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4:00 PM
@JeroenVannevel I flagged for migration, don't know how long it will take, though.
Hi, rolfl.
Q: I want to fix that part of C code

Nikos KLonI have two pieces of code I wrote in C. I want to ember the 1st code inside the second where I said. How can I do it without get errors? 1st code #include <errno.h> #include <stdio.h> ...

@JeroenVannevel - That Programmers question is more an SO problem than Code Review.... right? "I have this test system I use, How do I inject headers the right way?"
Isn't SO the troubleshooting bin?
It's about getting something to work, which I already have a working solution for, but which might not be the best approach
I don't know, it fits in all 3
Q: Best practices BAD, patterns GOOD?

Jonathan EuniceWhy are "best practice" questions so derided here, when "pattern" questions are not? According to Wikipedia: Patterns are formalized best practices that the programmer can use to solve common problems when designing an application or system. I've read some of the articles discussing why "...

4:06 PM
I'll let it bounce around migrations then, we'll see where it ends up
But if it gets to Philosophy.SE, I'm deleting it
> but if your question generally covers…
> a specific programming problem, or
> a software algorithm, or
> software tools commonly used by programmers; and is
> a practical, answerable problem that is unique to software development
> … then you’re in the right place to ask your question!
How do I inject headers in to the test framework the right way. I have tried this.... ?
Yeah, but it works.
So I'm not sure if it's still good to go there
I suppose I can put it on SO..
> You've earned the "Revival" badge (Answered more than 30 days later as first answer scoring 2 or more) for "Improving equal spacing between elements in layout".
Well, you've hit a soft spot. In this case, I would probably back off on the solution you have, present it more as a question, and target the bigger SO audience.....
someone help
in answers
how do I strike text
4:14 PM
OK, so, can anyone point me to a succint guide on using gtest with cmake on windows? because I'm not really finding that anywhere
@Pimgd <strike></strike>
@rolfl Perhaps a self-answer to gauge support for the approach?
@Pimgd <del> </del>, less characters
Only after you've had no other answers for a bit.
Really, the fact you have a solution that works, is nothing like that there may be a much better way.
4:15 PM
Not even as CW?
I wouldn't
Don't 'poison' the idea pool.
Also, you should search first.... there may be something.
Interestingly, if you type a decent title in to the 'ASk a question' box, the 'related' questions it suggests are often much better than other search mechanisms.
@Pimgd <s></s>
it works on posts, but not in chat
A: Does this simulation follow abstraction and encapsulation?

PimgdAhhh, tile based 2D grid layouts. It's an OO problem for sure. How can you keep things separate if objects on tiles need to know what tile they're on and their neighboring tiles and what's on their neighboring tiles? I did a similar exercise and I still need to think carefully about it. I do f...

Help me my keyboard is tired
@pimgd does each tile really need to know about it's neighbours? To me that sounds like the tiles should have a mediator that operate over them
Holy cow @Pimgd that's a lot of text!
4:23 PM
Q: Newton Color Disc With jQuery, Raphaël & CSS

SubinI'm trying to create a working example of Newton Color Disc with HTML, CSS Animations, jQuery and RaphaëlJS. I was successful in creating the demo by making the sectors of different colors and rotating it at high speed. But, it doesn't make the effect of white color in the eyes which it should b...

