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1:46 AM
@Scimonster What's the opposite point of view? I quoted a pretty broad range of authorities.
@Scimonster More like the latter. It's happened about 5 times now methinks.
@Shokhet That's relevant for the question that question was prompted by.
2:18 AM
@DoubleAA True.
3 hours later…
4:49 AM
Hey @Shokhet, creator of , do you think any of the following should get that tag? Having the sense that I answer a lot of those I was looking through my answers, but I don't want to go bumping more of my posts willy-nilly (not trying to game anything), especially if the tag might not fit. So I'm leaving it to others to decide: judaism.stackexchange.com/q/12648/472, judaism.stackexchange.com/q/16652/472, judaism.stackexchange.com/q/33684/472.
5:18 AM
@MonicaCellio First one for sure, tag already added.
Second also; but already has five tags
The third one is also , I think....tag added.
@all: Do you think that this is an answer to the question?
I wasn't sure, so posted as a comment.
6:02 AM
@Shokhet I do.
@msh210 Thanks. There's also a Ralbag on the passuk who says something similar, but slightly different; I think I'll put that in an answer also.
All: Is judaism.stackexchange.com/q/48972 too broad? Specifically, is #3 too dissimilar to the other questions, so it should be asked separately?
@msh210 I think it's fine, because it's all about one particular action; even number three I think is fine.
If you'd cut one question out to ask separately, I would say that would be #4....though that would depend heavily on the answer to #1
6:23 AM
@Shokhet Yeah, it may well depend on it. I've just edited to clarify that. So I don't think I should remove #4.
Ah, the heck with it. I'm removing #3. I'm not happy with it.
@msh210 Hey, it's your question ;-)
I stayed up way too late; g'night!
@Shokhet Good night.
(FWIW, @msh210, I think these comments should be left, even though whatever's there is now in the answer, at least until the OP sees them)
2 hours later…
8:32 AM
@DoubleAA The mutar lechatchila view that the singers seem to follow. :)
9:16 AM
@Shokhet Just noticed that you reached 5k recently - congrats!
3 hours later…
12:43 PM
Should we also include, for example, [creation] under [parshat-bereishit]; [noach-noah-the-man] under [parshat-noach], etc? — Scimonster 1 min ago
2 hours later…
2:55 PM
@Scimonster I don't know how you see that. Where has a singer encouraged people to listen to their music as background on a treadmill? In any event, Jewish Chazanim have a long tradition of doing what they want and ignoring Halacha (eg. repeating words, extra piyutim, missing zmanim).
2 hours later…
4:40 PM
@Scimonster Thanks :)
4:52 PM
@Scimonster You get a +1 for the edited version of number 2.
His points in 3 and 4 shouldn't convince anyone it's permitted even if they convince you that we shouldn't complain because it's necessary right now for many people to stay otherwise religious. מוטב שיהיו שוגגין ואל יהיו מזידין and עת לעשות לה הפרו תורתך are indeed very important traditional values.
5:10 PM
@Shokhet heh, I was thinking of dropping , but is probably better. (It's not really family-specific so much as "dealing with people who know me", so would cover it.)
@Shokhet thanks for reviewing those.
5:20 PM
@MonicaCellio No problem.
My bounty here ended, but I have 8 hours left to the grace period.....
5:54 PM
@Shokhet So what are you going to do with it?
6:07 PM
@Scimonster Well, I don't believe I will award it to the existing answer.... if someone answers with a good source, I'll award the bounty; if not, not
Won't be the first time I put up a bounty to the question and didn't give it to anyone....
A: Is someone killed by force called Kiddush Hashem?

ShalomThere's a Rabbi Rakeffet mp3 on this on yutorah.org (sorry no, I can't tell you which one). It's widely circulated that the Rambam wrote that anyone killed simply because they were Jewish is considered to have died "al kiddush Hashem." However ... we don't seem to actually have such a written s...

