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12:18 AM
@Werner Please define "neat".
A: drawing a matrix with its minors

David CarlisleAlready been accepted, but this is for Werner \documentclass{article} \usepackage{tikz} \begin{document} \[ \left( \begin{tikzpicture}[baseline=(current bounding box.center)] \draw[line width=2pt] plot [smooth,tension=.2] coordinates{(0,-1) (1,-1) (1,0)}; \draw[line width=2pt] plot [smooth,...

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1:44 AM
Error message of biber 1.8 (TL 2014-pretest):
data source /tmp/par-6f6e65/cache-109396a1c504bff74518ed78dd32b123e9ef7c31//inc/lib/Biber/LaTeX/recode_data.xml not found in .
Any idea, what to do with this crap?
2:00 AM
@GonzaloMedina Oh, anything that looks fancy...
...something that is similar to what people would post say "please do this for me" that they scanned from a book. :)
Found, when writing a ghostscript bug report: File size limit ≈ 48.8 GB.
2:22 AM
@GonzaloMedina I've found this:
Q: How can I reproduce this beautiful table of contents?

IngoI stumbled upon this TOC today: I really like its structure and simplicity. The page numbers are right behind the entries, and not unnecessarily remote as they often are. The separation between chapter numbering on the left and titles on the right clearly sets the two apart. I would like to r...

I'm now looking for a nice minitoc representation that might match this.
2:40 AM
@GonzaloMedina Are you around? I have a question about your forest question.
Sorry for the noise with biber, I found the solution: tex.stackexchange.com/a/140815/16967 Thanks @AlanMunn
@HeikoOberdiek You're welcome! I'm surprised you've not encountered that error before. :)
@AlanMunn After running into so many new errors (pdfTeX, ghostscript, ...) I was indeed surprised running into a well known one. ;-)
3:28 AM
@AlanMunn are you still around?
@GonzaloMedina Yes. Did my solution help you?
@AlanMunn Partially yes.
Let me show you the real situation.

    \foreach [count=\i] \val in {#1} {
        \draw  let \n{row}={int(mod(\i -1, 3))}, \n{col}={ int( ( \i - 1 ) / (-3) ) } in
            (\n{row}, \n{col}) rectangle  +(1,1)
            +(0.5, 0.5) node{\val};


\ninepuzzle{1,2, ,3,4,5,6,7,8}

[\ninepuzzle{1,2, ,3,4,5,6,7,8}
  [\ninepuzzle{1,2, ,3,4,5,6,7,8}
  [\ninepuzzle{1,2, ,3,4,5,6,7,8}
\ninepuzzle draws a 3x3 grid with numbers inside. Using it directly in forest, the grid appears but not the numbers.
@GonzaloMedina So is it not possible to adapt the \foreach code into the tikz= key?
@AlanMunn I Perhaps it is. I did one attempt but failed; perhaps I'm too tired already.
@GonzaloMedina I'll mess around and see if I get anywhere.
3:43 AM
@AlanMunn OK. I used the same comma separated list as the argument for \ninepuzzle in the code above, but the list might vary (always nine elements in the list, but the order might be different).
Your approach looks promising.
@GonzaloMedina This is on the right track:
ninepuzzle/.style={tikz={\foreach [count=\i] \val in {#1} {
        \draw  let \n{row}={int(mod(\i -1, 3))}, \n{col}={ int( ( \i - 1 ) / (-3) ) } in
            (\n{row}, \n{col}) rectangle  +(1,1)
            +(0.5, 0.5) node{\val};
[,ninepuzzle={1,2, ,3,4,5,6,7,8}
  [,ninepuzzle={1,2, ,3,4,5,6,7,8}
  [,ninepuzzle={1,2, ,3,4,5,6,7,8}
But the nodes are drawn on top of each other.
@AlanMunn Yes, but you're right; it seems to be on the right direction.
@GonzaloMedina The problem with the nodes is that your code has absolute coordinates, and they need to be relative somehow (when incorporated in the tikz= key).
@AlanMunn Yes. Tomorrow I'll play a little more with this. Now it's time to go to bed; I am exhausted! Good night, Alan and thanks for your help.
You're welcome. I'll also play around and see if I have an answer.
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8:18 AM
Hello there
How to draw arrows in tikz
of variable thickness
and at different angles
I would like to draw this:
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9:29 AM

could anybody tell me what the community thinks about the following type of advertising?

