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12:06 AM
@BrianBallsunStanton Sounds like someone needs a cup of coffee and a renewed visa! :-)
12:19 AM
12:44 AM
good evening
Has anyone had a chance to play Privateer Press' Iron Kingdoms?
... that sounds...
is that the furry steampunk one?
@BrianBallsunStanton I just stumbled onto the website and I think it's a steampunk game
Steampunk isn't really up my alley, but it seemed interesting. Though, the mention of furries makes me.. well.. not interested
let me see
no, it's not the furry one
thank gods
worst resolution mechanic I've almost ever seen
@BrianBallsunStanton Interest revitalized
12:49 AM
roll handful of oddly shaped dice
different for every roll
@BrianBallsunStanton What does? Iron Kingdoms?
every check is opposed by GM with handful of odd dice
no, the furry steampunk game
no, I don't know anything about iron kingdoms
@BrianBallsunStanton I wonder why someone thought that genre would be fun. Probably the same people who liked BESM in the days of 3.0
I dunno, there are some really really cute tricks one can pull with BESM
@BrianBallsunStanton I hate anime and manga (or at least the stuff I've encountered...), so it really didn't appeal to me. That and I just didn't enjoy the mechanics behind BESM
@waxeagle Howdy, how goes our resident gardner?
12:52 AM
well, anime is... more than a genre, I've found some decent bits, though I'm not obsessed.
and yeah, mechanics are interesting.
@GPierce good, pulled a couple of peppers tonight for dinner :)
@waxeagle Bell?
@GPierce yup
@BrianBallsunStanton I'm just looking to branch out from D&D and D&D-clones a little. Know anything about Mouseguard?
12:54 AM
@waxeagle Mmmm, stuffed bell peppers are delish
@GPierce I had a left over tri-tip I had smoked this past weekend and we ate that on sandwhiches with beef broth shrooms onions and fresh peppers
yes, yes I do
wait one
@BrianBallsunStanton Bad? Good?
@waxeagle Mmm that sounds good.
Which reminds me that the missus probably expects me to cook dinner
12:55 AM
I quite like it, and @sohum has been on the receiving side of my GMing
so you can ask him too
@GPierce it was. I hadn't cooked a tri-tip before and The one we ate Sunday I cut wrong...this one I cut properly and it was much easier to eat
@waxeagle BBS and I are having a fun/weird Wave discussion. Weird in that I can watch him type, which is.. cool but odd
@GPierce I opened the wave..it is strange to watch someone else type. Especially if that someone is like me and often deletes whole sentences...
@GPierce Oh, wave is awesome :)
I miss using it so much
@waxeagle @BrianBallsunStanton I've got to get off of here for the evening and cook dinner. I'll get back to the wave either late tonight or in the AM. You gents have a good one.
@BrianBallsunStanton Glad we can rekindle that for you
1:03 AM
cheers, mate
@waxeagle Me too.. I'm a serial editor of myself
@BrianBallsunStanton I will be interested to see the docs implementation of wave
or what hosting a private wave server will look like
oh, they've already pulled quite a lot of the tech out of wave and put it into docs
@BrianBallsunStanton I like docs a lot. I use it for a ton of things right now. Actually am working on my dread questionnaires in docs right now so I can print them elsewhere.
2 hours later…
2:42 AM
@BrianBallsunStanton looking at races that give +2 to dex and also str. Looks like there are only 3 Half-Orc, Bugbear and Thri-Kreen...
Bugbear gets +2 to stealth, but his racial is kind of weak sauce for a PC
oh, about that
er, we should have this convo in thread
good point moving over to wave
ugh, should get back to packing
don't wannnna
@BrianBallsunStanton I don't blame you. I hate changing countries
3:06 AM
I'm an oversized undersized bugbear?
I can only use large small weapons?
oh wow, reactive stealth and silent shadows go really well together.
anyways, back I go.
@BrianBallsunStanton yes, yes they do
currently testing my "Jenga" set to see how long characters are going to last tomorrow night :)
@waxeagle hehehehe
on only my second tower of the night I'm up to 21, they should be able to survive for a bit
make it 22 :)
gosh this is tense and I'm sitting here playing my myself, with no werewolf in sight :)
3:28 AM
Q: How do I handle someone who never ever wants to pull?

wax eagleI am getting ready to host my first game of Dread and the question that is really bugging me is what happens if a player (and I have one in mind) absolutely refuses to pull every single time? Dread is pretty clear that you can only kill a character if the tower falls, how do you handle a player...

