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11:00 AM
@Rob keep in mind, depending on the popularity of the alpha/beta you might not get an answer for some time
I bet I'll have serial upvote reverted tomorrow
@3ventic I've only voted for you twice, takes more than that to trigger
if 20 people all vote on something at the same time that's not the same thing
Someone's voted more than that
k then i wont do another suggestion
because i dont get the cleanup
11:01 AM
@kalina Yes, thats a possibility. Their own forums are probably a better place for questions I suppose, but I;'d like a little more Rep if I can.
it says using dictionary method and the example of minecraft does not provide it in body or header
@Wandang in the instance of the dota2 tag, it already follows the format, if you're just adding to it there shouldn't be a problem as long as you get it in the right place
@Wandang dictionary method = don't start your tag details with "Minecraft is..."
I was supposed to do something but I forgot
ie: you're on the minecraft tag, you don't need to announce it again in the tag wiki
the example does
11:02 AM
@3ventic you were supposed to forget
@kalina shouldn't matter though, the "Tag is" is stripped automatically
@kalina Forget what?
Good question @Rob
need to work for a few min again
@Wandang that's not an example, it's a screenshot of the tag in the state it was in when the cleanup started
pay more to the answer that is accepted than the question for an understanding of what tag wikis are intended to look like
11:03 AM
@3ventic I'm full of them. Perhaps I should post a few....
@Rob you should, especially if I can answer them (and ninja them from @Arperum)
@Rob nothing wrong with self answering at all
Here they come...
I need one more post at +2 votes to get another hat
which means I need to find something to answer
Steam is downloading something at 10 bytes/s but won't tell me what...
11:09 AM
payday 2 update obviously
morning @Wipqozn
It already downloaded that
before I went to bed
the make-valve-bitcoins addin.
Oh, I forgot I had this opened last night.
Morning people.
I need to go buy some milk soonish
11:10 AM
@Wipqozn hi
More hats
Q: What is the music played in this room in Postal 2?

AssylumHere you can see where it is on the map: The room: It is clearly a metal song, but I do not recognize who it played. Does anyone who owns the game know which song it is? Given the recent incidents I won't upload a video of it to Youtube.

Trying to find some question topics I have some knowledg eon and post a few answers...
When did Winterbash begin?
11:14 AM
Yay 1k on MSO
I rep capped on MSO yesterday completely randomly
Finally I can have my click-to-see-+/--votes privilege
Airports are so fun
@3ventic welcome to #3 on the leaderboards =p
@Unionhawk Especially when you have a plane to crash into a crowd full of angry people with rocket launchers
11:15 AM
There are 5 people in 3rd place xp
I was there earlier
then I dropped out
Apparently I ended up on the precheck side somehow, which was nice
now I'm back
Encryption puzzles are hard
Inb4 "lol he said hard"
11:16 AM
If you have a Base64 encoded string which decodes to Salted__20[junk], what are you looking at?
lol hard
just cause
I wish the hat for tumbleweed would be awarded even if you didn't have a tumbleweed during winterbash
@kalina 2
that tumbleweed hat is going to be difficult to get on arqade
we're too protective
I have one
yes but it's not something you can just summon up that reliably
best ask something obscure on SO tbh
11:17 AM
I could just post another euro truck simulator question and no one would notice
I'm going to comment on everything you post from now until January
Any obscure question you ask here is often a candidate for burning by some people...
simply because I won't be able to get it on here, because somebody always does something to my posts
I'm going to ask a crystal reports question on SO
I could ask something really weird on SO
11:19 AM
weird will attract attention
you want mundane
No, I mean. Weird as in no one knows what I'm talking about
but something that looks professional
It has to be something hard to answer too, otherwise it will get an answer
@3ventic the tag also requires low views
Hats are silly
Do edits disqualify tumbleweed?
Uuh, badge*
11:21 AM
@3ventic any activity
I need to come up with something
self-answering disqualifies too?
I'm going to wait until the initial hat surge has died down
@3ventic yep
will probably ask it on Christmas Eve or something
11:22 AM
I'm going to test something
It's also a roguelike. You didn't know?
@Unionhawk Since
Replies always mess up for me
@3ventic what a joke. valve ramping up servers? the server were nearly dead the last few days. unplayable
Not enough seats. Blarg
11:25 AM
@kalina did you get a hat?
Come on... Open it up... You know you want to
What's opening up?
@Unionhawk And a milliners
Well, I'm at an airport....
Are you being searched?
11:30 AM
@3ventic for what
Q: how to level up quicker in borderland 2

johanMy friend plays with me and lost all of his progress because he did not sighn in how can he level up quick again cuz I'm on level 10?

