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12:01 AM
Robin Williams died...
12:21 AM
so terribly sad...
loved the guy so much
1:13 AM
@ACuriousMind It is in all the textbooks in the states. I would do without it if I could, though one can argue that the result of Faraday's law can't be a "potential" or "potential difference" because you can't form a real potential when the field has non-zero curl.
I suppose that's why no one has gone after the word with torches and pitchforks yet.
2 hours later…
3:03 AM
@ACuriousMind Very common in my education. The worst part is that the symbol is either multiple characters (bad enough for those of us who appreciate good typesetting) or $\mathcal{E}$, but in the latter case, nearly every professor I had will pronounce it "epsilon" for reasons I can't explain.
@ChrisWhite I once had a teaching assistant back in the day that pronounced 'eta' as 'squiggle'
@alemi but... "squiggle" is unambiguously "xi" :P
I guess I was never quite sure what he was shooting for, it might very well have been a xi now that you mention it
It was drawn as a squiggle as well
I once had a math course where the prof kept writing "Gauß" (but in less-than-legible handwriting, so more like "Gausquiggle") - it took me several weeks to realize whom he was talking about.
3:38 AM
It's a shame we don't think of azure as a separate color in english.
3:49 AM
@alemi I had a prof who used "squiggle" for eta and "more squiggle" for a lower case zeta. We could necver decide if he was putting us on or not...
3:59 AM
@alemi one of my professors called xi "squigma"
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5:10 AM
1 hour later…
6:40 AM
Q: when "..they trust you in other sites.."

bobieI got 100 bonus they say "...because we trust you on other sites in the network" I just joined Physics SE and haven't even explored other sites. What sites are they referring to , who gave me the bonus and why does he trust me? I could not find an answer.

7:17 AM
@ACuriousMind This stuff about Leibniz' work - it's amazing how much debate math.SE has over it. I've seen questions about it before, with heated debates between katz and others over whether it made any sense at all
7:38 AM
@alemi I don't understand what exactly the guy is asking...
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8:43 AM
That awesome feeling of, having just spent all day and night hunting the most exotic, intriguing, and frustrating bugs, running the test script and getting perfect results, followed by committing everything to github just as the sun comes up.
Hope you had fun ;)
and... sleep well?
hmm sleep - I kind of wanted to be in the office in 5.5 hours...
Q: Ask the experts

user2353082A lot of the questions on Stack Exchanges become closed because they are not constructive or answers cannot be supported by fact, e.g. what is a good book?. This originates from the fact that many newer users want to know the best way to self learn or good resources due to much frustration in the...

5.5 hours is definitely enough for some good sleep - I just had four hours myself last night ;)
by the way, are all new meta questions simply posted to the chat to promote discussion or something?
9:00 AM
yeah - I guess the idea is that people who frequent this room are likely to be the experienced users who can answer meta questions
Okay... I guess
I still don't understand how to run that reconcile app of John Rennie's
@Danu I just tested, and it seems to work for me
I had a folder test\source with a file in it, and another test\destination that was empty
then ran start <path_to_reconcile_executable's_directory>\reconcile -x test\source test\destination
okay, I will copy that code
let's see
thank you so much for your help
I always feel quite embarrased by my lack of computer knowledge, especially around here ;)
9:17 AM
you caught me on one of my few good days with computers
10:35 AM
Is meta down?
I get "server not found"
mother meta, too
working for me
Hm, now chat was down too. It's back, but meta is still inaccessible...what's going on with my connection?
can we please get 9 upvotes for Lubos so he gets 99999?!
Also, I'm excited for our first 100k user coming up!
Won't happen today, unless Lubos get's some accepts, too
no, no accepts! He has exactly 99,909 now so unless he gets two it'll ruin the nice numbers ;)
10:46 AM
He can only get 37 more points from upvotes today, if I read his rep tab right
oh snap
So without accepts, his 100k (and the 99999) will have to wait till tomorrow
10:59 AM
@Danu: If you're one for milestones, John Rennie hit the Legendary badge recently.
wow, that is pretty legendary!
