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4:00 PM
The tour tram?
It's actually just a tram, you know, driving over on the road
@skiwi my german was able to convert that to something useful...
tram implies that...
Except, it became a boat
and that's the whole joke??
What else did you expect? Aliens?
4:04 PM
something more ... well funny?
just found this gem of mine in the pom.xml...
<!-- this will provide the "awesome" primefaces themes damn i hope we switch to custom themes soon. -->
later @all
any thoughts....
A: Trampoline Interceptor

MalachiTaking your basic method int Recurse(int i) { return i<100000 ? Recurse(i+1) : i; } I think that it would be beneficial to do something like this int baseMethod(int i) { i++; } and then call it inside of a while loop int i = 0; while (i < 100000) { i = baseMethod(i); } This w...

@Mat'sMug later
later @Mat'sMug
@Vogel612 I'm not going anywhere?
@Vogel612 lol
4:08 PM
@Malachi @Ma<tab>
Q: Rewrote my benchmark/timer library

jsanc623I created a timer library called PHPBenchTime a few years ago, and decided to rewrite it last week. This new version is meant to add in missing functionality (pause/unpause) as well as expand on the reporting system (so now everything is a lap and has finer details). Additionally, the rewrite wa...

hey @kleinfreund
4:14 PM
Heya @vogel
How I hate that the same position of keys on Windows for @ quits the app in Mac OS. -.-
Q: Multiple isset block going from more specific to more generic

MahnI have a data structure that allows for inheritance of properties, in such a way that if a property is not defined within a context, the second most specific context is checked until said property is found. Simplified it's basically the following: function getCarPartColor($carData, $owner, $bran...

Q: HTML5 Canvas games: one spritesheet vs many?

Jacob PedersenI am curious if it is better to use one spritesheet and splice it (like css sprites), or use many i.e. one image per entity. Is ctx.drawImage(masterSheet); better than a lot of ctx.drawImage(sheet1);'s?

@CaptainObvious nope
@kleinfreund easy solution... don't use mac ;)
I just spent 3 minutes staring at a picture of a mac keyboard and still have no idea what that meant ;)
I use a Windows keyboard on Mac OSX.
The only annoyance about this keyboard is that the backspace is the size of a normal key, and the enter key is two rows tall so it consumes the space you'd normally find the "|" and "\" key, and that key is found where the left half of backspace should be.
4:25 PM
My day so far: Ctrl-C, Alt-Tab, Ctrl-V, Alt-Tab, Ctrl-C, Alt-Tab, Ctrl-V, Alt-Tab, Ctrl-C, Alt-Tab, Ctrl-V, Alt-Tab
Q: Decision Table for a Movement AI in a Game

bazolaI posted a question on Stack Overflow about how to implement Decision Tables in Objective-C after reading about them for the first time in chapter 18 of Code Complete. Nobody provided an answer, so after puzzling it out for a while longer, I created the following code for the movement AI of the ...

