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12:00 PM
well he could have it easier:
@user1412240 please include the full switch-statement in your question. also: Why not do the job with simple JavaScript? onChange="this.style.add('background-color', '#lightblueRGB');"Vogel612 46 secs ago
silent rage I am doing everything exactly as is done in the tutorial, yet it doesn't work
@skiwi it's always that way...
If anyone understands me, what I am doing is in OpenGL changing my program infrastructure to work with glDrawElements instead of glDrawArrays
incoming OT-Question!!
maybe a short-int-mismatch is the issue
Really?! that was the issue
12:12 PM
Q: jQuery and Ajax script

MohammadovSo i have a jQuery script that i should explain it line by line, i already do that and i want to make sure that is correct, so this is my script : //Here we use the jQuery selector ($) to select the servers_id which is located into //the delivers_id and we attaches a function to run when a cha...

My box got a new shape again
is that flat?
kind of
or is it a hexaeder?
ah the scene itself (floor) is flat
it's as if... something massively goes wrong somewhere
12:21 PM
so... the box is the green area only??^^
let me make a new one
this is the green box I'm talking about
I can also show you the blue floor seperately, but when I put them together... magic
@skiwi What Java libraries are you using to do all that 3D stuff?
@SimonAndréForsberg Java8, LWJGL, my own engine
You built your own 3D engine??
12:26 PM
LWJGL = Lightweight Java Game Library if I recall correctly, it's a binding between OpenGL and Java
and yea building my own engine, emphasis on building, to get the hang of 3D
Look, if all you want is to load up some models, make them move, etc. You're better off using an existing engine
However I strongly believe that models & baked animations are not the future technology and there's hardly a way around that with existing engines
and somewhere... I still have this tiny error
or misconception about how things work
and then nobody was talking anymore ;(
Regarding the Question Titles in the Long Run meta-question, I've posted an opinion: What problem with titles? There is no problem, and everything is fine.
A: Question Titles in the Long Run

amonQuestions have four types of visible metadata that can be used to distinguish them from one another: The title, which is the first thing one sees of the question. In some lists, this is the only identification for a question. The tags, which allow filtering The excerpt, which is mostly useless ...

I am awaiting contradicting answers
12:43 PM
@amon not gonna get one from me.. fully on your side there ;)
1:01 PM
@skiwi I'd love to talk more about it, but... I gotta work also :)
Time to upgrade my job computer. I'm gonna plug in some more memory here, and a nnew drive.
Work!? @SimonAndréForsberg?
I am still trying to debug why I cannot draw two objects
are you drawing both in the same scope?
I might be doing it slightly complicated
but essentially I have a vertex buffer with all vertices (of floor and box) stored consecutively
and an index buffer with all indices of vertices (of floor and box) stored consecutively
for now it is just mapping every index to vertex one to one
you sure you didn't change the order?
also wat?
Changs the order is changed is... low but plausible
1:08 PM
Pair<Index,Vertex> might help..
Map<Index,Vertex> is probably even better
unfortunately doesn't just work like that
It would've been a lot nicer if it did
"why easy, when you can do it complicated?" seems the dictum of Java8, huh?
don't know if drawing in wrong order would even matter... It would be an issue thoug if the Box thinks it is a Floor and vica versa
nah hasn't got to do with Java8 here
@skiwi that's what I mean. you maybe have different order in the two buffers.
I hoped, butnope
all in same order
I'll find this bug... one day.
1:21 PM
guten tag!
Q: Fallback for src.sencha.io image resizing web service

Zougen MoriverI use the src.sencha.io service to resize images on the fly according to device width, saving lots of bandwidth on mobiles etc. Sometimes the service fails randomly with a 503 error, so a fallback is needed. I've written this JS to fallback to "non-sencha" urls, and emit an error event, if the f...

HI !
I think I'll post a more detailed answer on the ocean simulator question. OP really needs a crash course in OOP :)
oh, meeting, gotta go - later!
1:40 PM
I love how Randall Munroe makes a point:
"Bacteria, still outweigh us thousands to one -- [...]"
also xkcd gets oneboxed:
(you need to use the permalink though)..
Sure... makes sense
aaaah.. and it only works with the numeric ID
2:02 PM
Q: Is this correcy way to use loops or should it be in LINQ?