I will make a post celebrating both of them once Lubos reaches 100k (if no-one beats me to it)
I think I've never even once hit the limit
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1:04 PM
I know that it's a ridiculous question... but maybe it's worth trying
1:15 PM
@Danu I dislike it's very premise. Equations themselves are worth nothing. It is the understanding of their origin and their meaning that makes them the powerful tools they are.
Yes, I know, but I was interested by the idea of having a short list of all kinds of Lagrangians and then I got a little invested and that's how the ball starts rolling... You don't think I should try?
You're free to try - but I see no great usefulness in compiling such lists. If you're having fun with it, go for it, though - I see no damage done either ;)
that's true...
The thing is that I don't know nearly enough about Yang-Mills theory or the standard model
1:35 PM
argh... I'll just give up
To do what you intended to do justice, you'd probably have to write a book
Yup... Shall I just delete it? Or leave it like this? It looks terrible right now
hey guys I have a small language question, hopefully you can help me a bit
consider a setup where I have multiple magnets, one with the north facing towards me, the next facing south, etc
can I formulate this as "The orientation of the polarity of the magnetic is alternating"?
I have doubts about the word polarity
1:44 PM
yeah, me too
thanks for sharing doubts :p
I'd probably just say "The magnets are alternatingly aligned."
Or "oriented", if you dislike the alliteration ;)
@ACuriousMind alliterations are awesome
The magnets are arrange facing me with their north and south poles in alternating fashion
slightly more precise
@Danu I am writing it for a paper, thinking about some formulation, so I think your way of expressing it would not work, thanks though
1:48 PM
@ACuriousMind Alternatingly is not recognized by my dictionary, hmmm, interesting
then I would just say - The magnets are aligned with their poles faced in alternating directions.
that is simpler, still precise, and gets rid of 'me'
facing* alternating directions
i like that
or are arranged as in Fig. 1 ;) haha
I think Danu's last suggestion is the best
(Wiktionary knows alternatingly, though)
@Danu But then you'd have to draw the figure
I rather try to avoid having to do that, me and TikZ don't get along well
1:50 PM
I do have that in Fig. 1, hahaha, but like to stress it explicitly as well
@ACuriousMind I just make a picture using paint.net - never can bother to learn these ridiculous picture packages of TeX
No, inkscape FTW
maybe GeoGebra? ;D
don't know that one, but you should choose one and stick with that
with these tools experience is more important than most feature
thanks guy
Alright, I like inkscape, too, but the perfectionist in me is always a bit disappointed when, for example, the fonts in the inkscape pictures look a little bit off from the TeXed ones
1:52 PM
@ACuriousMind Oh, I'm a huge perfectionist about those things
I do the following:
I compile the letters I want in the pictures in HUGE font
zoom all the way in
copy paste them into my pictures
@ACuriousMind, use the LaTeX plugin in inkscape, done.
I know it's ridiculous
oh, now I'm really interested, @Bernhard! LaTeX plugin sounds great
I faintly recall having battled with that, once, too, but I totally forgot about it
It is intended for formulas mainly
Extensions > Render > Latex formula
Still, I wish I could do what the TeXers do here
2:00 PM
I am a fan of gnuplot
I've had to fight with too many poorly written scripts for that during my lab courses to have anything resembling fond feeling for that thing ;)
if I have a question on gnuplot I ask a question on stackoverflow, one developer of gnuplot is answering question there, he's the king :)
Ha, that's nice
2 hours later…
3:47 PM
Hello. Is here some business of the meeting?
ehm, I'm not sure anyone really participates in those meetings
Just look at the amount of people "registered"
And the amount that show up
what meeting?
that's a lot of people who registered!