@Phrancis you guys hiring? I think I'd be good at that
@nhgrif that would be annoying
Indeed it is.
@bazola "However, now that I think about it, if self.backgroundColor is part of the superclass, then it is in fact acceptable to access it with the dot accessors, because when you call self = [super initWithFrame:frame];, the superclass is in fact fully initialized at that point and therefore safe."
This is inaccurate.
It's safe to do super.someProperty in init, but not necessarily self.someProperty
user image
@Phrancis ^^^^^^
4:30 PM
Hmm - interesting looking device
@Phrancis at one data entry job though, I did so much copy paste that I started using the mouse rather than keyboard shortcuts because it was easier on the hands
copy pasting from a pdf into an ms-access db
@MattGiltaji now you are making my eyes bleed
@nhgrif that is interesting to note. I got my understanding from this question that i posted stackoverflow.com/questions/23437731/…
@Malachi your answer is,... not reproducing the problem...
it's about the stack depth, and not about the method calls...
with your suggestion you don't get deeper than two stack frames.
@MattGiltaji that sounds atrocious
Wouldn't there be a way to like, use XML or something to just move it from PDF to DB?
4:34 PM
because the function returns, before entering the next stackframe, and that is not desired when you want a stackoverflow..
@Phrancis we had to do it manually to fix typos
Oh yuck
the original source of the data was from a scanned and OCRed set of books
like those thick handouts they give at training seminars, with the cheap plastic rings
Gotta love varchar primary keys/identity ^^^^
4:37 PM
will you stop it, you two??
slowly my brains are getting fried
@bazola The ideal situation is that you're sending an argument to the superclass's initializer and setting its property there. The super's setter is safe to use, but self's setter may or may not be because at this point, self isn't done initializing
google.com working slowly for anyone else (or not at all?)
@rolfl its good for me
@Vogel More a problem of being used to Windows, huh? Mac is fine.
4:43 PM
@kleinfreund nope. Linux shares the same, only Apple just had to have their own thing that nobody else has
Well if you ask me, Cmd + Q to quit an app seems a bit more reasonable than Alt + F4.
quitting an app seems like a weird thing from a user POV altogether, ctrl-w to close a window makes the most sense to me
It went hot. Shiny new badge. =)
The F-keys are the function keys.
The alternate function of the 4th function key is to quit an app.
function keys are silly
4:47 PM
@MattGiltaji Where do I get that!?
like caps lock
@ckuhn203 probably the "Wow that's a big [...]" also attracted attention
they should all be banned
@DaggNabbit there's a german pun with caps lock...
Anyone here able to take a crack at this‌​? I'm so bad with mathematical algorithms.
4:49 PM
@Jamal nothing on naming?? I am disappointed
Ohhhhhh binomial coefficients.
@ckuhn203 I found it on google image search :S
@Vogel612 google is not helping me with it
@Vogel612 LOL. I hadn' t thought of that. I bet you're right.
@DaggNabbit okay... "How's the weather? Caps Lock. Shift (raining hard) all the time."
4:50 PM
lol... do you say "feststelltaste?"
that's the translation I found
yea it is, but we still use Caps-Lock....
For those that doubted the ability for a reasonably sized answer to be spawned out of a method name alone: codereview.stackexchange.com/a/58294/36366
@nhgrif you're mixing up name with declaration..-..
4:52 PM
@Phrancis What a lovely day.
the name is just initWithWorldSizeForCharacter if my obj-c works correctly..
No, the name would actually be initWithWorldSizeForCharacter:startingFloor:
But you're right about me mixing name and declaration.
Still though, only the last few lines of that answer address any part of any executable code.
@skiwi right.
Well I'm done with data entry, time to Richard around a bit on here.
It might be a trivial change to do for you, but I'm afraid this is edging towards example code, if you are not intending to use it either way, which is off topic. — skiwi 11 secs ago
@nhgrif i don't know why i started putting "and" before additional arguments but I will definitely quit! hehe
4:58 PM
Yeah, I've commented on it on a CR post at least once before, not sure if it was yours or not.
There are cases where you throw and in like that, but it describes to distinct actions the method is doing.
@Vogel612 I've just mentioned the function name. There probably is a way to make it simpler, but I just don't have anything in mind.
gotta catch the bus,.,
@Jamal single letter names ftw...
@Vogel612 Ah, right. I knew some of them were documented, but not all of them.
@skiwi I don't get what you mean... Is this topic not in the right place? I posted this on StackOverflow, then somebody told me it should've been in CodeReview, so I moved it here. — Ryoichiro Oka 1 min ago
Someone wanting to deal with it?
It's not fully example code, but the way eh talks about it, makes it exampleish
Definitely an edgecase.
I'm hesitant to pull the trigger on a close vote.
5:09 PM
world's connections are flakey
Unfortunately, this does appear to be off topic. I'm sorry. SO should not have pointed you here. Please see this meta post. Why is example code off-topic for Code Review?. If you implemented it like you mentioned in the comments, I believe it could be on topic though. — ckuhn203 16 secs ago
By the way - thank you, Santa, for the question upvotes.
A: Decision Table for the Movement AI in a Game

nhgrif-(void) setupDecisionTable; I was going to recommend declaring constants for the strings you're adding into the dictionary here, but there's a better way. First though, let's change this to a class method that returns a dictionary rather than an instance method that touches an instance variabl...