I'll follow @RobertHarvey's idea: if it works then it's fine (paraphrased). I've found a blog detailing a much broader approach but which also created a custom request manually like I did, so at least that's in my corner.
I'll just delete the post on Programmers so there isn't any migration mess
@DanPantry I think so too...
Hey @Mat'sMug!
for reference... I had a conway's GoL question on SO using that pattern....
but then the answerer came and said: use boolean[][]
read: you are overdesigning ;)
anyone with coldfusion Experience wanna take a stab at this answer and question? codereview.stackexchange.com/a/68542/18427
4:36 PM
I will take a look later
@Malachi vote 'Meh!' ;)
Currently on phone, but anyone working with coldfusion needs help
@Pimgd did you write that game of life answer on your phone??
No lol
Also each tile needs to know about its neighbors because its easy to work with, and its extensible
user image
Well that's just evil
4:39 PM
How would you implement hexagons?
@JeroenVannevel lol
@Pimgd naaah... it doesn't need to know..
but it needs to know someone it can ask...
and that might be the ocean or some helper-method...
what you're doing is creating a doubly linked quadruple rootless tree
Yeah but x y array is just nasty
@Pimgd @Vogel612 from a code purity standpoint the tile should be a data class and have an 'actor' that acts over all the tiles and treats them as a set
from a pragmatic approach, each tile knowing about it's neighbour would be easier
@DanPantry that
4:41 PM
@JeroenVannevel We need to get this sexy black background code formatting for the graduated site ;-)
Okay you got me
it incurs some rather nasty performance implications though..
There was a similar project
@Vogel612 redis to the rescue - although that would likely be overkill
if you want to recolor process tiles based on the pragmatic approach, you get loads and loads of pointerjumping and cache misses..
4:41 PM
It was about a 2d tile based game
@Vogel612 OP is coding in Java. Do you think he cares? :D /s
You could push blocks
@DanPantry I don't think he does, but just because you code Java doesn't mean you shouldn't care..
@Vogel612 note the /s = sarcasm :p
Some blocks could nit be pushed
Some blocks could
Lets say boxes can
4:43 PM
@Pimgd just like in this... wood boxes out of a maze thingy??
either way that sort of problem lends itself to some kind of k-tree structure mesh structure
And blocks couldnt
If you push boxes and tou hit boxes, you oush them too
@DanPantry flattened k-trees are convenient, but possibly performance-intensice.
@Pimgd like... 2048?
4:44 PM
You have to use the box and block to catch some movable
@Pimgd watching you type on your phone is laughably painful
That movable tries to catch you via A*
@Dan because he's slower than everyone else here???
For these kinds of things....
@Vogel612 because of "tou" and "oush" and "could nit"
4:45 PM
That quad rootless tree was awesome.
We had wormholes, oneway ledges...
pathfinding is a vastly different problem from a fsm..
a tree without a root would be a mesh, surely
The model all supported it
So when youve thought about such a thing for 4 weeks...
Its hard not to go for that approach. Especially from a game perspective.
Games are always expanding in these unique ways
... But I encourage you to write your own answer
de-facto a mesh is the simplest approach for supporting intelligent sharks..
because then you can pathfind for fish and take the shortest...
as an aside, a mesh with hexagonal nodes.. is a cube...
You can even have reefs now =)
Also this took a good chunk outta my day
4:52 PM
I hope he appreciates it
I had fun writing it
I think its my longwst anwser so dar
Argh bunoy riad
A: What should our logo and site design look like?

PhrancisCode block formatting @JeroenVannevel posted in The 2nd Monitor a screen capture from his IDE that I think looks really sharp and sexy, and makes code reading easier on the eyes: Compare to the same piece of code with our current code blocks: Would it be possible to prettify our code block...

Bumpy road
5:02 PM
Oh. Well anyways, it's pretty sharp looking. Let me edit my post a bit to correct this
Q: An owned file descriptor

blackFile descriptors are a common resource in Unix and Unix-like operating systems. They're a way to represent a resource such as a file, socket and so on. The user should release a file descriptor as soon as (s)he's done with the corresponding resource: tipically they're limited to 1024 per process....

Q: Simple micro-benchmarking library

janosI'm working on a simple micro-benchmarking library in Java. This library makes it easy to benchmark multiple reference implementations. You provide the inputs and trigger the calls, the library takes care of executing N times, measuring the runs and printing the averaged results. Essentially, i...

@Phrancis The problem with it is not everyone is a fan of dark colored theme. I am but we're not the majority I think!
Yeah, personally I don't like it. It's too straining on the eyes
White makes me happy
dark text on white bg is proven to be the most readable
I strongly prefer bright themes
Here I made changes and added a white-BG screenshot from VS
A: What should our logo and site design look like?

PhrancisCode block formatting @JeroenVannevel posted in The 2nd Monitor a screen capture from someone's IDE and code that I think looks really sharp and sexy, and makes code reading easier on the eyes: Or maybe at least make it look like one of the popular IDEs (Visual Studio shown): Compare to ou...

