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1:04 PM
@nhgrif I think that I had to drive through that corner to get to Little Rock though.
A vs. B questions are on topic, but we do require that you be the one who owns or maintains the code in question. — RubberDuck 11 secs ago
Q: Make quiz Javascript random the questions

HaaniiiSaw this wonderful quiz script. : http://jsbin.com/eRiSUhIB/1/ This code is shared in JavaScript Quiz App But is it way to make the script randomize the questions.

@RubberDuck Whenever you write something I am still tempted to reply to @ckuhn...
Sorry @Vogel612. My bad.
don't mention it ;)
Thank you rubberduck! — Vogel612 Aug 14 at 8:15
well it was before the rename and on my first SO question in weeks...
1:13 PM
Q: Fast string formatting in for loop

SkarvenI have a function that loops through large objects of raw data, translating coded strings into readable words. The function is very basic, and I keep wondering if I should use an object instead containing the words to be detected and translated. This would be cleaner-looking and more flexible, bu...

Q: Two implementations of website internationalization

php_nub_qqI have attempted to create an internationalization system for my PHP framework that I'm working on. For the purpose I decided I will be using MySQL to store languages and translations. Respectively I have the tables languages id | name 1 | English 2 | Spanish translations id | 1 ...

@Vogel612 Atwood wrote a really good article about why SO was good for exactly that. I tend to agree. I've written and discarded a few SO posts because I worked in out in the process of writing the question.
@RubberDuck well it was 'bout 1.5 hours later, while in an extensive discussion with two colleagues, who had a dependent ticket assigned...
hahahahaha..... Or, ya know. That.
1:20 PM
Well it was one of my bigger SO-related win-situations when BalusC came along, removed a tag, and didn't downvote it.
he just put in the edit comment:
> Not a Java SE problem.
and I knew, he knows what's wrong. But it can be found easily in the spec, so he won't answer ...
Q: Clone Table containing form elements to post to php file/MYSQL Database

James HamI have a form in which users will be adding passengers to a manifest. Dependent upon how many people may be on a flight, will decide how many DIV's will be displayed to the user (selected from a select element). If have managed to get the Divs to clone, but the clone function only POSTs the value...

is the code broken ?
yes it is.
I'll close vote then
At least the user seems to say it is broken!
@Vogel612 And you're better for it because he wouldn't answer.
1:25 PM
I could not figure out what the question meant, Does it even make sense ?
Q: STL Queue Implementation

Kaidul IslamI've implemented a simple C++ STL like queue. (I've tried to follow @LokiAstari stack implementation code fashion) #ifndef QUEUE_H #define QUEUE_H #include <iostream> #include <stdexcept> using std::cout; template <typename T> class queue { public: struct node { T data; no...

@RubberDuck not necessarily. but because he gave me a lead and didn't downvote ;)
@Bhathiya-JaDogg-Perera too slow ;)
Additionally everything where the actual work happens is commented out. And that means it's no used..
this is the first site where I've never received a single down vote
@Bhathiya-JaDogg-Perera we can change this ;-)
what I was about to say.
Monking all.
OK then, review my answers please, I need to know if there are bad ones.
Monking :D
You mean review the review? We got for that..
Ahhh the enjoyment of "inverted color desing...
No I mean look at my answers and point out bad ones which I should delete :D
@Bhathiya-JaDogg-Perera s/delete/reformulate/
1:36 PM
eh, I'm serious
Don't throw the code answers away. Make it better.
ah is that what's called pimping my answer
@Bhathiya-JaDogg-Perera nope..
pimping is what @Malachi does all the time ;)
It's also known as Killcam:
Monking @rolfl
A: Call of Duty - We're on a mission

Mat's MugSome "memes"... A few expressions have come up recently, thought I'd share them here (feel free to add, this is CW!) Running out of ammo: when you have exhausted all 40 votes for the day. Head shot: when you're out of ammo and post a target in chat, and then someone puts in a vote for you. Wak...

1:39 PM
Hey @Heslacher.
@RubberDuck - nice name.
Q: Overuse of var-keyword

MarkI see a lot of c#-questions recently that make use of the var-keyword. For those not familiar with c#/var (idk if other languages have similar features): You declare something var and the compiler (and IDE usually already as well) guesses the type you want and watches over that, so the code remai...

Monking @SimonAndréForsberg
@rolfl I've actually buyed a rubber dock.
Or more specifically: Three ducks
I have a linux penguin to talk to.
1:49 PM
A: The way to realise data access

TopinFrassiYour code seems really good, I would change the ITestingRepository methods to return IEnumerable<> instead of List<>. Also, I suggest you would add a method signature to your generic repository interface that would let you query your DbContext. public interface IGenericRepository<T> where T : ...

