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4:00 PM
Besides, my original question still stands. If I ask why X is true, then saying X is true is not much of a hint.
@JasperLoy yeah no, I suppose I'll pass, then.
@tchrist stuffs Nutella packets into prison uniform
@RegDwigнt well, it's not obvious to many people the missing steps. p,q odd -> pq odd -> pq+1 even-> even means divisible by two -> divisible by anything other than one is 'not prime'
Oh, I like that bolding and italics in markdown sometimes work in the middle of words now.
Ooh cool
@RegDwigнt It's more like JL said 2+2 is two twos therefore it equals 4.
4:03 PM
IIRC it only works with *'s and not _'s
Yeah, which makes things a little easier on Japanese.SE :-)
That's right
> 「吾輩はである」は雜誌ホトヽギスに連載した續き物である。
> 「吾輩はである」は雜誌ホトヽギスに連載した續き物である。
4:05 PM
> 「吾輩はである」は雜誌ホトヽギスに連載した續き物である。
You didn't say it three times.
I don't trust you anymore.
Must use stars. Underscores are wrong.
4:06 PM
Hmm, how did I break the "inter-word" bolding last time?
You titted it?
I was in the middle of something and didn't make a note of it.
Maybe the past of tit is tat.
English needs stronger verbs.
Yes, by analogy to the past tense of it being at.
Dint you say at before?
4:07 PM
I it
I have ut
I at
I fly to Italy, I flied to Ataly.
I y
I have own
I eww
> 「許さない、(許さないのは)**絶対にだ!」 → 「 許さない、**絶対にだ!」
I wanted to buy ten items but then bought ten atems.
macbook# perl -le 'print 3x2x3'
4:10 PM
I had to insert spaces in that to make it bold properly.
macbook# perl -le 'print 3**2**3'
> 「許さない、(許さないのは) 絶対に だ!」 → 「 許さない、 絶対に だ!」
What's with the two asterisks.
That looks better.
No, not you, snailboat.
4:11 PM
@RegDwigнt Bold failure :-(
How is six times three OVER 9000?
Wait, don't tell, I shall ask Jasper on Math.
@snailboat so I figured.
@RegDwigнt Knuth power sets.
macbook# perl -le 'print 6 ** 6 ** 6'
And inf > 9000.
Every time you type that shit I imagine how your macbook is all pretentious talking in French.
Le Perl sez, le six times six is le 12.
macbook# perl -Mbigint -e 'print 6 ** 6 ** 6' | wc -c
4:14 PM
Water closet with no closet?
That is a very elaborate way of saying "water".
macbook# perl -Mbigint -le 'print length(6 ** 6 ** 6)'
Now tell me how I know that’s the right answer.
it looks right
Because it ends in 6, and has a number of digits that is a multiple of 6. A very large multiple of 6.
macbook# perl -Mbigint -le 'print substr(6 ** 6 ** 6, -30)'
factor(36306) => 2 3 3 2017
Where the 2017 came from I give you 2y2m3d to figure out.
What? Why does the number of digits of a power of 6 in decimal base necessarily have to be divisible by 6?
Because le Perl sez so.
I don't understand a single anything of anything tchrist has posted in the last fifteen minutes.
4:22 PM
macbook# perl -Mbigint -le '$n = 5 ** 5 ** 5; print length($n); print substr($n,-20)'
Kris got 9 downvotes again today, haha.
Is Kris on fire?
hopefully not
I am considering changing lol to haha and hehe.
Please star the above important message.
4:36 PM
I reached 2k, lol. But maybe it will drop later, lol.
@JasperLoy shift focus?
Fumble has enough rep to cast a single close vote and close the question, haha
5:06 PM
@tchrist It seems that that page says he does? But only for limited circumstances.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 You don’t need rep.
You need a gold tag badge.
Not rep.
Ah, and the badge is based on votes, not specifically rep. Well, subtle distinction.
english.stackexchange.com/questions/204818/… has so many questions in it I am not sure what the question is.
5:32 PM
I just got 2 points from user removed.
Good luck figuring out who it was.
Not trying to figure out. Probably a very low profile one.
I want a modular Nexus phone at a low price.
Is that too much to ask??
5:40 PM
I have a weird question. Do you think that for an ant, the ant's life is worth living?
Are people buying newspapers in your countries?
@JohanLarsson Of course there are buyers, why?
In Sweden sales are down much and it is not a new thing
@JohanLarsson Most newspapers are holding out fairly well.
