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@badp But @IvoFlipse was looking at the wrong step of the whole capture to publish process, although Camtasia does allow you to do a big part of that process it doesn't allow you to transcode an existing movie into another format.
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7:17 AM
Thanks @badp
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8:59 AM
HOLY CRAP, how long did you guys went on ranting about FRAPS?
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11:21 AM
@badp I was on vacation, responding in delay.
You didn't start an edit war and referenced me to blame :)
Also, have you guys reached any conclusion regarding your video conversion question?
@IvoFlipse Just those seven hours and a half
I wanted to tick the counter up to 8 but couldn't... yet. :(
@Oak The question is currently open but no good answers have been given yet.
I guess that means that the audience I'm targeting either isn't there or doesn't want to reply here.
Oh look, an edit.
No @badp, I meant regarding the argument you had about whether that question is on-topic or not.
We did not, no, @Oak
@Oak Eh, I was blamed because the one edit I did apparently changed the question invalidating all answers, so...
(not that I agree with this evaluation.)
@badp @Arda I skimmed over the chat log and it seems most people were pretty fixed on their position
So I think the best thing to do now is to shift the argument to meta, and let the community decide via voting
11:30 AM
@Oak 7 upvotes, 2 close votes, does that count? :P
I've temporarily given the tick to the first answer giving a step by step.
@badp I suppose it does actually, but people should be able to express their opinion to try to convince others, and meta is a good place for that
@Oak You mean we need to start the whole shebang all over again on Meta?
@badp I was thinking more about just giving your final arguments
I don't want you to start all over again... more just writing something other people can vote about
11:57 AM
@badp You need 3000 rep to vote to close but only 10 rep to upvote. Not exactly a fair comparison :P
@StrixVaria And how much rep to upvote comments? :)
There's a third person who upvoted Arda's comment about SU.
@badp Who, apparently, lacks the rep to close.
I don't think an upvote inherently means 'This belongs here' just 'This is a good question'.
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@ArdaXi Which it is.
@ArdaXi That makes three perspective close votes :)
12:03 PM
I'm 100% sure TomWij would vote to close if he had the rep to.
@badp There were at least 4 people in this room who agreed with me at some point.
Grace and Ivo agreed with me at some point as well, together with the people who answered.
No, Grace never agreed with you.
She was undecided.
Ivo kept iterating the wrong points.
12 hours ago, by Grace Note
I sided with you at first
at some point, see? :)
12:04 PM
12 hours ago, by Grace Note
Back when I thought FRAPS encoding mattered
Until she understood that the source of the video was irrelevant, as very specifically enumerated by TomWij.
Let's not pull things out of context.
Yeah, it's still one point where I had two supporters.
"Until all the facts were known, my argument seemed awesome."
@StrixVaria He's kinda supposed to, representing SU
12:05 PM
Ivo looked at the question at face value: a gamer needing help with a gamer tool.
You are looking at the question in its core: a transcoder needing help with a transcoding tool.
Well I think this all proves my point, that we better create a meta topic.
Something to concretely vote about.
That's no solution!!
The solution comes afterwards
eh, next time I'll just open a question on Meta then.
12:07 PM
@badp The problem is, the part of the process you most need help with doesn't need gamer tools any more. You're already finished using your gamer tools and now you're trying to do something else.
That gamers happen to do it is irrelevant. Many gamers also happen to program games. Doesn't mean game-dev questions are relevant here.
@StrixVaria There are a few orders of magnitude in difference here between gamers making games and gamers recording their gaming.
@badp Your question isn't about recording.
My question is instrumental to recording.
No, it isn't.
A recording you cannot share is hardly useful.
12:14 PM
It doesn't help you record.
It helps you upload or share your recording, but that has nothing to do with recording itself.
I think badp said what he meant backwards.
But he was still wrong.
@ArdaXi You sound like it rather belonged on WebApps.
@badp How so?
I don't believe that the fact it helps something defines its topicality.
@badp Your question wouldn't be worth asking if you didn't have a recording to work with. By the time your question matters, you already have a recording. Which means you're done using gamer tools (fraps), and now want to use tools that deal with changing a video from one format to another. Which has NOTHING to do with gaming.
I guess my real problem is that the alternative is asking on "anything with a question mark in it that happens to be done with a computer and doesn't belong on any other SE site"
12:18 PM
@badp That's unfortunate, but like you said before, we can't base our definition on the existence of other sites.
Just don't complain when we'll bring topicality in triumph the day gamers.se is born :P
(because I will complain.)
So, um, does anyone have any objection for opening a meta-question about this?
Because I don't see that chat going anywhere :)
@Oak I've reached the point where I don't care anymore, I'll just not upload any videos with my answers anymore if they're too large :P
Everybody loses, but hey, topicality baby.
@badp Will you write your opinion on such a meta-discussion? For others to vote on?
@badp You've already had at least two good answers.
12:27 PM
A second answer was edited to include steps?
No, but Handbrake is still a good answer to your original question.
Hmm, why, yes, it has. The Movie Maker answer.
Well, I posted something, let's see if it gets us anywhere.
Q: Video conversion question

OakThere is a controversy regarding badp's What is the simplest way to re-encode Fraps recordings to something more sensible? question, as evident both in that question's comments and in chat room created explicitly for that question. As there appears to be no conclusion reached in chat, this meta-...

