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12:29 AM
@PauloCereda Are you around?
1:17 AM
This is a bit of a meta question, but I posted a simplified version of my failing latex source code in my question, but after I saw the answers, I realized I over simplified my posted code. How should I procede? Do i asked the best given my question, or do I modified by question, or do I need to do something different?
@pgreen2 I would say, as long as the central premise of the question has not changed, you could edit your question to clarify the additional complication missed in the first MWE. And notify answer authors with comments underneath their answers so they see your update and have a chance to update their recommendations.
1:33 AM
@pgreen2 Actually, I think it might be better to ask a new question referencing the old one.
It's a bit frustrating for users to have provided a perfectly good answer to a question and then have it change to the point that their answer no longer works or is applicable.
@AlanMunn I was leaning towards a new question, but I was concerned about it being flagged as a duplicate
1:53 AM
@pgreen2 I think if you make it clear why the original question doesn't work, you should be ok. Especially if you link to it explicitly.
@AlanMunn Thank you
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7:17 AM
Morning all
@JosephWright Morning
@JosephWright Good Morning :)
8:14 AM
I think @egreg would go mad at the instructions I've got to follow for revising a galley proof today: Please use the DOC file to incorporate your corrections, see below for further details. (It's not a normal Word file: some kind of special mark-up to be incorporated into a database back-end, so for the actual proof I have a PDF.)
8:50 AM
@JosephWright What if one doesn't own a license for the-program-you-mentioned-and-I-won't?
@egreg OpenOffice, I guess
@egreg Anyway, are you seriously suggesting you'll find a university without a license
Q: Why the renewcommand doesn't work as I expect?

user19832I re-defined two environment \newtheorem{exmp}{Example} \newenvironment{examp}{\begin{exmp}}{\renewcommand{\proofname}{Sol.}\end{exmp}} \newenvironment{pf}{\begin{proof}}{\renewcommand{\proofname}{Proof}\end{proof}} to make sure that when the proofname which is right after the examp environmen...

^^ For me, a typical case of »What?«
9:13 AM
@egreg Taking a lunch break, take your time, i wanna be back in time for the big party.
@PauloCereda quack
@Johannes_B It's still 6:30 am in Paulo's timezone.
@egreg I am an alarm clock :-)
quack quack quack quack quack
9:28 AM
@egreg Possibly they'd take a marked-up PDF, but that's not in the instructions (other publishers will do that)
@JosephWright Did you see the last edit in tex.stackexchange.com/a/192688/4427? :(
@egreg Hadn't spotted what was edited in, but have had a look now
@egreg There is of course a tension between 'package everything up' and 'have an understanding of what is happening'. At least in my experience most end-users really don't want to learn the programming discipline needed to do the work in plain TeX.
@JosephWright Exactly.
@egreg Some plain users can be a bit intense
@egreg one more tick to get:-)
9:35 AM
@DavidCarlisle :)
And eight upvotes, of course.
@egreg even I might find those to push you over the edge if they were still needed at midnight:-)
@DavidCarlisle Won't you accept my answer to your question instead?
@egreg I have always accepted all your answers to my questions.
@egreg »because NormalTeXSyntax is more natural than whatever else syntax« – this is why it is so easy to learn ;)
@cgnieder I agree. more people should just read xii.tex: plain tex is so much easier to read than l3
9:42 AM
@cgnieder Oh, yes! That's the reason! Have you ever tackled the \xyzzy macro in the TeXbook?
@JosephWright but ...
Jul 17 at 21:47, by David Carlisle
@JosephWright at times:-) but point remains that people often balk at a dozen lines of code but are happy to load half a million lines of tikz or expl3
9:56 AM
@egreg easy! :) Actually I hadn't. Quite clever
guys can you help me please? i'm monitoring pdflatex and it uses way more ram than what i expected
107mb? is it normal?
i'm on windows 8
and latex uses 103 mb
is this a poor implementation or what? not many computers had 100 mb ram 20 years ago
10:16 AM
On my system, for a mildly complex job it's 40.3MiB
i was compiling this
35 pages
so is this normal? over 100 mb with both input and output files under 300 kb?
