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3:01 PM
I just found a snail!
This guy is different from other snails in my garden.
His shell is kinda flat, so he got a spiralish-flat shell!
what are you going to do with him?
I moved him out of my way, and left him continue his crawling. :)
It's not very often that I will see a snail crawling. :)
I mean, really crawling.
The guy reminded me a bit of that animation: Turbo.
do they crawl or slither?
3:10 PM
I'd say crawl. Not sure. :)
Snails can't slither.
Slithering is what snakes do. It's a very different form of locomotion
The movement of snails is typically referred to as crawling
This doesn't refer to a single form of locomotion, however
Crawl is a somewhat general word
what is the trail they leave behind called?
Just the sound of slither could make me feel weird.
Some kind of mark or trail?
slugs too
Oh, Wikipedia uses this word: slime trail
3:14 PM
> en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snail_slime (Look under the picture)
how slimey
> Snail slime is currently used in human cosmetics, by companies such as Biocutis, Misshaus and Alternative Secrets.
the connotation of some used car salesman with a "slimey" personality comes to mind
LOL -- I think it's more like slippery around here where I live.
3:19 PM
slime is slippery
also a derogatory term for the british rhymes with slimey
I'm not sure which word that is.
Oh, probably that one.
drop the s
nods -- I guessed that one.
is that a true rhyme?
I guess so.
3:28 PM
usually you replace the first letter
I think it's more about the vowel and the ending consonant.
@DamkerngT. A snail trail or a slime trail
Good rhymes!
I searched a bit and I can confirm now that RFC could stand for Request for Change too. I remember the German company I worked for used it. Perhaps they used it because ITIL used it. wiki.en.it-processmaps.com/index.php/…
3:43 PM
Although I can't understand them. Sometimes I enjoy Russian songs :-)
And French Songs
I like them too.
Any good of 'em from the Youtube Damk?
You know there is a great Russian songs channel on youtube: youtube.com/user/ELLO/videos
Oh, nope. :)
3:48 PM
You know there is a great Russian songs channel on youtube: youtube.com/user/ELLO/videos
ELLO sounds like a company name.
Yes may be it is. I don't know
I don't know why my post with youtube link got pasted twice
@DamkerngT. Yay
Slug trails and snail trails generally look pretty distinct
They use slime differently
So snailboat is the first person I have seen with the snails obsession
3:55 PM
Not that there is anything wrong with it.
I am more into dinosaures
But there aren't any
I'll have to go back few million years ago for that
I think I'm more used to music in the 90s or 2000s.
you mean when you were very young! :-)
4:00 PM
I am more into vocal trance music these days
No, I mean when I was younger. :)
Oh, yes definitely. I didn't pick the right words :)
So there is too much 'shhh' sound in French language lol
Oh, and the whole Les Miserables is basically French.
I just happened to watch it in English. :)
But I think it's not too hard to find a French Musical version on YouTube.
@Arrowfar Someone who studies snails is interested in malacology
4:03 PM
Yes I was wanting to watch that.
@snailboat I didn't know you studied them. I thought you only liked them
@DamkerngT. Did you watch that 'Step up' dance film? It's very good
I think I have seen only a short part of it.
Yes it's all dance though
4:07 PM
@snailboat But you never talk about octopuses and other molussca
@DamkerngT. Nice! Although don't understand a word of it
Without watching the English translation
This one is also interesting, 17 languages: youtube.com/watch?v=gpDbvlAI_A0
@DamkerngT. Good one!
4:16 PM
I also like Italian andrea bucceli
It seems very classic.
I think I've seen something similar in Oscars that year (entirely in English, though). Probably inspired by that one.
But they yell a lot :-)
Imo, a musical is supposed to be like that. :)
I think if we think of stage performances in the old days, it's rather obvious why they have to speak or sing in such a manner. (No microphones back then.)