I'm currently writing my bachelors thesis about symbol recognition. Symbol recognition systems need example input (the more, the better the classification gets).
So I would like to post links on this page where it is apropriate (e.g. http://tex.stackexchange.com/q/179554/5645 or http://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/9363/how-does-one-insert-a-backslash-or-a-tilde-into-latex/9365#comment413643_9365 ) to http://write-math.com.
9:51 AM
@moose I don't know how exactly the community ad thingy works (@JosephWright), but personally I wouldn't mind seeing a pointer to a TeX-related empirical study there.
@JosephWright SPAM time again.
@StephanLehmke Thanks
10:32 AM
I see some of us still use TeX.SX in french… tex.stackexchange.com/users/5355/rpapa?tab=activity
Q: Should we eliminate the translation in other languages ​​that may not be necessary?

Money Oriented ProgrammerPlease see the edit history of this answer first. Without intending to insult other languages, should we eliminate the translation in other languages ​​that may not be necessary?

11:24 AM
@egreg I thought determinants were useless or obsolete, a bit like fluxions. Aren't they just used for deciding things, and normally aren't those things decidable during the laborious process of calculating the determinant? Sorry if my non-mathematical background is too obvious.
11:43 AM
@Brent.Longborough Not at all! Certain computations are no more done with determinants, for example deciding if a matrix is invertible. But the characteristic polynomial of a matrix is a fundamental tool and it is a determinant.
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12:58 PM
@egreg Thanks!
@Brent.Longborough You're welcome. Do you know what's the characteristic polynomial? ;-)
@egreg: it seems it the \ensuremath week on the GuIT forum
@ClaudioFiandrino :)
even if, being an engineer, the imaginary unit is j ;)
@ClaudioFiandrino That's perfectly acceptable, so long as it's not typeset with operator spacing, as Claudio B. likes.
@ClaudioFiandrino If i (or j) is an operator, why shouldn't 2 be too? They're both numbers; and i is not special in any way.
1:11 PM
@egreg Huh?
@egreg Input example?
@JosephWright He likes to use \operatorname{i}: $e^{\pi\operatorname{i}}+1=0$ (of course he defines a macro).
@JosephWright @ClaudioFiandrino I find it ridiculous.
@egreg Wierd
@egreg I'm aware of Claudio's preferences :)
@JosephWright Or even weird. ;-)
@egreg :-)
@egreg Being a physical scientist, I'd go with \mathrm{i} here
1:14 PM
Telling truth, I think if you start talking about this difference to any professor I had in signal theory.. well, at best they won't understand ;)
@JosephWright That's what I say, too. Of course I use a simple math italic i, like Euler and Gauss did.
@egreg I realise that, hence the 'physical scientist' part of my statement: it's well-known that pure mathematicians use italic here whereas more applied scientists follow the ISO
@egreg I'm not sure you'd approve, but @Willrobertson and I are having some interesting breqn discussions at the moment
@JosephWright Enjoy.
@egreg Certainly
2:09 PM
@DavidCarlisle here's how you can avoid the ugly \hspace that disturbs @egreg:



\begin{tikzpicture}[baseline=(current bounding box.center)]
\draw[line width=2pt] plot [smooth,tension=.2] coordinates{(0,-1) (1,-1) (1,0)};
\draw[line width=2pt] plot [smooth,tension=.2] coordinates{(0,-2) (2,-2) (2,0)};
\draw[line width=2pt] plot [smooth,tension=.2] coordinates{(0,-3) (3,-3) (3,0)};
\draw[line width=1pt] plot [smooth,tension=1] coordinates{(.5,-.5) (3,0) (5,-.5)};
\draw[](5,-.5) node[right=1pt]{text 1};
@ClaudioFiandrino Hi Claudio! The j symbol, used in Electrical Engineering (Electromagnetic Theory, Signal Theory, Circuits...), was introduced by Steinmetz. He was a brilliant mathematician and electrical engineer (1865-1923).
Charles Proteus Steinmetz (April 9, 1865 – October 26, 1923) was a mathematician and electrical engineer. He fostered the development of alternating current that made possible the expansion of the electric power industry in the United States, formulating mathematical theories for engineers. He made ground-breaking discoveries in the understanding of hysteresis that enabled engineers to design better electromagnetic apparatus equipment including especially electric motors for use in industry. Steinmetz was born as Karl August Rudolph Steinmetz into a Jewish family in Breslau, Province of ...
@Papiro texdoc steinmetz
@egreg I am a big fan of Steinmetz ;)
@egreg Ha! As a joke I just tried texdoc hilbert and it also shows something.
2:12 PM
@GonzaloMedina thanks I tried to draw an invisible line with some use as bounding box key I'd seen somewhere but it made no error nut had no effect:-) I'll probably update later:-) too busy fighting matlab's web browser at moment:(
@GonzaloMedina There's also texdoc euler and texdoc gauss
@DavidCarlisle Why don't you just support one browser? Safari, for instance. :P
@egreg No joy with texdoc medina or texdoc gregorio, though :(
@egreg because when you are inside matlab and ask for help it does what it does (unfortunately:-)
@GonzaloMedina The gregorio package should definitely find its way in CTAN and TeX Live
@GonzaloMedina texdoc carlisle of course works (although returns an odd document:-)
2:18 PM
@DavidCarlisle texdoc arseneau and texdoc oberdiek also work, but texdoc mittelbach doesn't.
Well texdoc oberdiek beats all I suppose ;-)
@egreg Do you know the English expression for "estar en la rosca"? (I hope you'll understand the Spanish expression).
@GonzaloMedina Sorry, no.
@egreg No to the English expression or no to the Spanish one or both? ;)
@Papiro Thanks Papiro, I was aware :)
2:33 PM
Hi guys. Is there nice command for indices, e.g. I would like something like this {T_{i_1}^{\,\,\,\,\,j_1}}_{i_2i_3}, for tensors.
@Cortizol There is the tensor package.
@AlanMunn Thanks. I will check it.
2:46 PM
This is weird. When I open this post tex.stackexchange.com/q/179727/3954 I don't see the images and there's no links; however, if I hit the "Edit" button, the images suddenly appear. Is this happening just to me?
@GonzaloMedina I see the images.
@egreg That's odd. Last night I had the exact same problem with another question. The images don't show, just some plain text.
@GonzaloMedina Maybe your browser can't contact imgur in the allotted time.
3:53 PM
We get a mention!
> Unrelated: Donald Knuth mentioned our TeX site in a recent TUGboat.
Obviously, so does DEK
@JosephWright just came off a conf phone call with David Fullerton:-) (mathjax stuff)
@DavidCarlisle Wow: you are well connected
@JosephWright mathjax steering committee (mostly I sit for an hour on mute so I'm not sure how much steering I do:-)
@DavidCarlisle Ah: such power
@JosephWright I was trying to use Heiko's idea in tex.stackexchange.com/a/179748 with expl3; but if I try \ior_open:Nn \g_eg_pipe_stream {"|kpsewhich ~ -all ~ file.tex"} I get LaTeX error: "kernel/space-in-file-name". The same if I use \c_catcode_other_space_tl instead of ~. We really need \ior_pipe:Nn for this case, where spaces are expected.
4:00 PM
@egreg Hmm
@egreg We've not really addressed shell escape at all at the moment, nor really had much feedback on the 'no spaces' stuff
@egreg Clearly piped input should be separate from 'normal' file reading, so that is clear enough
@egreg One for LaTeX-L?
\ior_pipe:Nn \g_xyz_pipe_stream {<tokens>} should do \ior_open:Nn \g_xyz_pipe_stream { "|<tokens>" } without the check for spaces.
@egreg Not sure pipe is the correct name
@egreg A side issue: do we have things right on spaces in general?
@JosephWright Never found anything suspect.
@egreg I'm wondering if this is an io function at all: feels like system or something
@egreg Phew
@JosephWright It's different from system, because it generates a pseudofile that can be read line by line, just like in \ior_str_map_inline:Nn
4:06 PM
@egreg Fair point
@egreg Mail sent to list
@JosephWright Thanks
Hello all
So, an open question to all my European friends: Who are you going to vote for this election? I haven't decided yet; and to be honest, I haven't done my homework: I have no idea who is proposing what
4:23 PM
@MarioS.E. Isn't that a rather country-specific question
@MarioS.E. For example, here in the UK the feeling is that UKIP will top the popular vote
@JosephWright The thing is, I can either vote for my country of citizenship (Italy) or for the one I live in (Portugal)
@MarioS.E. Can't say I know the details of the 'runners' for either of those places
I'm sure @egreg knows about Italy!
@MarioS.E. Don't you have to decide that when you are registering to vote?
@JosephWright I just received a letter from Italy saying that I can both for one of the two.
@JosephWright What is the main proposal of the UKIP? Are they pro-EU?
@MarioS.E. You have to register much earlier if you want to vote in Italy.
@MarioS.E. Quite the opposite
@MarioS.E. UKIP = UK Independence Party
@MarioS.E. Their main policy is to leave the EU
4:29 PM
@JosephWright Really? Why on Earth would you want to do that?
@MarioS.E. UKIP position, shared by others in the UK, is that outside the EU we'd be able to prevent/restrict immigration and 'red tape'
@egreg I'm registered in Italy... but I'm also registered as a resident in Portugal. I actually have to go to the consulate to cast my vote.
@JosephWright What's red tape?
@MarioS.E. You may pick up that I'm not a UKIP support
@MarioS.E. Government regulations etc.