ObsivusThe results variable is coming from a API that have a arrays in arrays etc.. I have made a foreach with for loops inside, it looks like this: foreach (var s in results) { var dataRowsCollection = s.ResultRows; for (int g = 0; g <= dataRowsC...

And still trying to debug...
2:18 PM
Q: Question Titles in the Long Run

amonThis is a question with a duplicate title to (dis-)prove a point made here: "there is no need at all for [the title] to be unique" Except that the Stack Exchange software requires it. – svick The title is shared by Question Titles in the Long Run This was made possible by adding extra ...

all hope I got left now are the SO gods
2:43 PM
Q: Do I have any SQL leaks?

MalachiThis is a Windows service that will run on about 600 machines. It is used to track the job server that a user is connected to (pushed through some kind of load balancer, not my area). I store this information in a SQL table and want to make sure that I don't have any SQL leaks. this grabs info...

▲▲▲ updated the Question with all the code
all 144 lines (counting brackets)
@Malachi I think the using-statments are somewhat non-helpful, except if you want feedback on them too ;)
@Vogel612 well I do, I am between this project and another project right now, and with the other project I have a meeting in about 45 minutes.
do you have the permission to post code from your company ?
then leave them in there ;) I am still kinda used to SO-Codeblocks... no using statements there mostly..
@Marc-Andre I'd rather have a secure class than some random guy copy my code for his own purposes, but that's my opinion ;)
@Vogel612 I know but I would rather have a Malachi with a job, than a Malachi with no job because his employer don't like having his code review by internet guys !
2:50 PM
That's a good point for sure ;) Luckily I don't have to consider stuff like that yet..
Trainees don't see productive code ...
3:07 PM
FWIW I think the LINQ question is borderline off-topic / non-working code.
A: Is this correct way to use loops or should it be in LINQ?

Mat's MugBefore you ask yourself "can I do this with LINQ?", you need to look at the body of your loop: var dataRows = dataRowsCollection[i].ItemArray; var Title = dataRows[0].ToString(); var Url = dataRows[4].ToString(); var TemplateId = dataRows[6].ToString(); These variables are scoped to the loop...

Q: Rewritten question - more efficient way to work with pandas dataframes for stock backtesting execise?

user3314418thanks for your time! I'm attempting to apply a long set of conditions and operations onto a pandas dataframe (see the dataframe below with VTI, upper, lower, etc). I attempted to use apply, but I was having a lot of trouble doing so.). My current solution (which works perfectly) relies on a fo...

@Mat'sMug I would be more strict and say that it is not working code. When the OP say : I will later on map Title, Url and TemplateId to my model class properties. His code is not finish to me at all, it's pseudo-code
I agree, but I'm holding back on close votes since last week's heated discussion with our favorite @monkey :)
@Marc-Andre well actually the code works. it just doesn't DO anything..
@Marc-Andre My Boss told me that it is my code and that I can do what I want with it as long as I am not giving out specifics about infrastructure or usernames and passwords
3:21 PM
Q: remove redundance in compare-functions

user2033412I wrote some compare-functions that I pass to other methods in javascript: function equal(a, b) { if (a instanceof Date) return a.getTime() == b.getTime(); return a == b; } function lessThan(a, b) { if (a instanceof Date) return a.getTime() < b.getTime(); return a < b; } functi...

@Malachi Good I'm glad ! I just want to be sure! :D
@Vogel612 Code that doesn't do anything for me it not worthy of being reviewable, but it 's my opinion I guess
Anyone around here good with hard-drives? (monkey perhaps? @rolfl)
I haven't succeeded in installing a new Windows 7. I put a new SSD drive into the machine, and it is recognized and so on, but I can't install Windows 7 on it. Probably because my motherboard doesn't have an EFI bios. So I'm trying to convert it into a MBR disk, but to do that it seems like it should not have any partitions. But I can't remove all partitions as there is a EFI System Partition on the drive.
3:38 PM
Windows 7.1?? You sure you don't mean 8.1? and if, why not use Win 8(.0)?
@SimonAndréForsberg It doesn't make sense that your motherboard BIOS is incompatible with GPT.
@200_success Then why does Windows installation say that it can't install Windows on that drive because it is a GPT disc?
@Vogel612 I don't have a Windows 8 installation. Only Windows 7 Professional.
It is a 32 bit Windows, but that shouldn't have anything to do with it, should it?
Q: Objective-C Console Monster Battle Game

ScüterThis code currently works, but I'm new to Objective-C from a Python/PHP background. How can I improve it/make it more Objective-Cesque. Header File/Interface #import <Foundation/Foundation.h> @interface Monster : NSObject @property NSString* name; @property NSNumber* health; @property NSNumb...