Tried to kill a zombie, still no upvotes D: (Maybe my answer isn't good ahah)
There's a meme about that right? I can't remember it
sweet, you can stop upvoting, there's one!
Thanks @rofl.
or... not
@Topin, it's a horrible answer..... seriously, I could only look at it and +1.
It must be a terrible answer then... I'll go ahead and remove it! ;)
1:52 PM
@Topin, FYI, when you answer a question, it pops up to the top of the 'active' page on the site, and also the 'front' page. Often though, those pages move on quite fast, so the answer loses visibility quite soon.
For questions that are 'stale', and when you answer them, it is perfectly acceptable to pimp them in here.
This explains that!
it is a littl emore grey for new questions that are still current.... but still done anyway.
I'll avoid doing this unless I face a case like this
What does stale mean?
more than.... 2 weeks old and not being answered still.
oohh alright!
1:55 PM
If you had to go out of your way to find the question to ask... especially if you specifically targetted the question because it is a zombie, then I would suggest you should pimp the answer here ;-)
A zombie is only killed when it has up-voted answers.
otherwise it still counts towards the 'unanswered' question statistics for the site.
well that one is killed thoroughly now ;)
@ckuhn203 = @RubberDuck?
@rolfl I rarely look at the active page, only the "newest questions"
1:58 PM
me too, which is why these things slip past.
'active' goes past quite fast.
I get the impression that Jamal lives on the active page though.
any question, answer, or edit that happens is pounced on for a revision
I'll remember that! zombie pimping
@rolfl Jamal causes the active page to live.
▲▲ that
We should hire Xzibit to pimp stuff around here. This SE site requires more plasma tvs
@Vogel612 - s/lif/If/ ?
> Iif anything the use of var is a matter of preference
2:07 PM
@Malachi Yes.
I got the Civic Duty badge
@Bhathiya-JaDogg-Perera Grats!
Monking @Phrancis. New Avatar?
2:13 PM
Yeah, was tired of looking at my ugly mug
This one has hair!
But it's made of stone.
Q: What if there is nothing to review?

TopinFrassiThe title is self explanatory. Let's say there is the perfect code in a question and the OP is asking for review. Is it bound to become a zombie? Should we say the question is perfect and ask the OP to delete it? Or maybe this never happens and I shouldn't care about this?

Monking @Phrancis
lol @Pimgd
@Phrancis I always thought you look like a Hollywood FBI agent without the sun glasses :D
2:18 PM
@rolfl Yes, thanks ;)
You just had to add the piece about my hairline, @Bhathiya-JaDogg-Perera ;-)
2:21 PM
Patience really does pay off. :-)
I see what you did there @Bhathiya-JaDogg-Perera :D
Mostly because it does
Poing 3 times
Huh, if you type the same message again, it auto-merges.
it does.
@Phrancis - huh... never knew that 'regular' folk had access to the edit history.
There you go, now you know!
It may come with 2K or 1K, not sure
I thought it came with room-owner, but I am wrong.....
... not that I care too much, it happens so often now days.
2:31 PM
Q: Manipulating the arguments object a good idea?

cwohlmanI'm writing a meteor helper function, which has the quirk that the last argument to the function is always in the form of {hash: {"name":"objectICareAbout"}}. I'm trying to write a flexible helper which can be called in several different ways, so I want to unwrap the last argument. In order to a...

I googled it and there are a number of posts on Meta SE, but; I can't open any of them because of our web filters here.
@rolfl nope it's regulars.
Hmmmm does anyone know of an online text comparison tool?
A good one?
One of the most challenging things I have experienced as a moderator, is knowing what you can, and can't see as users with different privileges.
@RubberDuck git
I know, but not an option right now.
I work in a really backward shop.....
Bring it local, and use notepad++ which can compare two buffers.
Err... textdiff.com is what I use...
but it's not particularily good.
It's mostly slow.
A: Should "your code seems fine" answers be acceptable?

RubberDuckNo. It's not ok to just say "Your code looks fine." A good code review gives credit where credit is due. Take this Q & A for example. For nearly two years this sucker zombified. Until someone said, You know what? I'm just going to write something. I'll just list everything that was done well.". ...

