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12:00 AM
This question got three answers in under two minutes. I'm impressed!
Reload!! Vote counts should be reset now..
But I will go to bed... Night!
@Vogel612 Gnite!
Actually came in here to tell you something......
Regarding your comment on rev 2, look at lifehacks.stackexchange.com/help/privileges/create-tags (need 1 rep to create tags) .....enjoy! ;-)
I actually have to run now, @Vogel612 .....see you around! :)
12:15 AM
I put the [featured] tag on this question because this must be answered definitively in order for this site to have a shot at survival. — abby hairboat ♦ 50 secs ago
Q: What is a lifehack?

Matt S.In-line with my other question: Is there anything that isn't on-topic here? Can we get a clear definition of what a lifehack is? I think if it's clear what a lifehack is, we can clearly define what is or is not on-topic here, and also who our experts are.

12:28 AM
Q: Cookie Redirection Error for HTTP

MewSometimes, when accessing the Meta site, a user ends up in a redirect loop. This is because the Meta site link uses HTTP, while HTTPS is really needed. This bug should really be fixed, as it's keeping people out of Meta.

2 hours later…
2:56 AM
Q: Is there a psychological aspect of lifehacks?

Matt S.In regards to this question: What tricks can I use to increase my concentration on a boring topic? And related to this previous discussion: What is a lifehack? Does lifehacks involve psychology in any way? Is it on-topic to ask for help in getting motivation, or staying focused, or awake, or an...

3:09 AM
@Vogel612 My head, believe it or not.
Q: It doesn't say how to make in-line quotes in the help bar

TheIdiotGamerYes, it already says how to make blockqotes like this. However, I have noticed the lack of help how to make in-line quotes like this. If you are wondering what the help bar is, it is the How to format Section that you see when typeing a question.

3:44 AM
Q: Do questions asking for common-sense advice really count as asking about lifehacks?

Matt S.In the continuing saga of trying to define what a lifehack is (What is a lifehack?). We've had a few questions where the answer has been extremely simple. For example: Question: What is the best method of cleaning up broken glass? Solution: You use a broom, or vacuum, and sweep or suck it al...

Q: What is a "domestic hack"?

Matt S.We have a tag for domestic-hacks with no definition. Currently the questions that use this tag are: Is there a way to remove a stripped screw from a hard drive? How can I eat an apple without getting sticky? How to remove mould (fungus) from clothes? How do I unscrew a rusted bolt/screw? ...

4:06 AM
Q: Who will do design for this lifehacks SE and Can I able to give suggestions?

Joachin JosephMany SE sites have their own specific & meaningful designs on upvote/downvote arrows, fonts, header images, etc. I love Gaming, Christianity, travel etc.. I think these are designed by SE team may with be with outside designers. I would like to know if there are anyways to give suggestions to SE...

Q: "Lifehacks Meta Stack Exchange"

MoosemanThat is the title of this site in the header of the mobile version. I would think it should instead read as follows: Lifehacks Stack Exchange Meta

Q: To what extent can a question constraints be edited, after answers have already been received?

Adi BradfieldThe question that has made me think about this is What is an inexpensive and non-electric way to warm my sheets before getting in them? If you look at the edit history, I initially posted an answer to the question before any edits were made. Then after I had left the question, OP added a constra...

4:30 AM
Q: Merge [clothes] into [clothing]

MoosemanI don't think any user could make a case to keep both synonyms as separate tags. I propose that clothes be made a synonym of clothing.

1 hour later…
5:34 AM
eesh these feeds are crazy
I think I may be missing the scope of this site from not having been in the commit phase, but it strikes me as a neat idea off hand. Talk about unclear though. Seems everyone is trying to figure out exactly what the scope's supposed to be...
2 hours later…
7:32 AM
Q: What should design of our icon be?

nicaelCurrent icon is quite meaningless: Even some beta sites (such as http://aviation.stackexchange.com/, http://chess.stackexchange.com/, http://stats.stackexchange.com/) have beautiful icons, maybe we should already care about icon design? Note that also this icon should be meaningfull at 16x16 ...