@MarioS.E. One of their slogans is '75% of our laws are made in Brussels'
@MarioS.E. So you can cast two votes?
@JosephWright Well, inmigration has always been a huge issue down here in Southern Europe... and just a few days ago Portugal decided it didn't need any more money and got off with the IMF
@egreg Nope, just one...
@egreg But I have to decide which one
4:32 PM
@MarioS.E. So, why bother? ;-)
@MarioS.E. That's migration from outside the EU: the big worry here is within the EU
@egreg I haven't decided where to vote! hehehehehehehe
@JosephWright Ohhhhhh, so you are going swiss about it? they recently had a referendum and decided to stablish quotas for EU inmigrants. As you can imagine, Portuguese went nuts
@MarioS.E. I guess there's not much difference: but probably in Portugal you don't have so many clowns at the head of parties.
@MarioS.E. The UK has never really been 'pro-EU' in that sense
@egreg ---Oh no, believe me, we do.
@JosephWright But... why? I mean, you even had Osama there for a moment! Why are you so afraid of French (punch line here)?
4:35 PM
@MarioS.E. So, what's the most comfortable place? The consulate or the local polling station?
@MarioS.E. Britain at one stage ruled a large part of the world from London, and we are an island nation: this leads to a certain outlook
@egreg Damn you're good! I have no idea where the closest polling station will be. but the consulate is quite near.
@MarioS.E. Interesting thing is we have our election today but can't publish the results :-)
Elections in the UK are always on a Thursday
Or at least almost always (I think we had one on a Wednesday before the second world war)
@JosephWright Portuguese also did the same... but they wanted everyone to be portuguese hehehehehe. They even had a special name for their colonies: "Ultramarine territories". Those places were Portugal, just a few kilometers away.
@JosephWright Do you have a particular reason for this?
@MarioS.E. Yes, true
4:38 PM
Do you think it will come the day ballots will be writen in LaTeX?
@MarioS.E. Tradition
@MarioS.E. Unlikely: line breaking etc. not important
@JosephWright Costa Rica bans alcohol the day of the elections hehehehe. I think this measure is stupid, because it makes people "stockpile"
@JosephWright So, lets say that the UKIP actually wins the elections. Do you feel they'll have enough support to actually pull off from the EU?
@MarioS.E. At a national level they are unlikely to win in parliament, but the Conservatives (main right-of-centre party) have promised an in/out referendum if they win the general election next year
@MarioS.E. It's certainly a possibility
@MarioS.E. UKIP + Conservatives + unhappy left-of-centre people might be enough
@JosephWright The legend is that elections are on Thursdays because Friday was the pay day, so people were likely to have less money to spend on drinks on Thursday. ;-)
@JosephWright Are people so afraid of EU inmigrants? Do you actually received the millions of rumanians you were expecting once the Schengen applied to Romania?
4:47 PM
@egreg Sounds about right: a lot of the laws in the UK are or were rather focussed on pubs
@MarioS.E. People really are worried
@MarioS.E. We got a lot more Polish migrants than expected in the late 1990s, and in some sectors (e.g. restaurants) the number of eastern Europeans is quite high
@JosephWright If you were closer to the EU border maybe you could have a reason to be worried... but you are even far away in Europe's terms
@MarioS.E. you should look at the UK popular newspapers, people are encouraged to be afraid of foreigners (mainly on the grounds that they are not British)
@MarioS.E. Like I say, the big concern is EU migrants as there are no limitations
@JosephWright I know of a few lithuanian friends that went to the UK to work. They say the have a "little Lithuania" there.
@DavidCarlisle Don't you have the same regulations for americans? Aren't you more afraid of them? hehehehehe
@MarioS.E. On the ballot paper for my area we have a party who's position is 'the UK is full, no more immigrants at all' (presumably including asylum cases)
@MarioS.E. Yes: I work with a Lithuanian
4:50 PM
anyone know how to \addcontentsline{toc}{chapter}{#1} without adding a pdfbookmark?
@DavidCarlisle The trash ones, yes
@DavidCarlisle You might guess which paper I read :-)
@MarioS.E. They are a long way away and most of them don't believe there are any other countries, so they don't come here.
@JosephWright the sun?
@DavidCarlisle I guess it's kind of a bless...
@DavidCarlisle :-)
@DavidCarlisle I mean, if they are the ones that DO think there are no more countries
4:51 PM
@DavidCarlisle Also they speak English, after a fashion
@JosephWright Do you have something like "Real Academia Española" for
@MarioS.E. No
@MarioS.E. English is defined by usage, not by a committee :-)
@JosephWright Hahahahahahhaahahhaahaha
@MarioS.E. The nearest we get is the Oxford English Dictionary deciding what to add
@MarioS.E. I find the whole idea that people can impose a change in the language odd: for example, I've never felt comfortable with the German spelling reforms
@JosephWright If you would have had it, then probably you wouldn't have suffered the transformation of your language
4:54 PM
@MarioS.E. No, the same would happen but it wouldn't be 'official': ask @AlanMunn about languages 'in the wild'
@JosephWright Portugal and Brazil have just recently signed an "orthographic agreement" Basically portuguese is no longer portuguese but brazilian.
@JosephWright Yes!! I've been waiting to ask @AlanMunn regarding howcome the latin just faded away to give way to our romances...
@JosephWright Most of people down here don't like the new agreement at all. They find it awful, and they are reluctant to use it. And if by any chance they do use it, they put at the end an asterisk saying "This was written with the new agreement" so people don't feel it was bad written in the first place
@MarioS.E. Like I say, I find the entire idea odd: to me spelling is correct because it's the current common practice
@JosephWright I have one of the best examples: Latin America. Phonetically, their spanish is even poorer than the european one. 'c', 's', 'z' they all sound the same, as well as 'v' and 'b'.
