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12:00 AM
<--- has ADSL, no problems there
@Seth i have my router and modem downstairs
how can i get ethernet upstair
@Seth Most gear wouldn't log it since promisc mode cable gear would be... hard to find. That's what it sounds like is happening though.
A: ISP broadcasting all IP-packets, so I can see traffic of other clients from ISP

hbdgafIf it's cable, by definition it's shared circuit. Seeing other people's downstream under global logging of all packets would be normal. Promisc mode cable gear would be an interesting anomaly but that sounds like exactly what is happening.

There's a relatively interesting barrier around cable-modem gear and open source such that you could theoretically rent a house on a block with the right custom gear and see your neighbor's traffic and everything as far as subscription is handled by MAC address. So... there is a thing where you can buy a mac spoofing surfboard and get free service forever. The problem is that the gear is really hard to come by and no open source options exist for a chunk of hardware that is consumer buy-able
and allows modification of things at that level.
user image
@Braiam lol.
@hbdgaf very interesting..
@basketball long cat5 cable.
12:15 AM
get a wireless router and, if needed, a wireless adapter.
@Seth cat5? who still use those?
@Seth They even have a WINS example in the CCNP training material on differences between cable and DSL with old school cable modems. I'm not sure if it's still a thing, but broadcast traffic was the example. It's still theoretically possible given the right hardware.
@Braiam I do.
I told someone once... never run updates over wireless. I said it. I believe it. I have ethernet cables.
12:23 AM
@Seth you sure they aren't cat5e?
12:33 AM
no, not really.
> There are no items for you to review, matching the filter "off topic, unclear what you're asking, too broad, primarily opinion-based"
12:59 AM
Man, I'm really starting to like QML.
It's actually possible to do a lot with a little.
1:42 AM
@NathanOsman It's pretty cool isn't it?
2:04 AM
how can i boost rep so i can help more
Write good answers ;)
How do i find answers
@NathanOsman sounds cool.
2:25 AM
Good Morning Folks!
@loganmayfield Hi! Can you please add that information as a comment on the question/answer instead of as an edit? Thanks!
@Seth I saw what you did there :P
@Braiam Ah hem ;P
3 hours later…
5:56 AM
so silence
6:14 AM
Q: Books that explain Linux Ubuntu in detail?

OutrageousI've got a lot of problems about the LINUX . I currently just download Ubuntu. I really wonder what does 0.0 mean, how to combine command like ls -alh ( which one should come first) , what is the command short for (eg. wc). Any books that tell us all these little things? Thanks.

1 hour later…
7:23 AM
That does it... I probably need to dual-boot on this machine :(
7:46 AM
Somebody set us up the WIndows?
7:59 AM
I can't edit answer while reviewing posts. What's the problem?
Q: What do we in cases where users answer questions that have been marked as dupicates?

Avatar PartoI have just marked a question as a duplicate and after sometime I have found other users answering it with the same answers like in the linked duplicate question. How can I handle such cases?

1 hour later…
9:31 AM
Is there serial downvoting going on?
9:43 AM
user image
9:58 AM
Ubuntu.com is up for about 438 days. good job linux! toolbar.netcraft.com/site_report?url=www.ubuntu.com#last_reboot
10:33 AM
@AdityaPatil In fairness that's hopefully not the last time it was booted but rather that there's a load-balancer sitting in front of multiple servers so there's never any downtime. That's all netcraft is tracking.
10:46 AM
somebody know, how to get internet connection inside chrooted partition?
@Rinzwind ^
Q: When and why is /etc/init/failsafe.conf invoked on Ubuntu Server 12.04?

NeverStopLearningCould someone please tell me when during the boot process and why /etc/init/failsafe.conf is invoked? If possible, please point me towards a resource (keyword or link) where I could read more about the bootup process. Thank you.

@AvinashRaj You usually mount the host /dev /sys /run and /proc over the top of the chroot version. That should give you the same internet connection.
for d in dev sys run proc; do sudo mount --bind /$d /mnt/$d ; done
Run from outside the chroot, assuming your chroot root is mounted as /mnt
11:02 AM
thank @Oli , i will try that.
11:35 AM
@Oli finally works.Thanks :-)
A: Can sudo be reinstalled after being removed?

Avinash RajYes, reinstalling sudo package would be possible via chroot method. Boot from Ubuntu live disk. Mount the previously installed Ubuntu partition into a directory in /media/ubuntu sudo mkdir /media/ubuntu sudo mount /dev/sdaX /media/ubuntu By default you didn't able to get internet connection a...