Though one stays registered if one registered once, that's kinda unintuitive
3:48 PM
are there really going to be 25+ people in chat?!
@Jim Illuminati. What else?
Such amounts of connected people and talking people are rather typical for my IRC channels.
@ACuriousMind Ah, ok then. Just checking
In this chat it is usually <5
but already we have 6 right now ;) so who knows
I've not been able to figure out why MadScientist and HackToHell are always there. Do they just want to be pingable?
3:50 PM
Let's ask them
I'm kinda scared of that :D
By the way, is it a native Web chat or a Web application over something else?
@MadScientist and @HackToHell, just wondering what brings you here?
And it would take away the mystery
@ACuriousMind too late now ;)
3:51 PM
@IncnisMrsi No idea, honestly
does anyone want to discuss anything? :P
It's still 8 minutes till the session starts. No need to hurry ;)
@Danu Not me, these meetings always happen at my lunch hour. I'm not giving that up to sit around on chat
hahaha @Jim
I always thought lunch was overrated
@Jim Then I can use the opportunity to spread the plan that everyone rename themselves into a variant of Jim, yes? I've been thinking of ACuriousJim.
3:55 PM
My name leaves no room for funny business such as that!
@ACuriousMind you are playing a dangerous Jim
if only I could have come up with something smarter than my actual name..
@Danu Well it's relatively simple.
@Danu How is "The Proposal" coming?
I have yet to properly write up a meta post
I've got a rough draft
I was actually wanting to share that - but I don't know how to do that
also, this question physics.stackexchange.com/questions/130686/… seems like it should be a duplicate, but I can't find anything
3:59 PM
@Danu You could throw it up as a gist or on pastebin or something.
@Danu Found one
That the charge is moving through a wire is not really relevant
ah! Of course, SRT saves the day
OK, so it's chat session time
What do we have to discuss today?
we can explain that proposal
if you hadn't seen it in the chat yet, @DavidZ
Which one?
4:01 PM
I recently proposed
Maybe I saw it, but remind me
that we, as a community, try to set up a number of 'canonical questions' with several 'canonical answers' addressing the question at different levels
examples: Twin paradox, uncertainty principle, higgs mechanism
it's important that each of these has at least 2-3 answers ranging from semipopular to grad+ level
It is called “FAQ”.
(Unconstructive heckling: "The proposal I recently proposed" reminds me, of course, of xkcd/703.)
sure, something like that
@ACuriousMind ARE YOU MOCKING ME? hah
4:03 PM
@IncnisMrsi Aye, we even have a faq tag, but it is woefully underused and the answers are not consistently high-quality enough
@Danu ah, I see
There are already a few candidate questions
For instance, Emilio once made one about unit conventions being unimportant
and I remember John Rennie making one about time dilation/space travel
I think the tag dates from the early days of the site when we didn't realize why meta tags are bad
so it arguably shouldn't exist
With what should such non-topical tags be replaced?
So the tag was simply not burninated because no-one cared enough?
4:05 PM
Some index of postings?
anyways, the tentative proposal seems to be well-received so far, with everybody who cared to react doing so in a positive manner, so I'm hopeful
@ACuriousMind yeah, exactly
I'm in the (early stages of the) process of writing a big meta post about it which addresses most important points in a hopefully comprehensive manner
but now that you're here, would you care to offer your opinion?
FWIW that sounds like a good idea to me :)
What is a meta post? I understand only what means a meta tag, it means: not related to the topic.
4:10 PM
easy SE site has an associate meta.SE site
@Danu me? sounds fine... I guess I'm mostly neutral on it
where one can also post questions and/or answers
@IncnisMrsi Something posted here
Oops. Just a post on the meta site.
note that the "meta" in "meta tag" has a different meaning from the "meta" in "meta site" or "meta post"
4:12 PM
Yeah, I already inferred it.
How meta is it to explain the difference in meaning between different metas?