@JosephWright So there is actually no way of telling how to write something out of how it sounds.... so people just MUST know how to write it.... and that's how you can tell who is educated and who isn't
@MarioS.E. I'm familiar with the 'you can't tell how to write it from how it sounds' problem :-)
@DavidCarlisle Cricket score looks defensible today
@JosephWright Yeah, english has a lot of it too... but believe me, this is a huge problem with kids in LA... and becomes adults' problems as well. And since we DO have the Real Academia Española, you risk yourself to ridicule every time you write anything.
@DavidCarlisle are you voting as well this week? I read somewhere that Scotland wasn't part of this election
5:07 PM
@MarioS.E. All of the EU voting
@JosephWright That's why I was asking hehehehehe. It was weird for me to read that
@MarioS.E. Perhaps you are thinking of the upcoming referendum on Scottish independence (in September)
@JosephWright How are the polls on that?
@MarioS.E. Currently more pro-UK than pro-independence, but the latter are growing and there are quite a lot of undecideds
@MarioS.E. The people I know in Scotland feel the vote will be to stay in the UK
@JosephWright Will they still be part of EU if they get out of the UK?
5:16 PM
@MarioS.E. The SNP (pro-independence party) want to stay in the EU. However, it's not clear if the rest of the EU will allow it: it seems that only one 'successor state' is automatically in the EU, and that would be the 'rump UK'.
@MarioS.E. Feeling is Spain might veto Scotland as they have their own regions pushing for separation
@JosephWright I guess EU will not be too happy about it. Think of the problem with Cataluña and País Vasco in Spain
@JosephWright Yes, exactly!
@MarioS.E. I'm not pro-independence for Scotland, but my take is that if a country splits then both parts are automatically in the EU if the original state was
@MarioS.E. Again, not pro-separation but if those regions want to go ...
@MarioS.E. Because as long as you have language variation (within a language) and language contact (between languages) you will necessarily get language change.
@JosephWright but if you do that every rich region of every country will want independence. A country is uneven to become a social entity, where money is distributed to guarantee a better well-being for all of us
@AlanMunn and howcome latin remained "pure"? Maybe this sounds stupid, but I'm really intrigued how did they manage to "salvage" the original language
@MarioS.E. I realise that, but also note that a country is a society in which the populace has agreed to pool sovereignty in an agreed way. In the UK, Scotland and Wales have separate identities and thus may constitute nations in their own right, whereas say Surrey (part of the area in/around London) probably doesn't.
5:26 PM
@MarioS.E. If nobody speaks a language, then it pretty much can be preserved. Change arises because each new generation of learners isn't guaranteed to learn exactly the same mental rules that produced the input data to their learning algorithm. It's these perturbations that cause the change.
@JosephWright How do you define an identity, then? :)
@MarioS.E. That's a complex one and tends to be what leads to conflict in these things. It's a mix of history, geography and ethnicity.
@AlanMunn and how do you "cut the line"? For example, actually, in relation to @JosephWright's question how do you define the identity of each language?
@MarioS.E. Think about how you learned your first language: you heard sentences uttered by your parents and others around you, and you figured out by yourself what rules must have generated those sentences. But the rules are in your head and your parents heads, and you have no direct access to what rules they used, so your rules can be slightly different.
@MarioS.E. The notion of 'a language' is ill-defined except socially. It has no coherent linguistic definition.
@MarioS.E. In the UK case, Scotland was a separate state until relatively recently and retains separate laws to England and Wales, and has a parliament with various powers. Wales was annexed by England but does have some separate laws and nowadays a regional assembly.
@MarioS.E. Northern Ireland also has a clear identity, to cover all cases
5:31 PM
@JosephWright Are you scottish?
@JosephWright Scotsman?
@JosephWright What's the right way?
@MarioS.E. 'Are you Scottish?' would be more usual, 'Are you a Scotsman?' is a bit odd but not incorrect :-)
@MarioS.E. I'm neither
@MarioS.E. Home for me is:
@JosephWright I've had the pleasure to be in Edinburgh. Scotland is amazing, and for the little time I spent there, I can tell Scottish are different from English... starting from the accent hehehehehehehe
@MarioS.E. Ah now, I know some Scottish people and they'd say Edinburgh is English!
@JosephWright Really? I haven't had the Scottish experience then!
@MarioS.E. It's all relative: they are from further north
5:36 PM
@JosephWright We went on July, and we had an AMAZING weather... like... Tropical weather (no exaggeration, I lived in the tropic for many years). The first thing the guy from the Ediburgh's Castle tour told us was "This... this is not normal weather down here... this is a mistake"
@MarioS.E. Historically there are really two distinct parts of Scotland: the Highlands (where people traditionally spoke Gaelic) and the Lowlands (where people have generally spoken a variety of English). So depending on who you talk to, you might find different ideas of what really counts as Scottish.
@JosephWright I'm here goo.gl/maps/xxa7V hehehehee
@AlanMunn Gaelic as the ones in Hispania?
@MarioS.E. Gaelic as in the Celtic language related to Irish, Welsh, and Breton. I think there are now dead branches of Celtic which were spoken in the Iberian Peninsula. The actual historical categorization of the languages is a bit contentious; it's not my area. I have a good friend who can tell me if you're interested in knowing more.
@egreg You forgot to ping me in your Barber comment, so I didn't see it for a while. But I agree with you on the judgement. :)
5:56 PM
@JosephWright wow just got home via the polling station, longest voting paper I think I've seen for a national election (a whole variety of parties I've never heard of:-)
@DavidCarlisle You should reconsider your answer to
Q: How to make ellipsis work with sans serif font?

