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9:05 PM
@Phrancis ROFLMAO
is there a way in .Net (VB) that I can return any basic type of object from a Function?
@Malachi pictures or it didn't happen!
Hello @Joe
@DanPantry I missed a Star Carpet Bombing run?
2 hours ago, by Phrancis
43 44 stars... in 20 minutes...
I had a feeling @Malachi was here...
9:10 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg how did you know?
@malachi, what? You want to return an object??
@Malachi I looked at the stars.
I have to fix something that looks like it is not doing anything but broke everything... it's frackin VB
Have you tried Function Foo() As Object?
that is the name of this function
9:12 PM
Oh good grief...
it originally thought it was going to return a TypeConverter....WTF?
this is what happens when we don't start out using version control. ....
Idk man. Who is John Galt?
Anything with Coerce in the name makes it sound like a hack to me...
it probably was like 2-5 years ago when they built this site in like .NET 1.1 or whatever it was....
Q: How can I simplify this FASTBuild makefile?

SophitI'm replacing my Visual Studio project files with FASTBuild makefiles because it builds in a fraction of the time. Right now FASTBuild isn't well known. The official documentation is sorely lacking, and I can't find anyone else talking about it online. I've spent quite a bit of time programming-...

Q: merge asp mvc with angularjs

Bilel Chaouadiwe have a list of companies and a details view to list the information about this companies. My team leader says that before displying the information we have to generate a javascript file which contains all the infromation about the company, than we will use angularjs to display the details vie...

9:16 PM
I fixed it. now that @RubberDuck gave me that little nudge about the object thing....Thank you!
@CaptainObvious broken Shift key?
That would give Jamal a heck of a headache...
probably ^^
9:22 PM
You're welcome!
Oh hell no. We use Capital letters @CaptainObvious.
Q: Javascript program, basic terrain generator

Ethan BierleinI'm new to JavaScript, and I've been learning off Khanacademy. I wrote the following basic terrain generator and I'm wondering if it could use any improvements. Here's the code: var res = 7; var area = []; var camP = [random(500,1000), random(500,1000)]; var setArea = function() { area ...

I sense a disturbance in the force.....
... who farted?
hey guys. about 2/3rds of this question is the same, but one of the classes posted is actually different from the previous question. codereview.stackexchange.com/q/62585/18427
Hy @Malachi - that may be the case, but currently it is closed as duplicate, and it also has 2 delete votes pending.
The code is significantly duplicated, and the title suggests something completely different.
May I suggest an alternate course of action?
+140 today, nice Santa!
9:54 PM
@rolfl I voted to reopen, but will most likely abandon, I have seen the other questions, and this one looks like the user hasn't been putting less and less effort into the questions as they progress
@Malachi The right solution is to either leave the question alone, or edit it to bring it back on topic.
anyway TTQW
@rolfl that is what I was thinking, I can see an answer for it. but don't know all the context
And certainly, there's nothing you can do with the title, and make it on-topic, right.
μ-Stack Overflow + Code Review

Proposed Q&A site for the embedded programmers that programming with VHDL, Verilog, C/C++, Basic, ... and for feedback on projects you're working on, by sharing your code with fellow programmers and getting extensive feedback/review of best practices and etc ...

Currently in definition.

10:01 PM
@rolfl Edited 2 questions
10:25 PM
10:40 PM
Q: Hangman Game Feedback request

PiwootThe only thing I am hoping for is if someone can look over my code and tell me if there is anything I can improve, change or something I should look in to. I am not very experienced with Java so I am hoping for some feedback as to avoid developing any bad habits which turns into bad and slow code...

10:54 PM
I'd like to migrate this question to Stack Overflow.
Q: Rewriting SQL IN statement with long list of parameters

user30586These IDs seem like they should be a table as, there are several queries that use the same list of IDs. The following needs to be refactored. SELECT SUM(CASE WHEN s.TypeID IN(1,2,3,4,7,8,10) THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) FROM Sales s The problem is a subquery can't be used in an aggregate function. I'd...

@200_success This answer is a review more than an SO answer:
A: Rewriting SQL IN statement with long list of parameters

PhrancisNitpicks SQL code (like pretty much all code) reads a lot easier when using line breaks and indentation. s is not a very good alias. You want your aliases to say something about what it means, not just shorten the code. In this case I would not even use one, I feel Sales is plenty short. ...

Q: variables in java

AlexI'm currently beginning java i have a question on some code. I know whats wrong with it but I'm asking why i need the .name method instead of just naming each variable in the array (hopefully that makes sense, I just beginning) Here's my code (Sorry if it seems messy to you guys) If there is an...

Real Browser!
What's with all the sad faces?
11:12 PM
When do we want it?! BROWSER!
> 39. People whose names break my system are weird outliers. They should have had solid, acceptable names, like 田中太郎.
11:32 PM
Very nice. I've had to stop that mistake on several occasions. (Only because I made it often enough to know better.)
Can you suggest your workaround(s)? Would be interested to find out, since that has been pointed out about my schema design
I've ran into this problem at work, where our app won't accept a name like O'Donnell (crashes the app). So you have to make it O`Donnell
Of course I can't fix it because our app devs wrote all the SQL hard-coded into the apps I'm not a developer there...
> I’ve been considering changing my legal name to O’DELETE FROM users.
I saw that, that's awesome.
This is not bad, although it could use a reference to the "existing convention":
> The existing convention that should be used in design are three free fields that accept unicode charecters (ie, covers ASCII, kanji, arabic, etc…). The fields are “Surname (family name”, and “Given Name(s)”. What happens when Dai Guy wants to sign up, putting his “last name” into the surname field? Turns out in Guy’s culture, Dai is the family name. Given names allows us to have Dweezil Zappa’s in the world.

The third field will be a “common name,” For example, Guy likes to be called Dave in real life because he’s become accustomed to western ignorance of pronunciation and name-order in
10 minutes until 1338 '~'
11:53 PM
Pretty interesting that a A51 proposal is sort of building on top of CR, which last I checked was still in beta. Should we take that as a compliment?
.... I guess...... ?
...how do we vote to close as dupe on a A51 proposal?
... we don't?
Is it coincidence that on 1337 we get immitated?
Worldbuilding just went into private beta:

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