@Donald.McLean Early christmas this year
@Donald - is there enough to review here? codereview.stackexchange.com/q/58219/31503
This question is pending close.
5:21 PM
Is there an easy way (with some tool) to expand
a, b, c
anything with regexes could probably do it
I'm definitely not going to do that manually, but writing a program feels over the job top
@rolfl Looks like example code to me.
@DaggNabbit Yes, closing windows makes sense. However closing windows in Windows (sic!) almost always quits them as well. Plus Ctrl + W works on a few apps only.
@skiwi Sounds like the kind of thing that Unix Gurus of yore would have pulled out some sed smackdown on.
5:27 PM
Q: Im trying to convert this into a else if else statement

r23712Hello I have this line right now with an if else statement and Im trying to convert it to if else if else statement. This is coffescript _index = if $product.find('.dot.active').index() then 0 else 1 Any help will be appreciated.

Seems I could better write a program after all
@skiwi put the values a,b,c,etc. in a spreadsheet, then write in next column ="<def>", A1, "</def>"
Then just expand it and Voilà!
@Phrancis That could work indeed, but doesn't offer a nice way to copy paste the results back though :(
@skiwi copy paste from spreadsheet into a plain text editor to get it back to pure ascii, then copy it where you need it
Q: Rounding out to an integer using Math.imul vs Math.trunc

ivy_lynxI just made this jsperf. I'm reading some of the experimental ES6 features supported by Firefox and Chrome, which includes Math.trunc that "Returns the integral part of the number x, removing any fractional digits" according to the MDN. It strikes me as odd that this would exist, since Math.imul ...

5:41 PM
@skiwi (1) open bash. (2) type perl -E'say "<def>$_</def>" for split /,\s*/, shift' 'a, b, c'
@Vogel612 I thought that was the point, not going deep into the stack
@Vogel612 what about the bit shifting approach? I suppose that was still geared toward changing the Recurse method as well though...
time for a meeting I will be back later
meetings are where the minutes are kept, but the hours are lost :P
@DanLyons TS
(out of stars :()
Because.. truth.
(btw the bike shed should be white)
6:01 PM
Gotta love newsletters from executives who can't even write a simple sentence correctly...
> We are aggressively working to on a number initia-tives to help get the volumes back in line.
^^ opening paragraph of an actual company-wide newsletter
@Phrancis Fire the admin.
@Phrancis What are the odds that the exec actually wrote that (rather than an admin assistant)
siri write newsletter
The bad thing is I'm considering applying to a position and that exec would be my direct superior... now I'm second guessing myself...
6:21 PM
Q: Problem with implementation MVC pattern - paintComponent method

PulkownikCould someone review my code? In respect of OOP, clean code and MVC pattern? The second request (more important) Could someone tell my how to implements MVC pattern for DrawPanel class? As probably my implementation is not correct. DrawPanel is only view so i can't have there the paintComponent ...

@Phrancis Wait what?
^^ right...
6:36 PM
if (question.getTitle().contains("Problem")) {
@skiwi Is there a spare pin for that?
Not asking you. Just referencing the message........
A: Decision Table for the Movement AI in a Game

nhgrif-(NSString *) stringForState:(EnemyMovementState)state; Some comments about this method. First of all, much like our decisionTable method, there's no reason for this to be an instance method. In this case, the decision is even more clear. We're not using any instance variables, read or write...

Hey @all
@AlexL Yo.
6:52 PM
Was able to pull out a answer that imo, beats out the others
Q: Inserting 1 line into my SQL database

MasonThis is for adding code into my table really easily, however it will be called 2000+ times a second, so I need to know if this is most efficient code to add it quickly to the database. <?php $site = $_GET['url']; $con=mysqli_connect("localhost","","","rocket_newsites"); // Check connection if (m...