All the BIOS needs to do is run the boot loader, and it find the boot loader by looking in the first sector of the disk. That can be accomplished without any knowledge of the partition table format.
A master boot record (MBR) is a special type of boot sector at the very beginning of partitioned computer mass storage devices like fixed disks or removable drives intended for use with IBM PC-compatible systems and beyond. The concept of MBRs was publicly introduced in 1983 with PC DOS 2.0. The MBR holds the information on how the logical partitions, containing file systems, are organized on that medium. Besides that, the MBR also contains executable code to function as a loader for the installed operating system—usually by passing control over to the loader's second stage, or in conjun...

Q. Can Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008 read, write, and boot from GPT disks?
A. Yes, all versions can use GPT partitioned disks for data. Booting is only supported for 64-bit editions on UEFI-based systems.
^^ From what that page told me, looks like I won't have any success in installing Windows 32 bit on this disc. Or what do you think, @200_success?
(at least as long as the disc is GPT, of course)
3:49 PM
Linux, for example, can boot to a GPT disk with old-fashioned BIOS, whether 32-bit or 64-bit. But maybe Microsoft has put some artificial restrictions in place for reasons that I cannot fathom.
No idea, or it's possible that that part of this page wasn't correct.
And maybe the reason for why it's telling me that I can't install Windows on the disc is that it's a 32 bit Windows and a GPT disc.
We might both be right, then. (You being more right than me.) It won't work, and it doesn't make sense because it could be technically achievable but Microsoft chose not to allow it.
possibly... so, should I try to remove the hidden EFI System Partition and convert the disc to MBR or am I completely screwed?
Argggh Windows 8 - I'm raging so hard right now
There, clarified
I'd clear the first few sectors of the disk, and my tool of choice would be dd.
(Available on any Linux Live CD.)
3:56 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg I'm not the expert you are looking for .... though, I really like the Intel SSD and the data migration software that comes with them.
oooh, dd... that's a very dangerous command for someone like me.
dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=1024k count=1024k
should do it.
What's the reason for clearing the first few sectors?
isn't that the complete removal of the MBR??
@SimonAndréForsberg - don't do the dd I put above..... ;-)
3:57 PM
(or in my case, GPT)
@rolfl Not planning to unless someone gives me a good reason to
You can use gparted to remove the partition tables, whatever... ;-)
if you are in linux
But, it should be working out-of-the-box.
You have a different problem.
for everything else, there is rescatux...
I'm not in Linux atm, but I probably could get a Live-CD
@SimonAndréForsberg You want to clobber the contents of the disk anyway, right? The only danger is if you zero out the wrong disk, if you have multiple disks on the machine. Physically disconnect those first, if you want to be absolutely sure you don't wipe the wrong disk.
thanks for all your advice so far. We'll see tomorrow what will happen. TTQW (Time To Quit Work)
4:01 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg - counter-advice if your device is not working for you, then replacing the partition tables is only ....
... going to lead to more uncertainty.
taking random stabs at trying to fix things often leads to other problems
@Vogel612 why would anyone prefer Windows 8 over 7?
well for starters it boots in about 1/2 of the time...
but the real question was, who would prefer windows 8.1 over windows 8 ?
I just got a laptop with Win 8.1 on it and it's driving me up the wall
They changed everything, made most simple tasks take several more clicks
Big step backwards for usability unless maybe it's on a tablet
Then I wouldn't know
@davidkennedy85 examples please.....
So, what you're saying, is that all the people who hated Win8 because it messed up all the Win7 interfaces, got Win8.1, and that's messed up all the Win8 interfaces.... ?
4:07 PM
shutdown? <kbd>win</kbd> + 2 Clicks in both.
@rolfl If he tries to install Windows to a "virgin" disk, though, why wouldn't it work?
@rolf yea
@200_success why would it not work with a as-it-is SSD?
There's other things to do, bios upgrades, google searches, etc.
Going through the hassle of wiping a disk just to see if it will work, when, odds are, if it is not working now it will still not work later.
Because of the aforementioned artificial incompatibility of BIOS and GPT?
BIOS upgrade?
4:10 PM
@davidkennedy85 Win8.1 is that much different from Win8? I've been working on Win8 for a year now, and I don't miss Win7 at all. I don't get the whole "where's my start menu" freakout.
Q: Javascript: It works, but I know it could be better!