ColasProblem/question It seems that the ellipsis package does not work with sans-serif fonts. Is it a known problem or maybe not a problem at all? This question follows this one, about "how to change the appearance of \dots"? Thank you. MWE (minimal working example) \documentclass{article} \usepac...

@egreg I just saw jfbu's comment. How was I supposed to know it was a fontdimen:-)
@DavidCarlisle By reading the doc? ;-)
@egreg using \show more likely than that.
@egreg answer gone (and 7 votes with it)
@MarcoDaniel This question will surely interest you: tex.stackexchange.com/q/179790/3954
6:10 PM
@egreg some saying about thinking alike? tex.stackexchange.com/questions/179791/…
@DavidCarlisle :)
@Jake Nice answer! Getting rid of the grid is a nice feature.
@GonzaloMedina Thanks! Takes ages to compile, though, probably some random offset of the grid-aligned arrows would be a better way to do it
@Jake Yes, Perhaps I'll try that, but later.
6:32 PM
How to write into a file in the same directory as the `\jobname.tex` file? I want to use texcount internally. Currently I have:
\immediate\write18{texcount -inc -incbib
-sum \jobname.tex > /tmp/\jobname-wc.tex}
@HeikoOberdiek Would never have worked that one out, works well.
@DavidCarlisle All loonies?
@AlanMunn Yes, that's about right
Q: Why doesn't Pandoc convert citations correctly from Markdown to LaTeX?