2 hours later…
9:46 AM
Merry Christmas!
Isn't it too early for that???
10:27 AM
Q: What if a question is unanswerable?

UnihedroFrom current answers on What is a lifehack?: A lifehack is a quick solution to a problem. — Bobo I think that the very definition of what a lifehack is, is actually a solution, not a question. — Adi Bradfield This reveals that questions with no solutions are problematic. Ar...

4 hours later…
2:00 PM
Morning @Mooseman
Morning Vogel
I'm first to 500 :)
but I am leading the voters field
12 left for today, all 40 used yesterday
Nice. I'm watching the edit queue.
How did you farm the repz so fast?
2:13 PM
Its all about contributing :)
Also Moose had some popular questions
Already hit rep cap today.
@Vogel612 I will remove this — skv 24 secs ago
didn't want that!!
phew... nevermind...
302 yesterday...
keep this up and you'll get Legendary in no time
I doubt users will be so free with upvotes once out of beta...
Lifehacks still has that New Stack Exchange Site smell
hmm.. I hope they still vote much...
Q: Private Beta Bug in vote count?

skvI tried looking at vote counts for an answer (with a nett negative vote count) and for a question with positive votes. Both from the same thread. For the answer I see this And for the question it works fine Is this a bug

2:20 PM
it's problematic if there's not much voting activity since it means there won't be many people with moderator privileges...
IDK: If I reach 1k in beta (which is mod tools, like 10k on graduated sites) do I keep them when the numbers go up?
no definitely not.
also it's not 1k...
it's 2k ;)
that's private beta stats...
2:24 PM
@Vogel612 Ahh...
but instant-edit seems nice ;)
Hrm, isn't that more Productivity SE?
Q: How to concentrate and study something that is boring

user8565I'm a high school student, I have a problem with learning geography. For me, it's the most boring subject I have to learn. I can't concentrate and remember the things I have to. If I read 10-15 pages I will remember only the title. I have tried everything: mindmaps, organizing the material on my ...

@AndrewWilliams there is bound to be some overlap between these two sites..
just because it fits there it doesn't mean it's off topic here.
I agree with the PoB votes and could understand too-broad closing, but I also see why it should be reopened....
skipped ;)
2:37 PM
If it was "tips to help make boring topics more interesting" it'd be a keeper
1 hour later…
3:56 PM
Q: Tags should not contain the words 'lifehacks' or 'hacks'

Tom MedleyThis is redundant tagging, and tags with 'hacks' or 'lifehacks' in them should be renamed.

Q: How much of an overlap can we have with other sites, and when do we migrate questions?

Matt S.From what I'm understanding with What is a lifehack? and Is there anything that isn't on-topic here? A lifehack is a solution to a problem, so as long as there is a question being asked, it's on-topic here. Because of this, I'm getting the sense that we're never going to be able to say that a qu...

4:13 PM
Q: Synonymise [home] and [domestic-hacks]

nicaelAs all the questions there should be about life hacks, -hacks postfix seems to be useless, as pointed in this question. So there is no need to separate domestic-hacks and home questions. Maybe domestic-hacks should become the synonym of home?

4:42 PM
Q: What is the goal of this site?

Matt S.I've been treating this site as a sort of "How-To" site. Where someone has a problem, and then people work to post the best solution. I've recently heard that it's meant to be treated as a "Challenge" site. Similar to Code Golf, but with real life challenges rather than programming. Knowing thi...

1 hour later…
5:46 PM
Q: Do answers need explanations / does the answerer need to know why it works

Angelo FuchsSome answers on this site are kinda thin on the "why" it works. Sometimes its obvious and does not need an explanation, sometimes the explanation is there but sometimes its missing. The questions here usually go like "how to do X" and an answer "Do it like this" would technically answer the qu...

