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12:00 AM
@syb0rg - 200_success (already notified, I am sure):
A: Revising or removing the "Best practices" topicality rule

rolflThis is not an answer, but a talking point about whether this is on, or off topic What is the best practice regarding synchronization? I have this class that works really well, but I need to make my application multi-threaded. I have read that synchronization can help. What are the best pract...

12:13 AM
@200_success ditto
But, what would make it on-topic?
If the user had tried something?
@rolfl To be on topic, it must contain working code.
Really....? At least half the reviews I do result in identifying bugs...
Should they all be closed as off-topic?
@rolfl I edited the wiki, are you okay with the changes?
Oh, yeah, I made it CW for a reason ;-)
@rolfl @200_success To be on-topic, it has to be working code, to the OP's knowledge.
But we haven't really fully defined working yet.
12:22 AM
We can save that one for tomorrow.
Or another Monday ;)
@syb0rg @rolfl I've responded. It's plausible that the author believes in good faith that it is working code. It compiles and runs, and the author might be unaware that it is buggy. I could vote to close the question, but why do that when I could score an easy 25 points? Leaving it open would be a win-win.
^^ that's my thinking to a large extent, but the big win is educating a user and they hopefully won't do it wrong too.
I think what is missing in the discussion is the expectation on the reviewer... we are volunteering to review your code, not write your code.
Bugs are an opportunity for a review. If the code can compile and reach perform it's objective, I would say that is working. It doesn't have to perform it well, or without hiccups though.
I think the difference in the versions is also the difference between close-votes, and down-votes
On an unrelated item, we recently got
@syb0rg what is your answer actually recommending? that the best-practice wiki is updated, and that the best-practice requirement is dropped from the 'asking questions' help?
12:40 AM
@rolfl No, either one or the other.
12:52 AM
@rolfl Maybe we should just burninate all those nuisance tags once and for all?
@Subie Welcome to Code Review and The 2nd Monitor.
Hello @Subie
No CR account? For shame... ;)
@Mat'sMug Aww, I kinda liked that tag.
@syb0rg I put a comment in the edit, told the OP to post on meta if they felt and didn't quite encompass it.
Hmm, another meta-topic.
Although if it were a useful tag, I figure after 3 years of public beta it'd already be in our tag library.
12:58 AM
Along with ;-)
@all ... adding to the discussion:
A: Revising or removing the "Best practices" topicality rule

rolflHelp Center > Asking It is hard for me to visualize the proposed changes. Here is the current Asking help page: Code Review Stack Exchange is for sharing code from projects you are working on for peer review. If you are looking for feedback on a specific working piece of code from your p...

@rolfl Why don't you think that hunting for edge cases is on topic?
I think that identifying edge-cases is OK, but being asked to look for them is not... I don't want a bunch of questions coming through as 'will my code work when ...?'
or 'are there any bugs in my code?' ?
There is probably a reason why I could not find a tag to put there....
1:13 AM
"Are there any bugs in my code" would be implicit, even if the OP doesn't ask.
Yeah, but it should not be the primary request of the question, it should be implied that there are no bugs.... and anything found is incidental to a good review
Is your objection that such questions are bad for the site, or that you don't like them?
But, my prefence is not the issue ;-)
The issue is that code review is for working code....
by asking whether we can help find bugs, it implies the code is not (always) working.
Also, there's always an edge-case....
Yeah, you need ECC memory in case an alpha-decay event happens and corrupts a memory bit
Your point is worthy of discussion, but I have to go now. Feel free to continue discussing, or suspend the discussion. Some egregious examples might be good.
Interesting that you bring up that edge case.
It's a b* when it happens.
1:19 AM
> Furthermore, the chance that the same API key would be generated twice is about 2-250. It's more likely that your server would be struck by an asteroid tomorrow than that it would generate the same key twice using this technique, so don't worry about accidental collisions.
A: My API Keygen: Is it secure?

200_successIt feels like you are combining lots of hashing and string transformation in hopes that complexity will make your scheme more secure. That's not engineering or computer science, though — it's Cargo Cult Programming. There are two ways that an API key scheme could work: To generate the API key...