Can a column in a table be both a foreign key and primary key?
Good question. It might depend on the implementation.
I think that would be fairly atypical though. Wouldn't that mean there is an exact one-to-one correspondence between two tables?
Not necessarily Donald.
Consider table A that has 4 columns
Table A Column 1 is the id for that table
Column2 is my primary contact id, column2 is secondary contact id, column3 is tertiary contact ID
and Table B is contacts table
wait, nevermind, I don't know.
This needs lots of votes.
A: Inserting 1 line into my SQL database

Alex LLooking at your code, there are several things that immediately I can tell are issues. Before we even get to performance, there are basic security measures that need to be taken first. SQL Injection Like you've seen in the comments, your code is highly susceptible to SQL injection. But, what is...

7:03 PM
Because this.
Q: How can we get noticed on search engines?

200_successWe've got plenty of Google on Code Review — enough to burn. But how much does Code Review appear on Google? This is an important question, because Google drives traffic to Stack Exchange ??? Profit! (or Graduation!) Out of curiosity, I searched for fizzbuzz on Google. Were there any hits l...

@ckuhn203 Maybe I'll make "SQL Injection" the largest header.
Couldn't hurt. I'm not sure how SE actually marks up the headers into HTML.
@AlexL how can you have an answer about sql injection without linking the "bobby tables" xkcd comic?
Lol, I'll add a little something
I still don't get why it is called Little Bobby Tables
7:07 PM
the full name is Robert'); DROP TABLE students;--
Added it :)
@ckuhn203 Flashier shoes.
@ckuhn203 SE does mark it as <h1>, and that is usually good for crawlers!
I think the title is more important
as in <title>
@AlexL I'm adding that to @200_success's answer now, but I can't figure out how to escape HTML tags.
7:13 PM
and URLs
if you really want to optimize for "sql injection" search phrase the thing to do is get the title as close to that as possible
Perhaps put it in backticks like code?
like, change the title to just that phrase and remove all tags so nothing else gets in there
@DaggNabbit I wouldn't want to change his title though, because he wants to know about performance. I don't think he was even aware of injection
ik, it won't work here
If a mod wants to change it, I won't object
7:15 PM
I'd find one that's in the process of going hot or very likely to go hot and do it there
I think it also helps if it looks like the content is giving a description of the search phrase, like start it off with "SQL injection is blah blah blah"
Good edit?
A: How can we get noticed on search engines?

200_successI'd like to make it a goal to have Code Review land within the first three pages of Google results for sql injection. We already get plenty of questions from baffled programmers, and we should be able to capitalize on the anxiety out there, especially among PHP programmers. We're already on the...

@ckuhn203 the tag wikis don't really lend themselves well to SEO
there's too much other crap in the URL... the title of the page is not horrible but there's no heading matching it
7:19 PM
Bobby tables was on the second page of a google search for sql injection
@DaggNabbit The tag wiki wasn't me. I added the stuff about title and headers.
ah, ok, didn't remember seeing the tag wiki thing before
The question went hot!
and it doesn't even say the words SQL Injection in the comment or the hover
if you search for "sql injection tag wiki" those tag wikis come up no problem ;)
not CR's of course :p
7:21 PM
> <img src="http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/exploits_of_a_mom.png" title="Her daughter is named Help I'm trapped in a driver's license factory." alt="Exploits of a Mom">
Q: Security risk stemming from data passed in $_GET superglobal

GhostRiderThis is a short but general question. I am relatively new to programming in general. My site,w which is predominately written in PHP, will be launched soon and is undergoing some security tightening. This started with converting the whole thing to PDO with prepared statements (from what was a mys...

how does that xkcd get on the second page of a Google search for "sql injection" without those words appearing anywhere on the page? because people are linking to it on facebook and Google+ and twitter and everything else talking about sql injection
Ah, the wonders of search engine algorithms
One thing that probably helps in search engines is if you be sure to link to CR from SO when the opportunity arises.
@Malachi yep, that's why... of course nobody cares about the second page ;)
7:28 PM
@DaggNabbit it was on the first page for a long time
hmm, not surprised :)
@nhgrif that would probably help... and when you link, don't write [this question](...) about SQL injection, write this question about [SQL injection](...)
Or whatever other topic.
Q: Security risk stemming from data passed in $_GET superglobal

GhostRiderThis is a short but general question. I am relatively new to programming in general. My site,w which is predominately written in PHP, will be launched soon and is undergoing some security tightening. This started with converting the whole thing to PDO with prepared statements (from what was a mys...