5:12 PM
but recently I seem to have heard about a study of dark theme being healthier in some way, possibly specifically for programmers. don't remember where and what exactly
VS coloring would be nice, definitely
at first glance the dark theme looks really groovy, but if I let my eyes linger, they go blurry, but maybe that's just me
@janos just you...
I got permanent dark theme for chrome...
and... I must say I really like it.
if I have long sessions of high brightness, my eyes start to hurt..
You might want to try Lux.f then
Personally, my main screen is getting a little old and is starting to lose its brightness
that looks... coool
5:18 PM
nature's way of dealing with things
that said... Ima head out ;)
wtf is toodles?
or see ya later
in what language?
5:21 PM
Toodles (Tootles) is a term which may mean several things: A shortened, more casual version of the French expression à tout à l'heure (Anglicized as "toodle-oo"), meaning see you later. Toodles Galore, a female cat in the Tom and Jerry cartoons Toodles, a female shih-tzu dog, appearing periodically in the television program, "The New Normal" Toodles, a fictional magical device from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse children's series Toodle, a twirled waxed paper cone used for take-out deli mustard. It originated at King Arthur's kosher deli in the Canarsie section of Brooklyn in the 1930s. Tůdle, pronounced...
By far the most masculine form of the English from of 'goodbye'
whoa. big words
> Tůdle, pronounced toodleh, a Czech interjection meaning roughly the same thing as English phrase "In a pig's eye!"
@xDaevax is it that hard? how would it compare to Backbone, I wondr
Wtf is "in a pig's eye"?
And thus it continues
5:25 PM
dans l'oeil du cochon
> in a pig's eye (American informal)
something that you say which means you think there is no chance that something is true or that something will happen
"Me, in love with Sandra? In a pig's eye I am."
@xDaevax angular isn't that hard :(
@janos I heard BackBone is really basic with just a few models whereas Angular is a full blown framework
Backbone is definitely not basic
last time I checked it was on par with Angular and Ember
Yay I'm home
5:27 PM
Trello is based on Backbone, and a bunch of others too
Basic in the way that you are given a few basic models on which to build
not that it can't do much stuff
@janos TBH, I try to avoid the "full stack" JS frameworks. Personally, I prefer JQuery + SignalR + Knockout.
hear about KO is interesting
I love working with it.
today I saw a post using Mithril, looks very interesting, scroll down a bit to performance: lhorie.github.io/mithril
5:31 PM
That's a new one I've not heard of
I would enjoy tagging questions with as well, so that's a feather in the cap.
5:44 PM
I'd like this reopened so I can answer it:
Q: Improving equal spacing between elements in layout

YarhI am trying to make a nice set of items, which are equally spaced from each other. On example below, I set buttons between empty textview. Every button and text view has height = 0dip and weight=1. And it looks pretty nice. However, is there a way to make it better or more efficient? <LinearLay...

Q: IB_DESIGNABLE, IBInspectable -- Interface builder does not update

nhgrifI have the following set of code: CustomView.h #import <UIKit/UIKit.h> IB_DESIGNABLE @interface CustomView : UIView @property (nonatomic) IBInspectable UIColor *borderColor; @property (nonatomic) IBInspectable CGFloat borderWidth; @property (nonatomic) IBInspectable CGFloat cornerRadius; @en...

5:54 PM
aaaand 1x silly coldfusion answer
A: Optimizing name highlighting

Pimgd <cffunction name="highlightPartners" returntype="string" access="public" hint="this searches through the partner struct and highlights the partner"> <cfargument name="sSearchText" type="string" required="true" hint="the text to search"> <cfargument name="sHighlightType" type="string" required...

replace CF code with java
instant win
less bugs, less code
Q: Calculate employee wage

GardenerThis is for a class assignment. The objective is to write a program that will take in user input for employee information and print the wage based on hours worked. Please review my code. #include <ctime> #include <iostream> using namespace std; int GetSalary(int,int,int,int); int GetYearsOfS...

Q: How can I make this regex less greedy?