6:35 PM
Is this DV because it's a low-quality answer (which I don't believe is the case), or because the question-asker answered his own question (which is totally not a problem)? — Shokhet 2 mins ago
7:30 PM
@Shokhet I think you got beat out by the longer answer. Now there's no reason for your answer. It's too short.
"Thank you for reviewing 20 first posts today; come back in 4 hours to continue reviewing."
@MattS. Makes sense.....though that's a reason for not upvoting, rather than downvoting. Each site has their own culture; the ones I'm used to DVs are reserved for answers with serious problems.
@Mooseman Nice!
Q: Whats required for a question to be of high quality

Angelo FuchsAs the scope of this site is rather wide we will not run out of questions, but do we want to have them all? How short can a question be and still be acceptable? How detailed do you need to ask it? Is it necessary that you do have the problem yourself?

@Shokhet I didn't downvote that one. But I'll downvote things because they're not as good.
It helps to sort better answers to the top.
Also, duplicate answers add noise to the site.
Also, one-line answers are prone to downvotes for being one-line answers.
@MattS. Not as good as other answers? .....[1] what if that answer came first? [2] my voting policy (and I believe there's an MSE post on this somewhere) is that I vote for each answer as if it would be the only answer on the page, and not in context of the other answers. I think that's only fair.
@MattS. That's fair -- there can't be a lot of detail in a one-line answer.
7:36 PM
Just because it's first doesn't make it best.
Of course not.
Someone else included it with an explanation as to why it's the answer, that's why I think it's better.
That's true......
@MattS. like mine
A: Do answers need explanations / does the answerer need to know why it works

Matt S.Simply put, if you don't give people a reason to believe you, then they shouldn't believe you. You should be working to convince the asker that your answer is the correct one, and writing only a short statement is a poor way of doing so. If an answer is only one or two sentences and nothing more...

7:41 PM
@MattS. My answer on there is...
@MattS. I haven't read all the Meta posts yet.....I'm currently working on an answer to "What is a lifehack" ;-)
@J.Musser Yeah, I was kind of amused at how it looked like I stole your answer, and expanded on it which I had as a part of my answer. Irony on both parts.
@MattS. Yours has a +4, mine has a +4, -2. :)
@Shokhet Done!
A: What is a lifehack?

ShokhetI would suggest that only problems that cannot be solved through normal, easy-to-discover means be on-topic on LH. As others have stated, it's a bad idea to judge questions based on their answers (besides the fact that it's just unfair). I think that, for a question to be considered on-topic, i...

8:34 PM
One might be interested in this channel of chemistry-related life hacks:
8:50 PM
Q: Why isn't this question about opening ketchup packets on-topic?

SternoHow can I keep from squirting myself with ketchup whenever I use ketchup packets? Per this meta, I think it fits the criteria. It is a problem most people encounter at some period in their life. It has a common solution (ripping it open with my fingers) that I want to improve. I have described...

Q: What isn't a lifehack?

Tom MedleySo while we're working out what a lifehack is, it might be worth discussing what a lifehack isn't. For example, buying a cheap pack of mothballs to solve a moth problem doesn't seem to count as a lifehack, despite being cheap and simple. Are obvious, engineered solutions to problems not lifehac...

@Doorknob冰 is there a timelimit concerning the chatroom?
Haha, everyone's out of votes. :P
@Vogel612 You mean changing the name? No.
well I think we should clarify until when suggestions are accepted.
or just go ahead.. ahem
@Vogel612 clarify what?
anyways, is it just me or should the whole lifehack vs non-lifehack hassle be resolved before a lot of other questions are asked?
8:55 PM
@Vogel612 Ideally before public beta
@J.Musser or just go ahead and take the currently highest voted one...
@fredley facedesk
no surprises there then T.T
@Vogel612 Why not wait a while? That post's not very old.
@Vogel612 ...I'm being serious
@J.Musser nor is this site.
@fredley I hoped that were already a given...
isn't it?? this is my first private beta..
@Vogel612 Don't try to make things go unnaturally fast.
8:56 PM
I'm in a few public betas, but these are all really... "well-defined"
@Vogel612 Exactly
@J.Musser point taken ;)
I would imagine the site will have to be well defined before it's allowed to become public
@fredley now that sounds more like what I wanted to hear..
meaning: we'll just keep asking and see what the people say...
and discuss the whole thing while going..
I realized I have a bad habit. multiple dots are often unnecessary.
@Vogel612 ... ye..ah......they...a..r.e......
8:59 PM
okay then for now it's flight in blind mode..
but there's only a measly 12 users on meta with more than 10 votes..
@Vogel612 Ha! That isn't great, but it's not the worst ever.
hello everyone
@Whaaaaaat hey, wzup?
@J.Musser not that much
@Whaaaaaat Not a part of the new site then?
9:04 PM
i am
Q: Remove reputation cap for private beta sites?