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2:00 PM
I lolled hard when I read this in the Komodo-edit installer:

        # I dunno what you're doing, hopefully you're smart enough
2:11 PM
@hbdgaf O_O
Why is it so quiet? worried about ukraine? or maybe mh370?
3:15 PM
GOOD eve
3:55 PM
I dont have any yet ;p
4:13 PM
@MinatoNamikaze that is a lot of butter ;) not sure that one would go over well
> When Jeff Dean listens to mp3s, he just cats them to /dev/dsp and does the decoding in his head.
@MinatoNamikaze A really fatty pancake?
5:04 PM
@terdon Do you U&L folks like OSX questions?
@Seth there's like and there's accept :)
Yes, OSX is on topic and we have a few
@terdon haha
just not that many experts on it
@terdon Thanks.
In fact, I recently asked an OSX question that got 6 upvotes so, not bad
@Seth in general, anything tyhat is about the Unix underpinnings of OSX is fine and on topic. Gui stuff that is specific to OSX is off topic and should go to askdifferent
From the help/on-topic page: " The Unix foundation underlying MacOS (but generally not frontend application questions)"
5:15 PM
@Seth how many close votes did you able to put on a single day?
@AvinashRaj I have ∞ votes.
You have 24.
@AvinashRaj depends, up/down votes, close votes, delete votes, undelete votes?
@terdon he is a mod.So that only i asked him.I don't know how much votes allocated for a mod.
@Braiam He said close votes..
5:18 PM
@Seth ah
terdon confused me...
blames @terdon
@AvinashRaj Mods never run out of anything, except bacon, upvotes and patience.
and popcorn.
@AvinashRaj sorry, the you could have been general, as in one
@Seth patience?
patience is always limited...
@terdon Hmm. That happens occasionally I guess. And patience.
and the normal up/down votes are not ilimited either
5:20 PM
oh wait. No, I do run out of upvotes.
Q: 8 GB DDR5 or 500gb RAM for the PS4?

EZcheezso I'm a little confused. So there is a 500gb PS4, and a 8 GB DDR5 PS4. I was wondering which is better? (P.S the price doesn't matter).