Calvin FroedgeGiven: [URL="http://www.google.com"]test[/URL] [URL="http://www.foogle.com"]test[/URL] I'd like to match the entire string including [URL][/URL], the link, and the text. My current regex is a bit too greedy: /^\[URL\="(.*?)"](.*?)[\[\/URL\]]{1}$/ It matches: http://www.google.com test[/UR...

lol I copied the wrong SO link
Q: How to make ListFind() to consider a string having a comma in it as a complete single string

SomuI got a problem in using listfind(). I have a list of strings.One of my string has a comma. Now when I use listfind() to compare with another string I don't get the output expected. i.e The string with a comma in it is not detected. How can the listfind() to work even for the string having com...

that's the right one
> You've earned the "Yearling" badge (Active member for a year, earning at least 200 reputation).
you've made it! you've earned at least 200!
I know, right... I was worried.
6:13 PM
Just five more rep to exactly 19.5k. Nice solid number. ;-)
I got the "Enthusiast" badge today :)
Visited the site each day for 30 consecutive days.
Nice :)
too big? :)
Yeah, it did startle me. :-)
6:20 PM
Q: Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe with AI and GUI

EngieOPDuring my hiatus, I decided to revisit some of the Tic-Tac-Toe questions here. I created a simple Tic-Tac-Toe GUI game, and then thought, might as well do the Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe challenge. I am looking for ways to refactor my code. Particularly in MainWindow.cpp. I think this is a mess. I s...

20,000 would look nicer anyway. That should take a few good answers.
Oh hi Jamal
count(case when VoteTypeId = 2 then 1 else null end case) as "Upvotes",
count(case when VoteTypeId = 3 then 1 else null end case) as "Downvotes",
cast(CreationDate as date) as "Vote date"
from Votes
group by CreationDate
order by CreationDate desc;
-- Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'case'.
^^ brainfart... anyone got a clue?
To any of the VBa masters in chat, do you know of a good coding standard / style guide that you would recommend ?
6:34 PM
Found the problem... end case is MySQL syntax... removed "case" from the end and it worked
@Konijn, I recommend Microsoft's vb.Net guide.
I can't even find the old vb6 recommendations anymore.
@RubberDuck Do you have a link?
I hate the iOS8 keyboard. This is a big wtf.
Can I shut this annoying predictive crap off???
was anyone able to help @Subin with this codereview.stackexchange.com/q/68546/18427
Thanks @RubberDuck
6:48 PM
Well, stack exchange uses google prettify, so I would think these themes are available. Desert looks pretty close to what you've shared. I'm a fan of this. — RubberDuck 11 mins ago
@CaptainObvious has this person changed their evil ways?
You're very welcome @konijn.
@RubberDuck I think you can switch it off somewhere in Settings->General->Keyboard.
> @RubberDuck •Customizable styles via CSS. See the themes gallery
Does that mean we could make our own?
thanks @Pimgd
A: Optimizing name highlighting

Pimgd <cffunction name="highlightPartners" returntype="string" access="public" hint="this searches through the partner struct and highlights the partner"> <cfargument name="sSearchText" type="string" required="true" hint="the text to search"> <cfargument name="sHighlightType" type="string" required...

@Phrancis in this business you can create whatever you want
6:54 PM
@RubberDuck Go to the store, sell your phone, buy a new one (android or Windows phones) no more ios8 keyboard problem ! (I'm really trolling here :P )
The Prettify CSS file is only 52 lines of code, sounds like it would be piece of cake to make our own! code.google.com/p/google-code-prettify/source/browse/trunk/src/…
@Marc-Andre wins. I want a windows phone.
I have no idea. Maybe some web guru could figure out how to over ride SE's formatting.
But I don't think it's outrageous for us to suggest a better code format as part of the new site theme.
Q: How to get Google Prettify to render more like Visual Studio

Jakob GadeI'm using Googles excellent Code Prettify and I'm quite happy with it. But: Does anybody happen to have a alternate CSS stylesheet so it'll render a bit more like Visual Studios default coloring? Green comments, red text/strings, etc.