xianritchieI am relatively new to Javascript/jQuery, and cobbled together a script. Essentially, the script sets individual timers on specific DOM elements, and then recursively applies timed functions to them. The functions actually apply a "flip" effect to a div, showing a front and back, and then do diff...

And there are other tools... an external caddy, with windows file-manager should manage it fine
@Mat'sMug right? just use the friggin windows Key..
@200_success @SimonAndréForsberg meh, as I say, I am not your windows-with-disk expert.
4:11 PM
and everything I use often, is pinned to the taskbar as it would be on Win7
@davidkennedy85 Hard though it may be to believe, yes, the situation really is different on a tablet. It's even worse.
On EFI systems, though, Windows 7 will only accept GPT.
I have help-desk for all things windows. ;-)
It is enough for me to know zOS, AIX, Linux, etc.
Actually, that help-desk thing is not true ... I have built all the machines I use at home since the mid 90's except the laptops.
I know my way around things, enough to be dangerous. But, this latest generation of changes has me feeling behind-the-times.
It is so easy on Linux... I am running 20TB of storage on my file-server.... but, on Windows, I worry when I have to change the mouse
@rolfl Sorry I meant I never tried Win 8, went from 7 to 8.1
@Mat'sMug also
@rolfl Really has very little to do with the generation of changes, and everything to do with getting old...
4:16 PM
So I'm just comparing to 7
@JerryCoffin in one sense you may be right, but, for the past couple of years I have been working on next-generation technology (like, the stuff that has not been released yet), and I am finding I just fund other stuff to be 'frustrating' to have to learn.
I am very careful about picking things to cram in my brain at the moment.
I am not sure if that is a survival mode because my brain is deficient, or because there's just so much happening (in the areas I am working in).
@Vogel612 on Win 7 it's Start key, Shut down (1 click); on Win 8 it's put mouse cursor in corner of screen, then slide it up to get to charms, then click on Settings (of all things), then click on Power, then click on Shut down
Unless there's some newfangled shortcut for all those steps that I'm unaware of, which there probably is because they changed many of the shortcuts as well
Win+r "shutdown -s"
lol yes that is much more intuitive
@davidkennedy85 try Win+X - you're 1 click away from everything you want
4:21 PM
Well I'm doing it intuitively by now..
@Mat'sMug I'll have to try that, point is it used to be there and now it isn't
How entertaining it is that the feature you miss is the way to shut it off... ;-)
@davidkennedy85 - in fairness, why use a key-combination when you can just press the power button?
What pissed me off at first was that there was no hibernate option in the power menu
@rolfl Hm...what did you do before that, where you worked on things that were already released? In the entire time I've done software development, the simple fact that I was working on something was a pretty solid indication that it wasn't released yet...
@davidkennedy85 it's not gone, it's just moved to the Win+X menu.
4:27 PM
@JerryCoffin I'm working on research-type projects that are years away from release... using technology that is years away from release, on systems that have codenames where even those have NDA's attached.
@Vogel612 Non-disclosure agreement.
Non-Disclosue agreements.
that's why you got the tremendous amount of 6 questions here and 1 question on SO ;)
Pretty much.
4:29 PM
@rolfl Ah, cool. Sounds like fun.
it is a lot of fun, but we have a very low success rate too ;-)
^^ and 3/6 are posts :)
@rolfl There's a reason they call it the "cutting" edge.
And I have specific go-ahead from IBM legal to work on JDOM... though I am audited occasionally to ensure nothing crosses lines.
damn am I glad I don't have to cope with stuff like that just yet...
4:42 PM
@Vogel612 - they take these things seriously, and it is a fact of life for pretty much any employee... and I am certainly not unique or special in this regard there
well, as I said, I haven't come in contact with NDA Code yet, and I'm sure it's not gonna happen anytime soon.
It is a company of 450K employees... no-one is unique ;-) But, at the same time, it is so big you can change jobs every couple of years, and not notice that you have not changed employers.
<-- works in a company of 200 and a few
<-- works one day a week in a company of ~20
4:44 PM
> In 2012, Fortune ranked IBM the No. 2 largest U.S. firm in terms of number of employees (435,000 worldwide,[7] approximately 100,000 in the US[8])
Hmm , yay or nay?, my shadow kind of works
you need to open the picture, to actually see it
no it doesn't
Why does the shadow repeat?
exactly @rolfl
I don't think shadows usually repeat
also... shouldn't it be a little more "stretched"??
4:47 PM
it seems fine for a directional light
picture is a bit ambigious as it shows one point
this might explain why it is repeating
public Texture2D wrapS(final int value) {
    return this;