MewWhile this site is still being defined and created, reputation is very important. It allows us to start getting up there and making the site what it is. However, reputation limits in private beta seem to be dumb. Every upvote counts. We should get the rewards for that upvote. Once we go into publ...

loving it
and that.
(i somehow already hit my rep cap...)
@Whaaaaaat I couldn't find your account...
@J.Musser @Mew
I come from the chatworld of AU, so...
my name carries here for some reason.
@Whaaaaaat I did yesterday, but I'm 6 rep off today...
@Whaaaaaat ah!
I'm from GL, same name.
9:05 PM
I should change my name here to something better.
@J.Musser I did that yesterday, I'm 35 points away from hitting it again today.
We should remove the cap.
@J.Musser @Whaaaaaat I think you get one name all over chat, no matter what your name on the room's site is
brb. posting question.
9:07 PM
@Shokhet MSE is on a different thing, so I'm Frank there.
@J.Musser I think I noticed that the URL is "chat.meta.stackexchange" instead of "chat.stackexchange" ....I think there are two sets of chat rooms
@Shokhet as said, yes.
@J.Musser Yeah.
i'm still having https issues.
9:08 PM
I wasn't sure what you meant
@Shokhet I was kind of vague. :)
Q: Cookie Redirection Error for HTTP

MewSometimes, when accessing the Meta site, a user ends up in a redirect loop. This is because the Meta site link uses HTTP, while HTTPS is really needed. This bug should really be fixed, as it's keeping people out of Meta.

@J.Musser No worries :)
@Whaaaaaat Is that ^^^^ what you meant?
@Shokhet i know. disabled httpseverywhere.
9:09 PM
Me? Worries? nonsense
I posted that -_-
@Whaaaaaat Oh. I didn't realize that you were Mew.....and here we are, discussing different names in chat and main site facepalm
@Shokhet I'm everyone
6 mins ago, by Whaaaaaat
@J.Musser @Mew
9:11 PM
Got it :)
@J.Musser Can't tell if ^^ is a face or two arrows pointing up.
@Whaaaaaat ^^^
can we merge into ?
@Whaaaaaat no.
9:13 PM
@Whaaaaaat I think so.
water is a liquid, and it's a lot more generic
@J.Musser Why not?
but we need more tags.
liquids is way too general.
I created (I think), but I agree that if we have , that's a much better tag
9:14 PM
Water has properties not found in most other liquids, and is by far the most common one we come across. I think oil should have it's own tag also.
@J.Musser I hear your point. Now I'm not sure anymore
Imagine a tag on gardening.se.
@Shokhet .....and I also want Taxonomist for creating ;-)
having and and is kinda much
@J.Musser Most liquids are water-based.
@Whaaaaaat sodas not necessary.
@Whaaaaaat The ones that don't qualify can go under the generic tag. Water should be used, though, if possible.
9:16 PM
makes sense
well, tag synonyms maybe?
and are synonyms of , but you can be specific (or generic), depending on your choice.
@Whaaaaaat IINM synonyms automatically change the tag to the main tag, so you actually can't be more specific if you want.
@Whaaaaaat No you can't. Synonyms means it will auto-correct to the generic thing when you enter it.
There should probably be something in the wiki excerpt explaining when to use which tag, though
@J.Musser really? i did not know that.
@Shokhet Of course - tag wikis are good.
9:18 PM
@J.Musser Until we have users with 5K rep (or the private beta equivalent), who authorizes tag wiki edits? The CMs?
@Shokhet Looking it up...
And confirmed.
@J.Musser 750
@Shokhet ah ok
the race to 2000 is on
9:23 PM
@Shokhet 250 to go for me.
@Whaaaaaat I'll watch.
@J.Musser Stupid rep cap gets in the way :P
Mooseman wins
@Whaaaaaat There's a Meta post for that, isn't there?
Q: Can the reputation cap be removed for some smaller betas?