Wait, we have DDR5 RAM?
I'm so behind.
@Braiam you are an allrouder. :-)
@AvinashRaj you should look at Gilles... he has +10k rep in 9 sites
and moderates 3....
i had seen you in most of the SE chat rooms.
5:23 PM
kalina has more
yes, i forget to mention his name.How is this possible? @Gilles you are awesome.
@Seth may i post like this, on here?
48 mins ago, by Avinash Raj
1more vote to go http://askubuntu.com/questions/434626/can-i-run-64-bit-apps-in-32-bit-linux http://askubuntu.com/questions/434598/may-i-install-ubuntu-and-debian-sharing-th‌​e-same-swap-memory http://askubuntu.com/questions/434553/installation-problem-from-ubuntu-market http://askubuntu.com/questions/407017/get-wacom-ctl-480-to-show-up-in-gnome-cont‌​rol-center http://askubuntu.com/questions/434149/escape-character-not-working-from-mac-term‌​inal
@AvinashRaj seth did all of them about 30 mins ago... what's left?
nothing.Only questions with 3 close votes are left.
5:40 PM
@AvinashRaj Yeah that's fine. Doesn't mean I'll do them all though.
yes, i saw that.
@Braiam i'll come next to you on this.
6:02 PM
i sent in a bug and got this email paste.ubuntu.com/7096808
@Seth ^^
@Seth GDDR5 exists. We're barely up to DDR4 in normal RAM.
Advice is needed: I am trying to set up a dual boot system. I have a 160GB SSD and am planning to get a WD Caviar Blue 500GB / 7200RPM mechanical drive to go along with it.
What would be a better option: Windows on the SSD and Ubuntu on the mechanical drive? Or stick both on the SSD and use the mechanical drive for data?
Keep in mind that I'm taking more than just speed into account...
What are you planning on using most and for what?
@NathanOsman forget about dual boot and just install windows on a VM....
Probably Ubuntu and for software / web dev.
@Braiam That's not really an option.
I need Windows around for games.
...and games don't mix well with VMs...
6:10 PM
install windows and put Ubuntu on a vm :/
...besides, it's going to be tricky to rip my Windows install off of the partition it's on and stick it in a disk image.
There is at least one question about that...
I don't have install media for my copy of Windows 8.1. It was an upgrade from Windows 8 which was an upgrade from Vista which was an OEM copy originally.
But no, that's not an easy decision... Don't suppose stealing a second SSD from somebody's an option? :)
Not... really. I'm the only one with an SSD in the house.
6:12 PM
@NathanOsman Is it just games in Windows?
I have a 2TB NAS but it's only accessible over SMB.
on the other hand, I'm installing CentOS...
@Oli Not necessarily. I also have Visual Studio installed, but I rarely use it. (It's for compiling Windows versions of Qt apps I write.)
(I realize I could use a cross-compiler, but that's just... ugh...)
If you're only gaming in Windows, that makes things somewhat easier.. The SSD is only improving load times so spending an extra few seconds loading things into memory isn't going to kill you and it'll let you give the SSD to Ubuntu in full.
So you're suggesting moving Windows to the mechanical drive... interesting... I hadn't thought of that as an option... but, that might actually be the best.
160 GB should be enough for Ubuntu assuming ~ is located elsewhere.
6:15 PM
It's things like Firefox cache directories, swap —disk space that gets a lot of churn— where you see the biggest benefits of SSD. If you're doing all that in Ubuntu most of the time, yeah, kick windows off onto spinning rust.
Yeah, that probably makes more sense.
As long as you're not planning on doing any gaming on ubuntu... I do so a few of my games are split out over onto RAID5... As is a fair amount of my profile actually but if you have a NAS, you won't need as much stuff on your computer.
The three games I play the most are Windows-only. About the only games I play in Linux are 0 A.D. and Freeciv.
And FWIW, Wine with the CSTM patches is stupid-fast on games it works for. That's always the way with Wine though... If it works, it's usually great but you're limited to the games it suppoers.
I have a Radeon card and I heard that the latest updates to the kernel offer an excellent open-source driver for Radeon cards?
6:18 PM
@Oli CSTM?
@Braiam Command Stream something-or-other... it moves the DX→GL conversion out to a second thread and wins in the process
Maybe I can use Wine...
Incidentally, this is the drive I'm looking at.
It's actually 1TB, I made a mistake.
Ooo it's so Canadian
> Compatible with PC and Mac computers
The image more than the site
6:22 PM
There's a discrepancy between what the box displays (64MB cache) and what the website displays (32MB cache).
Amazon seems to think it has a 64MB cache.
I think the confusion is due to the fact that there are two models: mainstream and performance.
The mainstream model only has a 32MB cache.
The WD site says the WDBH2D0010HNC has 64... I think you'll be fine.
The one downside: it doesn't include a SATA cable.
But I can borrow the one that my DVD burner is using and order another one online.
6:55 PM
@Braiam are they still putting that on hard drives?
@NathanOsman I like seagate
too harsh?
Will that what? If you don't take the time to re-read your question and make sure you actually typed it, why should we take the time to answer it? — terdon 16 secs ago
probally not, but it sounds like he was almost finished ;)
7:19 PM
@Mateo yes, I also edited it, it was even worse before. I really get annoyed at people who don''t even use a spell checker or just re-read their question once.
lol, @terdon is almost in the 3k club D:
@Braiam yeah, I've been hitting the rep cap every day for a week :)
Q: Why close an answered question?

WilfI have noticed occasionally when on this and other sites that questions are closed, even when they have been answered. An example of this is here - here is the closed explanation: closed as off-topic by karel, Warren Hill, Florian Diesch, Braiam, Eric Carvalho Dec 4 '13 at 2:06 But the OP h...

7:40 PM
@Mateo Is Seagate reliable?
@NathanOsman so far...
That's a good sign.
they are efficient on warranty stuff too, in case you do get a bad one: support.seagate.com/customer/en-US/…
Installing steam os on a old computer :)
we'll see what happens...
8:00 PM
Are you part of the Steam In-Home Streaming beta?
If so, you can run the game on one computer and stream it to another on your home network.
yep, so I have my quad downstairs to stream stuff, and my dad has a good windows computer- I'll have him install steam too. so the steam os Is my old dual core, should work ok
I'm thinking I need to convert this system to dual-boot instead of using VirtualBox.
Too many OpenGL issues with VirtualBox.
8:14 PM
so, using "ye olde steamOSe", because it has bios...
I'm attempting to see if I can get the Trusty ISO any smaller with compression.
LZMA2 shaved off about 22 MB. Not really a huge difference.
hm, just the image?
Original: 976,224,256 bytes
LZMA2 (7-zip): 953,894,785 bytes
XZ: 953,908,320 bytes
In summary, there is no really significant difference.
8:47 PM
Q: How to download tar.gz file?

user258602im in need... what do i do to download this? root@acer:/home/aspire/Downloads# ls 1418387_618935921479028_1500247148_n.jpg 2_files application note - installing a star printer on debian linux.pdf image001.emz installer_driver_star_micronics_tsp600_javapos_Spanish.exe "Los loscuatroacuerdo...