@JosephWright Apparently, wipet's insistence gave its fruits. :(
@izabera 34.2 for me. But it depends on the memory setting (and probably the OS), I guess.
@DavidCarlisle that goes without saying!
@egreg Accepted answer is purely up to the OP
@JosephWright Of course. But now I need two other green ticks. Let me look for an answer by @DavidCarlisle to steal a tick from.
10:28 AM
@egreg: cake ready. :)
@PauloCereda but he's going backwards at the moment
@PauloCereda Ticks missing.
@DavidCarlisle You are being naughty, aren't you? :)
@egreg Oh no! :)
@egreg can you tell me what's your os?
@izabera Not Windoze, of course. ;-)
10:30 AM
this doesn't really answer the question <.<
@izabera osX
@izabera It sums everything, actually. :)
@egreg and i was using texlive, what about you?
what does mean the abbreviation OP when you are talking about the author of the question?
@cmhughes: hey Chris! Are you now in UK? :)
10:31 AM
@izabera Also TeX Live
@wipet It's Original Poster.% :)
@wipet Original Poster (so yes)
@egreg great, ty
@PauloCereda I am happy that it doesn't mean Olsak Petr :)
@DavidCarlisle See, I added a % to the end of my reply, so my reply will be accepted instead of yours. :P
@wipet ooh! :) That would be awesome, then you'd be everywhere. :)
@wipet: from my gaming background, OP also means overpowered. :) So for everything you want to emphasize the power, you say This thing is OP. For example, @David will agree that picture mode is OP. :)
10:42 AM
@PauloCereda you should ask a question (2 actually) on the main site with missing % so @egreg can answer them.
@DavidCarlisle :)
Hello to everybody! Did you ever compile preview.dtx?
@AndrewZabavnikov no, why?
@DavidCarlisle I'm just getting Use of \reserved doesn't match its definition..
@DavidCarlisle I want to take a look at the implementation.
@AndrewZabavnikov Using latex not pdflatex?
10:44 AM
@JosephWright The same.
@AndrewZabavnikov pdflatex preview.drv
@JosephWright By the way, what is the difference?
@AndrewZabavnikov note the extension ^^^
@DavidCarlisle What it stands for?
@AndrewZabavnikov "driver" preview is set up the "old" way with a separate document
10:47 AM
@DavidCarlisle Ahh! After edit it makes more sense :-)
@AndrewZabavnikov sorry concentrated so hard on the extension I got the filename wrong:-)
@DavidCarlisle Funny thing - someone who packaged preview for ctan seems to have forgotten to package preview.drv. OK, will download from somewhere else :-)
@DavidCarlisle Thank you very much!
@AndrewZabavnikov no it's generated from the dtx when you run the .ins file same as the .sty is generated
@DavidCarlisle Yes, thanks. Just found out by googling that it is mentioned by google in preview.ins :-)
@AndrewZabavnikov the drv is there installed by default in my texlive 2014 do you not have it?
$ kpsewhich preview.dtx
10:54 AM
@DavidCarlisle Mmm. I actually was trying to compile in home subdir. Will now just copy the mentioned one :-)
@egreg I am wonder that you recognize one shift of accepted answer between millions of your others.
@wipet I just noticed your edit and then the change in the accepted answer (of which I'm notified by a -15). I fully disagree with your point of view about simplicity. ;-)
@wipet particularly today as he needs three accepted answers to reach 300K votes, he got within one, and now he needs two:-)
11:51 AM
@tohecz Tom!
@PauloCereda how're you?
@tohecz Fine, thanks. :) And you?
@PauloCereda it's all fine :)
12:26 PM
I have a small English question: would you add ", respectively" at the end of this sentence?
@tohecz no. You could add it somewhere but I don't think you could add it after z \in C (you'd have to reword a bit I think) but it is clear enough as is
@DavidCarlisle I agree. The referee insists.
@tohecz The referee thinks people reading your paper are stupid. ;-)
@tohecz tell him I said so and that egreg doesn't like the fraktur R and I either:-)
@DavidCarlisle I like it, that's the problem :D
@egreg oh no!
12:37 PM
@tohecz Look what centuries of German domination did to Bohemia. ;-)
@egreg What have the Romans Germans ever done for us?!