@TheOracle my current worst nightmare
8 hours later…
11:38 AM
good morning folks...or good evening BBS...
12:15 PM
@BrianBallsunStanton am I correct in assuming that is intended as an unpronounceable conglomeration of characters?
::nods somberly::
@BrianBallsunStanton how'd the packing go today?
12:24 PM
I'm packed and... some of the stuff is staged to where it needs to be
so... turning in thesis tomorow, then saturday evacuating epartment, then flying out monday
@BrianBallsunStanton Good deal. So we probably won't see much of you over the weekend and first part of next week?
though I'm at...
95 days consecutive
so I'm...
@BrianBallsunStanton oh grr....
but yeah, probably not on chat
@BrianBallsunStanton I think I see where you are going and I support it....
12:27 PM
I just wish I could get an "acts of god" exemption
but, yay, iphone?
and if I time monday right...
I'll... be ok?
@BrianBallsunStanton how long is the flight? If its less than 24 hours you can do it :)
no, requires fiddly internet on other side
@BrianBallsunStanton ah true. iphone has wifi right+coffee shops/airport wifi/war driving
or war walking in sufficiently urban enough area
12:29 PM
so... with luck
but, I don't like luck.
@BrianBallsunStanton exactly
cause... gorramit, I want two golds
@BrianBallsunStanton exactly
like... I know they're the easy golds
@BrianBallsunStanton yeah, I haven't managed a gold badge anywhere yet :(. Working on electorate on Gardening, but its technically impossible right now...
12:31 PM
and I'm more than half-way to great answer on the star wars answer
I'm winning on bronzes.
2nd place on silvers
and great question on the xp one too
Heya all
oh, I think you need to fiddle the wave, @GPierce ...
choose a character :)
er, race
Will do
I read some of y'all shenanigans last night
12:34 PM
@GPierce shenanigans, never!
@BrianBallsunStanton Ha just the conversation over Bugbear cheese
And wow, totally cheesy with that DPR at level 1
yeah, takes effort though
I think it was 31...
@CRoss Always shenanigans my friend
which, in measuring terms is.. uh
is... a 1 round DPR...
mmm, may have been at level 2
12:36 PM
@BrianBallsunStanton yeah I'm trying to figure that out. damage is 4d8+5 right?
@waxeagle What race did you choose before switching to gnome?
@GPierce bugbear :)
4d8+5 in what sense?
oh, you mean how?
@BrianBallsunStanton 2d8 weapon from large rapier. 2d8 from CA w/ backstabber
+5 from 20 dex
12:37 PM
nonono, can't use backstabber
is a trap :)
oh, has to be level 2, starts with magic item
so, +5 from 20 dex, 1d10 large rapier, +1d10 surprising charge, +1d8 vanguard
mmm, what was the other feat?
+1 weapon
just a sec, let me go build him
@BrianBallsunStanton ... Nerds
Race: Chosen
@GPierce what?
@BrianBallsunStanton Haha nothing, just teasing y'all's charop
ad didn't realize the weapon die went up, i thought it doubled
changling was on my to-choose list.
12:40 PM
it's one of my favorite races, and it fits well, I think
Be back later, gents
yeah, very well
oh right LBE
okay, lets run the numbers
Level 2 bugbear thief, 20 dex.
MBA is...
+12+2 // 1d10+10+1d10+2d6+1+1d8 on a charge due to ambush trick
1-(14+2-12-2-1)/20 = .95
so... autohit
damn...how does the static mod get to 10?
I see 5 for abil score and 1 for magic weapon
5 dex, 1 weapon 2 thief weapon finesse, +2 item bracers of mighty striking
I'm blanking on enemy health calculation
12:56 PM
yeah, i don't know that one. the only ones I know are AC and NADS
8*level + 24.
so, 40 HP at level 2.
so not quite a 1 round broken machine..
@BrianBallsunStanton no, but awful close.
but Mrs jenkins, with her sewing needle is... too cheesy to play.
until like... the 5th death
at which point she smiles and starts knitting scarves.