@rolfl notepad++ borks on single whitespace differences and often marks whole lines or even paragraphs for that.
True, it does.
but it was my second choice/suggestion
Of course, I should have said 'diff'.
This seems good: diffchecker.com/diff
2:46 PM
@rolfl That's where I ended up. It's not too bad.
@Phrancis - about the ADO/GO bountied question. It is not a sql/sql-server question, but a delphi one. I am not qualified to answer.
How not to use JIRA Agile:
user image
red: hours estimated left, green hours logged, gray: planning..
@Vogel612 What on earth?
@skiwi well there was this issue...
I processed it, and wanted to log some work.
But the estimate was: 0...
so I set the remaining estimate to something sensible, namely: 2h 30m
would've been nicer to have that seen at the sprint start though...
on a sidenote, it's the third time this week that the elevator in our building stopped working.. WTF?
Great elevators...
2:52 PM
I'd need 1 vote to get the necromancer badge, is it acceptable to ask for it here?
So you've found the cause why your companies coding efficiency is so low.
@skiwi well why the "efficiency" in our project is so low, yes.
It's actually because nobody in this project (including me) is actually working that much..
@GarethRees prepare to be bumped down the list! I am coming for you Janos!
@Vogel612 I meant that people are always stuck in an elevator.
3:05 PM
Q: optimization of format decimals

oIrCi have a double that is: 0,024849302 and i have to format it into -> 0,024 and then multiply * 1000 so the result is 24 so i use this: DecimalFormat df = new DecimalFormat("#,###"); String s = df.format(Distance); double value = Double.parseDouble(s); System.out.println...

@CaptainObvious and self-deleted after I VTC'd as unclear..
it was a better fit for SO anyways..
Has code, it works, wants improvements.
@RubberDuck, there are single deck Blackjack games still being played in Deadwood,SD at Saloon #10 I think it might be the only single deck game in Deadwood. (Last Time I was there to Play Blackjack) — Malachi 1 min ago
I guess I know where my next vacation will be @Malachi.
@RubberDuck they shuffle every hand
3:11 PM
but if you are the last seat you can still count
Q: Ruby: What is the best way to declare mutex and mutex.synchronize shortcut?

GuyI am using mutex in my ruby code across many files. to deal with that I created a singleton class with one mutex object that I use all the time: class LockBlock include Singleton def initialize @lock = Mutex.new end def lock @lock end end I have two questions: Is this the...

that is how I didn't lose all my money lol
I get a decent count on a 3 deck shoe.
But the last place I played had a continous shoe. Next to impossible.
@Simon - ^^^^ thoughts?
3:15 PM
@rolfl About that recent deleted Java question?
I'll head over to the other chat room.
3:42 PM
user image
^^ nice
Let your people know that I'm for hire.
I mean..... seriously.... that's real useful.
4:00 PM
MSE is currently under a spam attack
Q: Is there a way to make nested usings pretty(specifically sqlConnection)

UkemiMy boss has told me to pretty much always use a read uncommited isolation level unless specified otherwise. which means everytime i need to do a sql transaction it looks like this public void someMethod(...){ using (SqlConnection sqlCon = new SqlConnection(conStr)) { using (var ...

I am genius...
	private void print(final Object object) {
		print(0, object);

	private void print(final int indentation, final Object object) {
		print(indent(indentation) + object.toString());
@skiwi is it just me or is that totally broken?
@Vogel612 Just one little mistake :)
Q: Process of optimization and writing a well designed application.

LinusI am making an application to check for any files that does not follow a specific pattern defined in a XML file. The application works well, but the source code is not the greatest, and memory management might slow things down a little. So I'm asking for a review of my code and to especially giv...

4:12 PM
@skiwi reminds me of that time, where I broke the model's toString() by recursing
@Vogel612 I've had even uglier ones!
decided I had something to add to this one:
A: Obtaining bool values for a key

bazolaSince the other answers are quite good, I will just talk about a couple of minor points. Your variable names need some help. For example: for (NSDictionary *itemDicto in switchesArray) The first point is that when you have variable names that contain an explanation of how that information is...