You just want Nice Answer .... ^^^^^ ;-)
1:45 AM
howdy people!
Hello @JamesKhoury
Hey all.
A: Overlapping rectangles: Interview Question

toccupe(lef11 >= left2 | right1 <= right2) & (top1 >= top2 | bottom1 <= bottom2)

1:54 AM
@Jamal Handled it.
Hello @Corbin
How's it going?
Good. How are you?
And who starred the "Hello"? lol
Someone is really happy to see you. :-)
Make that 5 people.
(myself included ;) )
dares someone to pin it
1:56 AM
/me sad ... Loki does not like my answers....
Don't like the idea of using size rather than begin and end. It goes against the normal way C++ code is written. If the code had been tagged C then I would have agreed. — Loki Astari 22 mins ago
Serves me right for answering a C-- question./
When people disagree with me I challenge them to write their own answer. :D
@rolfl You can bash Loki whenever he answers a Java question.
(Heh, like that will happen.)
I just made a pathetic excuse:
2:01 AM
I'm surprised he hasn't downvoted any of my answers before. He has criticized a number of them.
He's not huge on voting by the looks of his profile.
I personally leave downvotes for bad answers/questions. not ones that have a single point that isn't spot on.
@rolfl I'm not actually sure why that isn't C code...
It has the new and delete constructs
That is the only thing that gave it away.
I'm very conservative with downvotes, as you can see from my profile.
2:03 AM
Yeah, new and delete are the only things. Makes me wonder if the OP meant to use malloc() and free() instead.
I mainly downvote garbage questions, most of which eventually get deleted.
2:27 AM
can we ban c++
shit i didn't notice the nsfw part
still, can we ban c++
it's common knowledge c++ is intrinsically bad and considered harmful, any code review on c++ would be futile
Uhh, is one of our most popular tags.
@syb0rg i wonder why
2:33 AM
c++ is considered harmful
So, should we burninate the tag?
I suggest banning all languages but LISP
I'm down with that.
I always join chat, start small talk and then get distracted. Makes me feel like a jerk lol :/.
@Corbin since you got distracted I un-pinned your hello
2:36 AM
Fair enough :(
Whoa, wtf
6 stars on "Hello"
I really should have paid attention. Shit got weird.
Count again
You have Outspoken yet?
That one took a while:
A: Importing data from an external EXCEL-Sheet

Mat's MugThe indentation in TelekomRechnungEinlesen makes it hard to tell where it starts and where it ends. Sub and End Sub define a scope - anything in between should have a Tab: Sub TelekomRechnungEinlesen() Dim lastSetTelekomRow As Long Dim lastSetNovatecRow As Long Dim iterator As Long...

Is it me you're looking for?
I can see it in your eyes. I can see it in your smile.
@rolfl me? I think so. Not sure.
2:38 AM
You do
@Corbin I'd just like to interject for moment. What you're refering to as Eyes, is in fact, GNU/Eyes, or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Eyes. Eyes is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning GNU system made useful by the GNU corelibs, shell utilities and vital system components comprising a full OS as defined by POSIX.
@Corbin Many users run a modified version of the GNU system every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of GNU which is widely used today is often called Eyes, and many of its users are not aware that it is basically the GNU system, developed by the GNU Project.
2:41 AM
@Corbin There really is a Eyes, and these people are using it, but it is just a part of the system they use. Eyes is the kernel: the program in the system that allocates the machine's resources to the other programs that you run.
@Corbin The kernel is an essential part of an operating system, but useless by itself; it can only function in the context of a complete operating system. Eyes is normally used in combination with the GNU operating system: the whole system is basically GNU with Eyes added, or GNU/Eyes. All the so-called Eyes distributions are really distributions of GNU/Eyes!
The more you know
Interesting. Very interesting :p.
We're all going to be very upset when we're out of stars in 5 minutes. Theoretical stars are just not the same. No shininess :(.
I can see how @Malachi got hooked though
2:47 AM
I'd hate to have to suspend someone for starring irregularities.
(not a real thing)
(someone got scared and left?)
I think so!
@Jamal that should own you a [badge:party-pooper]!
2:51 AM
Or if I take away the stars, I can become Bowser. :P
Oh god. Anyone amused by either bitcoin or terrible PHP code may find the Mt. Gox source code rather.... interesting. pastebin.com/W8B3CGiN
It would be fun to have a castle....
Now I kinda want to play Super Mario 64...
Same :(
I haven't played any games in quite a while.
Hey but you're almost 365 days in a row on CR!
Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe does count as a game...
2:53 AM
I just got a new gaming rig and find myself playing TF2 and L4D2 more than anything else. It feels wrong.
But playing a game is much easier than writing one. :-(
Can I quote you on that?
Yeah, and playing a game doesn't make you want to never program ever again :/. Though it's probably just me who hates any kind of game development.
I can easily beat the computer at TTT, but I don't think I can even figure out a good way to do the AI. Plus I still need to refactor my regular TTT program.
<--- still killing bugs
3:01 AM
wakin' up the dead?
Thanks for this answer, to be truthful I've been very busy with other work related things but eventually I'll come round to this since I asked this some time ago. I do appreciate this so give me some time :) — Patrick Magee 4 hours ago
@Jamal take a look, this was my 2nd question. I wish I could delete it now...
Q: Are there side-effects to having a generic Ninject factory?