12:43 PM
I've attempted to answer it. @badp if you feel I've misrepresented your opinion please let me know.
A: Video conversion question

Arda XiPersonally, I believe the question is off-topic, because it doesn't deal with the recording of the game itself, but the post-processing of that recording. First, the video is created using Fraps. This could raise questions like "How do I use Fraps with Minecraft". This would be on-topic on this ...

@ArdaXi You haven't put in my mouth words I didn't say. :)
Answered. :)
I'm going to refrain from commenting on any answers in that meta question so we don't start another chat war.
But I was really tempted to.
Yeah, I have no discipline.
12:58 PM
How do I create a snippet of a chat to link to?
I would have used TomWij's from yesterday in my answer but the messages were moved to this room from Bridge.
So I went to recreate it but I couldn't figure out how.
click the room button on the top-right
create bookmark
400 messages max.
Heh, go figure, +0/-2, tell me something I didn't know ;)
I'm not going to downvote your answers, because I totally see your points and agree they're valid, in general.
1:18 PM
@Arda Thanks.
1:43 PM
You're back to +2/-2 :)
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@Oak That was probably me.
2:13 PM
@badp Out of curiosity, what do you mean by 'in general'?
@ArdaXi There are many problems gamers have, like "how can I pay the right amount of taxes, not one penny more, not on penny less."
So in general, Gaming does not allow "all questions gamers have"
because, in this case, the taxes example is completely unrelated with gaming.
and there's no SE about taxes.
Although one could argue your gaming increases your power bill and thus increases your taxes or something. (???)
However, here, the fact it's one gigabyte per minute we're talking about changes the perspective
It's no longer "transcoding to watch this video on my computer/ipod/ipad/android/tv"
It's "transcoding so I have space on my HDD for other stuff and can upload this in a reasonable amount of time"
For what it's worth, I posted my perspective.
Your perspective is always worth a lot, @GraceNote
+1 for Whack-A-Site
Yay you agreed with my answer :D
2:29 PM
I don't think it's offtopic entirely because FRAPS is irrelevant due to the codec issue.
I actually really like your suggestion that our chat is the perfect place to get his answer.
if we discuss questions and answers on chat, why would we need a Q&A engine to begin with?
Because your question is off topic on the main Q&A site but still tangentially related and like you suggested some people might know the answer
@badp Because no one is suggesting we do actual Gaming Q&A on the chat. Chat is meant to be an accessory to community building and shaping our expertise

Does anyone know...

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Troubleshooting the utilities we use for creating great answers is perfectly in the scope of chat's utility without detracting from the site.
To be honest, the discussion started in chat.
@GraceNote From here on.
I figured it's a common enough problem to warrant being asked properly on the site.
But commonality of a problem does not make it valid. To be frank, it feels like the same as my trying to do programming work in the office but being pulled aside to assist in IT endeavours just because I happen to know it. My 8 hours per day is for coding, not tech support.
@GraceNote Except I'm not pulling aside anybody. You don't have to answer if you don't want to...
...okay, that's not a good comeback.
No, it really isn't. When you ask a question, the very intent is to get an answer, is it not? I think you're better served getting an answer from us. I simply don't think you picked the right channel.
@GraceNote Yes, which is why I wish those 10 hours would've been spent on getting an answer instead of arguing on whether or not I should get to have an answer >_>
2:50 PM
@badp Oh, I definitely agree. I really wish you didn't have to be put through such a waste of time.
I hoped I'd do something good for everybody and not just me by asking it on the site. Turns out it's just a waste of time.
It's not at any rate an invalid question.
To clarify my earlier example, by the way, the point isn't so much the time wasted (which excepting the aforementioned 10 hours, none would have been). Rather, it's that certain places have certain utilities. The "8 hours per day is for Coding" mirrors the "Parent Q&A is for Gaming", if that wasn't clear.
Pretend I didn't say something really stupid in the initial revision.
3:03 PM
Fine. For the sake of kittens, I give up. Star this message, celebrate, do something, I don't know, impress me.
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4:38 PM
Should I collapse all of the comments on the parent question and just produce a link to the Meta question? Pretty much everything there is just an earlier hash of what is stated in the Meta question, or rage at the quantity of chat discussion.
4:48 PM
Yeah, comments on the main question should not have this discussion
@GraceNote yes, please.
Done. I don't get enough opportunities to approvedly use the mass comment obliterator.
oooh, a StackExchange™ CommentOverflow OrbitNuker™, how cute :D
Next time, I'll do it while shouting "FATAL ATTACK! HEART-ATTACK INDUCING SEXY STRIKE!"
@GraceNote and that's why Grace is an awesome mod. I'd have limited myself to glowing bright yellow.
4:54 PM
I did glow yellow yesterday, however :D
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