@tohecz if you want to add it then possibly add it first ... $...$ respectively the real and imaginary parts of $z \in C$
@DavidCarlisle that is possible? really? kool
@tohecz They scored 7 against Brazil
@tohecz remember I'm English: I know nothing about English grammar, but it sounds plausible to me
@DavidCarlisle they built infrastructure here, the Austrians brought a lot of profit, good laws, some good years of making Prague the capital of Europe, etc.
@DavidCarlisle :)
and yeah, they killed couple million Czech Jews, who used to be the best marketers here :-/
12:44 PM
Q: Missing main.bbl file

ZayI have noticed that my main.bbl file is no longer in my folder. I have done my thesis, 9 chapters and all compile individually. When I compile it all, nothing happens and I obtain error that no main.bbl. When checking in folder, no main.bbl. What should I do? am desperate SOLUTION The solution...

@Johannes_B it's surely a dupe. Howeever, I'd say let's close it as unclear
^^ Anybody up for closing as unclear what you're asking for?
@tohecz Seems like my message wasn't transferred.
@Johannes_B ah :)
@tohecz unclear, cause the problem was fixed by fixing other errors.
I don't understand the serviceability of ExplSyntax. The code is not human
readable. For example somebody reads this fragment of C code: "for (i=1;
i<20; i++) ...". What he recognizes first? The keyword "for" (aha, it is
loop), the variable "i" and the conditional "i<20". These important segments
of the code are easily visible for human reader. On the other hand the
similar code in ExplSyntax would be: "\cs_package_for:NN { \cs_package_set:NN
\_l_wipet_i:NNnn { 1 } ; \cs_package_cond:NTF { \_l_wipet_i:NNnn < 20 } ;
12:48 PM
@Johannes_B unclear, because he mixes Q&A
what you say would make it OT
@tohecz I'm not sure, since i don't even have enough rep to cast close votes.
@Johannes_B I see. In general, questions that are "typos" or "stupid mistakes" are getting closed as off-topic since they "don't fit into the SE scheme".
@tohecz Thanks, i'll keep that in mind.
In this case, the question is such a mess that the simplest thing to do is to close it as UWYA (unclear what you're asking).
At the current pace, i should be able to close within the next year.
12:51 PM
@Johannes_B good luck :)
@tohecz I just imagined how the village people would have danced UQYYA
@Johannes_B sorry, there was a tpyo
@tohecz didn't even notice that :-)
UQYYA surely sound more melodic than UWYA
@wipet hard to comment when the example isn't actual code, it's not readable as it's not correct. It is hard to read at first but I find the same of German but Germans seem to manage it well enough. But then I was first exposed to it back in 1992 or so so it's hard to comment objectively on how a new user should feel about it. There is of course no intention that an average latex user ever needs to see it at all.
@wipet @DavidCarlisle This could be something going on for a while. It might fit better in an extra room?
btw: I am pretty comfortable with the german language ;-)
12:56 PM
@Johannes_B nah, I'm done:-)
@wipet \int_step_inline:nnnn { 1 } { 2 } { 19 } { <code using #1 as the current value> }
@wipet Don't tell me it's less readable than the C code.
@wipet I cannot but here some sourness from your post.
There's a (sort-of successful) LuaLaTeX which tends to incorporate LaTeX with some other, more "modern" programming language. But it all is very difficult.
@tohecz Sorry, may be my language problem
1:13 PM
@wipet I just mean that you sound somehow angry, the point is, we all know that TeX is not a very good programming language for complicated things, but we do our best
@egreg You can compare the word "for" with "\int_step_inline:nnnn". Where is less of the ballast?
@wipet You can't compare Hello World!\bye with #include<stdio.h> int main(int argc, char *argv[]){ std::cout << "Hello World!" << std:endl; return 0; }
@tohecz It isn't C language. Use printf :)
@wipet You can't compare TeX to C in any case. I don't see your point: without reading a C manual you can't know the syntax of for, nor that it exists. In the manual of expl3 it is explained that for integer based loops one can use \int_step_inline:nnnn.
@wipet whatever. The point is: TeX is a typesetting system and the fact that people want to use it for millions of other things can't change this simple fact.
