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8:01 PM
FYI folks the sqlsaturday.com site is also plain text (no cert), so if you are entering your password there, be mindful that it is not as secure as you might expect.
@PaulWhite time to serial downvote you
(And again, make your PASS password completely unique and not anything at all like any pattern you use for other sites.)
@PaulWhite your stack overflow rep stinks
Yeah I know. It's way too high.
pass@word1 works wonders, except for azure VMs
There I have to use pass@word2
8:09 PM
@billinkc woah, i use pass@word3 !
you guys should use contr@seña1!
@Kermit I figured yours was VerticaBoom!
@Lamak I think your keyboard's broken
I thought you knew spanish dude
how'd you get that thar squiggly line, boy?
8:12 PM
Ñ (lower case ñ, International Phonetic Alphabet: /ˈeɲe/ "énye") is a letter of the modern Latin alphabet, formed by an N with a diacritical tilde. It is used in the Spanish alphabet, Galician alphabet, Asturian alphabet, Basque alphabet, Aragonese old alphabet (Grafía de Uesca de 1987), Breton alphabet, Filipino alphabet, Chamorro alphabet, Guarani alphabet, Mapudungun alphabet, Mandinka alphabet and in Latin transliteration of Tocharian, where it represents [ɲ]. It represents [ŋ] in Crimean Tatar, and in the Rohingya languages it denotes nasalization of the preceding vowel. Unlike many other...
@Lamak I only know spanish ladies
Las mujeres, s'il vous plait
@billinkc you are so smooth
like mantequilla
so, you would be butters
Ok, I'm out. Have a nice weekend people
Do the same
8:18 PM
@swasheck you'll have a nice weekend and that's the end of it
@swasheck Drink whiskey
@billinkc challenge: accepted
i am a slave to my vices. i stand on principle until i sell out for the right price
Between now and I forget to order it early, find me a very nice whiskey for my father-in-law. He drinks some Canadian one by the cratefull. Last year, I got some very nice scotch which, while referenced as scotch whiskey, is an entirely different beverage
oh. i wouldnt categorize it as "very nice" but it's a good double rye
8:25 PM
Is a double rye going to be a "normal" one?
double the amount of rye in the grain bill. extremely smooth
not sure what you mean by "normal"
Me neither
If I like dark spiced rum and someone gave me that weird coconut stuff, I would not be pleased. Polite but looking for a potted plant to water
i did a whiskey tasting with a friend and the double rye was by far our favorite. friend isn't much of a scotch guy (i like it) but we both agreed that the double rye
@billinkc ah. i see. then yeah - a double rye is not "out there" ...
it's both normal and amazing
Well then, Christmas present may be locked down
as a whiskey-lover, i'd not turn down a crate of high west
8:32 PM
At the wedding this past weekend, the groom had 18 year old Jameson for him and I think the crowd got the 12 year (I was too busy with his beer to notice or care). Can you identify the difference between the two by taste?
It's escalating
@AllenKinsel "STFU" You aren't the first boy to say this to me.
To someone who told her to have a drink
Karens gonna Karen.
@billinkc depends. sometimes. i can with scotch, for sure
Only if the second drink arrives 6 years later.
@JNK that whole thread is so full of WTF
8:45 PM
on that note im going home early
Instead of bashing #sqlpass I chose to help 3 fellow community members today. PASS it on!
Where is all this alleged bashing of PASS?
"Hey, you have a password vulnerability, you've known about it for a while, I'm just going to tell the members because they deserve to know."
Where is the bashing in that? I'm so confused.
@AaronBertrand well i guess you can definitely take out the P from PASS
i see this and i read
> Person 1: Tom Brady hasn't won a SuperBowl since Spygate
> Person 2: Stop being such a hater
Soylent green is people!
Y the hate?
People give their right arms to make soylent green the best they can
9:05 PM
@bflippin Have you not been told to shut up yet? I was. Maybe you should calm down until the others say it's okay to debate again
"Go have a drink" and "shut up" are synonyms? Interesting
Boys huff
@AaronBertrand what nonsense. holy cow.
I really need to stop following Karen.
Oh my, you follow her, you poor thing
9:19 PM
Yeah, I don't have anything against her. The problem is, the tweets and FB posts are so damn spammy
I just hadn't gotten around to it.
You'll unfollow her and it will be like switching from Insane Clown Posse to the teletubbies
What I found amusing was she tweeted earlier about not following the voting hubub because there was to much noise. Irony much?
i just got sick of the nasa tweets
That's just one part of it
again. i'm a newcomer to the pass/sqlnerd subculture. i'm trying to get integrated, but i dont know jack about most of the people.
9:24 PM
@swasheck I'll give you the rundown over beers. Nothing I'd ever write down.
@AaronBertrand @AaronBertrand @PaulWhite Sorry if my comments were confusing earlier. What I meant was that PASS seems to have lost a lot of credibility, and now is hopefully a good time to bring out all the issues when people are more likely to want to see the organisation change.
@AaronBertrand i owe you a few so that sounds good
Change? No, we must defend to the last our embattled fiefdoms
@James press the reset button?
@MikeFal you shameful bashing wall of text is a hit piece. full of slander and libel. why can't you just extend a bit of gracious understanding? have you been drinking too much h8terade with brent? stop dogpiling on the voting thing by generating faux rage over the password thing. dont kick people while they're down. pick them up gently and tell them that they're doing well, even when all of the evidence is in direct opposition to that.