7:11 PM
@Phrancis if you figure it out let me know. lifehacker.com.au/2011/05/…
4 more bronze badges to 100 bronze badges! woot!
Q: IB_DESIGNABLE, IBInspectable -- Interface builder does not update

nhgrifI have the following set of code: CustomView.h #import <UIKit/UIKit.h> IB_DESIGNABLE @interface CustomView : UIView @property (nonatomic) IBInspectable UIColor *borderColor; @property (nonatomic) IBInspectable CGFloat borderWidth; @property (nonatomic) IBInspectable CGFloat cornerRadius; @en...

@RubberDuck you can slide the predictive text thing down to stop it
in VB should I do this with my return statements?
        Return m_nodelist.Count > 0

    End Function
single newline buffer before and after?
I wouldn't do it.
smoosh it all together?
7:21 PM
It's from a C# perspective, but I think they are pretty much the same
smoosh smoosh
I'm with Jeroen on that point
I easily removed about 200 lines of code from this data pump service
before the smooshing
Personal decision @Malachi. I personally like a little extra whitespace in VB.
I am giving it a leading Buffer zone but not an ending buffer
it's fairly readable that way, even if it is VB
I think it's funny that VB was designed to be "readable" to average Joe, but isn't readable to most devs.
7:25 PM
@RubberDuck lol IKR
Q: Code block Prettify for Code Review after graduation

PhrancisSome Code Review regulars have been discussing on Code Review Meta and in chat the possibility of redesigning the look of code blocks as part of eventual "graduated" site design. Would you please indicate if this can be done, and if that is the case, what steps we could take to start coming up ...

Hey @Malachi have I hit all of the problem tags yet?
What, & are left?
@nhgrif is it possible that you have bad memory or something in the machine that is bugging?
7:42 PM
Thanks Meta-Santa
this is what I have been dealing with....lol
        'If m_nodelist.Count > 0 Then
        '    Return True
        '    Return False
        'End If

        Return m_nodelist.Count > 0
I commented that nice if statement....
and replaced it with the return statement....lol
Why not
if m_nodeList.Count == -1 return false;
if m_nodeList.Count == 0 return false;
if m_nodeList.Count == 1 return true;
if m_node_list.Count == 2 return true;
if m_node_list.Count == 3 return true;
^^ better code ! This is so OP
Man I had a hard time to write that down, made about 10 edits in order to get it right ahah
Excel-style coding huh.
7:56 PM
Hey! @Phrancis! Watch it! Lol
Excellent code :D
Q: Factory pattern with controls

J.MarciniakI've created factory to create WPF controls. I have string with control name and I map it to enum. I think it's bad implementation of factory pattern. So please show me where I've made mistake. Main interface public interface IWpfControl { string Name { get; set; } double ActualHeight {...

8:16 PM
@bazola I've restarted project from scratch several times.
is it literally only happening on one computer though? thats what makes me curious as to the ram
Out of 2
Q: JS simple library. Makes writing JS easier

ThePROgrammerI am new to this forum and to JS, tell me if I am doing something wrong I made a simple library that supposedly speeds up writing JS. All of its functions start with the "@" symbol to avoid confusuion with Jquery and normal JS and YO.JS Please tell me if I made an error. http://freeplay.url.ph/yo...

8:46 PM
@Phrancis is that considered ?
Either that or
Q: Check departure and arrival destination and show fare using jQuery

Javed Ur RehmanHi i just want to create a form which contain two select tags which are using for select Departure and Arrival destination, i just want to select those two cities and want to display fare of that travel using jQuery. http://www.daewoo.com.pk/schedules02.asp this example is not same what i want t...

Q: optimize jQuery image gallery for production.

Code JunkieI can't seem to find a very simple light weight image gallery, so I decided to build my own. I'm not an expert in Jquery/Javascript, so I was hoping some suggestions could be made to make this production material. I have a working example on jsfiddle. No just fyi, data-rel will end up being the...

A: Factory pattern with controls

xDaevaxThat is a Factory pattern, but it may not be the most efficient setup. If you had a finite set of controls, this wouldn't necessarily be bad, but here are some potential improvements. Generics They are your friend. Having the type enum makes this class violate SRP (Single Responsibility Princ...

9:08 PM
Q: IB_DESIGNABLE, IBInspectable -- Interface builder does not update

nhgrifI have the following set of code: CustomView.h #import <UIKit/UIKit.h> IB_DESIGNABLE @interface CustomView : UIView @property (nonatomic) IBInspectable UIColor *borderColor; @property (nonatomic) IBInspectable CGFloat borderWidth; @property (nonatomic) IBInspectable CGFloat cornerRadius; @en...

