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12:12 AM
@jmac the work I'm thinking of is in making it evident, not in drumming up a bunch of questions. Our site design suggests an office environment, so let's make sure our tour doesn't reinforce that idea, and let's look at tags with non-office jobs in mind and see if those questions fit when asked. (I haven't actually noticed such questions, so I'm glad they're there and I've missed them. Do you happen to have any handy, or remember useful search terms?)
12:24 AM
Q: Small general construction business that needs help getting crew to provide DETAILED info on exactly what tasks they did and how long it took

NicoleCliff note version, we need to be able to provided detailed info about what tasks each crew member did on a daily basis. Easy example, we cannot justify billing a customer x amount when currently the crew is telling me "Monday 8 hours, painting" What is the easiest, hassle free way to get our c...

Q: How should I handle bad language in the office?

Steven WoodI started a new job as a software developer around 3 months ago in a small IT department of a Window Factory in Wales. Since then, I have become increasingly concerned about the level of language that is in ordinary use, not just from the "workers" on the shop floor, but also from managers and o...

Those are the ones off the top of my head.
@jmac oh, retail! Thanks, I do remember seeing some of those. Thanks for the other links too.
Yeah, there are quite a few of those, and they're great questions because there are a lot of young people who look to the net for answers, and don't have a peer group that they can ask about this sort of stuff and get good answers to. And many of them may turn to Yahoo! answers or the like if we aren't around.
@jmac yes, I want people in those jobs to have a home here too, and as you say, their networking options are more limited sometimes. We don't need to seek them out, but I'd like them to know they're welcome here if they find us.
@MonicaCellio One way to do it is to collect a bunch of the questions, toss it in a meta post (or start a blog post draft on our trello), and then create a community ad for it.
@jmac that makes sense. Fortunately, this is the sort of thing that can be done at our leisure by anybody; it isn't a mod thing and we don't have to do all the things at once. :-)
12:37 AM
Of course. Just saying.
I went through our election badge stats, here is what our election looks like by participation by privilege level:
And here is what it looks like gross numbers-wise (graph shortened to make it a wee bit less skewed
@jmac interesting. I wonder what explains the blip at 3k -- why have users at that level (so far) voted more than at the next two? But it sure is nice to see that from 3k up, more than half of our users have participated in the election!
I think it could have to do with small sample size. I'm not so sure.
There are only 28 people, after all, so a few users will really swing the percentages.
@jmac ah, good point.
Data for those who want to play with it:
priv,# vote,# visit,# site,site url;
jquery to grab info from the badges page:
$('.user-details').each( function() {
  var title = $(this).find('.reputation-score').eq(0).attr('title');
  var rep = $(this).find('.reputation-score').eq(0).text();
  var username = $(this).find('a').eq(0).text();
  console.log(title + ';' + rep + ';' + username);
(apologies for my horrible jquery, but it works at least. I do the heavy lifting in Excel)
If rep is over a certain amount, it changes from the actual number to 40.8k or somesuch. In that case you have to look at the end of the title in the first bit for their actual rep. Though you can do it a different way if you'd like.
12:58 AM
I was going to guess SQL queries to SEDE rather than JavaScript. Not that I'm all that experienced with either, mind. :-)
SEDE data is too old, or our election is too recent.
Hence the API calls, and sifting through the badges pages with jquery.
anyway, duty calls, be back later.
Oh right, they don't refresh that very often. Good point.
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1:44 PM
@jmac I agree with this, the main problem is people tend to not be interested in actually figuring out when this is the case - we have had a lot about "started part time job which sucks" too (variety of reasons, bad managers, etc)

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