are y'all discussing 4th ed silliness?
@CRoss indeed. Bugbear charger thief with a large rapier
1:00 PM
oh, forgot the +1 accuracy from charging
first sip of coffee in like 3 days. I am now officially back to normal :)
shame it doesn't help.
@BrianBallsunStanton ooh, how did you get to 12 without it? I was factoring it into the 12
hmmm, PF monsters need more HP
@waxeagle 12 was just default.
thief gets accuracy bonuses
1:01 PM
@BrianBallsunStanton oh wow
they don't do much, but what they do is awesome.
@BrianBallsunStanton that is just a bit ridiculous. If it wasn't entirely MBAs and RBAs they would be more fun. I still may play one if we end up doing Tomb of Horrors as our next campaign
actually, I might play a changling thief named Sam... if I can wrangle it...
::grins at @sohum::
don't normally play strikers.
@BrianBallsunStanton I have read a bit of your old 4e game you posted
not enough though
Hey everyone
1:04 PM
@dpatchery good morning
I've got a question that I can't think of a way to word as a question with a "best" answer
looking for a list of "party" items for dnd-4e
@dpatchery I don't know how to word the question but I have the answer :)
like the Exodus Knife (creates a 4x4x4 extradimensional space for 8 hours to rest)
1:05 PM
or at least one set of items
don't ask for best
a comprehensive list would be nice but I'm only interested in level 15 or lower atm
just go for "What are some must-have magic items for a party?"
isn't that subjective?
mmm, yeah
therefore turn it into a "what magic items have you made the most use out of in a party?"
that turns it into good subjective.
1:06 PM
@dpatchery incredibly, but I think its good subjective...directly related to RP...
fairly specific
"Are there any magic items that are worth getting in the 3 uncommons during character creation that benefit the party sufficient to warrant their choice?"
cause then you don't get random junk, you get stuff that a character's willing to sacrifice one of their three uncommons for.
@BrianBallsunStanton Nicely worded
@BrianBallsunStanton ^
And Level 2 Charger Bugbear Thief is ridiculous
@GPierce yes.
there is a reason she has a last name of Jenkins
1:08 PM
Also pretty cool. I didn't realize that Bugbear's had Oversized
<--- Needs to reread certain races
@dpatchery our DM is currently awarding items from the Heirlooms of Mazgorax set. They are a cool set if everyone in the part has one
@GPierce yeah me neither. i was just looking for a race that lined up dex and str. Brian made a good point about taking the group stealth feat though
@waxeagle frees up racial choices significantly
@waxeagle Source?
and with a +5 and reroll, we are a stealthy party without needing to cheese for stealth
@BrianBallsunStanton indeed a free reroll with a +4 is awesome
@GPierce Silent Shadows
1:13 PM
@waxeagle What book? I'm not seeing it in any of the Heroes of... books
@waxeagle And that is definitely nice when dealing with chainmail-wearing defenders
@GPierce No. I don't think its in there (PHB1?). You are going to limit feat choices to those source books too?
@waxeagle thanks for the suggestion. be sure to post it as an answer when I get the question up (may be a bit, busy at work)
@dpatchery thats ok. I will probably wait until I have DDI access so it will be tonight after my game when I get around to it.
@waxeagle I'm really going for simplicity here, and I think for the first game the more limits on sources will make it easier for all of us to get our feet wet without getting too bogged down. So, yes, as stated in the wave only the Heroes of.. books for character creation, including feats
That said, I'll take a look at that feat because that does seem like a smart choice for this specific game
@GPierce good deal