Mat's MugConsider this class: using Ninject; using Ninject.Syntax; using Ninject.Parameters; namespace MyApp.Dependencies.Factories { public abstract class FactoryBase<T> where T : class { private IResolutionRoot _resolutionRoot; protected FactoryBase(IResolutionRoot resolutionRo...

Yeah, I'm afraid I shouldn't.
@rolfl wow!
Look at what @konjin has done...
3:06 AM
That's our rabbit!
folk are lazy gits
is now in better shape than :)
Yes we are. :-)
The order of the tags in the left of the graph should reflect the order of the current rankings in zombie-counts (as per data-cut on Saturday).
3:10 AM
All top 5 tags immediately went down in mid-Novemver, except !
One day someone is going to find a bug in my SQL queries, and it's all going to come crashing down....
until then, there's another favorite query in my SEDE profile :)
Q: Object Creation during loops

James MasseyI've posted this on stackoverflow as well, but I've realised its more a codereview problem. I've got a nested foreach that iterates firstly through a map and then through each key within the map to create an object. for(Map<String, Object> csvRow : csvRows){ Contact contact = new Contact()...

Hello @Yuushi
hey @syb0rg
3:15 AM
Huh, "You've earned the "performance" badge. See your profile." I guess it's better than @rolfl's ;-)
@palacsint I think the last step in the graph for Java is largely your doing.
@rolfl which graph?
@rolfl My pleasure:)
I did a big chunk of the late december ones, but it was a bad decision... there were few people around to vote ;-)
^^^ that makes no sense.... there was not much late-december ones...
3:24 AM
@rolfl +1, glad I could help ;)
damn 2 votes left... I'll try to keep them for the review queue.
@Mat'sMug @RubberDuck ... sort of rhyme.
..I was referring to
Have you considered making your Contact a FlyWeight? — Mat's Mug 9 mins ago
meh... bedtime
bye @all!
4:39 AM
@Mat'sMug star this i mean Pin This
Shiny Red Ball
good Night All
4:54 AM
Q: Scamble a vector, preserving the sum

Rob YMy first crack at clojure... if you have time to provide input, I'd appreciate it. I'm as much interested in style as proper usage. I'm just getting started. The task to start with an vector of N zeros, and then "scramble" it by: Select 2 items in the vector. If one is less than 4, and the other...

@200_success: I think this (now deleted) answer is directed to you.
Q: Socket wrapper class

NinjaDeveloperI've created this thin wrapper class for a socket project that I'm working on. Can someone review my class and give me some points on if I'm on right track? #include <iostream> #include <WinSock2.h> const int MAX_RECV_LEN = 8096; const int MAX_MSG_LEN= 1024; const int PORT_NUM = 1200; class...

5:24 AM
Q: unable to set values for model object from another class

AthulI have a mode object class like this namespace ConnectBLL.DTO.Response { public class CategorySettings { public bool NeedsLoginToViewLongText { get; set; } } } And I am trying to set value for this object like this from another class using ConnectBLL.DTO.Response; n...

@Jamal There are more effective ways to get my attention than to post an "answer" with a username "philwantsfish" and wait for a moderator to delete it and flag me.
Nevermind, then.
@philwantsfish Yes, that is how heapify() is used.
5:45 AM
@rolfl, for your JS question, it seems from first sight that you are wrong
@rolfl "Mijn allereerste test".replace(/\S+/g, "x"); gives a 6 character string, so your code would return Words: 6, which is wrong. Furthermore I assume you meant to use xwords instead of spaces in line 2
Q: Is there a more succinct way of writing this simple JavaScript loop?

