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6:50 AM
People keep tagging questions about Kalman filter using the tag , which is intended for questions about filters in set-theoretical sense. (See the tag-info.)
For example:
Q: Kalman Filter, accuracy of the current estimate

MedrimoniaI am running experiments on the kalman filter, with a particular interest on the covariance Matrix. I am using the formulas given at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalman_filter and something which seems weird to me is that the covariance matrix does not seem to be influenced at all by the measurem...

Q: An Explanation of the Kalman Filter

xsari3xIn the past 3 months I've been trying to understand the Kalman Filter. I have tried to implement it, I have watched youtube tutorials, and read some papers about it and its operation (update, predicate, etc.) But I still am unable to understand it fully , or in depth. Can someone explain it i...

Probably creating could help at least a little.
I went ahead and created the tag. We will see, whether someone will disagree with this tag. (Although I do not know anything about this concept, it seems to be quite frequently discussed.)
I am aware that I am going against Asaf's advice:
There is a saying that it's easier to apologize later than get permission first. I disagree with that when it comes to new tags. When I see a new tag which wasn't discussed on meta first, I will almost always delete it. Especially if I wouldn't be 168% sure that I'd agree with having that tag on the site. — Asaf Karagila 2 hours ago
I prefer people who create tags to also create the tag-wiki/tag-excerpt. However, as I am not familiar with this area, I can't really make a reasonable tag-wiki. I also think that for people interested in Kalman filtering, the name of the tag is self-explaining.
7:45 AM
Asaf's post on meta opposes the tag, but at least he confirms my experience - there were many questions about Kalman filter in the past which had to be retagged.
A: Tag cleanup 2014

Asaf KaragilaDo we need kalman-filter? On the one hand the tag makes sense. In many occasions users ignore the tag excerpt, and just choose filters. In these cases I've been generally reassigning the tag to signal-processing, so a new tag might make sense. On the other hand, searching "Kalman filter" is sim...

When the discussion on meta reaches some consensus, we should either remove the newly created tag, or retag remaining older questions, which are tagged incorrectly: math.stackexchange.com/search?q=[filters]+kalman

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