@Vogel612 regarding your comment about the using, you can do this only if they are of the same type.
@Heslacher no.
@Simon (and all...) - out of interest, what do you think about this question?
Q: "Pythonic" for loop over integers 0 to k-1 except i

Alex SmallI want to create a for loop that will go through the integers 0 to k-1, except for integer i. (I'm comparing some lists of k items, and I don't need to compare item i in one list with item i in another list.) I have a fairly easy way to do it, but I keep thinking there's a more "Pythonic", eleg...

 using(SQLConnection conn = new SQLConnection(connString),
          SQLStatement statement = new SQLStatement(sqlString, conn))
@rolfl Example code + unclear what you're asking
I think of it as asking what best practice is, rather than is my code following best practice.
but your answer is half right (example code), but I think it is very clear what is being asked.
if it was real code then it would definitely be a candidate for code review since the code that he already has is working
@rolfl That's not specifically a close reason though. I'm primarily thinking about the existing close reasons.
4:25 PM
I think we should start saying something like "ShowMeTeHCodeZ!" on some of these questions.
Thanks for considering Code Review as a target for this question. As it happens, the specific question about 0 to k-1 except i is not a good candidate because the question is asking "what is best practice" rather than "is this code following best practice". Also, we require that code is real code, and gives some context, so that, on Code Review, we have the opportunity to say things like: If you do this in a different way X, you can avoid that loop entirely. — rolfl 57 secs ago
sorry guys but I found one a bit funnier I think......
Force-choking the chicken.
user image
^^ sad face
@Phrancis your avatar is already doing a face palm, I like it
@Phrancis it's quite nice..
4:39 PM
@Malachi facepalm is something I do often (metaphorically) therefore I felt this avatar was perfect ;-)
i wrote 30 tests today on nothing more than just resource routing in rails. I have lost my will to live.
@DanPantry that doesn't sound fun
I have to work on a website, I need to change a value for an action on the site, but it is hard coded into the site, and ...... VB.NET and ...... Third Party Web Hosting (Executive Branch, {me = Judicial Branch}) SIGH I don't know if I have the right file location for the staging environment... and ..... almost time for lunch
7 tests for each verb combo and then another god knows how many to test what happens when a resource isn't found or when the user isn't allowed to access teh resource
4:51 PM
@Phrancis eurgh
^^ that lol
if I get an upvote on one of my questions and a down vote somewhere else, I will be at 10101 rep
Q: Need to modify javascript that displays list from another SharePoint site collection so that items open in a modal dialog

FRDHere is the code I'm using. Keep in mind that I know practically nothing about javascript and borrowed the code from someone else. He hasn't had time to look at it yet. I'm just trying to modify it to open each list item in a modal dialog. This is SharePoint 2010. ` //wait for SP to load up ...