Aug 8 at 23:45, by snailboat
Unlike the smaller giant squid, Mesonychoteuthis--the colossal squid--has sharp hooks on its arms and tentacles, the latter of which can spin 360 degrees
May 13 at 18:38, by snailboat
And cuttlefish too evolved to have only an internal shell
4:20 PM
@snailboat Oh, yes I remember that :-) I was there too :-)
So you study them too?
You didn't answer that
Or you want to ignore that part of my question :-)
Jul 31 at 0:43, by snailboat
@DamkerngT. Yes that is a very good point. Come to think of it.
4:23 PM
I used to like National Geographic magazine when I was a kid :-)
Colorful crisp photos :-)
I think they have some best photographers in the world.
And History Channel lol
@Arrowfar Still true!
I think I disturbed snail's ego!
4:31 PM
Snail it was a friendly comment about you not talking about them. Nothing to damage the ego :D
you know the girl on the National Gepgraphic magazine with crazy eyes color is from Pakistan lol
Poor one.
Um, how exactly do you think you hurt my ego? :-)
I better go and study. I don't want to end up with some crappy job.
@DamkerngT. Well, x86 largely won, and that's CISC.
But lately ARM is doing fairly well.
4:38 PM
nods -- I think both of them have their advantages.
@Arrowfar I remember I saw that cover on TV!
1 hour later…
5:45 PM
> "Hi, cows. Let's move."
"'t comes as a real shock to find out that you speak fluent Cow."
6:23 PM
@DamkerngT. "Let's moove."
Oh, I think I missed that gag!
I think his accent is very charming. :)
6:43 PM
Is this correct English: "My browser is not opening"?
Or a "xyz webpage is not opening"?
I think it's okay, though I probably won't say that.
So how would you say it?
Imagine you were trapped in a bathroom or a lift. "The door is not opening!"
@Arrowfar I can't open the page/link.
Yes it seems correct to me
6:48 PM
Hmm I see
The page is still loading.
Yea thanks :)
I think your example, though looks simple, is a great example to see how people phrase the same thing differently.
Especially in different dialects.
I'm not sure. But I think using -ing (progressive aspect) is interesting.
6:52 PM
Yes it is. I use it in this sense :-)
@Arrowfar That's fine.
Compare: "This machine doesn't work." and "This machine isn't working."
@DamkerngT. "The door won't open!"
I want to add contractions to all of those examples up there.
That's another good choice!
"The door isn't opening!"
"My browser isn't opening."
Hmm. I'm not sure I'd actually use open as my verb of choice for starting up a browser, though.
6:55 PM
I think I sometimes really say "I can't open my browser."
Or "My browser won't open."
Or that.
People say things like "open an application"
Some would say something like: "My browser isn't starting' or 'My browser won't start'
WIth 'start'
6:58 PM
Hmm... I think I prefer the simple aspect to progressive in this context.
But I don't use start here. I'd use 'start' for cars and other machines though :-)
But Windows has that Start icon!
Oh, yes. Hehe
@DamkerngT. People use the progressive for temporary problems all the time.
"My car isn't starting."
My youtube isn't opening now. It's true.
7:00 PM
May be some problemos here :-)
Are you referring to the recent answer where people discussed problemo and problema, by any chance? :-)
No I am not :-)
Ah, there was one.
Someone pointed out that the actual Spanish word is problema
I think the Terminator said, "No problemo."
7:02 PM
Haha, did he really?
But 'problemos' sound much cooler than 'problemas' though
I think he was taught so in one of the sequels.
LOL -- Oh, Yes! I can remember that now!
We lived one of his sequels for a while.
People called him The Governator.
Oh, California.
7:06 PM
I was getting a advice from some senior a while back and I asked him: "In your opinion what would be the best course action for me?" (to get some good options) but he made fun of me regarding this phrase ".....best course of action". So is this phrase fancy in my sentence? Snail I want your opinion on this too :-)
I think it sounds fine. He might just mock you in a friendly manner. :)
Course of action is relatively formal.
But I didn't bother asking that guy. Because he was one of those senior douchebags.
@DamkerngT. I see. How would you say the same thing?
