about it.
biggest problem I am seeing ATM is handling questions that have an "obvious" answer
simply because people might not know about it
I realize we need a close reason so that the scope of this site doesn't accept every question, I just don't see how we can justify one without making the culture focused on one in particular
We need something that defines whether or not a question is asking for help. Or asking for a hack.
If it's asking for help, they should go to a different site.
that's a tricky line, but I see how it could be very useful
this site has taken way too much of my time this week :(
9:17 PM
ha yeah..
Q: How do I fill a hot water urn that doesn't fit in the sink?

ShokhetI have a large container (a hot water urn) that I need to fill with water. The problem is that I don't have access to a hose, and the container is too big to fit into any sink. How can I fill my hot water urn from a sink that's too small for it?

So what makes that such a good question?
I didn't expect to get so involved given I know little about lifehacks, but most people were so unorganized in meta that I felt helping out would be good for the community
I haven't really seen anything go through area51 that's had this many problems.
Even relationships wasn't so bad.
@MattS. WebDesign beta had more, lol
it was an ugly time
graphic arts people had one idea of the site, developers had another one
two sides couldn't reconcile
@MattS. 1. it's about a physical problem. 2. There is no conventional fix. 3. The user shows thought 4. It's a widely applicable problem 5. It's clear
So there's no product made to solve the problem.
My second point above could be made more general by saying the conventional fix is not able to be applied, but that again goes to "what is convention?"
@MattS. there might be some type
9:23 PM
hmm yeah a faucet extender.
only problem with that is spouts are different sizes
I do think physical problems are the most important distinction.
How many problems would be fixed if we required users to share what they've previously tried?
How I've been talking about that is the following:
> The way the OP is currently handling (or the lack there of) the situation is not preferable or unacceptable and the reasons behind that decision are listed in the question itself.
They need to list what they previously tried or at least what the problem is that they don't have an idea what to try
Hold on, so what if the goal of a lifehack is not to have to go and get anything.
The goal is to use what you have on hand.
we can't say what people have on hand or not
9:30 PM
So people asking questions have to list what materials they have as an option.
that'd really limit the scope
I suppose
and lead to incredibly long lists in questions
the questioner would almost have to know how to solve their problem in order to know if they can ever get an answer or not
How about this, what makes that question different than what you would see on other sites?
Like if it was asked on DIY assuming it didn't get closed.
DIY would probably recommend a hose
I'm overthinking this.
lifehacks seem to be more of a quick and dirty fix, not always meant to be lasting
that's actually not a bad way to look at it
for example, in the orange peeler question the question would be like, "I have this one orange, I don't want to get my hands sticking from peeling it manually or buy a peeler for this one orange - what can I do?"
9:38 PM
Looking at one of your answers on meta
> The way the OP is currently handling (or the lack there of) the situation is not preferable or unacceptable and the reasons behind that decision are listed in the question itself.
I posted that in chat like 15 messages above here xD
but seriously, I think making it deal with something "quick and dirty, not always lasting or even the most effective, but rather able to be done quickly" is a good requirement
So there needs to be a problem with an existing solution. But that solution can't be acceptable because:
a) There's not enough time to implement that solution.
b) It's not fiscally responsible to use that solution (as in a one-time solution).
sure, I think that's reasonable
@MattS. have to add to a) that it's simply not available (some nations might not even have the tools we have)
it'd work for the whole in the wall question
So then product recommendations. Off-topic?
yes, simply not a lifehack because it's not "quick and dirty" - I can't think of a better phrase
I'd say it can be an answer though - just not preferred
9:45 PM
How about, products can be used in an answer, but not as an answer.
expand upon that a little for me, I'm not getting exactly what you're saying
If a product is the answer, then it's the solution, and not a lifehack.
I think that's been covered.
But I don't want to say no products, because then people wouldn't be able to use products in unconventional ways.
Ideally we wouldn't be allowed to suggest orange peelers for peeling oranges, but it could be used to solve other problems
perhaps require them to be in comments on questions then?
"If there is a product made specifically for the problem being asked about, suggest it in a comment - not an answer - as it's not a lifehack"
Product recommendations wouldn't be a quick solution since you'd have to go out and buy the product.
right, but commenting isn't posting it as an answer
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Q: How to cover nail holes effectively and inexpensively?

James JenkinsI am moving out of rental, and there are some nail holes in the wall. What is an inexpensive solution to hide the holes?

I think we need to be able to make a distinction between the answers to this question.
Because saying to use spackle definitely isn't a lifehack.
So then that would be marked as a comment.
But the others are fine, because they're about using products.
Who's to say someone couldn't write an answer saying how to use spackle?
we are - we're defining the scope ;)
I suppose it would be a lot of effort to write an answer about using spackle that's much more than saying to use spackle.
Q: How can I efficiently plant seeds in my garden?

Matt S.When planting seeds, you're supposed to put each seed with a certain amount of space in-between each seed. I have trouble with this a lot, because my handles are so big, and the seeds are so small, there usually ends up being clumps of seeds if I do it by hand. If I planted the seeds one by one,...

So to test. That question would be okay, because I listed that I was having problems with the method of planting seeds by hand, and wanted a way to plant seeds evenly.
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