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12:03 AM
Wow, they released a new video demo of the Ico HD remake, and its graphics look SO much better than the PS2 version's.
@Loktar I already got the achievement.
I'm just upset that my team would do something so stupid in the round directly before the boss,.
Meaning that at least 3 of us would start with minimal weapons.
12:33 AM
Tried changing Steam download regions earlier to one geographically closer to me.
Huge mistake, it would stop and go, stop and go.
3 hours later…
3:27 AM
So, I'm playing with G+
must say, it's quite nice.
Best part? No Farmville spam.
how do I put a baby to sleep
sans chloroform
Umm... well, I hear that shaking babies will shut them up eventually. But that might be... too permanent for your tastes?
I already made the sociopathic joke
Umm... I don't know. Try fire?
kicks self in balls
Sorry, I had to get that out of my system.
3:54 AM
Q: How to move bonders in Space Chem

Norman RamseyI'm playing the tutorial of Space Chem, and I've reached the stage where it tells me I can move the bonders. And I think I need to move the bonders. But I cannot get them to move! Dragging with the left mouse button does not move them. How do I move a bonder?

4:39 AM
Oh my god. Two hours of screaming and the baby shut up.
Beautiful story. wipes tear from eye
5:27 AM
@Powerlord You're right it's an inapt comparison, but I have to have something to compare it to. Regardless, I don't think anyone looks at the 58% of ITG users who haven't become active members of the community and decided that ITG is a good GTKY topic
The 58% number is bad. That's sort of the larger point I was trying to make
@tzenes 42% who have become or who are?
That is to say, how many of those 42% asked an ITG as one of their first say... 10 questions.
I don't know
I suppose "are not" is the more accurate term
58% of users who have asked ITG are not active participants, where I define active participants as having 5 or more upvotes
which in and of itself is not a precise metric
@tzenes Right, what I'm saying is that if the argument in favor of ITG is that it's welcoming to new participants, it'd be interesting to know how many of those active participants who have asked ITG, did so as their gateway to the site.
that would be nice, though I dont' know if the data explorer has that information
hmm, I do have creation date for User and creation date for Posts
I could select the top 1
though this is getting beyond my inadequate skills with sql
6:25 AM
Q: Way to capture the screen while playing Red Alert 2

NakilonI like FRAPS, but it fails on RA2. In the first american mission game always crashes at the same second – after Statue of Liberty ruins and Romanov begins to talk. Google shows me, that this problem really exists, but I can't find solution.

2 hours later…
8:11 AM
Q: In dark matches, do I "see" killed enemies that are out of my line of sight?

DMA57361Imagine for a moment that - in a dark match - I fire a rocket, which then successfully kills an enemy unit, but does so completely outside the line of sight for any of my units. Am I informed of this kill? Do I see that unit as dead, or "last seen at ..."? Can I spot the body later to have the u...

1 hour later…
9:20 AM
So Audiosurf updated
Sunburn - Turn 21 blocks red with a single paint.
This ain't going to be too easy
Obviously since you need powerups to get the achievement
now all powerups do nothing at all
Okay, restarting audiosurf fixed it.
"I've got this."
"This is so mine."
"Well, crap."
9:54 AM
effin' hell I guess waiting for red paint on pointman pro is just useless
@badp I used the medium difficulty eraser. Just racked up all but the last row (there are eight rows there) with random stuff, then sat in the margin until a red paint came along. Took about a minute on the topmost audiosurf radio song.
GAH. Almost got it in pointman basic
I filled up by hitting all blocks then hit the red paint I'd swooped up earlier
less than a second after that I rammed into a blue paint
10:10 AM
if you run that song on eraser medium and just chill in the margin you'll get a red paint in one or two rounds easily
let's try that then
by that song you mean audiosurf overture?
well I got bauer.
with BLUE PAINT I couldn't dodge
10:27 AM
Finally got it.
It's much easier on basic pointman.
I mean, overfilling all columns with three colors isn't simple, but definitely doable
and red paint is so much more common
(= ~1/3 minutes?)
Firecracker is selling like hot cakes.
Q: ai war How to play single player

KillrazorYesterday I bought AI war: fleet command and all its DLC. But when I start game I don't find the way to play in single player. the only button I could see is the host a multiplayer, and then disconnect all participants and play against the only two computer player. It is possible to play in sin...