1:19 PM
@wipet printf is hardly readable with weird % codes until you are used to it. It is really meaningless to pick out individual expressions from a language you know and a language you don't know (or even two languages you do know) and compare them.
@tohecz This is C++. Ugh. :P
@PauloCereda Ugh! -- do you remember this game? :D
@tohecz I do. :P
@PauloCereda I loved it, but it was hey so difficult!
@PauloCereda Is it even worse in C+++?
1:23 PM
@egreg That's C+-. :)
@tohecz Me too. :)
@PauloCereda we windows people prefer C# of course
@PauloCereda How's it in brainfuck?
@tohecz Yes. I fully agree.
@DavidCarlisle Of course. :) System.Console.WriteLine("Hello, World!");
@egreg ++++++++[>++++[>++>+++>+++>+<<<<-]>+>+>->>+[<]<-]>>.>---.+++++++..+++.>>.<-.<.+++‌​.------.--------.>>+.>++.
Jesus Christ.
@egreg: but nothing beats LOLCODE:
LOLCODE is an esoteric programming language inspired by lolspeak, the language expressed in examples of the lolcat Internet meme. The language was created in 2007 by Adam Lindsay, researcher at the Computing Department of Lancaster University. The language is not clearly defined in terms of operator priorities and correct syntax, but several functioning interpreters and compilers already exist. One interpretation of the language has been proven Turing-complete. == Language structure and examples == LOLCODE's keywords are drawn from the heavily compressed (shortened) patois of the lolcat Internet...
@PauloCereda Hey! It works!
1:29 PM
When there is Hello Wordl example, then you can set \tracingall and compare: "hello world\bye" with\documentclass[a4paper,10pt,english,draft]{article}
Hello world
in XeLaTeX or LuaLaTeX.
@wipet you could compare them, but it wouldn't tell you anything very interesting or that you don't know already so why bother?
The time does things more complicated...
@egreg Spooky isn't it? :)
@PauloCereda I think I'll do rm Bff as soon as possible.
@egreg :)
1:32 PM
@wipet sure if you are writing in English Ascii with computer modern, plain Tex does Ok but if you don't do that then there has to be some code somewhere and either you use plain and write it yourself or you load a file where someone has already done it.
@DavidCarlisle: @tohecz steals vowels. :)
@DavidCarlisle The example above: 165 lines in log for first case and 2212674 lines in log in the second case. There is more than 13 thousands times. So time does things more more more complicated.
@wipet people have had the choice of using plain or latex for 30 years, and people have been arguing all that time that there are benefits to the simpler plain format. But that argument is basically lost, the overwhelming majority choose to use a format designed for document production rather than (as the TeXBook calls them) "Basic macros" that are a good educational base for showing how TeX works but require too much bespoke programming to make them generally useful for document production.
If you need to trace something, it is possible in first case and it is impossible in the second case.
@wipet not impossible, interesting:-)
1:40 PM
@wipet One thing i like about TeX (and it's packages) are pretty straight to the point error messages.
One thing I like about recursion: the recursion thing.
Jun 18 at 5:14, by Paulo Cereda
@StephanLehmke Indeed!
@egreg 13 points to go :-)
@PauloCereda Statement: Nobody likes proofs by induction. Proof. A set of zero people is made of people who don't like proofs by induction. Suppose every set of n people is made of people who don't like proofs by induction. If we have n+1 people, take one aside, the remaining n people don't like proofs by induction; put back the one and take another one aside, so the same holds. Hence any set of people is made of people who don't like proofs by induction.
@Johannes_B Should I steal a tick from David's?
@egreg Oh my!
@Johannes_B That was surely a classic. :)
@egreg Don't pake the dragon :-)
1:52 PM
@egreg easy input one just came in % ...
@PauloCereda I tried to google it, but it kept telling me »Did you mean recursion
@Johannes_B :)
@PauloCereda Almost drove me mad till i got it.
@DavidCarlisle Do you mean the “trailing space with \input” one? Duplicate, unfortunately.
@egreg that's a good one as an excercise on induction for 1st year students!
1:59 PM
@tohecz I always do it in my first year classes, but the statement is every train is on schedule.
