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2:38 AM
Q: Will the plants grow better if you give them music of Mozart?

gunbuster363I'm curious.......inspired by Plants VS Zombies. I wonder if any guys out there have done some research about this!

12 hours later…
3:05 PM
Q: Are red mites and spider mites, the same thing?

winwaedif so, we need a tag synonym: Best practice to prevent aphids and spider mites? I tagged this spider-mites as per the question, but it was retagged red-mites.

3:21 PM
@yoda, with regard: gardening.stackexchange.com/posts/1832/revisions -- just a heads-up, strictly speaking onions belong in the root vegetable family, under the sub category of "bulbs".
@MikePerry Well, it does say that the grouping is only due to lack of a better term and onions are non-roots
I had seen that before, but my feeling was that it's wikipedia's grouping and not necessarily a standard one
@yoda, I hadn't seen: gardening.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/root-vegetables -- "A vegetable with an edible root."
I agree most people would probably put onions in the "bulb" vegetable category, but strictly speaking that is a sub-category of root vegetables (Wikipedia or not).
Anyway, we're splitting hairs, as I think we both agree "bulbs" is the best category for onions...
3:36 PM
@MikePerry I see that the tag wiki has included bulbs, rhizomes, tubers et al. in the tag. So @bstpierre 's tagging is correct according to the tag wiki.
@yoda, I hadn't seen that...
In any case, I'm not hard on any of these and am perfectly willing to go either way.
So I guess is fine and perhaps could be added if necessary
Same here, my initial message was just a "heads-up".
@winwaed also made clear the distinction that agriculture and botany use differing definitions for root veggie and my knowledge was mostly from high school botany :)
Thanks for clarifying that @MikePerry :)
I must admit bulbs to me, first makes me think of Spring time bulbs eg Daffodils, Crocuses, Tulips, etc
3:44 PM
@MikePerry same here...
I'm not convinced "bulbs" is the right category for root-vegetables on this site...
Alright, I've updated the tag excerpt to reflect this. I'm off now, but if someone can tag it accordingly, please do so :)
@MikePerry bulbs can be removed. I've edited the excerpt to make a note that any underground plant parts are classified as such
Is it possible for "bulbs" to become a synonyms of "vegetables" or "root-vegetables"? Then also make a new "bulbs" tag for things like Spring time flowers?
@MikePerry no, it doesn't work that way... if you make a synonym, then everything (includng dahlias) gets mapped to
How do you do the above category tags ie include them in messages?
3:53 PM
Jul 11 at 15:25, by wax eagle
if so then its [ + tag: + word + ] (skip the plusses)
Then my gut -feeling is that "bulbs" would be a better fit for things like Spring time flowers...
@MikePerry I think your right. then use root-vegetables for all underground veggies
Should I post it as question, discussion on? meta.gardening.stackexchange.com
Let the community decide?
@waxeagle, that would make more sense overall I think...
^Ignore, I was just making sure I understood correctly^
@yoda, I think your edit for makes it clearer and the more I think about it, the more I think onions (& other "bulb" vegetables) would be better served if they where grouped under and/or
How about making "bulb-vegetables" a synonyms of , does that make sense, would that work?
@waxeagle I second this. current excerpt reads well. Similar to in that it isn't the botanically correct definition (includes fruits like cucumbers), but it is the commonly used "gardener's definition".
@MikePerry I agree with this too -- everybody I know uses "bulbs" to talk about flowers, not stuff like onions.
@MikePerry Possible, but I'd wait to bother with the synonym until we see some confusion. I doubt anyone would actually try to use "bulb-vegetables". Seems more likely they'd just use .
4:19 PM
Would "bulb-vegetables" as a synonym not come up as someone started to "bu"?
... started to type "bu"?
It would, but the only reason I can think of someone typing "bu" would be for "bulbs" -- spring flowers.
I agree, but as the site grows, more users...
I see your point. I guess I'm thinking more along the lines of waiting to see how it evolves to decide where the problems are. We're unlikely to get 10x traffic overnight...
Anyway, I think it generally agreed (at least in here) [tag+bulbs] should refer to Spring time flowers and other bulb flowering plants...
I think I will raise the question on Meta...
4:39 PM
Q: When should sunflower seeds be harvested?

Peter TurnerI've got a few giant sunflowers that are hanging pretty low. I peeled off a few seeds around the outside just to see what they looked like and they look pretty big. They're fairly light though, not dark like the seeds I planted or the seeds you buy in the store, and the seed inside the shell ...

5:06 PM
Q: Should the tag "bulbs" relate to things like Springtime flowers or root vegetables?

Mike PerryCurrently the tag bulbs is mostly associated with "Onions", a bulb vegetable that is strictly speaking a subset of "Root Vegetables". Personally when I think of bulbs in a gardening context, the first thing that comes to mind is Springtime bulbs (flowers): Crocus. Daffodils. Tulips. And othe...

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8:40 PM
Q: How can I grow a pineapple plant from a store-bought pineapple?

DoresoomI've read in several places that a pineapple plant can be grown from the top of a store-bought pineapple, provided it has a crown/leaves intact. The only problem is that I'm finding many contradictions in the exact method to do so. This method instructs to remove all fruit from the plant and w...


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