1:17 PM
@GPierce mmmm, oooh, pure essentials feats hurts
but yeah, with that one exception, I'm OK with thinking about it.
and pure-essentials leader makes me want to cry
I hate essentials leaders.
they just... don't...
@BrianBallsunStanton Sun Domain Templar isn't bad by any means
Don't really care for the Sentinel, but I just don't care for Druid fluff
warpriest, you mean?
@BrianBallsunStanton That's what I meant, whoops
Silent Shadows from Dragon 373 - I think it fits what we're going for, so by all means, I think that'd be a smart feat for 1st level
Definitely prevents too much racial cheese, as well
Reading my MM: Goblins get a bonus to CHA???
sure, you'll agree to anything if they'll just leave
oh DM of ours... let us know the racial... width of the city?
is it "I can't believe it's not sigil?"
@BrianBallsunStanton I guess if that's what you consider charisma... "Me Thrug, me tribe best diplomat. Me so annoying all give in to me wishes."
1:26 PM
@GPierce yep
@BrianBallsunStanton Broad. Sigil is very much incorporated, too. I'm working on typing up the ICC wave right now and it'll have setting specific info. But just assume that all races are ok, some minor prejudices, but for the most part playing a monster race won't get you lynched upon entering town.
@GPierce pretty much, high charisma can be positive or negative...
@BrianBallsunStanton Your "mmmm"s are very... disconcerting.. Me: "Hmmm, is that a good mmm or a bad mmm?"
@GPierce it's a GM's Mmmmm
1:29 PM
@BrianBallsunStanton acknowledgement while giving nothing away....I will have to work on that noise for this evening :)
@waxeagle mmmmmm
@waxeagle Gm-Me is... suspecting... cheese...
@waxeagle Haha, but yes, incorproate it tonight, make your players beyond nervous. (Which sounds perfect for the game
@GPierce indeed...
@GPierce Look back at the chat log last night. i was getting nervous playing Jenga by myself last night. It is seriously a great way to build tension
@BrianBallsunStanton I am enjoying your joint character creation system, btw. I might try to incorporate it into my live games. From what I can tell, at the very least, it makes the players (DM included) give a damn about the other characters
@GPierce exactly
1:32 PM
@waxeagle I saw that. How did your solo-run go?
@waxeagle :-)
@GPierce I got to about 30 pulls before I couldn't find a loose block and the tower collapsed :). I don't anticipate my group getting nearly that far, at least for the first run of the tower. Plus it looks like 3 blocks will start pulled
@CRoss I actually had another question. Do you assign questionnaires to specific folks or let the group pick at random?
@waxeagle whatever suits
I've seen it done both ways
@CRoss ok. I am debating. I kind of want to assign them, but I like the idea of randomness...
1:34 PM
@waxeagle Assign them, stack the deck against them! Give into the power of DM! Corruption! Evil! DM vs Players! GIVE IN!!!!!!
Hrmm, excuse me. I seem to have had a moment...
Wow, Monsterpocalypse seems fun. "Battle your friends as giant monsters in a city." Uh.. OK!
Yes, I chose shade
I'm so going to regret this.
but I want to see if their racial is good in a skilly/sneaky
@BrianBallsunStanton I've been interested, but I feel they got unnecessarily screwed on surges..
@GPierce yes.
I hate the "trade for stuff that everyone else gets for free" mechanic of shadow
losing a surge and having a standard action racial is harsh for most games
@BrianBallsunStanton Fluff-wise, paying a price for it is interesting, but mechanically, it goes against the core design of 4e
I like the homebrew idea of surges as currency. But, I've never seen it implemented effectively.
Q: What "party" items are worth getting during character creation?