clstaudtConsider the following markdown fragment: Connecting these native implementations to the Python world is enabled by the [Cython](http://cython.org/) toolchain  [@behnel2011cython]. I use pandoc to convert from markdown to LaTeX: pandoc --chapters ../Source/Chapters/Content.md -o ../Example/C...

On topic?
7:01 PM
@JosephWright Seems more a Pandoc problem than a LaTeX one.
7:20 PM
@1010011010 you can't, in general, the location of the file isn't available to the macro layer.
@AlanMunn Really? Sorry for not answering earlier, but I was on the train and my attention was all to showing David was wrong.
A new user! Or old?
7:40 PM
normal chat service is resumed; thank you for your patience ? Seriously?
@percusse chat's back, but main site's gone read only it seems...
@DavidCarlisle Let's chat normally then, just like the medieval times :)
@percusse I think they only had irc not stackexchange in medieval times
Hi. So I have to share some exciting (for me) news. :) I just found out that in TeXstudio you can insert a label from, say chap03s03.tex, to your current section, say chap04s02.tex, via right-clicking the label in the navigator. Wow. Holy shit. This is awesome, seriously.
Wouldn't mind if you pretend to be equally excited. :)
@DavidCarlisle I would op you but @ is for pinging these days. Kids
7:47 PM
@percusse @DavidCarlisle No problems on main site for me.
@henry I am already amazed when TeXStudio compiles :)
Haha :)
Wait... I don't get it. Because you make errors a lot? Or the editor is problematic?
Just a little addendum, if anyone else stumbles upon this bit on TeXstudio: this is true for all labels in a file, except probably, macro-ed ones (haven't tested this).
@henry the editor isn't emacs so isn't interesting:-)
Are you having problems with JavaScript on the site?
Ah. I feel so weird now. :P But we still root for the same club, right? .... right?
8:23 PM
There is an example here at tex.sx, but i can't find it right now.
@DavidCarlisle Argh, e-mail hell!
@JosephWright I'm sure if you look close enough you'll find someone agreeing with you somewhere:-)
@percusse Do you have time for a TikZ question?
ninepuzzle/.style={tikz={\foreach [count=\i] \val in {#1} {
        \draw  let \n{row}={int(mod(\i -1, 3))}, \n{col}={ int( ( \i - 1 ) / (-3) ) } in
           (\n{row}, \n{col}) rectangle  +(1,1)
            +(0.5, 0.5) node{\val};
[,ninepuzzle={1,2, ,3,4,5,6,7,8}
  [,ninepuzzle={1,2, ,3,4,5,6,7,8}
  [,ninepuzzle={1,2, ,3,4,5,6,7,8}
@DavidCarlisle Was more the number to answer than the content!
@DavidCarlisle Looks like once my scripts are sorted you are porting them for LaTeX2e!
@percusse The problem is how to make the puzzles not end up on top of each other, but instead be the content of the nodes in the tree.
8:30 PM
@AlanMunn Just a second I'm typing a short exercise for the blasphemy question :)
Need one more minute
@JosephWright ok:-) (first thing I ever did for the project was port the l3 test suite to latex2.09 ) so some things never change
@DavidCarlisle Perhaps Frank will deal with it
@AlanMunn Done :)
@AlanMunn I don't have forest package and MikTeX server is down for maintenance it says. So I'll hypothetically compile (writelatex that is )
@AlanMunn So each cell should have like a Sudoku possibilty matrix in the end?
@percusse The idea is that the nodes of the trees are the matrices.
8:45 PM
@percusse This is @GonzaloMedina 's problem, actually, not mine, but I provided this partial solution.
@AlanMunn Sorry for the random example
something like that right?
@percusse No, they are supposed to be arranged as a tree.
imagine they are all filled with full arrays
@AlanMunn Ah every branch would have a matrix right?
@percusse Yes.
8:47 PM
I see.
Interesting, Coursera course on LaTeX. (One minor caveat though: it's in Russian.)
@PauloCereda Lua question: is it 'best practice' to make everything local even in a script where there is no chance of it being loaded in an 'uncontrolled' way?
Wondering about the build stuff I'm writing
@TorbjørnT. We'll just be readying for Russia as next world order. :-)
@percusse The beginning of the problem was a simplified version which Gonzalo posed and I answered. But when we tried to get the actual version he was working on to work, it's not quite as simple. tex.stackexchange.com/q/179653/2693
@AlanMunn Oh that's nice. I need to read a bit of forest doc. I don't know what bracket notation does.
8:56 PM
@percusse It's just a standard way of representing trees. [A [B ] [C ]] yields A dominating B and C.
@AlanMunn Do you know any hooks for the parent and child anchors? That's why the matrix is not moving. The coords are hard-coded to (\n{row},\n{col})
It needs a relative referral
@percusse Yes, that's exactly what's needed, but I don't know enough about TikZ coordinate systems to do that. But yes, the package has plenty of such hooks.
@AlanMunn To the batmobile then...
Evening, everybody!
Is it coincidence a lot of people are subtly attempting to convert me to using listings over minted?
9:13 PM
@AlanMunn It's utterly wrong but just to be sure. It's gotta look like this right?
ninepuzzle/.style={tikz={\foreach [count=\i] \val in {#1} {
\begin{scope}[scale=0.1,transform shape,shift={()}]
        \draw  let \n{row}={int(mod(\i -1, 3))}, \n{col}={ int( ( \i - 1 ) / (-3) ) } in
           (\n{row}, \n{col}) rectangle  +(1,1)
            +(0.5, 0.5) node[]{\val};
[{},ninepuzzle={1,2, ,3,4,5,6,7,8}
  [{},ninepuzzle={1,2, ,3,4,5,6,7,8}
  [,ninepuzzle={1,2, ,3,4,5,6,7,8}
I'm surprised that it works. It should give an error
@percusse Sort of. But why the scale? When I take it out, all goes to hell.
@AlanMunn As far as I understand, forest doesn't consider these matrices as node contents but ornaments so they are not measured for leaf computations.
as if you have overlayed these
do you people never sleep?
Also didn't fit on writeLaTeX :P
@FionaSmith Sleep is so 90s.
@percusse Yes, I think that's true. So then Gonzalo's question remains, I guess. Which is what you really want is to make the matrix the content of the node.
9:22 PM
@FionaSmith Certainly @PauloCereda never seems to
@AlanMunn You can directly put a matrix node or nest a \tikz{...} inside the tree node. For the latter it should be all OK right away.
@JosephWright well, cricket is international you know... goes on at all hours
@FionaSmith which reminds me, we should let @PauloCereda know the news:
@percusse But that's the problem, the simple solution didn't seem to work:

    \foreach [count=\i] \val in {#1} {
        \draw  let \n{row}={int(mod(\i -1, 3))}, \n{col}={ int( ( \i - 1 ) / (-3) ) } in
            (\n{row}, \n{col}) rectangle  +(1,1)
            +(0.5, 0.5) node{\val};


[{\ninepuzzle{1,2, ,3,4,5,6,7,8}}
  [{\ninepuzzle{1,2, ,3,4,5,6,7,8}}
  [{\ninepuzzle{1,2, ,3,4,5,6,7,8}}  ]
@GonzaloMedina thanks I stole the code:-)
9:39 PM
someone save me having to trawl the web again for an answer: I have put \\* between two lines of text where I want a line break - what does that (in particular the *) do?
I should add, it's not doing what I want! the first line is indented and the second is not. I think I can just get rid of it and put a blank line since I have not got a \parskip
@FionaSmith using \\ is usually wrong (outside of tabular:-) but anyway it forces a line break (leaving the first line short) the * prevents a page break
@FionaSmith the setting of the line before the \\ isn't altered (so if it is the start of an indented paragraph that doesn't change)
@DavidCarlisle great thanks! Actually I've just put it all in a description environment, which is exactly what I should have done in the first place, but I only found out that existed last week!
It's like my question of a couple of days ago - nice to know how to stop these things happening, but dangerous to put dodgy cludges in before you've finished the text!
@FionaSmith some people spend so long on the dodgy kludges they never finish the text
10:02 PM
@DavidCarlisle Do equivalents of \thechapmark and \titlecontents exist for the article class?
@1010011010 depends what they do
2 hours later…
11:36 PM
@JosephWright I believe it's better to leave stuff local to avoid uncaught errors due to name clashing. :)
11:54 PM
@PauloCereda Paulo!!!

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