@snailboat So this phrase is only suitable for big things I guess
7:10 PM
In one prep-meeting before we were going to present our progress to the minister, I used "With all due respect" (in Thai), and the head of the department said, I should be a politician someday. :)
Which I really had no such desire.
@DamkerngT. Is this for real?
Yeah. :)
Oh, cool Damk :-)
So I think it's probably the same in your case.
But you don't sound like a politician to me. They are very manipulative usually :-)
7:12 PM
I mean, we sometimes use some formal phrases that might sound a little too formal.
Cerbs sounds like a politician to me :-)
Haha. I guess he could be one. :)
@DamkerngT. True.
@Arrowfar I think you already mentioned some good choices. "In your opinion what would be the best choice/option/decision for me."
But when someone of my experience uses that phrase people tend to make fun. That I don't know what I am talking about. Which is very annoying for me
7:14 PM
@DamkerngT. Yes I think so too.
I think 'course of action' seems more like a military phrase than an accounting one lol
It sounds like that indeed!
Anyways I hated that guy's snicker
I think meatie's questions are very difficult to answer.
But I can feel how hard he tries (to understand English).
Who is meatie?
7:20 PM
One of our users. This is one of his questions: ell.stackexchange.com/questions/33453/usage-of-frame
Wow! Mr Stoney B contributes here a lot. He gives very good answers too :-)
Keep up the good work Mr B
Giving answers sometimes are very difficult for me. Because after a while I get a ping by user criticising my answer and debating it.
So usually I give in to the demands lol
7:25 PM
I say something like: "Yes sir you are right, and I am wrong" :-) (In a more crafty manner)
But it's fun too altogether!
We get to learn new things
That's a good way to take it.
I commented this on ELL today (after some months, I think!):
I'd say that someone is chanting. — Damkerng T. 1 hour ago
Damk you have contributed to ELL a lot too :-)
7:29 PM
And snail and other folks :-)
Not much lately. Hehe. :)
Oh, I love Godfather theme sound. Very sentimental. My mind works when I listen to that music :-)
There are many soundtracks. Like this one
Ahh... Godfather is a class movie, too.
7:37 PM
Youtube is working again. Yay!
I'm happy for you. :)
I know. Me too.
The first one is my favorite
So Italians seem to be very advanced in Arts
All kinds of Arts I mean
7:42 PM
Perhaps because Rome is there. :)
9:41 PM
Does this happen to any one of you that: You think someone has said something in the past, but which is all in your mind (not true originally). But your mind seem convinced that it is real.
It is very scary sometimes :-)
May be due to lack of sleep. But I wouldn't call it schizophrenia.
A false memory may be
No one has a perfect memory.
So does it ever happen with you?
Sure, I've misremembered things.
9:45 PM
It also happen due to remain awake for too long.
I have very disturbed sleep cycles. May be that is why it happens sometimes
Hey, I want to ask something
There is a user in ELL main site who asks many many questions everyday
Doesn't he get banned from the main site?
I notice that no one bothers with his questions these days
9:49 PM
Is it true about the asking questions limit on the main site? 30 questions in a month they say. But he has crossed that limit a long time ago.
I think the limits are only enabled on a select few sites
I see. Not here?
I'll admit I'm mentally filtering out every question with "Mark Shepherd" in the title
I don't believe it's enabled here. There was some discussion a little while back, but I don't know or recall what came of it
Q: Enable Question Rate Limit on ELL

WendiKiddThe moderators would like to request that the SE team enable the daily question rate limit for our site. A common pattern seems to be that users, in their eagerness to learn English (which is a good thing!) will post lots of questions back-to-back, and exceed the rate limit. Enabling the rate lim...

Yes here it is:- LePressentiment
He is like asking the whole book's exercises
9:52 PM
But yes, it's none of my business as they would say
It's fine, you can say what you're thinking.
@snailboat Also, the Quaerent-formerly-known-as-ZhanlongZheng has renewed his relentless pursuit of a magic modal slayer under the name of Kinzle B. But that's OK. His questions are always well written and of interest.