11:05 AM
Wow the starred list is violent today.
11:58 AM
wow, just got Ninjutsu.
Robot Ghost Story on Mono Pro is an easy way to get it.
@badp how long were you working on it?
Haha, saw @Powerlord commenting on a joystiq article I was reading today
I wasn't working in it at all
@badp better :P
I know!
12:00 PM
@FallenAngelEyes Link?
@FallenAngelEyes ah, I thought you meant he was mentioned in the article itself.
D'oh, meant to say that he commented
can't edit now :(
What is time restriction on editing a chat message (without being a mod)?
Uhhh... 2 minutes I think?
I'm not sure in all honesty
12:05 PM
Yes, 2 mins
thank you
I knew it wasn't long
And thanks for editing that
12:27 PM
Q: Trying to recall a game I played on the Amiga.

MdaGI have a vivid memory of this game. You controlled some kind vehicle and I believe it was third person view. The game took place on earth and you moved around the globe in real time, I recall you could move on land and water. It had simple vector graphics with no textures and the color palette wa...

I guess this is like your General room
Would anyone like to play VS Bungie with me and win a free steak... (Halo: Reach)
@Jacob VS BUngie?
12:43 PM
@Jacob ah nifty
@Wipqozn want to try?
@Jacob Not a halo fan (plus I'm at work)
@Wipqozn excuses
@Jacob I'm a rebel, what can I say
but yes, you were correct. this is gamings main chat room, so more or less a general room.
12:57 PM
Q: How can I safely start playing The Witcher 2 without having played it's predecessor all the way through?

CodemonkeyI played The Witcher for tens of hours. If I remember correctly I stopped playing just as I was doing a bossfight outside the wizard's tower in the marshlands. Now I've lost the game save, and I want to know what happens from that point in the game so I can safely play The Witcher 2. I've search...

1:10 PM
Q: Screen capture vs Video capture

WesleiI just saw this question and I got this doubt about the meaning of screen capture. Does screen capture include video capture or should it be a different tag?

1:25 PM
^ list of unreleased achievements for the summer sale
Q: Why are some happiness motives starred?

happy_emiWhen watching at people happiness motives I can see that some of them are starred. At first I thought they just had an higher weight when calculating the overall happiness but it seems it's not the case: sometimes even motives with weight 5 are starred. So what is the meaning of the "star"? Does...

1:38 PM
@FallenAngelEyes Creepy stalker person!
I can't help it that I read joystiq!
I was scrolling through the comments and was like "Wait a sec, I know that avatar"
@FallenAngelEyes Yeah, it's an official Valve avatar...
Then again, how many people use the nick Powerlord and that avatar? er... 1.
Maybe I wasn't actually sure it was you and have just baited you into revealing it!
Q: Keep walking after releasing W key in WoW

WesleiI started playing World of Warcraft and I don't know what I did that I kept walking in one direction after releasing the W key. I've tried to repeat this behavior, like clicking in the horizon, but I was unsuccessful. What is the shortcut or way to keep walking in one direction without keeping ...

