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12:13 PM
12:44 PM
Q: Are there any Ebook libraries in UAE?

SwatiAre there any Ebook libraries in UAE or more specifically in Ras Al Khaimah? Is anyone interested in starting one?

Good morning.
2 hours later…
2:27 PM
Q: Public domain search tools/websites

user47449Is there a UNITED resource or program to seach public domain works? by united I mean it searches in more than 1 website for my search term.

@kalina Morning
@Donald.McLean Morning
i've got nothin
2:29 PM
your emoticon-fu is greater than mine
sorry that my activity on eBooks dropped to basically zero
I have been... distracted
with softwarerecs.stackexchange.com
is that the recommendation beta?
2:31 PM
cool, saw people talking about that one
I'm trying to help make sure it doesn't turn into a disaster, but some people aren't listening
that one is tough... sort of different than most SE sites
yeah totally
there are a lot of people using the line "that's now how you do it on Stack Exchange"
completely missing the point that a site about software recommendations is not how we do things on Stack Exchange
is that site still in private beta or has it moved to public?
2:33 PM
we requested more time in private beta
ah i see
we're still not far enough through creating policies on how it's going to work to be exposed to the general public
People with SE accounts can get access via Area 51 though
i'll check it out thanks
just joined the arduino private beta... i hear it failed the first time (or maybe more than once)
2:47 PM
I've been through one failed beta. It was disheartening.
Hopefully it was a learning experience for the community and will succeed this time. Time will tell.
7 hours later…
9:23 PM
Basic on the public domain ebooks search question I just noticed you can do this:
It's a slight variation one of the answers, but I didn't know you could specifically search for free google ebooks. Cool.
@kalina Signed up for SR.SE and put down my first answer (even got a few upvotes woo!)

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