(i agree with nothing i just typed, btw)
I've never read her Twitter before. It sounds like she is implying they shouldn't change the voting procedures without getting legal advice. (At least I think that's what she's talking about.) Is that realistic?
9:37 PM
@James it's sounding more like disagreement just to disagree. the drunken ramblings of a scorned lover
I made those scatterplots of SQL Server I/O sizes, btw.
@James do post them
@swasheck I'm building a sanitized version (no vendor names :p) now
@James i'd like the vendor names ... or at least your methodology
is this programming related?
Q: Install SQL Server 2008 Express on Windows Server 2012 Essentials RC


9:45 PM
I'd say it's serverfault balliwick
@billinkc i'd say it's piss-poor practice
Network Service or Local Service account is not permitted for the SQL Server service on a domain contoller. Specify a different account It's a pity they don't provide clear error messages — billinkc 10 secs ago
10:03 PM
Foo is a 3Par all-flash array. Bar is a Compellent all-flash array (6500?). Blah is a NetApp with 2 TB of flashcache.
awesome, thanks.
The methodology I used was to capture our nightly data warehouse workload and then replay it on a test server with the database restored to a point in time when the workload began.
I captured the I/O durations to all the database files with Process Monitor, then saved the output to a CSV and read and plotted it with R.
Then we repeated this with the same machine, but with the database on different storage.
Next week we are supposed to test Pure and EMC xTremIO. Hopefully they look better
Basically we just want a fast JBOD that won't explode. I suspect the DAS you were talking about a while ago is faster.
@James how did you go about getting your workload? DRC or a trace?
10:09 PM
@swasheck I captured it with a server-side trace using the replay template.
We just replayed this with Profiler since almost everything in the overnight process is sequential. I'm supposed to run some OLTP tests with distributed replay, which I've never used before.
@James right. ok. so because the replay is single-threaded everything will go serially
neither have i
also - i tend to stay away from netcrapp ... talk about all-time leaders in overpromise and underdeliver
@swasheck Everyone at work seems to hate them. Everything there is on NetApp.
It's also on iSCSI. If you want to make a SAN salesperson grimace or laugh, this seems to be something good to tell them.
@James wow. that's. staggering.
It's 10 gigabit iSCSI at least.
I'm assuming fiber channel performs much better due to TCP flow control not getting in the way. I've never really looked into it to be honest.
@James we have pure and netapp and hitachi vsp in house. prod stuff is on hitachi, dev/qa is netapp. pure is POC but the problem is that we've got everything hooked up to everything so we can't really reconfig at the mezzanine level to work with pure (or any other POC) because we'd jack up the rest of the stuff in the chassis
@James i've been pleased with fiber
10:18 PM
@swasheck It kind of sucked at Rackspace, but we were on 4 gbps fiber with no plans to upgrade. Including the data warehouse.
@James wanna hear something funny? we have 16gbps infrastructure but the FC cards that we had ... 4gbps. ttttthhhhhpppppptttt.
@swasheck Oops. Was that just a planning error?
on top of that, my server admin told me that there's no way we'd be saturating the card anyway because he didnt think we were pushing/pulling 4 gigabytes of data per second through the pipes
@swasheck That's kind of what my SAN admin told me: "the network will never be a bottleneck." Then I showed him I could do 20 gigabits of read I/O from a single server.
10:22 PM
@James it's the frickin' wild west here, even though we're a successful company who essentially prints money. i'm actually more impressed that we are as successful as we are, given the amount of dead weight and ignorance that abounds here
@James yeah. so they upgraded us to 8Gbps cards at the mezz and i demonstrated that we were still saturating. now i'm getting my own DAS for the server. :)
i've been here for 1.33333333333333 (bar) years and they're so sick of me illuminating poor decisions
@PaulWhite admittedly, most of the reason we're pulling so much data is because of crappy logical models and even crappier access methods
but that's Cognos' fault
Our current DW was built with the 'we don't have any time, so just build a star schema using views' trick. It makes for some rather large and interesting query plans.
hey ... @billinkc ... you're probably enjoying your weekend, but @Shog9 is a true whiskey aficionado so maybe you should reach out to him for recommendations
@James we have that too ... with a "factless fact" which is actually a "we're too lazy/dumb to do this the correct way." kimball group came in and did a logical model eval and they raked the dev team over the coals for it
@swasheck "whiskey aficionado"... that's the nicest way of calling me a functional alcoholic yet!
i do what i can
btw, what's up with all this PASS noise today? It's like someone found out the AMA were all chain-smokers.
10:36 PM
communication breakdowns from the board. sycophants from both sides jostling for position within the various camps. also - passwords being stored and transmitted in cleartext. y'know ... the usual things
@swasheck Why 8 gigabit cards, though? Is someone worried you'll saturate the fiber network with 16 gigabit?
@James i have no idea. our server admins make some truly headscratching decisions
ok all ... have yourselves a great weekend (if you're not already)
@Shog9 Thoughts on a fine whisky for my father-in-law? chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/17873258#17873258 If I weren't at work, I'd go look at labels to try and figure out what canadian brand he enjoys.
@billinkc canadian, eh? I am rather fond of Wiser's Very Old
caol ila 18 was a fine scotch from what all the people said
10:47 PM
If you can find it, it's a damn good wiskey
smooth as butter, rich as burled oak
@Shog9 yep, that's a good one.
Forty Creek is fantastic as well. fortycreekwhisky.com
not quite in the same league as the 18-year old Wisers, but still very very good.
And now I think I've had enough. This bad data will still be bad when I come in
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