@Lazers Num Lock
1:47 PM
@Powerlord the man I was looking for
@tzenes Are you sure?
I don't know if you saw my earlier statement, but I wholey agree with your criticism
the problem I have is finding a more accurate measurement
I was hoping you could help with that
@tzenes This is in regards to this, correct?
I kinda doubt we're supposed to decide whether something is on- or off-topic based on how many of the askers we manage to retain
2:02 PM
normally I would agree with you @badp
"I'm sorry, but this kind of questions is off-topic as you're too likely to just ask and run away"
but in the case of ITG, it was designed as a GTKY question
that's the reason it was granted an exemption
Yeah, um, I've never seen the GTKY side of ITG questions
any of you guys have X3, or Serious Sam HD 2?
reread the original debate on the question
2:03 PM
Getting To Know YOu
@Loktar I've thought about getting X3.
@Powerlord Getting To Know You
They are going to have summer achievements and are bigger downloads, just a heads up.
@Loktar Maaaaybe
2:04 PM
well, regardless as to whether or not you feel ITG should remain, it's value (or any tag's value) as a GTKY is a valuable metric
yeah, I started the downloads just in case
If nothing else, @tzenes, those stats should go to show that we don't need ITG questions to get and know each other better
l4d2 didnt finish until I was asleep
L4D2 is just way too large now.
@badp I don't think they show that, but I am willing to stipulate that is true regardless
2:05 PM
People who want to get and know us can just, uh, directly talk with us about whatever in this very room.
that's not what GTKY means
It's pretty sad that it's as large as TF2, knowing that TF2 pulls in 4-5GB of Shared Source files.
Yeah mine was roughly 11 gigs I believe
GTKY questions are questions which are not normally with in a site's perview but are allowed to attract new users
oh, it's 'legalized broken glass'?
2:06 PM
"The Hidden Features of C" is an example
well broken glass is bad because it has a cost to the system, if it provides a greater benefit, then it's worthwhile to keep around
@tzenes So it would be ok for new users to ask, but not veteran users?
Well, now we sort of get in to murky waters
I'd rather attract new users to the site with localized questions such as "How can I get this Steam summer camp ticket that has just now been announced."
normally we classify entire question types as allowed/disallowed, not allowed for some people
@tzenes Which is how it should be. If it's off topic for one person, it's off topic for all.
2:07 PM
again, it gets murky
"I'm sorry, but your question is off topic because you have too much reputation and you should know better"??
we're sort of getting off topic here
having an observable metric for whether or not a tag is attracting new users who become participating members of the community is a good thing
regardless of how it should be used
Even if we granted that ITG is fine for new users only, then shouldn't that argument also be applied to game-rec questions?
I don't think anyone is saying that ITG is fine for new users only
2:10 PM
That's what it sounds like though, when you state it as a "getting to know you" question.
@Wipqozn ITG still only has one correct answer, game-rec doesn't.
I think you're missing my point
I would like to know ITG's value as a GTKY question. What I do with that value I have left UNDEFINED
@tzenes You may be right.
Okay, I see what you are saying.
@Powerlord Which would be a valid counter point, but if the 'GTKY' factor outweighed that, it would be a moot point.
Which is what I was trying to say, that if the GTKY value was deemed high enough, which is what I thought tzenes was trying to say, then shouldn't it make game rec an exception as wel?
@Wipqozn List questions don't have a good fit under the SE engine. Hence why most sites on the network reject them.
2:17 PM
@Powerlord Yeah, I agree. I was just putting forth if GTKY was used as a viable reason to let a question be on exception in one case, then it could be applied to more.
SInce by saying GTKY makes it a exception, it implies that the question would not be allowed otherwise
btw, this is what I have so far: data.stackexchange.com/gaming/s/1567/…
@Wipqozn I think you're missing an implicit cost/benefit analysis
@tzenes No, I see what you're saying
The cost of game-rec is greater than it's benefit as GTKY
this is something that came up early in the game-rec discussion
I'm just saying that if we allowed this exception, then we would need to revist game rec and see the cost/benefit of that
we did visit that
2:19 PM
@tzenes Ah, ok. So it was already touched on.
back in October 2010
@tzenes What data do you plan to include in the final results?
I don't know yet
that's sort of what I wanted to ask Powerlord
Join date, and last login should be included.
As well as number of posts, comments, et cetera
Actually I can think of a sizable amount of things.
so, what is a good metric for a participating member of our community?
2:22 PM
tzenes isn't saying that GTKY is an exemption for new users. He's saying that the question class is an exemption as a whole as a means of attraction. This applies to users new and old, since it tends to require participation on both ends.
@GraceNote yeah I understand that now
@tzenes Yeah, that's a tricky question.
I realize
A few things you would need to consider is there reputation, questions, answers, and how long they've been here
if it was an easy question I'd have just done the right thing and there would be no need for debate
Personally, I regarded them more as our Code Golf than our GTKY, though. A side sport that has a lot of faults but still presents (in some interpretation of the term) a conclusion-capable question.