DondeEstaMiCuloThis seems a bit redundant to me, but I'm not sure of how else I might be able to write this. Normally I'd use a switch statement, but I don't think that'll work here. I realize I could also do this in a for loop, but the main heart of the question is what's inside the loop itself. "arr" is an...

Q: Can i make this program that extracts text data from a file even better performance wise?

Saikiranimport java.io.*; public class ReadData { public static void main(String[] args) { FileReader input = null; BufferedReader br = null; try { input = new FileReader("C:/Projects/Test/HPCamDrv.log"); br = new BufferedReader(input); ...

Q: Generate permutations with symbols

PatrickIf you are given the string variables {fn} {ln} {fi} {li} {mi} {mn} How would you create the following? {fn} {ln} {fn}{ln} {fn}.{ln} {fi}{ln} {fi}.{ln} {fn}{li} {fn}.{li} {fi}{li} {fi}.{li} {ln}{fn} {ln}.{fn} {ln}{fi} {ln}.{fi} {li}{fn} {li}.{fn} {li}{fi} {li}.{fi} {fi}{mi}{ln} {fi}{mi}.{ln} ...

6:46 AM
I thought I was about to get a working debugger for go there for a moment
I should have known that wasn't actually going to happen
1 hour later…
7:57 AM
Q: Software that compute LZ77 and LZW dictionary based compression algorithm

OmidAre there good applications that perform dictionary based compression algorithm (like LZ77 and LZW). And it is good if the program show: Compression ratio, Compression and decompression Time. I want to apply the compression in the text file and see the changes of file’s content after compressing.

2 hours later…
9:34 AM
Q: PHP5 / mySQLi review

LowerClassOverflowianI would very much appreciate a general review of my php code which grabs information from mySQL database and also inserts some information. Overview on how this works. Users go to /main.php and answer math questions. The 20 math questions are pulled from the database. The answers are pulled at...

10:16 AM
@skiwi hey
how are you? anything interesting up?
10:46 AM
Q: Gyrometer/accelerometer sensor fusion with sigmoid transfer function

dgratI noticed, that accelerometer and gyrometer sensor data tend to have problems. The gyrometer is not very precise and the accelerometer is getting problems with vibrations. I built a quadrocopter (to be honest more then one). My first one had a poor frame and the motors (very big ones) were vibrat...

Q: To send the email on some given date and time

KamranI ma making a php script which fetches the data of the emails whose sending date and time has been reached and then send emails to those records, am following these steps. I am integrating it in a API, that is. https://github.com/infusionsoft/PHP-iSDK Step 1: get the communication records whos...

11:12 AM
@Jamal That Reload spell card, what game is that from? Reminds a bit about Magic: The Gathering.
hey @SimonAndréForsberg
@Simon that's YuGiOh..
@skiwi nothing in particular.. applying the wonderful review i got.
11:22 AM
Don't say you don't know YuGiOh...
hmm I should make my site say more than "Apache is functioning normally"
@skiwi that sounds like a plan..
if I only knew how...
@konijn Yes, spaces should be xwords.... hmm, and I expected that "Mijn allereerste test".replace(/\S+/g, "x"); would be 5 characters, not 6, and then I take those 5 characters, and strip the x to become 2 characters.... and in my answer, the number of words is 5 - 2
11:29 AM
wooh I see dutch text
As jy wil kan ek ook Afrikaans skryf.
lol :p
Well... I can draw the meaning of that from German similarities...
but by god, I couldn't do it myself
I could
well it's your mothertounge after all..
11:41 AM
I hate how there's practically no one to help out when programming 3d graphics
in contrary to any general programming problem
12:06 PM
An additional Delphi answer:
A: Produce an array of strings from a single string

Simon André ForsbergDelphi is a nice language in that it is not case sensetive. However, I would still encourage you to stick to one casing. Decide on if you want to use if or If and stick to that. (My personal opinion: Use all lowercase). This also goes for var and for in your code. Your code has a bit of incons...

BTW (Back To Work)
12:30 PM
Q: C# access server side variables in views and javascript

JennyI want to know what is the best practice to write code in view. Here is the snippet of my code: /Views/Emp/EditEmp.aspx <% if(HttpContext.Current.User.IsInRole("Manager")) { %> <div class="small right" style="margin:5px 0 10px 0;"> <a class="btn" href="/Emp/Edit"><i class="icon-doub...

