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3:20 AM
Hi user, if you do have questions about Freelancing topics, please take a look at our help center, which provides an overview of what topics our Q&A site covers. Also, be sure to check out about, which explains how the site works. Hope this helps. — jmort253 16 secs ago
Just FYI, if anyone wants to help new users, you can type [about] as a shortcut hyperlink to the freelancing.stackexchange.com/about page, and [help/on-topic] for the freelancing.stackexchange.com/help/on-topic page.
They make writing comments like this a LOT faster. Hope this helps.
4:11 AM
This is a great answer and should serve as an example of what we all should strive for:
A: Can a business have two completely different services?

DavidYes - at least in my state (Maryland). I formed an LLC in June 2012, not exactly sure what I'd be doing at the beginning. So my website promoted that I was a user experience designer and QA tester. (I never got any QA work through the business despite a previous background in it, so by the end...

We don't know David, at least not very well, so to most of us he's just some random person on the Internet making statements. But by sharing his own personal experiences as someone doing business as an entity with articles of incorporation stating the business exists for "any lawful activity", he's established credibility as someone we can trust.
But he didn't stop there; David also cited official documentation from the State of Maryland.
If I were just casually browsing the net googling for this same problem and came across this post, I'd feel pretty darn confident in how to proceed if I were freelancing in Maryland, and as someone in Oregon, I feel pretty confident I know what to look for should I need to answer such a question for my own freelancing business.
This is the goal of our site.
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3:00 PM
Perfect candidate for the "don't ask" part of our guidelines?
Q: Portfolio websites

MiroAre there any public portfolio websites out there for freelancers, specifically a developer not a designer by trade? Something standalone like linkedIn, and have tools to assemble an online project portfolio of images, descriptions and code. Most of my exploration leads to individual portfolio...

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4:38 PM
@jmort253 You mean for asking for recommendations? I cover that in "Too broad"
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9:30 PM
@CanadianLuke - Do we have a tag that describes someone freelancing while still employed?
Q: Freelancing while being employed

Lars KotthoffRelying purely on freelancing to earn your bread can be somewhat risky and daunting. Say I want to do freelancing while also being employed (full or part time). What are the specific issues I need to keep in mind when doing this? What are the legal, time management, financial, etc ramifications?

It sounds like something common enough that should be tagged, but I can't think of a good tag name for it
9:57 PM
(I'll also ping @Hiroto regarding the above question)
Beep boop
I've always wanted to be a submarine. It was my dream growing up
So is there a freelancing-and-also-working-my-nine-to-five tag and I'm missing it?
Hmm... not sure.
Freelancing on the side? Not sure if it warrants a tag
Also @ChrisForrence we're about to revise (and enforce) the off-topic reasons
Ah, ok
10:09 PM
You can do this! We believe in you!

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