Nice answer @xDaevax
@Phrancis wow. just wow
Q: Can I imporve efficiency and flow by changing subroutine orders?

UserUnknownA batch file executes WinSCP.exe's console mode to download files and log the actions. Upon exit, WinSCP returns: ERRORLEVEL 0 if the files are successfully retrieved or ERRORLEVEL 1 if there is a problem with the connection - time outs, etc. - or if no file is found Unexplainably, WinSCP will ...

Q: facade pattern usage with jdbc-resource on glassfish

ThufirFor this project: NetBeansProjects/EntAppWeb/ ├── build.xml ├── EntAppWeb-ejb │   ├── build.xml │   ├── nbproject │   │   ├── ant-deploy.xml │   │   ├── build-impl.xml │   │   ├── genfiles.properties │   │   ├── private │   │   │   ├── private.properties │   │   │   └── private.xml │   │   ├── p...

9:55 PM
@bazola By the way... the computers are exactly the same model. Late 2012 model Mac Mini. Both of them purchased new, directly from Apple this calendar year. Both have the exact same version of OS X and Xcode.
My new favorite Objective-C tool, by the way, is NSDictionaryOfVariableBindings()
i would seriously consider running a memtest on the system where it is failing :) but that may just be the computer repair guy in me. I have not heard of NSDictionaryOfVariableBindings yet.. but I did find out a bunch about NSData recently
Where was @SimonAndréForsberg all day long?
@RubberDuck I am sure there are more, that question was more of a wake up call to keep the tags tidy... thank you!
10:18 PM
I'm going to come to your house and grate all of your cheese, increasing its surface area and promoting mould propagation! Ahaha! Your family will visit you for your famous cheese soufflé but will discover a green and blue soufflé instead of a more naturally coloured one such as yellow or orange! The rumours will spread about how unsanitarily you keep your living arrangements. People will think that you don't bathe and that your dog has fleas. And your cat has fleas! And your pony has fleas!! You will never live this down, and you'll be forced to move to east Virginia where no one looks. — XMLbog Sep 1 '09 at 22:39
Meta SE memes... fun way to fight boredom for an afternoon ;-)
@bazola If you ever do anything with auto layouts using VFL, you'll immediately learn to love NSDictionaryOfVariableBindings.
NSData is quite handy. I've used it a bit.
TTGH later all
@nhgrif I did just look up NSDictionaryOfVariableBindings, that is pretty amazing. I will have to look at AppKit and see what other good stuff is in there
@Malachi Just hanging lurking around.
Q: Parameterizing a common template

PangeaI need to execute the same set of statements but with a different name of the field each time. I was wondering if there is a better way to write this? int returnCode = collectValue("FieldName1", record); if(returnCode <0) { return false; } returnCode = collectValue("FieldName2", record); if(ret...

10:32 PM
> Some people, when confronted with a problem, think "I know, I'll use regular expressions." Now they have two problems.
@Phrancis ^
n00b question! why is that tagged c++ AND Java?
@Gemtastic because it's off-topic.
@SimonAndréForsberg So it's not just me finding it strange, it actually is strange?
Q: Same C program gives error when compiled differently

Moduleprintf("Enter two integers: \n"); scanf("%d%d",&a,&b); system("cls"); printf("Enter an operation : "); scanf("%c",&op); switch(op) { case '+': printf("%d+%d=%d\n",a,b,a+b); break; case '*': printf("%d*%d=%d\n",a,b,a*b); break; case '-': printf("%d-%d=%d\n",a,b,a-b); break; case ...