12:50 PM
that is creepy and unsettling at the same time
Q: Is there any way to simplify my complex code with finding elements inside ExpandoObject

sreginogemohIs it possible to simplify the code below: dynamic model = GetExpandoObject(); //model type of ExpandoObject var result = model.FirstOrDefault(x => x.Key == "node").Value; dynamic model = GetExpandoObject(); //model type of ExpandoObject var result = model.FirstOrDefault(x => x.Key == "node")...

1:06 PM
Q: Some question in PHP 5

user3378957So first of all I am a beginner in PHP5, and I have some question if it's possible, This is the questions : Create a PHP 5.4 script to check availability of many Sites (via Echo Protocol): Get the list of sites (domains) from MySQL database. The Table fields: Domain(varchar), status(enum(UP|D...

1:24 PM
Q: Bash pass multiple commands to ssh and make readable

AgostinoI have a script that sends multiple commands after logging in a remote machine via ssh. Problem is, it's barely readable. I've tried quoting everything with "", but it's terrible (everything appears in pink), and here documents are just as bad (everything appears in gray). I'm using Gedit as an ...

1:44 PM
^^ OT? asking for help with IDE, not with code. At least how I understand it.
2:04 PM
@rolfl looks better, all you need now is lowerCamelCase and 1 single var, feel free to point to this : jsbin.com/puzox/1/edit?js,output as a live example
Hi all!
Hi there
@Vogel612 I don't understand that bash question at all.
--> log in to remote via ssh
--> echo commands.
--> why are the commands strings and not commands?
Dang it, I missed a C question...
2:24 PM
Q: Grunt relative path exists or is external URI

megawacI sent a PR to a repo the other day and want to make sure I have the right idea for URI validation. function validateURI(files) { //... // files can be either a string or an array of paths // validates the relative path exists or is an http(s) URI // returns a filtered list of va...

2:36 PM
Is : Validate that a relative path exists or is an external URI a good title for codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/43405/…
I still need some more votes for reversal!!!!
A: Stored Procedure logically or coding

Malachiyou have a lot of if statements in your SQL, this screams at me that you are doing something in your SQL that should be done in the application, and that this SQL should be separated into two distinct stored procedures. the benefits faster stored procedures use an actual coding language to d...

no shots for that target left...
@Marc-Andre well... is it a code-review or not? In itself the title could just describe what the given code does...
That was what I`m trying to achieve with the title
I want to remove Grunt (which is a tag) from the title
I'm currently editing the question
ahh. that's a different problem.
the real title is Grunt relative path exists or is external URI
2:43 PM
AFAIK we discourage use of tags in title:
Q: Should questions include "tags" in their titles?

cdlearyI've seen questions edited to remove the language name from the title. Won't search engines - and folks using search engines - have an easier time finding them if these "tags" are kept as part of the title? Return to FAQ index

I know that what I want to edit out :P
(MSO though.. not sure if this applies here too, but I think it's SE-Wide policy)
I just want to know if : Validate that a relative path exists or is an external URI; is a good replacement for : Grunt relative path exists or is external URI
new faces everywhere.
This is not my question
2:45 PM
I will be back around later when I get some things done.
@Marc-Andre I would first worry about the on-topicness of that... But if it's on topic IMO it should be fine
Well he's asking if he got it right, we can do a code review of it too
Q: How does this code refactor make my code better

ComputernerdAccording to my lecture notes , there are benefits to refactoring the code from original code to refactor code Original code double basePrice = _quantity * _itemPrice; if (basePrice > 1000) return basePrice * 0.95; else return basePrice * 0.98; Refactored code if (basePrice() > 1000) return...

^^^ this looks off-topic
@Marc-Andre hum.... this is a review of a review question it seems...
I'd say it's fine, but better for Programmers
Requesting clarification by experienced user: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/43403/…
I am unable to word my concerns in a satisfactory manner :(
2:54 PM
@Vogel612 Yeah which is not the goal this site AFAIK
well you can still review the given code. and maybe it should be on topic ?
Yes it could be on-topic, but as of now I don't find it on topic! But for the moment is not a bad question so I'll wait for someone to act on it if needed
@Marc-Andre I agree that it's not a good question for this site.
Looking more at the question, we're missing code too. How basePrice became basePrice() ?
@Marc-Andre the refactoring introduced a method...
3:03 PM
Well I can see that
actually the refactoring did nothing, but extract the basePrice assignment
But what the new method is I don't see it
@Marc-Andre The new method is at the bottom of the new code
I also had problems finding it first
double basePrice(){
return the same as before;
3:04 PM
The refactoring only did it worse in my opinion, see my comment
I'm feeling noob now :P
well it was the assignment of 2 private fields.
@Simon *3 comments. You might use the edit functionality ;)
Naaah, I'm not @Jamal, am I?
@Mat'sMug hi there
@Simon.. well then I'll flag to merge your last 2 comments.
3:14 PM
Q: Using one parent model and other extending it in PHP framework