8:59 PM
well, can't install grub... so trying debian - then converting some stuff...
If that doesn't work, I'll go straight to ubuntu with the steam client.
Q: Doesn't we have quality checks on posts?

BraiamPlease don't mixup with Quality blocks enabled for questions. For some time now, I've seen the system accepting low quality stuff, without capitalized I's, a mess of punctuation signs, all-caps questions, and other indicators that the asker has poor language skills. Are these checks not enabled ...

9:16 PM
i sent in a bug and got this email paste.ubuntu.com/7096808
@Seth you would like to check that one ^
anyone see how can I be wrong? askubuntu.com/a/434631/169736
@Braiam There appears to be no real problem with it, maybe they wanted you to further expand your description or simplify it a little (you know how noobies are).
9:58 PM
Since when is this comment by the OP not a reason to close a question as OT/no repro?
@guntbert who said it isn't?
@Braiam ^
looks at the upvotes yeah, I know...
Of course the audit system cannot take such things into account - but I guess there should be another button aside from "I understand" - something like "I know I am right, I wanna report this audit"
did you voted to close?
@guntbert ^?
10:07 PM
@Braiam of course I did :-) How else would I fail the audit :-)
I mean the question @guntbert ^
No, it was in the audit queue - AH I see what you are getting at - will do immediately
I guess your proposal on meta is one way to handle those cases, I still would prefer to have all kinds of posts there but to be able to say: "I still stand by my decision, I know I'm right, please review this audit"
Q: Don't include self answered or questions where the OP commented in the review audits

BraiamThere is a mayor problem with one of our close reasons and the audits. We close stuff based in "no reproducible" basis, when OP can't figure out what was wrong nor how the issue was solved nor there's enough diagnostic information to verify. Now, those issues somehow or another get several upvote...

@Braiam I edited your request to show that last example
Vote into oblivion: askubuntu.com/a/434750/117103
@guntbert the Q too....
10:19 PM
@Braiam well, thats debatable
@Braiam what about it? after a lot of edits and my editing the Title it is certainly not "unclear" any more
@guntbert can you answer it?
i sent in a bug and got this email paste.ubuntu.com/7096808
@Braiam no, I cannot but I wouldn't know what info is missing either
10:35 PM
what does that mean
@guntbert then it is still unclear due missing information, do not edit those
here is the real reason why the edit button is there:
A: Why does an Edit action kick a post out of the Close Votes queue?

Shog9 In the end, should a single user be able to dequeue a post like that when it normally takes three (previously five) Leave Open votes to dequeue it? Yes, assuming that they're actually doing something useful to it. The intent of the close queue is to find posts that aren't closed but should...

> Edits that don't correct the problems are - as usual - pointless.
if you didn't add the missing information from somewhere else, allow that the question continue their course
@Braiam ack - it was a misjudgement
now, to report a bug about it...
@Braiam I did thqat is why i got the email
11:14 PM
Umm.. how do you quote or escape a backtick within a backtick quoted command in a comment?
@psusi depends, where you want it...
@Braiam, ?
inline or in a paragraph?
inline, since it's a comment
wait... ` ` d```
11:16 PM
I'm trying to show dpkg -S which foo
heck, use dpkg -S $(which foo)....
but the whole thing should be shown as a command, and include the literal backticks
oh yea, I always forget you can do that instead
@psusi btw, it wont work
dpkg -S $(type apt-get | awk '{print $3}')
:14307067 dpkg -S $(which vi)
dpkg-query: no path found matching pattern /usr/bin/vi`
da fu?
what's wrong with dpkg?
I'd say it's time to report a bug
it's a symbolic link created by update-alternatives
11:23 PM
yea... dpkg should be smart enough to follow it
ok, now I see why I use Ubuntu and not Debian
just installed it on one of my computers...
loads himself
11:32 PM
11:53 PM
I ended up buying a 2TB drive.
It was a real pain to install since it has to slide in straight and one of the RAM chips was in the way.
So I had to move my SSD down two slots, take out the RAM chips, disconnect the power cables to my video card, slide the drive in, connect the power/SATA cables, reinsert the RAM chips, reconnect the power cables to the video card, and then boot the thing up.
Anyway, it's all done now.......
Q: When I should vote to delete posts?

BraiamDue frequent misunderstandings on when to do what and under which conditions, lets remember why we vote to delete stuff.


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