@DaggNabbit You should add that to the community wiki.
7:32 PM
@Phrancis That was a nice test ;)
For some reason when I do Ctrl-K on my other tab, trying to indent a code block it opens a new tab (IE shortcut) I know it worked before...
@ckuhn203 honestly I don't see us getting anywhere near the first page for such a common query... I think we should actually focus on something more pertinent to what we're doing, like something with "review" in it
You're probably right, but it's still good advice for linking.
Nevermind. I'll add it to my answer myself.
Q: A flashing ! exclamation ! point ! bar

UndoI have this Objective-C code for use in an iOS app that makes a 'bar' on the screen, with a red exclamation mark that flashes in it at random places. Here's what it looks like: Header file: #import <UIKit/UIKit.h> @interface ESFlashingErrorBar : UIView @property (nonatomic, strong) NSAr...

7:37 PM
Can someone please "fix" the indenting on this post, from CREATE TABLE all the way to the end... codereview.stackexchange.com/a/58314/42632
But now I think you should fix it to try eliminating the scroll bar.
I hate scroll bars in answers.
Sort of in questions too, but definitely in answers.
^^ thanks
But anyway... what he should probably be doing is using SQLite.
SQLite would be a lot faster than writing or parsing XML...
Oh, now that I read the rest of the answer, probably not SQLite, but SQL might be better than XML anyway.
7:42 PM
google FizzBuzz search and programmers was on the first page and SO was on the second page
SO post talks about the Coding horror blog
@AlexL great answer on that PHP SQL injection thing
@ckuhn203 sorry, I'm not good with Meta stuff
here's something I don't get... why are programmers and math and some others subdomains of stackexchange.com, and others like serverfault and stackoverflow are TLDs?
are the trinity sites the only ones with TLDs?
amazing, this codereview site is better than stackoverflow — ERJAN 5 hours ago
^^ duh
7:50 PM
top-level domain
@200_success Another satisfied customer. :-)
i'm kind of misusing TLD but you know what I mean
TLD is really like .com, .net
@200_success not saying much... insult cloaked in compliment?
@DaggNabbit It's ok. Sorry. Just busy at work.
@Phrancis :)
7:56 PM
Q: Python incremental scheduling inside a for loop.

WaitkusI have a code that takes 3 lists and creates a scheduling loop based on the number of names. from itertools import cycle, izip, product schedule_time = ['06:00','06:30','07:00','07:30','08:00','08:30','09:00','09:30','10:00','10:30','11:00','11:30','12:00','12:30','13:00','13:30','14:00','14:30...

@CaptainObvious off-topic
okay sorry, but how have I not received more up votes on this?
A: Database schema for a school

MalachiYou Data Needs to be more ATOMIC AND HOMOGENEOUS on this table create table StudentGradeReport ( StudentGradeReportId int primary key identity(1,1), StudentInstanceId int foreign key references StudentInstance(StudentInstanceId), SubjectId int foreign key references Subject(Subject...

I have 5 answers with a single upvote and 10+ with just 2 upvotes.
Beats me guys. I thought this one was ok. I guess no one else did.
A: HttpWeb* and XmlReader Async?

ckuhn203I understand that this is an educational exercise, but naming is important. One and two letter names are highly discouraged. When Mr. Maintainer has to map letters to meanings it becomes difficult for him to focus on what's actually happening, because he has to constantly remember thate means ele...