@egreg the funny thing is that the 1st part of the proof works here :)
@tohecz Of course. A colleague of mine presented it in the form "every set of points in the plane is collinear”, calling it ”Fish's theorem”. It was April 1, of course.
@egreg however, that statement fails for 3 rather than for 1
2:32 PM
Is anybody mentioning this? :D
user image
No palindrome, unfortunately. ;-)
@egreg ^^
@Johannes_B :)
@egreg congratulations!
@egreg Congrats!
@Johannes_B @PauloCereda @PaulGessler Thanks. One never gets used to this. :)
2:38 PM
@egreg I'm working on it:
@spolsky A great milestone for the TeX.sx community: egreg broke the 300k barrier! http://tex.stackexchange.com/users/4427 :)
Hey! Jon Skeet is almost 700K!
@egreg He asked questions too. :P
@PauloCereda That explains all!
@egreg That might be a good plan for @DavidCarlisle to catch on. :)
hi guys
whats the issue with my infinity question
2:54 PM
@subhamsoni You got an answer, didn't you?
I got an answer
But there are some hesitations
@subhamsoni Of course: your professor's idea is somewhat peculiar. Note that the symbol ∞ is called “infinity”, but in its usage in mathematical analysis it has nothing to do with the concept of infinite set.
The statement “lim<sub>x → 0</sub> 1/x<sup>2</sup> = ∞” has a precise mathematical meaning that has no connection with infinity in its philosophical meaning.
As such I don't have any issues with that, but he once said, that it shouldn't be a closed one
3:03 PM
Sometimes you find |A|=∞ to mean that the set A is infinite. But you'll never find such a notation is a book on set theory.
@subhamsoni I think exactly the opposite, but why bother? ;-)
@subhamsoni Everybody uses that symbol, just like everybody uses 7 for the number seven; does it convey any idea of “seven-ness”?
Or does the letter A convey any idea of "A-ness"?
no ;)... Now I get it ;) :0
@egreg, I've been at a meeting, I see you got there, congrats:-)
@DavidCarlisle :) Did you have to talk or just be sitting there thinking to the next cricket test?
3:11 PM
@egreg just sit and concentrate on the meeting, of course
@DavidCarlisle And in order to look more concentrate you closed your eyes and slept through it?
@egreg I think you forget this is industry not academia
@DavidCarlisle Oh yes, sorry!
3:47 PM
"User does not have permission to comment on this post" - what the hell?
@AndrewZabavnikov either not enough rep or the post has been locked?
@DavidCarlisle Sorry, browser jokes...
@egreg First: congratulations. Second: @tohecz @DavidCarlisle I return to the thread. The C language was only an example. I don't know any language where I must read my nickname or name of the package plus another info about local/global validity, type etc. plus :NNnnTF mystique in every identifier of the language (keyword or variable name). This is very troublemaking during reading. If you needn't to understand it then we cannot follow our discussion.
@wipet the :nnnn looks odd but when you can change it to :nnnx to fully expand the last argument before calling, and compare that to the contortions with 31 \expandafter or \edef that you see in typical tex code, you see why it's there. It is addressing an issue that is not there in other languages.
@wipet well, in C++, for instance, you write std:: every time, or you use using namespace. However, that's impossible in LaTeX, since the clashes between names wouldn't be resolved
3:57 PM
@wipet Thanks. One has to remember that TeX has no concept of namespace; if you have one Plain TeX document, you can use almost whatever name you want for your internal commands; if you want a system that can be employed by many users, where many additional packages are available, a namespace becomes necessary and there's no other way in TeX than hooking it in the name of macros.
About local/global: the save stack is the problem, of course. But would you use the same variable locally and globally in C?
Hi, typesetting of Euler's number "e". Regular/arabic numbers are typeset upright in equations. Do I also typeset "e" upright? What do you think?
@egreg There is the possibility of intelligent namespaces. I tried it 15 years ago and it was working (as I wrote in my prevous message). It would be a part of eTeX but it isn't.
@wipet Nobody will chase you if you don't prefix your variables' names with l_ or g_; but establishing a standard is good. Just an example: one of my answers deals with a problem due to usage of \TrimSpaces as an internal macro in a package. This is a name that should be reserved to user level macros and, indeed, the issue was exactly there: a loaded package defined a user level \TrimSpaces command,
@wipet That would be a nice addition, probably; but it's not available.