2:24 PM
@Grace I think Jeff views Code Golf as GTKY
but I can't speak for him
I got the ITG but what is GTKY?
Well, as it stands I'm no longer on the same firm defense of identification as I used to be.
@Mvy Getting to Know you
neither am I
@Mvy "lighter" questions that are less substantial and more for public engagement.
2:25 PM
@Wipqozn Time is a poor metric, because it doesn't equal participation. Reputation is also a poor metric because it's succeptable to popularity
The one thing I still defend about identification is that it still has conclusions, which many GTKY questions genuinely do not. The problem lies in absolutely every other quality of them, however.
Question and answers are both poor individually, as users tend to do one or the other
@tzenes Yeah I didn't finish, sorry about that
though I could include both
2:26 PM
Time needs to be considered since if they only have two questions, but have only been on the site for two days, that's different then someone who asked two questions over the course of a year
ok, so all users who's creation date is > 1 month ago
On the same note, reputation could be used to balance out someone with a low question/answer count, but the few they asked were excellent
or just popular
reputation is a terrible metric
@tzenes I don't know about everyone else, but I upvote questions on their content, not on whether or not I like the person.
@tzenes Well I tend to agree
2:28 PM
@Wipqozn Do you remember how people voted on Game-Rec?
well their voting on ITG isn't exactly better
@tzenes Before his time
@GraceNote mhm
suffice to say, that voting was based on the popularity of the game, not the quality of the answer
@tzenes I see your point.
2:30 PM
@Wipqozn But to put it simply, while most people do vote on content/quality for standard Q/A, it applied less so on identification, and far less so on game recommendations. To the point I wrote a legendary rant on the latter
@GraceNote One of my favorite
To put it bluntly
@GraceNote Understood.
Objectively on the grounds of correctness, every entry on a game recommendation should be equally voted - they all qualify for the given criteria. Instead, it turns into voting for what is the most prominent game on that question.
polls XD
2:31 PM
Which scores its major problems because voting is on a global, site-wide scale, but people expect that kind of question to exist on its own personal, question-wide scale of voting.
Well in a twisted way the more popular a game is, the more likely it is to be the game one effectively has played...
What I do know is that I asked an ITG, got half the details wrong and still I got the correct answer <3
@badp This is the story of every identification I've ever asked.
@tzenes I hate to say it, but that's a site-wide problem... you being an avid answerer should know that extremely well.
I could probably even still today ask a really simply question and get 20 upvotes on it within a week.
Voting on identification... I don't even know how to begin on it. It just... doesn't... work? I think this has an issue with the fact that on the end scale, the validity of answers on an identification is very centrally localized to a single individual, due to the nature.
@Powerlord yes, but that's because the question gets more eyeballs
2:35 PM
@Powerlord Recent questions demonstrate otherwise: gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/starcraft-2
you can't help the fact that at the end of the day, the amount of votes you get is a fraction of the amount of people that have read your post.
The more people read you, the higher the amount of votes.
This is why I like "the number of votes CAST" as a metric
not the number recieved
That tells you more about participation of the individual, indeed.
@tzenes I like it too, I just think everything should be considered.
that's not the problem with game-rec, however, @Powerlord, because the same amount of people read all the answers (okay, this is a stretch; in reality the situation is worse still)
2:38 PM
@Wipqozn everything I include will need a cut off point
if you can posit rational cut off points, I'm willing to consider it
3/5 and 16/9
@tzenes My bad, I meant answer a really easy starcraft-2 question. (Also, I can't view Gaming from work)
(ta bum dssssh)
@tzenes Well, the arguments against reputation outweigh the benefit I was proposing.
@tzenes You should include number of edits as well.
On other users questions/answers, that is
If it's possible to even calculate that with the data you have access to.
It's possible in the data dump, yes
2:43 PM
I assume you plan to compare this data to users who first question wasn't ITG?
And... the more I think about it, the more I realize how much you really should include.
A wild hunger appeared!
@Wipqozn What is a rational cut off for number of edits?
also, isn't edits something you need rep for? and like, a lot of rep?
@Wipqozn Eventually, yes
@tzenes You can suggest edits at any rep count.
I still don't get what you're trying to do with all your stats?
People with sufficient rep can then approve them, but the edit is still credited to the suggester.
I'm trying to find a good metric for converstion rates on a per tag basis
2:56 PM
So e.g. the ITG tag?
I think I understand this better now :D
as a minor aside
in 4 hours, Gaming turns one year old
oh, and we all get our badges
I know you don't really care but...
2:58 PM
@tzenes We'll probably get all the badges at the end of the day, rather than at our birth hour.
I guess that's true
plus I don't think I created my account on day 1
> Member for 4 months
hm I thought it was less

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