public Texture2D wrapT(final int value) {
    return this;
@Jamal - morning....
you sick?
Well, you're up, and it's before lunch....
@rolf it's dinner time..
I'm wondering if new Java8 build will be released before release...
4:55 PM
my guess would be 'no'.
There was no plan to release again, and it takes a lot to wind-up and release something out-of-cycle.
Especially with the scheduled release in 2 weeks
The fix got implemented in the b132 build, so that's kind of why I was wondering
Thanks, Santa!
or will they at some point possibly just rename b1xxx to release
happy breakfast!
the b-designation tends to stay on the build....
I had to have my breakfast earlier today. Dang 10 AM class... (but still better than 8 AM)
4:59 PM
ah ok
10AM class... you lucker
Discrete math II. We're still doing recurrence relations.
I need to do algorithms homework before monday 12am zz
Me, too. ._. I'm so bad with algorithms.
Well, my quiz is on Friday.
It had something to do with Dijkstra's algorithm
hmm I feel like I need to install version control, but I'm too lazy to set it all up now
then a regular old backup
gonna change my 3D engine a bit and have a feeling that I might mess up ;) badly
@skiwi... have you heard of TDD??
5:03 PM
I've heard about it
also there is "always" Ctrl+Z
Still would be a hell to revert all those changes
and remember in which files I worked
github ftw..
I'm wondering, is TDD such a big thing?
I learned about it on uni, don't use it myself though
I asked my company's (where I work once a week) standards, and they didn't care about TDD
I have a little experience with TDD..
just veeery little
but even I can see, that TDD is something awesome.
5:05 PM
I tried to employ it for the JDOM2 release cycle.
(if done right.. as always)
It worked really well.
It was a pain to set up, but, afterwards, was well worth it.
well it's extremely hard to set up on an already existing application...
and you get to the joy of maintaining 2 different codebases.
5:07 PM
Yes, I took the application, built comprehensive tests, then changed the tests to implement what I wanted, then adapted the code to make the tests pass.
this is something about 2k testcases isn't it?
Yeah, 1.8K test cases (though some of them do many, many asserts).
I had to make a review on TDD Today, and I found, that many applications seem to have multiple ten-thousands of test-cases.
and these tests should be run after every change.
on the other hand, in the application I'm currently participating in, we have ~15 test-cases, which take 2 minutes to run at all...
I'm waiting until they get more advanced at automated testing ;)
given the case, Arquillian correctly deploys to our JBoss...
@skiwi take care you don't miss the train
5:11 PM
I've about some pioneers work, but all seemed internal thngs yet
ouch I found some ugly coupling in my project
A week ago I split my game and engine into seperate projects
now I find some game properties in the engine
hmm cool I could technically make an public enum X implements List
35,000 users!
lol that's almost the tenfold of the german beta... and that is only 100 days younger.
Need questions in the german beta be asked in english or in german?
free choice.
5:21 PM
but you should consult a dictionary beforehand
also we're currently having problems with the on-topic section....
aw ok
If you're interested, you might want to take a look here: meta.german.stackexchange.com/questions/641/…
darn I have a cyclic dependency in my project
this should never happen...
I see that error relatively often lately..
had it in my project, here in a review question, and now you...
problem is if you start two projects in one
and then later decide to seperate them
it's only one error, still need to figure how to solve it tonight
5:36 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg Did you see this?
Q: Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe in C

syb0rgHere is my attempt at the UTTT code-challenge (in response to the the Weekend-Challenge Reboot). Here is what I would like critiqued: I tested the code a few times for bugs, but I may have missed some. I feel like I have duplicated code in some places (with only minor changes being the differe...