dpatcheryDetails on the formation of this question can be found in this chat. During character creation you are allowed 3 "uncommon" items. What items are beneficial enough to the party as a whole to warrant using up one of these slots? A "party-beneficial" item is hard to define without restricting the...

1:49 PM
@GPierce vamps would hate you
@dpatchery I went ahead and answered and will add further info when I have access to DDI.
@waxeagle Ha, and as we've discussed in the past, low-surge-classes would, too
@GPierce yeah Vamps get royally screwed although they have some cool ways to make up for it. And yeah, we did chat about that.
@waxeagle Sharing party surges is... interesting
@waxeagle I like the concept of a surge pool, but again, I've never seen it implemented effectively
@GPierce yeah. I keep trying to get one of my party's ritual casters to to take the surge sharing ritual. I think my wizard in our new campaign did. We will see if it comes up
I realize that I am in the minority, but I like rituals. I like the fluff and think that mechanically they could be useful. I wish support for them hadn't been stopped..
1:55 PM
@GPierce didn't realize that. I like them too. There are some pretty cool ones, but they are incredibly underused
@waxeagle Ignored, even
@waxeagle It's not like the prereqs are difficult for them... I've actually considered in a home game giving everyone the ritual caster feat for free. I don't really see it breaking anything, at all. Especially since most people ignore rituals.
@GPierce indeed. Part of it is bad experience. our part has used a ritual a couple of times, and its completely on DM whim if the one we used was useful, and we haven't found it to be
@GPierce no its not game breaking for sure. Another issue is as we have gotten more and more addicted to DDI character sheets, the text of the ritual doesn't appear on them. When you are playing D&D like a card game its easy to forget things that aren't on cards in front of you.
(that sounds overly negative, but I know our group would not function without the pregen sheets so I'm not complaining)
@waxeagle I.. have mixed feelings about the DDI CB. On one had it's great, all of your options are there in front of you, but at the same time I think it makes people lazy. You're more likely to remember your powers,features, and abilities if you physically write them down. (And I think it makes the character more personal..)
@GPierce It probably does, but it makes life a lot easier for disengaged parties like the folks I play with
I actually prefer handwriting my charsheets, I feel more into it
@waxeagle Oh yeah, the convenience factor is through the roof. And it helps not having to buy dead trees.. But I like dead tree books..
Again, I have mixed feelings. It's great when my fiancee, who doesn't really get the creation process, can hop on the CB and pump out a pretty damn good character given some time
2:00 PM
@GPierce I've been spoiled. Ive only done that once, and it was our very first session...after that its been CB all the way because of the ease of use, lack of access to source books and I'm paying for it I'm going to get my money out of it
@GPierce same here with my wife
although the missus is much happier with teh offline CB then the new online one
Granted, I think handwritten also leads to less hi-op characters. I'm not huge on high optimization, I think it can be hugely game breaking.
@waxeagle I like the offline one, too, from what I've seen of the online one
@GPierce Im a player, I want to break your game :)
@waxeagle Haha, and I will secretly DM fiat everything you do. Rule 0, deal with it ;-)
@GPierce much faster, nicer character sheet (its the one from the PHB, go figure), and I have it if I don't keep my DDI subscription
@GPierce :). This is why dread will be fun tonight. I command that it will be :)
:) kidding, but the DM has a ton of control over how things work in it
Q: Do two Eladrin both wearing a Circlet of Revelation auto-save on Charm effects?

