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1:45 PM
Q: Detailed "what kind of questions" list

Al EverettCheck this out: http://meta.webapps.stackexchange.com/questions/894/what-kind-of-questions-can-i-ask-here-the-detailed-version Do you think a similar kind of post would be useful here at Android Enthusiasts?

2:25 PM
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3:27 PM
Ooh we've got a chat room again!
@GAThrawn Yep, it was frozen so I assume Bryan didn't have time to manage it. But I'm happy to do so.
4:14 PM
Hi from SuperUser! Can I ask "app-reccomendation" questions here, like "Which Anriod VNC clients support host/domian names"? My current one only will accept IP addresses and as my home server is on a dynamic IP i'd rather use my domain name address.
@tombull89 Generally speaking, app recommendations are discouraged. Since you have a clear need to solve a problem, though, it should be OK. If you want to make us really happy, phrase it as a "How can I?" question, e.g. "How can I connect to my home VNC server via its hostname?"
3 hours later…
7:02 PM
:1524459 Need help?
@MatthewRead i was just trying to get in touch with an android dev. i know they don't hang out here but i don't have the rep for their chat on SO just yet, so i wondered if i could try and summon them temporarily
(accio android dev!)
@AbbyTMillerΨ Octavian, in the Ubuntu room?
@MatthewRead he'd do. but in the time i've been tooling around joining like every chat i can find, my problem's solved itself. so it's a moot point :)
appreciate the help though.
must go join MOAR CHATS
@AbbyTMillerΨ Ah, OK. You have write access to that room now, if you need it.
@MatthewRead thanks!!
7:12 PM
Sure thing
Posted by Alex Miller on August 3rd, 2011

Miguel De Icaza joins Jeff & Joel this week to discuss everything from Miguel’s many projects to identity on the internet to playdates for toddlers.  Miguel is a force in the software world, having initiated and contributed to all kinds of products over the years – he’s also well known for being one of the most productive programmers out there.  Check out the full episode for:

Miguel has worked on a number of different projects including Midnight Commander, Gnome, Mono, Ximian and more …


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