@Gemtastic no, it's not just you
10:42 PM
It's hard to know when you're a n00b
What's even harder is mentioning the errors of my seniors.
When I spot one
It's like; "Dafuq am I to say anything?"
Nobody can see all errors. Every coder makes mistakes some times.
Why don't you just use auto-layout? — nhgrif 3 mins ago
If you spot something you believe is an error though, I'd recommend that you ask them about it. Say something like, "Umm.... excuse me, but... I'm a little bit confused by this part right here. Is that correct?" If they can explain it well, then you might be wrong about it being an error. If they can't explain it, then you've given them something to think about.
I'd actually recommending spending a bit of time finding what you think to be the correct solution and try that out first. Sometimes things look like errors because you don't know why the other solution doesn't actually work.
@SimonAndréForsberg Very true, but I just feel like I should shut my pie-hole until I get some cred :P
10:47 PM
How do you get cred if you always keep your pie-hole shut?
First I gain the knowledge so I actually know that I know what I'm talking about
Just... do the debugging yourself. Probably before mentioning, be quite sure it's an error, try to understand why it's an error (so you can explain if necessary), and try to have the solution ready at hand.
I'm too n00by to get any errors
Oh, you meant other people's code?
I do that all the time; that's kinda why I'm at SO
6 mins ago, by Gemtastic
What's even harder is mentioning the errors of my seniors.
10:49 PM
I may not answer the questions, but I sort out the issues
You're welcome to sort out this issue:
Q: IB_DESIGNABLE, IBInspectable -- Interface builder does not update

nhgrifI have the following set of code: CustomView.h #import <UIKit/UIKit.h> IB_DESIGNABLE @interface CustomView : UIView @property (nonatomic) IBInspectable UIColor *borderColor; @property (nonatomic) IBInspectable CGFloat borderWidth; @property (nonatomic) IBInspectable CGFloat cornerRadius; @en...

Funny thing about logic is that it's applyable everywhere :3
@nhgrif Sadly though, I only know Java
But I'm gonna get to the Cs when I'm done :3
I like the Cs. They make so much sense ♥
He says, having not seen Objective-C.
sometimes I think I am the only person who actually Likes objective-c.. I probably shouldn't be saying that here though!
I actually do like Objective-C.
But it's definitely in a world of its own relative to the rest of the C-family.
10:53 PM
but if you feel like dropping in some C code or C++, you can always do that :)
or Swift.
You can't "just drop in C++"... but you can do Objective-C++, sure.
@bazola You said that you like Objective-C, you didn't say it about PHP, you're fine.
yeah I would never say anything positive about PHP :)
ah, okay. I think I only do that in one spot. Thanks for pointing that out
11:04 PM
Yeah, I think there's a slightly better approach to this. I just now saw this question.
I've messed a lot with bytes lately, far more complex than this...
Consider an array of uint16... and some of the values in that array actually are uint32... and some of them are char....
I was going to have an approach where I had an initial byte with certain data and then the rest of the data would be blocks, but I figured out I could just get what I needed from one of the blocks anyway
So lots of bitwise operations to get everything sorted into its correct spots.
but I would love to hear other approaches, obviously :)
11:38 PM
> 1995 - At a neighborhood Italian restaurant Rasmus Lerdorf realizes that his plate of spaghetti is an excellent model for understanding the World Wide Web and that web applications should mimic their medium. On the back of his napkin he designs Programmable Hyperlinked Pasta (PHP). PHP documentation remains on that napkin to this day.
Is JavaScript and ECMAScript the same thing?
JS stemmed forth from the latter or something like that
I think the spec is (still) called ECMAScript
ECMAScript is the scripting language standardized by Ecma International in the ECMA-262 specification and ISO/IEC 16262. The language is widely used for client-side scripting on the web, in the form of several well-known implementations such as JavaScript, JScript and ActionScript. == History == JavaScript was originally developed by Brendan Eich of Netscape under the name Mocha, later LiveScript, and finally renamed to JavaScript. In December 1995, Sun Microsystems and Netscape announced JavaScript in a press release. In March 1996, Netscape Navigator 2.0 was released, featuring support ...
@SimonAndréForsberg Give me your compiled bot, and I'll play them side by side :P
@EngieOP it's in Java though, not in C++. And I have several versions of my bot.
Do you have one that plays until one grid is won?
You can play against the ones I have here: zomis.net/ttt/TTTWeb.html
They're far from perfect though, haven't been working so much on the AI aspect of things
11:52 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg Thanks :)
This is cool.
OK I now feel convinced that should be synonymized with I'll post a meta shortly
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