@1010011010 :
Q: How to best typeset "special" constants (complex unit i, Euler's number e,...)?

NicoI'm trying to come up with a typographically appealing way to express "special" numbers such as the complex unit i = sqrt(-1) or Euler's number e. It has to be such that it cannot be confused with regular numbers (such as the running index i, for example), and would ideally work for serif as well...

@1010011010 ⅇ
4:09 PM
@DavidCarlisle I'm assuming that's the unicode character?
@1010011010 all characters are unicode characters:-)
@1010011010 If it doesn't look like an e install some decent fonts
@DavidCarlisle Or get a better monitor :-(
@1010011010 assuming you are using a graphical monitor not a text terminal, the monitor shouldn't matter?
It's a 25 inch wide but it doesn't go beyond 1680x1050, so every time I look at somebody else's monitor I'm literally blown away by the sharpness and detail of whatever picture.
@1010011010 No, that's a Unicode character named DOUBLE-STRUCK ITALIC SMALL E, which a priori has nothing to do with Napier's constant. There's no Unicode point for it and for the imaginary unit either.
4:16 PM
I'll just stick with the italic notation. It's not so much a notational issue as it is a convention thing, to me at least.
@egreg well the default glyph makes it fairly unusable in systems that use the default glyph, but Unicode does explicitly call this out to denote e
The Unicode Standard 7.0, Copyright © 1991-2014 Unicode, Inc.
All rights reserved.

sometimes used for the differential
<font> 0044
  latin capital letter d
sometimes used for the differential
<font> 0064
  latin small letter d
sometimes used for the natural exponent
<font> 0065
  latin small letter e
sometimes used for the imaginary unit
@egreg I'm sure you are well used to it but Word lets you input that Unicode character and have choice of double struck upright or italic typeset glyph as a separate document option.
@DavidCarlisle “sometimes”. Well, Mathematica uses those horrible symbols. And a few others.
@egreg That's where they came from, yes.
@egreg and you can go &exponentiale; in HTML and get the same:-)
@DavidCarlisle Surely you're the one to blame.
@egreg for them being in html, probably:-)
4:21 PM
@DavidCarlisle Penitentiagite
@egreg I haven't deployed Mathematica 10 in this Linux machine (they gave me a free update), but I can tell the symbols look uglier in the Unix version. :P
@PauloCereda blame barbara, they are probably using stix:-)
@PauloCereda At least they're slanted. ;-)
@DavidCarlisle Uh-oh. :) Apparently it's Caslon or something.
@egreg :)
Carrot cake anyone? :)
@PauloCereda is this in any way related to the preceding discussions on e or expl3 syntax?
4:37 PM
How can I download preview package with version dated before July 29, 2012? I cannot find the link.
@DavidCarlisle You won't get cake. :P
@PauloCereda I got minecraft cake for my birthday (square with red squares on top)
@Pleasedon'ttouch it hasn't changed in texlive for 4 years see tug.org/svn/texlive/trunk/Master/texmf-dist/tex/latex/preview/…
@PauloCereda Yes, please!
@DavidCarlisle I see. So I have to trace the pstricks and beamer.
@egreg You will get a bigger piece today. :)
@DavidCarlisle Oh my! Spawned in creative mode or done legit? It's quite difficult to craft one. :)
4:48 PM
@PauloCereda oh we've crafted loads in survival mode (M has a very extensive farm with every animal and every crop I think:-) but this was real cake, my wife was apparently given instructions the night before, "make a cake that looks like ..."
@DavidCarlisle Ah a true Minecraft player. :)
@David: Has M already encountered Herobrine? :)
@PauloCereda Being a responsible parent I have no idea what he has encountered on his machine:-)
@DavidCarlisle LOL
And you leave him unattended with a PC with emacs installed? How dangerous. :)
@egreg Congratulations!
@PauloCereda It's OK: I made sure there was no vim first.
4:50 PM
@DavidCarlisle :)
@GonzaloMedina I'm waiting for you in the new club!
@egreg You'll be the only member for some months, though...