dpatcheryEladrin have a +5 racial bonus to saving throws against charm effects. The Circlet of Revelation head slot item grants the following: Property: While you have an eladrin ally within 10 squares of you, you gain a +5 item bonus to saving throws against charm effects. Normally item bonuses an...

2:07 PM
@waxeagle That's true for a lot of games.. :) I am excited for you about your Dread game. IT sounds like a lot of fun. I did some reading up on it yesterday and really liked what
I read. Reviews were very positive, too
@GPierce yes. I've only seen one negative review, its part of what prompted my question last night. I have been kicking it around for a few days thinking about it and its bugging me
You can't kill them if they don't pull...
@waxeagle Do you think that'd be an issue? I, personally, like staring death in the face, so I'd probably pull with some frequency
@GPierce I do to. And it wouldn't be an issue, except at least one guy in my group is kind of an ass. If he realizes he can't die if he doesn't pull he may clam up completely...If it happens he is getting turned into a werewolf :)
@waxeagle Haha, perfekt!
*perfect. Damn German ruining my English.
@GPierce lol. bilingual = illiterate in 2 languages :)
2:13 PM
@waxeagle It made it all but impossible to try and learn Spanish.
In fact, it was impossible, I couldn't pick up Spanish to save my life.
@GPierce ooh, spanish is so useful though. once you know it French, Italian, even Romanian are fairly easy...
oh and don't forget portuguese
Going from knowledge in two Germanic languages makes learning a Romance language very, very difficult
@GPierce very true
That said, I had no problem picking up some Russian last summer via Rosetta Stone. But Russian is a whole 'nother animal.
The Cyrillic alphabet alone is... a PITA
@GPierce lol seriously. After learning Spanish, I went to hungary for a couple of days. Forget about Hungarian...its not close to anything
However, after that I was in Romania, that was really nice, they speak a romance language so I could actually figure out what they were saying somewhat
2:16 PM
One thing to be said about learning another language, it makes it easy to pick up context clues in other languages and at least have an idea of what's being said
Well, easier
@GPierce absolutely. Even if they are completely different you can at least start to break things down a little bit and start unpacking it...
@waxeagle My fiancee and I are planning on teaching our future children foreign languages. I wish my folks had done that. It's just a good life-skill to have.
German, of course, since we both love it and have lived in Germany. Spanish, because that's a life-tool these days. Probably Latin, just 'cuz
@GPierce indeed. Start young and go for full immersion. In the era we are in its going to be essential to be conversant in at least one other language.
@waxeagle Which is actually something about the coming world culture that I love.
@GPierce I agree. the interconnectedness of the modern world is awesome. I just hope we don't end up with some kind of odd monoculture hybrid like firefly predicted. It was interesting, but unless we all get to swear in chinese its rather a bland future
2:28 PM
@waxeagle Plenty of sci-fi material has touched on that. Including a rather series novel by Piers Anthony. Race Against Time
*rather serious
@GPierce Darnit, Anthony is another one I need to read....
needs to create a google doc of all of the stuff he needs to read but will never actually get around to
@waxeagle He's an old pervert, to be fair (read any Xanth novel to figure that out..) but he can also write serious hard sci-fi like a champ.
@GPierce is that the one where half the folks don't wear clothes?
Anthony's serious sci-fi = Heinlein's serious sci-fi in both scope and intensity
@waxeagle Haha... kinda...
@GPierce k, its been a while, one of my cousins read a lot of Anthony
2:30 PM
Alright gents, I have to get off of here and play with feral kitty (who after a bath and de-fleaing last night is no longer feral.)
@GPierce have a good one
It's a pain keeping feral kitty seperated from the dogs, but I figure it's smart
@GPierce yes, at least until they get used to the smells of each otehr
2:49 PM
why can't VB.net leave well enough alone...
mod shoudl be % not mod...
Q: Arcane Background: Backlash on a roll on "1"?

David Allan FinchA lot of the Arcane Backgrounds something happens on a roll of '1' on you Spellcasting die. I originally read this to mean that only if your total was a natural '1', ie your first roll was a natural '1' then the bad stuff happens. I heard that at least one other referee takes this to mean, a '1'...

2 hours later…
4:23 PM
Q: Must-have rituals for a 4e group.

dpatcheryMy group has recently changed DM's. The last one ran a hack-and-slash game without too much roleplaying or anything outside the adventure book (random encounters, exploration, etc). Our new DM is wanting to step up the roleplaying aspect of the game and have us spend a few sessions without any c...

4:42 PM
Q: As a GM, how does one deal with all of the players playing nearly identical characters?

AgentKCI'm running a Deadlands campaign with players who come entirely from D&D and have never played Savage Worlds before. All five people in the group have made nearly identical characters (gunslingers) with practically the same stats, hindrances, and edges. I've tried to get some of them to branc...

wonders where his 4e badge is
@waxeagle I see you at a total score of 99, need one more :)
@PatLudwig darn...
@PatLudwig ah, my user page is lying to me...
I found the right one...
@waxeagle lol...should be soon
at least you don't have to go looking for questions to answer
@PatLudwig indeed, very soon..
4:55 PM
I remember ending up short on total answers when my score was well over 100
@PatLudwig seriously, no shortage of 4e qs
ok totals on that page are updated daily. I think I started today at 99...on the user page they are updated more regularly...
@waxeagle that has been known to be a point of contention
@waxeagle ah, then you have 6 hours or so to wait for your badge
@PatLudwig I pretty much autoupvote non-4e stuff for that very reason
even though I only know anything about 4e...although I am branching out...slowly
@waxeagle that seems a bit over the top I guess
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