Did someone over-agressively delete the comments there? I thought my comment was still pertinent, but before I remake it, I was just checking.
6:40 PM
@Yishai I see no deleted comments on that question or its answer.
Oh my bad
computer glitch
Ya there are deleted comments there
I've alerted the mod who deleted them to your concern. @Yishai
6:58 PM
@DoubleAA Thanks.
@Yishai I deleted them, but not over-aggressively, I don't think. Not one of them served to try to improve or clarify the post or add information that should be in it.
@DoubleAA I think you are סותר yourself in your answers to the two questions of day 8 of the Chanuka publication
@msh210 Actually, one did. I've just undeleted it.
@msh210 I'd not delete them if there were a couple, but there were 15 comments there and it showed no sign of abating.
Speaking of which, @DoubleAA, thanks for your cleanup elsewhere today.
@Shokhet ok, I had been assuming that somebody more qualified would answer, but I just offered a little something there for your consideration. I relied in part on an answer elsewhere from @DoubleAA.
7:14 PM
Do you get a flag credit for voting to close, either through clicking on close or on flag on a question?
@YeZ no to the first; if you have the rep to vote to close you should vote to close instead of flagging. (Yes, that means flags are a little harder to come by after 3k, but with luck that's not your primary motivation. :-) ) I'm not sure about flags; aside from the custom "write a note to the mods" one (which we have to manually resolve), what question flags are available to you? I guess spam/offensive; if the post gets deleted by flags you get credit for that.
@msh210 Welcs.
@YeZ Can you grab me links to the onsite versions?
@MonicaCellio Even if you try to flag, it takes you to the vote box. I voted to close a q, just was curious if doing it through the "flag" link would work.
@MonicaCellio Actually that answer was first posted judaism.stackexchange.com/a/14770/759 (speaking of answers I've double-posted)
@DoubleAA oops
was looking at the wrong user.
7:20 PM
@YeZ oh. No; that's the software telling you "hey, you can do better than flagging; we'll help!".
@DoubleAA heh. I googled for Jews, not appliances, so I didn't find that one. :-)
@MonicaCellio Got +6 the first time and +10 and checkmard the second time. Go figure. @Scimonster
@DoubleAA I see you have it taken care of onsite, with your "although see discussions" - it just looks funny in the publication. You have one answer followed by a second which provides a source contradicting the first, then a third answer referring back to the two answers which contradict each other.
@YeZ Still don't know what question you are talking about...
In any event I'm not paskining for anyone so I can present different sides at times.
@Shokhet You can award it now. :)
7:28 PM
@DoubleAA the ways of voters are unpredictable. Sometimes I put a lot of effort into something I think is a good, solid answer and get a vote or two; other times I toss off something quick and get a Nice Answer badge.
@MonicaCellio Thank you; reading the answer now
@MonicaCellio Lol now it's +6 and +12 because you linked to the higher voted one.
@Scimonster I'll read it first :)
Still have some time
@MonicaCellio Same here :)
@DoubleAA and sometimes "chat effect", like its cousin "meta effect", helps right wrongs. :-)
@YeZ Ah. Well, it could very well be there are two different kinds of mitzva objects. I'm also comfortable saying we don't paskin like the Avnei Nezer. But I see how that looks odd in the book.
Gots to run.
7:31 PM
@Shokhet Same here. (First one wasn't the best example.)
@DoubleAA I davka voted for the second one and not the first to increase the irony.
@MonicaCellio Bounty awarded, congrats!
@Scimonster This was a better example before the meta-effect hit.
@MonicaCellio et al. I have answers that I spent a few days on which get 1 vote, and answers which just relate an anecdote or translate something and get enlightened badges.
@Shokhet thank you! Glad to help. Also glad to increase my Mi Yodeya lead over The Workplace. :-)
@Shokhet oh hey, that's my first intentionally-awarded bounty here. Cool. :-) (I got one by default once.)
8:03 PM
@msh210 One of the criteria is "Leave constructive criticism that guides the author in improving the post;" I thought I was doing that ...
8:16 PM
@Yishai The first comment (not yours) was "Interesting. I'm not sure how often this would have come up pre-Holocaust. AFAIK that was the first time Jews were targeted for execution without, say, the chance to convert to Christianity. Anyone Jew who did not practice Judaism was pretty much safe until the holocaust." All your comments and most of the others were about that not about the post. Even that first comment isn't "constructive criticism that guides the author in improving the post".
Oh! I'm sorry! One of your comments wasn't about that. I missed it. I apologize. I'll undelete it.
@Yishai Thanks for bringing it up.
@msh210 Mods can do that now??
Huh, I see when they changed that. Nice.
@HodofHod What a time to be alive.
It's like the future!
@msh210 I still want my flying car /cliche
@HodofHod They exist already! They're called "airplanes".
@HodofHod Sheesh, I remember when they implemented just viewing the things
@msh210 Fine, when can I have one of those?
8:26 PM
@MonicaCellio Nice!
@MonicaCellio Let's keep it that way :)
@Shokhet just keep the bounties coming.
@YeZ That's one way to do it :)
That was my fourth bounty, third intentionally awarded
@Shokhet You could also hang out on Workspace and answer all the questions before she has a chance to.
@HodofHod Make one!
@YeZ *Workplace
8:30 PM
@Shokhet Yeah, that too.
@YeZ I would, if I felt I had anything to add to questions about the Workplace.....
@msh210 ....im fresh out of witty repartees :( / :)
8:46 PM
@YeZ I actually haven't answered a lot of questions lately. Becoming a mod there took a chunk out of my answering time. (Which is exactly what I publicly predicted would happen when they pushed me to stand for election.)
Rep flows more freely there than here (more users), which is why I asked for this on the new profile. I mean, not just there and here, but cross-site voting imbalances in general.
@MonicaCellio +1ed it
@Scimonster @MonicaCellio Same.
Meta-effect in chat?
@Scimonster I knew I saw that somewhere in the chat transcript :)
@MonicaCellio And looking at that made me go read and upvote one of the linked answers. :P
8:59 PM
There's a vote to close as a request for p'sak....this one is on the fence (I think), but is OK even though there is a back-story in the first person. — Shokhet 11 secs ago
^^^^ thoughts?
@Shokhet I personally hit leave open from the queue.
@Scimonster I didn't get it from the queue....I spotted it as a HNQ on Mi Yodeya's frontpage, and noticed the close vote from the close link under the question.
@Scimonster 'cuz you told me you reviewed it, I was able to get the link to the review....it appears that msh210 also hit "leave open," FWIW
@Scimonster ah, I wondered if that came from this room. :-)
"How can I tell if this is kosher" isn't p'sak; "is this thing with ambiguous circumstances kosher" might be (depending on the rest of the question). I think this is fine. — Monica Cellio ♦ 32 secs ago
@MonicaCellio Thanks for pinging me with that; I had seen it already since @IsaacMoses pung me on the question :)
@Shokhet oh, so mod votes from that review queue don't become binding? I've been avoiding that queue all this time because I don't want to override the community!
@Shokhet it was for the room in addition to being for you. :-)
9:11 PM
@MonicaCellio I don't know if it's binding, but I checked the review page a few times; it appears that it doesn't cancel the votes, but appears to remove a question from the queue
@MonicaCellio Also, on a question that you want community input on, you can always do what I do when I'm not sure what action to take: skip ;-)
@Shokhet ok, I don't have time to look into this right now, but if somebody else does and can determine whether a mod "leave open" ends the review or is just another vote, I'd appreciate hearing about it.
@MonicaCellio Ah. Alright :)
I don't have time either; I have to go now.
@Shokhet true. What I'd really like is one page with links to all the questions currently in that queue, so I can easily skim it to see what's going on without stepping through them all.
@Shokhet TZT!
A: What happens when a moderator clicks 'leave open' in the close-vote queue?