@DavidCarlisle: How can I move to the version dated on July 29 2012 from this tug.org/svn/texlive/trunk/Master/texmf-dist/tex/latex/pstricks/…?
@PauloCereda hey, Paulo! Yes indeed, I'm back in the UK - hoorah!
@Pleasedon'ttouch just copy the files to your current directory I would guess
4:55 PM
@DavidCarlisle No I mean, how can I locate the old version from the link I gave above?
@cmhughes oh cool! :) Beware of @David, he's quite feral with vim people. :P
@PauloCereda lol :) I'll prepare some defence :) how are you doing? :)
@cmhughes Fine, thanks. :) And you?
@DavidCarlisle: I think I found it.
@Pleasedon'ttouch click on the number then revision log gets you to here then pick whichever version you want tug.org/svn/texlive/trunk/Master/texmf-dist/tex/latex/pstricks/…
4:57 PM
@DavidCarlisle Thanks.
@PauloCereda very well, thanks :) enjoying being able to buy Marmite and Pot Noodles whenever I want :)
@cmhughes hopefully like being able to answer egreg's questions whenever you want?
@cmhughes ooh! :)
@DavidCarlisle yes, indeed :) does @egreg ask questions now?
@cmhughes he's asked as many questions as he's eaten pot noodles
5:01 PM
@DavidCarlisle it's brilliant that you know how many pot noodles he has eaten! was it discussed here in the chat room?! :)
@cgnieder: I think it's wise to mention that halt is executed at interpretation time, and not at directive reading time. So, although no more directives will be processed after halt, all of them will be read. :( Not sure if this is a bad thing though. I'm quite reticent to add a hook to the directive discovery process, since the real deal happens later.
@cmhughes actually I'm worried that my previous statement might be wrong, I know how many questions he's asked, but being Italian and liking spaghetti and all it may be he has pot noodles every night
@DavidCarlisle indeed, indeed. we'll have to wait to find out :)
@DavidCarlisle looks like my dinner tonight :)
5:09 PM
ooh that's a pot noodle.
There are rumors that instant noodles can reduce intelligence.
@DavidCarlisle Exactly.
@Pleasedon'ttouch Surely real spaghetti don't. ;-)
He made it. @egreg got 300k!
@egreg monosodium glutamate might be the cause. :-)
@HenriMenke :) It's almost a question of waiting long enough. ;-)
5:33 PM
@PauloCereda I don't think that this is a big deal breaker. As long as halt stops processing I can't think of real disadvantages that later directives have been read
@egreg Congratulations!
@cgnieder Thanks! It's a very nice party!
How can someone really avoid her/himself going slapping-berserk in Math.SE?
@egreg Wow. Hats off to you!
@percusse The number of silly questions is infinitely smaller than the number of silly answers.
@egreg You must think highly of that place given there are finite answers
@percusse Seriously, there are great answers. But often the answers are too complete in case of obvious homework, or just silly. I usually try giving hints, when it's possible. In other cases the teacher wins. ;-)
5:45 PM
@egreg Well first of all, you breaking 300K is much more important :) also my frustration is about the correctness-junkie behavior otherwise every now and then I go back to Arturo's answers :)
What is the purpose of designing the feature in which low rep users cannot see the deleted posts?
This feature seems to be illogical.
@Pleasedon'ttouch this has been brought up so many times before that I don't think anybody is willing to deal with it again.
@Pleasedon'ttouch Just keep keeping 20k rep (it's not so hard for you to get there from 500) and you'll be fine.
Now excuse me, I gotta go ...
@Pleasedon'ttouch Three reasons I can think of off the top of my head (not that I'm interested in debating this...) 1) you need to have something to keep people interested in gaining more rep. 2) If everyone can see them, then deletion means almost nothing. 3) Having both deleted and undeleted answers might be quite confusing for low rep users. (Of course how low is debatable).
@Pleasedon'ttouch I'm sure there are plenty of meta discussions on the topic...
@tohecz and @AlanMunn: OK. Thanks.
Floating the update of deleted posts on the questions list might confuse low rep users because nothing seen to be modified to them.
6:20 PM
@egreg Congratulations !! 300k ;)
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