Possibly, analytical philosophy. Hence, an off-topic ☺
@IncnisMrsi Nothing's off-topic in chat (except for offensiveness and rudeness)
Good news. So, what happened to the guy named Ron Maimon at physics.SE?
slinks away into corner
4:15 PM
@IncnisMrsi you can see what it says on his profile
he was apparently rude and offensive? :P I think thats what happened to him at quora at least
From an experience at another site I induced that he often doesn’t hear opposing views.
I think he can be quite... aggressively persistent in his views
although I only joined physics.SE after his departure
That he turns guys who oppose his ideas to enemies.
4:20 PM
I should probably not comment on this, so as not to give away privileged information. But @IncnisMrsi perhaps you can find some non-mod users who were active about a year and a half ago who can fill you in.
(In other news: Lubos Motl is one accept away from 100k)
or upvote
(And John Rennie earned the first Legendary badge)
That's cool
4:20 PM
@DavidZ Not today, he's hit the cap already
Oh, okay
damnit, the cap!
@DavidZ, for instance this recent blog post: blog.stackoverflow.com/2014/04/… seems to support the overall notion
oh well... I didn't really want to upvote his 'disprovnig string theory' answer anyways... sigh
@alemi I saved those links to blog posts you dug up earlier in my draft - they
I've noticed our rep totals on this site tend to be lower than on other sites of similar age.
4:21 PM
will also be included in the meta post*
@DavidZ Which sites are of similar age?
@IncnisMrsi basically what I think happened re the Ron situation is that he got into some nasty fights with people - comments were deleted and he felt censored
I think TeX - LaTeX is just a few months older
taking with him a host of others
but they have multiple 200k+ users
4:23 PM
@DavidZ @ACuriousMind I feel like Physics.SE has exceedingly high standards
I could see that
for accepting questions/giving upvotes
often, I see jokes on math.SE with hundreds of upvotes
It's good, in some ways, but overall I think we would benefit from using upvotes more liberally, where they are deserved
I think that our model is inherently more critical and less accessible to people who have basically no knowledge. Everyone can go on TeX.SE and read a great answer about how to format something, but most physics.SE answers presuppose some degree of familiarity with the subject
it's also these informal, funny posts which physics.SE so strictly disallows which garner hundreds of upvotes and many outside views
@ACuriousMind very true - the difference with math.SE here is that we just reject all low-level content
4:25 PM
Well, I'm not sure "low-level" is quite the word for it, but yeah
It is sad that “reputation” also constitute an informal hierarchy on the site.
I personally feel that, even within the physics.SE community, I am stricter than most (thanks to @ACuriousMind I also learned how to view total up/downvotes, and saw that I am among those with the lowest upvotes/downvotes ratios)
I expected to find some positions not measured in numbers.
@IncnisMrsi why do you say that? I don't find it that sad. Besides, quality is highly rewarded
@IncnisMrsi It only does so to the extent that people perceive it to do so
4:26 PM
users like @ACuriousMind, @alemi and JamalS rose to the 4k+ within a few months
I don't feel like low-rep users are held back, really
@DavidZ That's true, but sometimes I think that should equally count for downvotes. They do not hurt that much, and I often see questions whose upvotes are comparable to others, while their clarity, usefulness and reasarch-effort is clearly not
@ACuriousMind Yeah, I didn't mention it but I agree, the same should apply to downvotes.
Then again, to vote on something, I must understand it, which is not a given, considering the many different disciplines
Basically I think we could stand to vote more liberally in general.
@DavidZ but what advantages would it really bring? Just to lighten the burden a little on those the highest-rep users who do most of the moderation (I'm talking 10k+)
4:30 PM
Well, that is a non-negligible benefit
I think it would show participation and interest in the site in general
More votes would also create more of a gradient, making it easier to sort good from bad
Yeah, all of that too
Those are a few good points
If everything only ever has (on average) 0,1, or 2 votes thats only three levels of quality
4:31 PM
I may not believe in a system of such kind. These “it claw me, and I will claw thee” systems are inherently flawed.