@StoneyB I believe I've bountied a couple of those in the past :-)
Hi, all
Modal auxiliaries are really tough.
9:53 PM
hi :-)
@snailboat CGEL has something like 40 pages on modals and leaves you hungry for more.
But M. LePresentiment is another story. I don't believe any of those questions are about English: they're about reading, in any language.
Does anybody know where he's from?
I do not
Me neither
@snailboat Who's Mark Shepherd?
@Arrowfar The author of the book of exercises they're working through, I believe
10:00 PM
I see. So why the filtering for that name? :-) (I didn't get the joke)
It wasn't a joke
Their questions have Mark Shepherd in the title
Ah, that
He (or possibly she) appears to be trying to get into law school somewhere, and is cramming for tests.
I didn't notice
Maybe it's Mark Shepherd, running a guerrilla SEO operation.
10:01 PM
So when I see that, I decide to skip the question.
Some of them are getting closed.
This question is off-topic because it is not about understanding English, it's about understanding and applying the logical difference between inference and statement. — Codeswitcher 4 hours ago
@HostileFork He's doing a great job of arguing with himself, then. But I guess that's par for the course among lawyers.
I think it's time to put in a proposal for markshepherd.stackexchange.com
A place for all things Mark Shepherd
"When Mark Shepherd said he had lunch, is he signifying that he actually ate it... or that he merely was in possession of a lunch, that he no longer possesses but may or may not have eaten?"
"And if he indeed is found to have had lunch in the consumptive sense, was his consumption marked by mens rea, a willful intention to consume?"
I don't see this kind of question as being pertinent to this site. You are asking about the content of a particular English-language excerpt. AFAICT there is no question here about the language used in that excerpt (or elsewhere). IOW, this is about logic, not language. — Drew yesterday
This question appears to be off-topic because there is no clear question about English. — 200_success 24 hours ago
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about Comprehension of a specific text, not learning the English Language as stated in the FAQ. — user3169 22 hours ago
Again, you seem to have no trouble understanding the English of the cited text. Your question seems to be about how what is said relates to the question posed in the test: it is about the content behind the text and not about understanding what the text says. Should be off-topic, IMO. This is like asking about the content of a piece of physics text, where you understand the text but do not understand the ideas conveyed by it. — Drew yesterday
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about reading comprehension, not specifically an issue with language. — ColleenV yesterday
If people don't think these questions are appropriate, maybe some sort of meta post would be in order
Respondents of the World, Unite! You have nothing to lose but Mark Shepherd.
10:16 PM
This could be more sinister, however. Perhaps it's an attempt to soil Mark Shepherd's good name, by a competing legal author.
Perhaps a meta post making it clear that just because English is not your native language, every question you have about texts written in English isn't fair game.
Or an insidious attempt to undermine the American Judicial System by discouraging the best and brightest immigrants from participating.
There's also LeP's string of "I-know-what-the-word-means-but-Why-does-it-mean-that?" questions.
+3 Stars and counting. Good one! Mr B :-)
Uncle Karl always comes through in a pinch.
I think asking questions is good, so it's a balance to give feedback, that says "you're overloading the system"... not "you shouldn't be asking the question".
Yes that is a good response.
10:22 PM
In a perfect world, you could ask all day long.
A much nicer one :-)
The Programmers.SE people have really ticked me off, and a couple other sites here too.
@StoneyB Uncle Karl always comes through in a pinch?? If you don't mind me asking
And if I hadn't been on StackOverflow for so long, I'm certain arriving now I'd be furious at the "welcome wagon" and not come back
Karl Marx, who I stole "X of the world unite!" from.
10:25 PM
I think it's important to be kind to the curious.
@HostileFork I agree
@HostileFork What did they do to you?
@StoneyB I asked reasonable questions... they downvoted and attacked and some 20k rep guy actually literally wrote I asked a "shit question"... although he had the only actual answer to it... when in reality, it was a fine thing to ask... had no sense of humor as well.