People don't vote enough.
8:12 PM
Gonna be some fast SQL injection! — AbraCadaver 4 hours ago
I lol'd
Q: Wrong code compiles with gcc but not g++

Borja TarrasoI am curious why this code (that it is obviously wrong) using gcc it compiles, however the same code using the g++ it does not. int main() { char *foo = {"bar", "fred", "bob"}; return 0; } gcc gives this warning but still compiles and generates the binary: % gcc -o x x.c x.c:...

@CaptainObvious off topic
8:33 PM
Interesting. Now I see why Visual Studio has array as a keyword: weirdness. It's not even standard C++.
Yeah... maybe I should switch IDEs.
@nhgrif I am out of stars already....
@ckuhn203 Visual studios will automatically adjust to Egyptian style bracing if you hit CTRL + K + D
A: Inserting 1 line into my SQL database

PhrancisFirst and foremost, do what @AlexL suggested. Once that is done, here are my tips on improving SQL performance (and PHP readability as a side benefit). INSERT INTO ... (NULL) As duly pointed out on another answer, there is no point to doing this. If the id column is not set to AUTO_INCREMENT ju...

> You've earned the "Necromancer" badge (Answered a question more than 60 days later with score of 5 or more) for "Database schema for a school".
Thank you Santa
8:42 PM
@Malachi I know, but it's not standard. He was consistent and I said so. Personally, I like the Egyptian braces, but tons of people lose their minds over it.
@ckuhn203 as long as it is indented correctly I like it to, I don't like when the braces don't exist though....
@Phrancis Phrancis, remind to to upvote that for mentioning the query cache. I'm right now.
@Phrancis 1+ :)
@Phrancis Does mysql not cache normal query plans?
1039 from 10k!!!!
@ckuhn203 I will upvote!
8:44 PM
The only real problem I have with it is that it looks like Java at a glance.
C# was sort of based on Java wasn't it?
The syntax was I believe.
and Java was based of C or C++
so they should all look similar.
Yeah, but it's also nice to glance at a piece of code and instantly know that it's Ruby or C#.
@Phrancis You should find a good reference link about query caching to put in your answers. It'd be a nice touch.
@MattGiltaji good question. Apparently it does so if the queries are identical, byte-for-byte which in his case, they would not be
@ckuhn203 good idea. Let me edit that in
8:47 PM
@MattGiltaji The short answer is, it depends.
Different RDBMSs do it differently, and even then it can depend on your rig's server's configuration.
@ckuhn203 the only reason I ask, is we used to ask a version of that question when interviewing candidates (ms sql rather than mysql)
Yeah. 100% an issue with MS SQL Server if your server isn't configured correctly, even if it is, it's not best practice.
@ckuhn203 refresh my answer and tell me what you think please
@ckuhn203 i can't find the reference offhand, but something in the newer versions makes it so that the query caches repeated inline calls as well as proc calls, and performance is not that much better
@Phrancis is smoking the documentation.
8:51 PM
of course there are much better reasons to use a proc rather than inline, but thats a diff issue
@ckuhn203 CTFM ;)
@MattGiltaji If you have it set up to automatically parameterize the queries.
Even then, it misses some. You're letting the machine do all the thinking for you.
cmon, i wasn't hired to think
i was hired to CODE!
8:52 PM
Both of 'em.
TTQW later @all.
Only 90 rep to 2K woohoo!
SO @ckuhn203 and thanks for all the fish advice!
9:07 PM
Thanks Santa!!!
Wow, is ugly
Is Python the one with forced indentations?
As far as I'm concerned, JavaScript and PHP are the ugliest languages I've seen.
I think we could make a case for LINQ being the ugliest especially when trying to interact with a SQL database
Q: Testing a lock-free job queue

ArjanI've created a lock-free job queue and with the tests I've written, it's very fast too. That makes me doubt my benchmark procedure, so I'm hoping the collective knowledge will shed some light on the validity of those. The test basically increments an atomic value ( each job is a single incremen...