@IncnisMrsi not sure I understand what you mean
I don't think anyone is suggesting you go around up and down voting indiscriminately or based on who you like or dislike, just that if you read an answer, set the prior of clicking one of the two buttons higher
A mutual admiration.
There is a Russian fable about a cuckoo and a cock who laud each other.
This 10k+ is like a Martian speech to me.
So you're saying you don't know what 10k+ means?
It's just referring to users who have 10000 or more reputation, who are able to vote to delete and undelete posts and perform most moderation tasks
I guess it means > 10,000 of reputation points.
But you are Martians to me. Since you believe in these things.
4:35 PM
This is getting really surreal
@IncnisMrsi again, I'm not sure why you're talking about Martians
Believe that this crap can measure the value.
@IncnisMrsi I understand that you are trying to make a point against this presupposed authority that 'having a lot of fake internet points on a website' supposedly brings with it
Which authority? I do not understand the point.
you deny that there is any
4:37 PM
@IncnisMrsi, please see this stackexchange blog post: blog.stackoverflow.com/2010/10/membership-has-its-privileges for some of the reasons why the site operates in this way
But it seems to me that you are more joking than serious, since I don't think we are - at all - being unreasonable here.
To add to what @alemi said, here is the list of privileges along with the reputation levels at which a user gets access to them
I am aware of privileges. But I looked for an informal positions. But here I do not see hints.
sorry, spurious article
@IncnisMrsi hm, what do you mean by informal positions?
Maybe not necessarily hard positions, but some structure.
Some social fabric.
4:41 PM
Your words remain mysterious to me - perhaps tell us another tale to illustrate? ;)
BTW it is very jarring that one doesn’t see where these + or − come from.
Are you perhaps suggesting that the 'social dynamics' of a SE website are inherently wrong or flawed or unsustainable, or a combination of the three?
I can guess that one −ed my posting to uplift their one, but it’s only a guess.
Yes, it is universally stupid and dangerously open to infections.
I don't think 'spiteful downvotes' are at all a prevalent thing on this website. Perhaps you'd be surprised at the level of amicality that a great majority of us maintains?
Guys, I do not intend to insult anybody personally.
4:45 PM
I know that :) Neither am I, I hope I didn't give you the impression of being insulted either
By the way, is it apparent that I am not a fluent English speaker?
slightly, but neither am I so it's okay ;)
I think you might be overly worried about things that have turned out to simply not be as harmful as you think they would be. I think that on this website a high level of fairness is maintained, and that the 'pecking order' really isn't that big a deal.
I’m interested in development of a system where assessments will be openly readable.
assessments in what sense
you mean voting behavior completely made transparant?
Generally, though not entirely, if people have an objection to an answer they will leave a comment along with the downvote, though that is not enforced.
4:52 PM
By the way, if I may interject: I wanted to bring this up before the chat session ends
Q: Closing "Insufficient Effort" questions

Kyle KanosSome time ago, John Rennie asked, ...in many cases it looks as if the OP simply can't be bothered to put any effort in. Do we have a policy for closing (or not closing) such questions? The Meta question has received not a downvote (12/0 at time of writing). The answer by Ben Crowell says (e...

Any thoughts on that?
In some sense analogous to these + and −, but I distrust to Slashdot-fashioned systems entirely.
Wikis (like Wikipedia) are good that have a separate administrative circuit, but they are bad because do not have + and − at all. Most of wikis.
One shouldn’t blend content assessment with administrations, the thing Slashdot promulgated.
@IncnisMrsi Honestly, I'm kind of tired of arguing about it. If you think the SE model is terrible, then that's a shame, but I am not the person to talk to ;)
@DavidZ good you brought it up - I will think about it
@DavidZ I think about it like this: "I really, personally, would like to have the power to close questions that show no effort. But, since neither me nor my fellow humans can be fully trusted to make that judgement call, and since it has no hope of being remotely objectively defined, no one should get that power."