I think part of the problem is that they don't sell journalism any more. They sell klicks to ad buyers.
5:43 PM
But I think the trend is downwards in the long term.
But services like Blendle may turn the tide electronically.
also new competition from blogs etc.
Blendle is a Dutch online pay-per-view news platform that aggregates articles from a variety of newspapers. The key difference to previous other pay-per-view websites is the participation by otherwise commercially unrelated news services in one website/online format, and the ability for users - once signed up - to easily pay small fees, even on an article-by-article basis. It has been called an "iTunes of News" in various media. One of the co-founders of the project was Alexander Klöpping. Blendle has backing of the Dutch government during its trial phase starting in April 2014. == References... ==
Blendle is doing well, it seems.
@Cerberus It's all down hill from here.
A consortium of the New York Times and some German organisation has just invested €3 million in Blendle.
@Mitch Well, the hill is far steeper on your side of the pond.
Kris tends to make extremely misleading comments. Since he has over 20k, people might be inclined to take him seriously.
5:45 PM
@JasperLoy That's a weird question. Shouldn't you be asking ants?
@JasperLoy I am not a fan.
@Mitch Yeah, but I can't talk ant language. Next question. Do you think for a North Korean, his life is worth living? Hmm...
@Cerberus If you're on a bike going down it's great.
@Cerberus I am also not a fan, but I have some fans at home since it is hot here.
@JasperLoy I think that's presumptuous. If you were you inhabiting the body of an ant (or North Korean), you might feel restricted to the point of not being able to stand it. In the other direction, they may not feel comfortable living the way you do.
5:49 PM
@Mitch No, that's dangerous.
@Mitch I ask because I am not sure whose lives are worth living anymore.
@JasperLoy I meant a fan of Kris.
@Cerberus Whoosh.
Um, oh, I get it.
@Cerberus The wind rushing past... leaning into turns... hitting the guard rail... flying...
@JasperLoy everybody's
5:52 PM
@Mitch OK. I am still thinking of my answer to the question. Rather, I am still searching for the answer.
@Mitch ...dying...
See Monty Python's 'The Meanng of Life'.
@Cerberus augh... you're supposed to stop enumerating before that. If you don't list it, nobody will know.
Today I asked a deity for his answer to a problem of mine. I went to a temple and got a divination lot.
I do not know the exact identity of this deity, but so far in my life, all the divination lots were true.
5:58 PM
"but I didn't have the mousse"
3 hours later…
8:43 PM
posted on October 27, 2014 by sgdi

A man who could no longer blink Found his eyes started to shrink Back into his skull His brain’s bony hull His brain was a strange shade of pink

9:04 PM
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 that is quite sick indeed.
One day when I really, finally, honestly-honestly stop buying sets, I should try and venture into the terrain of alternative builds.
@RegDwigнt You don't need to stop buying sets in order to build something with an old set.
Anyway, have a good evening. bye!
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 yes, but it takes quite some time for me to learn that.
9:21 PM
🐌 🐌 🐌
9:38 PM
Three squares!
Which means that the square must be true.
I am very happy that I got 2k on Eng SE. It is now time to retire, but I will come to chat.
You only need 15 for that. Duh.
Or was it 20?
At any rate, OVER 9000 LESS than 2k.
I think it is 20.
10:06 PM
!!define fickle
googled it
10:20 PM
Do suggested edits disappear from the queue after a day or something?
10:43 PM
@SrJoven Are you implying that they (who voted to close the question) think I'm trolling? When you reply to my comment, make it straight and clear, please. — ivanhoescott 9 mins ago
I just ... wow.
SE is full of drama. It is a distraction from everyday life.
it's like language pr0n
Like going through the site trying to find all the [questions] that appeal to you and then trying not to be distracted from that by the single word requests.
I am on SE to have some fun and maybe find a girl, lol.
So, do you like linguistics?
Not really. I know nothing about it. I only know simple English.
10:49 PM
"My vocabulary is bigger than most men's."
ELU pick-up lines
Aha! Well, it is well known in this chat that I have an extremely small vocab. I used testyourvocab.com to find out that my vocab is about 18,000 words lol.
That is because I use simple words all the time. With 18,000 words I can express everything I need to.
11:39 PM
I broke a record. I have not slept for 24 hours!
11:59 PM
@SrJoven tchrist had it right. don't feed the troll. (well, I think by definition a troll is insincere, and I believe ivanhoe to be sincere, but the principle is the same. Let's say don't feed the fire.
@JasperLoy That doesn't sound like a good record to break on purpose
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