He did delete the "shit question" comment, or maybe a moderator did
But not before I could get pissed off
Not nice. There are less - aggressive ways of saying things.
Anyway, it came on the heels of me asking a question on there inspired from something on here actually
Which was poorly received
In any case, I'm done with those guys. And like I said, I really should be done with StackOverflow proper... it's... a bit of a catastrophe.
Certainly a cautionary tale for any other network site here about how to deal with growth.
10:32 PM
When I first arrived on ELU I spotted a handful of folks doing basically the same thing to English learners - that's why I jumped on the ELL bandwagon that RegDwight had just launched.
I didn't get the impression it was a community-wide attitude there: but I felt the ELLs needed a room where they would feel welcome.
Besides, their questions were more interesting!
Well, keep it nice. Although in the "You can't handle the truth!" fashion of Jack Nicholson, the angry experienced people will shout that "nice doesn't scale!"
It's very good to have you here Mr B :-)
I like your answers too
Me too. I hate mean teachers.
Or anyone who is mean to a learner
10:36 PM
Thank you, Arrowfar. I like my answers, too. More fun than TV.
This isn't TV?
(pokes at screen)
I'm not really a language expert, I just ...
Play one on the Internets.
"I'm not really an actor..."
10:38 PM
But I really was an actor.
I went to film school.
And I'm a video editor now. What goes around gets dizzy.
Editing is fun. And once you know how, you can even enjoy bad movies by watching the edits.
I saw like... Anaconda 7 or something... and was just laughing at the editing job.
Regrettably, however, you cannot enjoy bad movies by performing the edits.
Oh, I was laughing sympathetically
My sound editing teacher worked on Sling Blade, and Billy Bob Thornton told him he wanted everything authentic... "no recordings of crickets"... it had to be all real
10:42 PM
muttering ****** **** footage what am I supposed to do with this **** **** ****
And he was going "what... the... hell...?"
And he just did a normal sound design job on it
And to this day, perhaps, unless he reads this chat
Billy Bob Thornton believes they went out and held microphones up to crickets
Or could somehow mix decent atmospheric audio from on-location recordings
Our mantra is "Never limit your imagination. That's what the client is for." Substitute producer for client.
@StoneyB Little editing gag I shared the other day in here: metaeducation.com/video/simons-cat-meets-dave-gahan
Can't put it on YouTube because of automated censors.
Oh great god of copyright, may I worship at your temple.
Gorgeous. Cutting to the music's one thing, but I do like people who cut to the lyrics too.
I thought it was fun. But whatever animation syndicate Simon's in had an automated flag thrown on it on YouTube immediately.
Funny it wasn't Dave Gahan's syndicate.
10:51 PM
Who needs to see it is Tofield. And prolly Gahan.
Yeah, I mentioned, I need to send it more personal-like to him
It originated from an accidental juxtaposition when I had the song playing while watching the cat abusing the guy and thought "hm, I could probably put these together"
That's happened a few times now, where I'll have music playing and see something and think "wait, that kind of goes together" and "I should make a video" (in the universe where I have infinite time. which sometimes seems like this universe. I am talking here now, after all...)
@snailboat: did you see John Lawler echoing your comments on CGEL's terminology?
O noes, there's linguistics now? :-/
Could StackExchange slow down and learn how to manage existing traffic?
And--here's a crazy idea--listen to feature requests and maybe implement one or two?
@HostileFork Linguistics is a lot older than ELL. And it's 95% real linguistics. Well, maybe 92%. The cranks and wide-eyes show up there, but they don't stick around.
I enjoyed linguistics in college, took two classes, read "The Language Instinct", etc. But I didn't stick with it.
11:03 PM
I was a linguistics minor in college - I originally intended to do Germanic philology, but got sidetracked. And then when I was in grad school structuralism was the hot new critical theory, and thanks to my linguistics background I was the only guy in the department, student or faculty, who understood what it was about.
... I have to run now and make dinner for my hardworking son.
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