@ACuriousMind me too
Downvote them and move on, that's the motto
4:58 PM
@alemi can one trace where a particular “−” came from?
although there is always some subjectivity involved in closing, by necessity
@IncnisMrsi No, that is intentional. Votes are anonymous by design.
@DavidZ True enough, but the no-effort/some-effort/much-effort wars would convert meta into a battlefield, and I have no desire to see that ;)
@DavidZ They will be deleted eventually if they are unloved: meta.stackexchange.com/a/92006
Anyway that is the scheduled end of our chat session (though no need to stop chatting!)
We'll be back here in two weeks
5:01 PM
30 days, -1 or less, no answers
@DavidZ Ah, about that session...what is the purpose of "registering" for it, if one stays registered automatically for the next one after it has occured once?
The chat session is a recurring event, so you get regular reminders of every chat session, every two weeks
i.e. what you register for is the entire ongoing series of chat sessions, not a single one-time event
Ah, so it doesn't mean "I'll participate" but "I want to be reminded when it occurs".
Though I guess it is also a public declaration that you may intend to participate
the number of people registered gives an indicator of how much interest there might be in the chat session
@DavidZ for what it's worth, I've thrown up a couple empty "answers" to try to clarify the communities position on: meta.physics.stackexchange.com/questions/6001/…, I thought that worked well on the bite-sized homework question.
5:09 PM
sounds good
Can you guys also always tell from the frequency of your incoming upvotes that a post has gone into "Hot network questions"?
It's a curious thing - usually, a few hours after the answer is posted, suddenly there's a surge in votes
And, when ever I look, there is it, sitting in the sidebar
5:34 PM
Anyone know what best practice is when offering a bounty for an answer worthy of additional reward? Better to just award as soon as you put the bounty up, or leave it up for a week and then award (does it stay on the 'featured' tab either way?)
@Kyle I think it leaves the tab once you award it - ACuriousMind explained to me that keeping the bounty open is a better idea because it gives a little more exposure, and therefore probably some more upvotes for the answer you want to attract attention to
@ACuriousMind despite not knowing where to look for the 'hot' questions, I can most definitely tell when one of my answers is being featured by the inpouring v(up)otes ;)
(I want to note that I said that in the context of a different bounty, since I know which one Kyle is talking about ;) )
@Danu It's in the sidebar on the right, below the favourite and related tags
6:07 PM
6:19 PM
Q: Why is Lubos Motl's reputation stuck at 99,996?

John McVirgoI up-voted a Lubos Motl answer and thought I might be the first to humbly see his score the first to tick over past 100K. But it seems to be stuck on 99,996. Is there a reason for this? Maybe the system has gone haywire over a few people thinking the same as me?

1 hour later…
7:34 PM
@ACuriousMind There is a strong correlation.
@PhysicsMeta lol - I guess the race is on at midnight UTC
though someone could always accept an answer of his
8:06 PM
@ACuriousMind So I was reading this good answer of yours (+1), but I do agree that much group theory can be intimidating.
I am aware of no class at my undergrad (which I think had all the standard math and physics found in the US) that talked about covering groups and such in this context.
@ChrisWhite I haven't learned that in a coherent way, either. But I had one course on algebraic topology, which discusses coverings, one on representation theory, which briefly mention projective reps, and the QM lecture, where those things looked suspiciously as if they were related. Its difficult to get a complete picture of it here, too, but group theory is a powerful tool for understanding everything that relates to symmetries, and much else
It's definitely a powerful tool, but for some reason it hasn't percolated down to undergraduate course levels
8:21 PM
I think it is simply a matter of tradition. Most physicists learn about groups rather late in their studies, and so they automatically think it must be somehow more difficult than calculus or linear algebra. I've never found that to be the case, though, with the basic stuff at least.