FrankOn smaller beta sites, GL for example, people rarely hit their rep limit, but when they do, it seriously affects their rep. Why do small sits that don't have a Jon Skeet still have a limit? What good does it do them, and can it be removed?

By me.
9:25 PM
@Shokhet Again. I'm @Mew
@Whaaaaaat Oh, it's yours, @Mew ;-)
@Whaaaaaat Jinx!
I linked it to mews meta post.
@J.Musser And you're Frank; got it :)
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 3 mins ago, by Frank
Who approves tag wikis in a pb?
From a cm^^
And 750+ rep users.
9:27 PM
@Whaaaaaat yes.
.......I asked this question, trying to keep my own on-topic rules. What do you guys think?
Huh. This site really does need to have a clearer definition/
@Shokhet I was just on that question.
@Whaaaaaat Working on it ;-)
The chicken question
(I have a chicken farm, but we don't do meat)
@Whaaaaaat Hm....the only problem I see with it is that it's not really applicable to a wide audience. But otherwise I think it's a pretty well-defined question.
@Whaaaaaat Oh really? Cool :)
9:30 PM
@Shokhet Looks fine to me. is out of uv's
Look's okay, a little bit specific
Yeah, I always scalded them. Too bad you can't.
but, to be fair, a lot of questions on a lot of sites are pretty specific to that person.
@J.Musser I know. In the spirit of CR, we're running out of ammo ;-)
@Whaaaaaat But that's the thing -- questions here need to be specific. (I think)
We'll have to catch up tomorrow.
@Shokhet truth.
9:32 PM
@Shokhet Anyone should be a MacGuyver though. Some things can be nonspecific, but...
Q: How can i tell if an egg has gone bad without cracking the shell?

PhlumeLike anyone on the planet (I think) I hate the smell of rotten eggs. How can I tell if an egg is bad without cracking it open? Is there a way to find out if an egg is bad without cracking the shell?

It's easy to have too many possible answers.
31 minutes too late, eggs are my expertise
@J.Musser Right.
@Whaaaaaat We need , so we could make you a top user :)
eggs tag made
currently @Tim is the leader there
@Whaaaaaat Was the highest voted answer correct?
9:34 PM
@J.Musser yep. same thing i do
@Whaaaaaat good to know.
/me makes tags like crazy
@Whaaaaaat good thing
I wanna get to 1k so I can generate them and have 10k tools
@J.Musser @Whaaaaaat So long as the tags make sense :)
9:35 PM
dat tag quickedit
@Whaaaaaat 10K tools at 1K? That's great!!!
@Shokhet beta is awesome.
I feel pointless having 20 on one.
@J.Musser *beta ?
9:36 PM
@Shokhet :)
@J.Musser Was trying to figure out what you meant :)
I should really wait to do any editing or rep-increasing activity until 4PM my time.
@Whaaaaaat really?
no, but i do need the rep
If I offer a bounty, will I be under my rep cap again?
@Whaaaaaat No.
It counts post votes.
9:40 PM
If you get a bounty (or an accept), that's not part of the rep cap.
It doesn't count accept or bounty rep.
but offering a bounty?
@Whaaaaaat Pretty sure you still hit the upvote rep cap.
9:41 PM
again, awe
Doesn't a question need to be two days old to offer bounty? Are there any questions that you can offer bounty on yet?
Or is private beta different?
@J.Musser I see you in TOTM
@Whaaaaaat yup.
I see you there.
9:43 PM
.....do we need and ?
Do I have enough rep to suggest synonyms yet?
how to clean __________ in the kitchen?
@Shokhet I don't see the use for
1250 rep to suggest synonyms :(
30 secs ago, by Whaaaaaat
how to clean __________ in the kitchen?
Q: How do I fill a hot water urn, when it doesn't fit in the sink

ShokhetI have a large container (a hot water urn) that I need to fill with water. The problem is that I don't have access to a hose, and the container is too big to fit into any sink. How can I fill my hot water urn from a sink that's too small for it?