Q: HTML/JAVA Random Quotes with multiple quotations

user38149I am finding a lot of scripts online that all work for sentences and basic quotes.... However my problem is that my Quotes have quotes within them. For example: “We receive the A Groups exceptional Intelligence Report for years now and we truly treat it as “the bible of the industry.” As we are...

Q: HTML/JAVA Random Quotes with multiple quotations

user38149I am finding a lot of scripts online that all work for sentences and basic quotes.... However my problem is that my Quotes have quotes within them. For example: “We receive the A Groups exceptional Intelligence Report for years now and we truly treat it as “the bible of the industry.” As we are...

way off topc
already flagged and commented ;)
comment upvoted
also you were slower than the bot, shame on you
5:38 PM
...and close vote applied
nothing had been starred in a while
I voted on it before I posted it :P
seems the bot speeded up a bit.
@Vogel612 impossible.
Q: Testing code with Debug.Assert

Mat's MugI have a small little function in a VB6 codebase: Public Function GetEquivalentCode(Optional ByVal code As String) As String If IsMissing(code) Or code = vbNullString Then code = m_GlobalCode Dim result As String If StringStartsWith("ABC", code) Then result = "ABC2013" ...

5:43 PM
not before hell freezes over ;) at least his CPU is cooled better then...
wait, it does seem faster.. I posted that 1 minute ago!
(testing the "short question" theory)
wow that was prompt..
Sorry about that... I just added it in. — user38149 1 min ago
It looks like one could even reopen that: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/43529/…
Well now I'm not sure it's working code :P
@davidkennedy85 a friend of mine told me that Windows 8 is nice, but that it is really optimized for touch-screen. He's using it on a laptop with a touch-screen.
@syb0rg I've seen that you have posted it but I haven't looked at the code yet! (I don't have a lot of time these days unfortunately)
ok that was a dumb question, color me embarrassed.
5:51 PM
@rolfl @200_success A coworker is going to try to see what he can do on the computer, probably update BIOS and stuff. I'll see tomorrow if I can get Windows to install. Thanks so much for all your help so far :)
I haven't done a unit test before. probably something that I should look into, huh @Mat'sMug?
@skiwi I can highly recommend using TDD for your own projects. I find it very helpful because when writing the tests first I ask myself: "Which methods do I want to call for this test?" this greatly helps me design my classes and interfaces.
@Vogel612 It could be, but it doesn't look like it'll do him much good. His real question seems to be either: "How do I rewrite my code to work with currently incompatible data?" or "How do I massage incoming data to work with the following code?"
@Malachi Yes, unit tests are highly useful. It's a whole lot easier than starting an application, using it a bit, and seeing if you get the expected result. (that's what I do at work...)
@SimonAndréForsberg I think that is what I do too....but usually I have something that I want to push through it and expect a certain result out, so maybe it would be nice to know how to do that in a uniform way, like unit testing.
5:54 PM
@JerryCoffin you should probably write that as a comment to him, and not tell me. But I can clearly see your point, such a kind of question should go to Stack Overflow
@Mat'sMug I should have waited for you to put a bounty on that one. but it was too easy once I understood it. someone will find something wrong with my answer probably
@Malachi If you want to push some data through it and you want to "fake" that data, you should be looking at "mocking" frameworks. They can help you fake a database connection, file information, and well... all kinds of classes... I've never used mocking myself though, but it seems very useful.
@SimonAndréForsberg putting in my ToDo List research these things
@Malachi Is this the list of things to research that you are talking about?
@SimonAndréForsberg LOL YES
5:59 PM
That explains the stars :)

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