1 hour later…
9:38 PM
Soooo...does anyone know anything about this or do we have to wait for Lubos to bring down the law?
1 hour later…
10:51 PM
I think people over use the engineering close reason. i.e.: physics.stackexchange.com/questions/130739/…
@alemi Would you be happier with a homework close reason? That's essentially a word problem as it could have appeared in my school textbooks
I would be much happier with a homework close reason for that question
Its a terrible question
but I felt compelled to answer in defiance of the engineering close reason
it is a physics question
just a bad one
"I compel you by the power of the engineer!"
Yeah, I get what you are saying
But it has two upvotes
one is me, in defiance
it makes me a little angry. We should be convincing the world that physics can be applied to everyday things, because it can, but all to often if a question is a little too real, people mark it for closure as engineering. Poor form
I see your point. And you are one of the people here doing exactly that (the convincing, not the closing). I'm not so cut out for that.
On an unrelated note: Who the hell felt the need to star my "Argh"? :D
I should've seen that coming...
11:01 PM
@alemi Someone should be convincing the world that physics can be applied to everyday things. But I don't see that as our job here.
@DavidZ I wasn't trying to suggest it was our only job. But in some way, we represent physics and if we demonstrate no interest in questions having to do with everyday life, it sends a message. Everyday-life questions are also a ton of fun to answer.
And for the most part we do a great job at them.
The ones that survive initial closure that is
...I must admit I have no fun at answering everyday-life questions, and find them in principle rather boring. I like some of the answers to them, however.
Ooops. I hang my head in shame.
It was actually me choosing engineering and not homework there.
Sorry, @alemi :(
No big deal, I've voiced my opinion, and apparently directly at the person I should have.
I saw I voted on that question, but you cannot see what off-topic you chose after you chose it, and since you made sense to me, I thought I'd voted homework.
Though, technically I'm not sure it counts as homework either, as "A "homework question" is any question whose value lies in helping you understand the method by which the question can be solved, rather than getting the answer itself."
11:14 PM
Yeah, that is always a bit questionable
Many people asking HW question are actually only interested in the answer
But we don't think there is value in that answer, but only in the method
It certainly shows no previous effort, but currently at: meta.physics.stackexchange.com/q/6001/51994 the leading response would be to downvote and move on, not close
HW closing is distinct from insufficient effort, I think. The IE closing would be applied to questions that could be substantially answered by a short Wiki article or google search, no matter whether the question is HW like or not
The current HW policy clearly states that HW-like questions (essentially: word problems) that show no effort are to be closed
And I think the IE meta post is exactly about what to do if the question we would "like" to close are not HW
Right. I guess I was just putting a little too much faith in the poster. It didn't feel like it was just copied and pasted from a homework, but when I reread it, it very well might have been.
Nah, it's very well possible that they came up with that question themselves and just wanted to know. I've no idea, that's plausible too. But "HW-like question" is independent of whether or not it is actual homework (as commenters never tire to explain)
I think I'm getting tangles in my brain from all this thinking about closing questions
It's not a big deal. That was just my fear. I imagined someone who was genuinely interested in knowing whether plugging in his laptop would affect the performance of his car. The fact that the question read like a HW question might have been his attempt to show some prior effort by looking up the numbers relevant to him. He may not have known that horsepower is a measure of power, or that at high speed air friction dominates. I just fear that it was an opportunity to help someone.
Meanwhile, I have nothing but disrespect for someone who just copies and pastes one of their homework questions, expecting us to answer.
But I'll shut up now
11:31 PM
Q: What would be a reasonable way to gain attention of Phys. SE members on a question I posted in Math. SE?

higgsssI had to compute a Laurent series, and happened to obtain a correct result by certain manipulations that mathematicians (and even many physicists) would completely disapprove. I suspected that there must be a deeper reason for this, and asked it in Math. SE: An outrageous way to derive a Laurent...


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