Take a SQL query, turn it upside down and inside out, add a whole bunch of parentheses and braces... And there you have LINQ!
9:24 PM
Q: F# code for discount curve from instant rate

BlueTrinThis my first foray in F#, I cannot think (yet) functional, I have implemented an interface for a discount curve and the implementation for a piecewise constant instant rate implementation. Would like to have your opinion on how to make this more F#, should I keep the second input of the constru...

@Phrancis way to go!!!
@Phrancis lol
@nhgrif I agree
@AlexL this PHP zombie looks like it may be up your alley!
@Phrancis TS
@Phrancis Any time you're trying to wrap something in language A into use in language B, it's almost always going to be uglier in language B.
Connecting to a SQL server in any programming language is not as clean as just executing the query directly against the server.
I mean, you have to include all the code to do whatever you'd do in the base language. Then, you have to include code on top of that to make it work in the wrapper language.
9:48 PM
Q: Select item of List<T> in UI (MVVM)

AlexandrConsider a simple example. I have a List<T> , for example users. The purpose is show all list. Implementation: Model public class User { public int Id { get; set; } public string Name { get; set; } } ViewModel public class UsersViewModel { public User SelectedUser { get; set; }...

10:00 PM
@nhgrif I hear ya
I hate old VB.NET code
I have 2 radio buttons and I get them to activate their checkchanged events and unhide other elements on the page!
Just talked to a poor lady, had an air conditioner installed and was sold a 10 year extended warranty, but the contractor just took the money and ran (and is now out of business, big surprise). Never ordered the policy for them... Pulled up their account to find out they never ordered a single policy, wonder how many other customers will be left hanging for 10 years.
AutoPostBack wasn't enabled.....
Still doesn't work.
it's 5 after 5 I am going home....
Well that said it's TTQW, see you all again later
So... this question is really interesting to me... meta.codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/1616/…
A: Code requiring a third-party pre-processor to make it work

konijnIt is on-topic, however I would remove the java tag. At least for all the coffeescript questions I ruthlessly remove the javascript tag, it is not JavaScript! Tags should reflect the language of the code, not the language that is about to be generated.

10:18 PM
A: Do we need "acronym tags" ([dry], [solid], etc.)?

nhgrifNO We don't need any of these tags. Not only are they meta tags, but I have no clue what they are or what they mean without going to the tag description. How are these tags useful? How are these tags addressing something that The asker won't already mention when asking the question Won't...

@JerryCoffin around? Need some help with NTL: I can't find a function to give me a modulus. The % sign returns negative numbers... which shouldn't be possible.
10:43 PM
Q: Algorithm to calculate semi perfect integers, lack of effeciency

LinusI'm working on an algorithm to calculate weird numbers, and to do so there are several properties that needs to be calculated, one of them being, if it is NOT a semi-perfect/pseudoperfect number. My code can surely be done a lot more effectively because semi perfect numbers have very interesting...

In computer programming and software engineering, the ninety-ninety rule is a humorous aphorism that states: "The first 90 percent of the code accounts for the first 90 percent of the development time. The remaining 10 percent of the code accounts for the other 90 percent of the development time." That the total development time sums to 180% is a wry allusion to the notorious tendency of software development projects to significantly overrun their original schedules. It expresses both the rough allocation of time to easy and hard portions of a programming project and the cause of the lateness...
Q: C++ Wrapper for SAFEARRAY

Matt McNabbHere is a C++ wrapper for SAFEARRAY, including the ability to expose it as a VARIANT, and to create one out of VARIANT. I am aware of CComSafeArray, however i don't use VC++ so I do not have licence to use this; and also, that wrapper takes the T as a template parameter to the class, however...

I just successfully made an AI that can play my game :) at least part of it anyway
Have you played Craft the World?
ya definitely
10:54 PM
That's usually what comes to my mind when I read your questions.
its really polished which is nice, but honestly i am sick of having to build every single little thing for every worker in the game, so for my game I am doing it at a bit higher level. and also i want it to be very hard so that usually the player fails, and when they live long enough to unlock certain achievements, it will make the game easier and let them progress further
I'm calling it a strategy rogue like

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