Codel96I have multiple models which all have the same functions in it in my framework. So I decided to create one "parent" model and all of my other models would extend and inherit its functions like: http://pastebin.com/55NjGqmS And my other models would be like: class Games_model extends MY_Model {...

Now the question looks on-topic!
Q: optimize cython code with np.ndarray contained

Rain LeeCan someone help me further optimize the following cython code snippets? Specifically, a and b are np.ndarray with int value (range(256)) in them, they are one dimension arrays with dynamic length, resultHamming is a two-dimension array with float value in it (dynamic length), bits is an int list...

^^ now that's what I call on topic ;)
Anyone familiar with dynamic in C# can take a look at this answer?
A: Is there any way to simplify my complicated code with finding elements inside ExpandoObject

RyanThe first thing that pops out is the repetitive calls that look like this: result = ((ExpandoObject)result).FirstOrDefault(x => x.Key == "node").Value; Which are all similar. Half of your calls end in .Value and the other half don't. Which brings up a question on my part, since I don't un...

(and this one, while you're at it)
A: Is there any way to simplify my complicated code with finding elements inside ExpandoObject

Mat's MugFirstOrDefault is a LINQ extension method (see ExpandoObject Extension Methods), so you are using LINQ! @Ryan's answer looks like it's addressing the structural issue with your code, got my +1. I'd like to add that you should avoid reusing the same variable for a different meaning. It's very h...

Another thought: Should all questions on Code Review have a language tag?
3:26 PM
^^ I'd think so - if you're submitting code for review, it's likely that your code is written in a language we have a tag for ;)
@Simon well.. Have you written the code yourself? Is it productive code? Does it in logical consequence have a certain language? --> Yes.
(if not, ...then we probably need a tag for the language of your code)
it wasn't parsed at first. (well at least in my window)
btw, when we're at it already: how about blacklisting all the tags I just mentioned?
3:32 PM
Q: Better way for jQuery closest chaining

osiTo get the ul before the closest ul I use: $(this).closest("ul").prev().closest("ul") Is there a better way to write this in jQuery?

3:48 PM
has had a couple of interesting reviews..
(although I do keep clear from that tag!)
lool the last half of these questions was Jamalized :D
some people had spare time... and then decided to waste it completely
I had spare time ;)
mind the tense
Hey @Malachi welcome back
The reason I was asking was because this question lacks a language tag:
Q: How does this code refactor make my code better

ComputernerdAccording to my lecture notes , there are benefits to refactoring the code from original code to refactor code Reasons for refactoring Replace Temp with Query You are using many temporary variables to hold the result of an expression This can result in long methods, since the (...

where are the mods? this Answer has 14 not an answer votes. ▼▼▼▼▼
A: Extracting text data from a file

mst-csfahieWhile your code does look good, you can make sure you've maximized your performance using a profiling tool (there are many). Also, JRockit and OpenJDK HotSpot(which is free and Open Source) can be used to optimize your code.

3:52 PM
DVA (Delete Vote Applied)
Why shout for the mods when we can handle things ourselves?
@SimonAndréForsberg I can't vote on those yet
@Simon waaaaaaaah... this is not something for DV, but for Conversion to a comment...
find some of my new answers and vote me!!!
@Vogel612 delete and conversion kind of go hand in hand when @Jamal gets to them
@Malachi I'd like my ammo not wasted on rerolled serial upvoting...
@Vogel612 I have just answered a couple of things within the last hour
I guess 1 thing here and another on SO
3:55 PM
TTQW (Time To Quit Work)
@SimonAndréForsberg can't decide if I should star that from work or not.....
have a nice trainride home ;)
trainride? :o
AFAIK Simon doesn't have a car and thus goes to work by train ;)
bad operand type Vector3f for unary operator '---', that looks more confusing than it is
3:57 PM
wtf is the unary operator --- ?

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