nicaelIf mod clicks "leave open", this review is marked completed and question is removed from the review queue.

A moderator action always completes review, no matter what the action is. — animuson 20 secs ago
@MonicaCellio So yes, avoid the close votes, reopen votes, suggested edits, and low quality queues. Otherwise, how are us mere mortals supposed to get badges? ;)
9:36 PM
@Scimonster thanks! That's what I assumed, but it's good to have confirmation. (I take Anna's editing of that answer to be confirmation.)
@Scimonster there are plenty of badges to go around. You can share with the mods, can't you? :-) (Just kidding; I do not feel incomplete without review badges. Or flag badges, for that matter; mods don't qualify for Deputy and Marshal. Eh, whatever.)
@MonicaCellio On SO, mods need Deputy before they can run.
10:01 PM
@Scimonster yes, SO has several badge requirements for candidates that other sites don't have. They're huge, the mod job is huge (even with 17 mods), and they've got plenty of people who could step up, so it makes sense to filter the candidate pool. I seem to recall hearing that a mod on SO should be prepared to handle 100 flags a day; on Mi Yodeya 100/month is more likely. If flag-handling is a big part of the job, demonstrating that you have clues about flags seems like a good idea.
Q: Badge Requirements in Election

Double AAOver on Stack Overflow, there are badge requirements for nomination to be moderator including Civic Duty, Strunk & White, Deputy and Convention (source). These requirements are designed to ensure that nominees have a correct understanding for the policies and style of the site. Obviously imposin...

10:56 PM
@HodofHod I used your script to ask a question on another SE site. It's really useful! Thanks again :)
^^^^ I'll probably add that to this answer if/when it becomes clear that it is on-topic there, and gets a good answer.

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