9:45 PM
yeah. kitchen tags should stay
but tag wiki: for cooking things, use the tag.
@Whaaaaaat But I'm still not sure we need both; maybe should be included in
cooking isn't limited to the kitchen
what about grilling?
@Whaaaaaat That's certainly true. I guess they're both fine tags.
yay. i'm helping with the site :D
That's odd. My profile page says 39 votes today, but I can't vote on anything else.
Might be because I got 41 yesterday; DVed an answer that got deleted
9:48 PM
do accepts count?
@Whaaaaaat For the rep cap? No.
@Whaaaaaat not in the rep cap.
as a vote.
@J.Musser Jinx!
9:49 PM
@Whaaaaaat No.
(I don't think so)
@Whaaaaaat nope.
(everyone behave)
@Whaaaaaat dont care
@Whaaaaaat I always behave, so no matter... :) :P :D
huh. can someone please check my answer quality real fast?
@Whaaaaaat which?
9:51 PM
like an audit.
A: How do I fill a hot water urn, when it doesn't fit in the sink

ShokhetHere's a solution that my friend came up with: Take a bunch of Styrofoam cups Cut out the bottoms of the cups Stack them up Put the wide end of the top cup under the faucet, and the (cut open) thinner end of the bottom cup over the edge of the sink Place the urn directly underneath the end of y...

Most lifehack answer on site.
Q: How can I cure a burnt tongue?

ShevliaskovicA lot of times, when I have some super nice food in front of me, I eat rather fast, without waiting for it to cool down, thus burning my tongue. How can I cure this kind of burn?

@Whaaaaaat Thanks :)
@Whaaaaaat Oooh, I have gained the title of Lord? :D
9:53 PM
@Phlume Thanks! ....I took a picture of my friends solution weeks ago....when I committed to this proposal, I told myself that this Q/A set would be my first posts here :) — Shokhet yesterday
We need to discourage one-line answers with no explanation. The thread I one-boxed above is awful.
@Doorknob冰 It's only a title. No powers to go along with it.
@J.Musser Point them to the explanation Meta post.
Kind of like "king of england"
@J.Musser Flag LQ?
@Whaaaaaat :(
9:54 PM
@Shokhet looking for it. I need more than 40 dv's/day.
Q: Do answers need explanations / does the answerer need to know why it works

Angelo FuchsSome answers on this site are kinda thin on the "why" it works. Sometimes its obvious and does not need an explanation, sometimes the explanation is there but sometimes its missing. The questions here usually go like "how to do X" and an answer "Do it like this" would technically answer the qu...

A: Do answers need explanations / does the answerer need to know why it works

Matt S.Simply put, if you don't give people a reason to believe you, then they shouldn't believe you. You should be working to convince the asker that your answer is the correct one, and writing only a short statement is a poor way of doing so. If an answer is only one or two sentences and nothing more...

@Doorknob冰 In Chat you have power, but on the main site...
I have more power than you on the main site XD
Uhm, guys...
Major problem.
@Whaaaaaat ?
Almost all questions here will produce opinion-based answers.
@Shokhet You're not near enough like AU. They just tag me because my name is "Whaaaaaat"
@Whaaaaaat Nope. Specific question, with detailed answers (explained answers) should be fine.
9:58 PM
@Whaaaaaat SILENCE! I am the supreme ruler of all! :P
@Doorknob冰 You don't have a diamond here :P
Without doorknobs, how would you open doors?
This room was placed in timeout for 1 second because I am an evil and abusive moderator
@Whaaaaaat Oh, I believe I do. evil laugh
@Doorknob冰 What if the doorknob is frozen?
Push doors.
And then there are door handles.
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