Need to modify text that displays my off-topic question from another programmer so that I can make it do gimme-the-codez @CaptainObvious
5:08 PM
LOL, I made my program print life: 42 in an infinite loop
@SimonAndréForsberg ^
@skiwi Awwwwww man. I'm out of stars already.
@ckuhn RSA
Nice new user name, BTW
just realized one of my favourite albums came out 3 years ago.
I feel old.
Please please github markdown, render correctly
Well, it's good enough :p
@Phrancis Thanks!
@DanPantry Your favorite album came out 3 years ago?
Mine came out in 1986 or so.
Your not old.
Ok, so it was 1992.
Kerplunk is the second studio album by the American punk rock band Green Day. It was released on January 17, 1992 through Lookout! Records. Kerplunk was their last release on an independent label and was also the first album to feature their current band lineup, with Tré Cool on drums. The album has gone on to be among the best selling independently released albums of all time. Major labels took notice of Kerplunk's phenomenal popularity and many approached the band. Green Day realized that they had outgrown their record distribution capacity with Lookout! and eventually signed with Reprise Records...
5:23 PM
^^ that is a good album
@Dan - some of my favourite music came out after I left university ...... last century. quit feeling old. I got you beat on that one.
I wasn't actually born when that green day album came out.
I was at university when that came out.
I wasn't born too eh
what's with me and vowels today?
5:28 PM
I was neither born
@Topin - Last year I was double your age ....
@Dan, in 3 years I will be double your age ;-)
kids these days .... ;-)
@DanPantry It's okay. I wasn't born when these guys were around.
The Kinks were an English rock band formed in Muswell Hill, North London, by brothers Dave Davies and Ray Davies in 1963. The Kinks, who rose to fame during the mid-1960s and were part of the British Invasion of the US, are recognised as one of the most important and influential rock groups of the era. Their music was influenced by a wide range of genres, including rhythm and blues, British music hall, folk and country. Ray Davies (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) and Dave Davies (lead guitar, vocals) remained members throughout the group's 32-year run. Longest serving member Mick Avory (drums a...
Sorry about this ahah
Yesterday I was wondering what was the age average here, seems like I have some sort of an answer
5:30 PM
We would not have punk rock if it were not for the Kinks.
I hit the 200 cap today, I never thought this would happen in my life. I'd like to thank my parents, my teachers, my friends, my familiy, the CR's community, everyone!
Free cookies
I was walking before Elvis left the building.
@rolfl If you level up before I do, you'll be double my age!
I'm a valentine baby.
If I divide my age by 2, your are 4 times older than I am, magic, isn't it?
5:35 PM
@rolfl So you were born 9 months after?
haha..... I was a back to school party.
Nope, May was more fun for my folks.
so then you'll become twice as old soon (tm)
I have given up on feeling old. I figure as long as I keep doing new things all the time I will be new at something..... ;0
That is very wise. Only an old person could think of something this wise
5:40 PM
So let's see, I'm only 30-40 mails behind on this mailing list
@rolfl delete oldMonkey; Monkey newMonkey = new Monkey;
If only it worked that way @Jamal.
I was born 6 days before this came out:
Bark at the Moon is the third studio album by British heavy metal vocalist Ozzy Osbourne, originally released on 15 November 1983. The album features former Mickey Ratt and Rough Cutt guitarist Jake E. Lee, who replaced guitarist Randy Rhoads who had been killed a year earlier in a plane crash. The album peaked at number 19 on the Billboard album chart and within several weeks of release was certified Gold for over 500,000 sales in the United States. To date, it has sold over 3,000,000 copies in the US In the UK, it was the third of four Osbourne albums to attain Silver certification (60,000 units...
That's a good one.
Hmmm question for you guys.
> Sort, Min and Max don't make sense on a Collection - it's permitted to compare apples with oranges and bananas. Sort / compare items of an Integer(), a String(), or a List, but not of a Collection.
Well, sometimes you might want sort based on the length of the Collections....
5:53 PM
i think it would make sense if they accepted predicates
but i can only see @mleyfman's example being used
everything else would just be incredibly contrived
Well, you sort the content of the list, I think it is very logical that these methods are there
Is it that big of a deal? I mean, is it a big deal to make the user of the library responsible for making sure they're not comparing apples to oranges?
I think he's talking about sorting collections of collections?
I always preferred the Ruby approach
it is up to the caller to get it right
No. It's a collection of things.
not the callee
5:54 PM
Potentially a collection of collections I guess....
oh. in that case, then, sort/min/max would make sense but I wouldn't put them on a collection
If the things have a way to sort them...then why not?
(see C#'s LINQ)
That's what I was thinking @mleyfman.
Well, if the collection can be compared to another of the same type, why not
5:54 PM
For example, you can order Duck() by size
That's kinda what I'm emulating @DanPantry.
Collection<IComparable<T>> should definitely be Sort()-able.
you can order House() by price
Right. I let the default property determine what it's "value" is.
Well, they are both Things, so... if a Duck can compare itself to a House and a House can compare itself to a Duck...
5:56 PM
I think, yes, you should put a sort operation but it should have you specify a functor rather than just having a default implementation
I guess what he's saying is that if I have a Duck and a House in the collection, does it make sense to sort them.
as for min/max that's a bit more.. situational
Well, if you have a duck and a house in a collection, then you don't have a collection (in C# terms)
No functors in VB6.
you then have a bag of things that can't be sorted (what's the comparison between a duck and a house..? it's size? mass?)
Whatever it's default property is.
5:57 PM
A: Tetris clone written in Python/Pygame

mleyfmanI have a few comments on your OOP design. Your Tetromino class is way too full of functionality. On one hand, it stores the basic info of location, type etc, but at the same time it is responsible for events, drawing, and collision detection. That is a violation of the Single Responsibility Prin...

It irritates me that C# folk can sort collections.
So, for a Duck maybe it's wingspan, but for a House it's SqFootage.
In C#, you sort whatever you want to sort, as long as it can be compared
We can sort collections but they are guaranteed to be of one compatible type
And they have to be comparable too (or you implement a functor that can compare them)
so, you don't end up with a duck and a house for example
Yeah. I can't guarantee that.
5:58 PM
What i mean is that you can sort the items in a Collection in C#, which is counterintuitive.
You mean in-place mutation?
A collection is not necessarily orderable.....
Wait, nvm, ignore me - sleepy
How do you sort a collection in Java?
A list is ordered.... an array is ordered.
5:59 PM
I think this may be what it comes down to.
4 mins ago, by Dan Pantry
it is up to the caller to get it right
Not all collections are ordered...
but a collection is just a collection, and the order of values cannot be deterministically set
I can't help someone who adds a Duck and a House to the same collection.
5:59 PM
@TopinFrassi new LIstSorter(new CollectionFactory(new CollectionTemplate), new ListSortingAlgorithm) probably, knowing java's verbosity
so, specifying the position of a value in a collection is like saying .... let's order these cats in this chicken coop.

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