@kalina I don't know, did you?
Surprisingly no, since I've got scuba gear in this bag
@3ventic I have the third most hats on SE atm
They usually pull my bag aside
But not this time
11:33 AM
I must admit, I do quite like the chat interface here. Much nicer than an irc room
it is
lacks a few of the features, has a few unique features
This meme has come to far dogecoin.com
@qwertie So you spread it some more?
@Arperum yep
@Rob I disagree. I'd much rather this be an internet chat room, rather than a web one.
11:36 AM
Q: How does NinjaKiwi know that you didn't cheat on Jingle Bloons 2013?

Philipp SanderNinja Kiwi is currently running a contest on their Facebook-site. The rules are pretty clear: No Special Agents. No store purchases (i.e. Double Cash Mode, Bigger Beacons etc). No usage of in-game injections. No continues. However, monkey-lab upgrades and buildings are allowed. You particip...

I am robohamster
@Lazers Only ninjakiwi knows.
Boarding behind schedule... As if my layover wasn't short enough =/
Q: Pokémon X or Y for competitive online play?

TrollwutI know it's mostly opinion-based of the player what fits more to him. But are there reasons to pick one of them over the other for competitive online play? I think of catchable Pokémons (ok, they can be traded, too). Or then there is Charizard, which dragon form appears a bit stronger for compet...

11:47 AM
Didn't we just see that question?
@Rob No, the other one was for ingle player.
> I know it's mostly opinion-based of the player what fits more to him.
Close incoming
right, I have posted three comments, I just need them upvoting twice each now and then HAT!
@kalina You have so many hats
@kalina You have my vote...
11:55 AM
If you haven't clicked on this link yet please be kind and click it
@qwertie I need more
@kalina I clicked it 3 times already...
@kalina Why
I need one more comment upvote: api.stackexchange.com/docs/…
@qwertie 500 views hat
You were right @kalina
@3ventic I normally am
about what?
11:57 AM
Let me find the quote
@kalina Should be ok now.
@kalina er, what? Link to API usage?
@Arperum <3 <3 <3
@5pike no that page at the bottom contains links to 5 comments I've made on gaming during winterbash
the ones at <2 score need upvoting
can't find it, you used too weird words
Ah, I see.
11:58 AM
gotta let the dogs out
@3ventic who?
@boo ...
still third
Your comments all seem upvoted enough now.
yes they do, thanks all!
I'm doing a bit of Review queue hovering today....
Keeping an eye on First Posts and Later Answers.
12:05 PM
@kalina You are missing the upboated hat, 5 questions/.answers with +2 score.
@Arperum I know
I need one more question/answer with +2
I have 4 so far
all the others are at 0 though and I'm not even sure it's good content
@kalina Do you have 10 new questions already? (for another hat)
2 questions so far
Hmm, just changed my avatar image, not updated here
@Rob it takes some time and then you'll need to refresh the page
12:11 PM
takes time
Caches everywhere!
I should probably look for something to put a bounty on
before I start overcapping again
@Rob It laggs behind a bit, and then people need to refresh, so that causes even more laggin behind.
Ah, right. So hammering F5 is not the best way to fix this 'problem' ?
give it 10 minutes and then refresh
12:12 PM
@kalina I'll gladly help with any hats I can.
asking for comment upvotes and link views is a completely different thing from asking for post upvotes
1 hour ago, by 5pike
@3ventic helping is fun
@kalina I will not blindly vote up, I will always take a decision if it is worthy of my upvote.
Q: Using PS4/XB1 in a country before release date?

KarlAs the title says, can the PS4 and/or XBONE be used to play online and/or offline in a region where they have not yet been released? I am thinking of ordering a system from the US and play in a country (Thailand) where neither have been released yet.

12:18 PM
I have ~30 hours to get 125 views on my pd2 question
Link me kalina, I'll give it a view or two
I'll use both eyes
And I have two monitors, so that should count as four views
Quite sure there is no cupcake hat this time, or if there is the criteria is different
Q: Where can I find the vault keycards?

kalinaFor the new Christmas Heist, a new bank has been added: Go Bank. I'm trying to work my way through this bank stealth and Bain is telling me I need to search cars to find keycards for the vault. Now, the bank is surrounded by cars - both in front of the bank and behind the bank, I have opened al...

@PrivatePansy can you click that also? :p
110 views to go
@kalina lol, is like that?
/me will get that hat without doing anything :P
@Braiam Arqade for you
we'd need a major game release
12:27 PM
If you write haskell like this, please submit your CV to Kalina for burnination:
Data Foo = Bar | Baz | Egg Egg
Data Egg = ...
waits for people to submit themselves for burnination
@kalina you can start with this guy
@badp *emails Sigbjorn Finne <sof@galois.com> with abuse plus bunrnination invite*
@kalina Remind him to use his real name, or else!
...or else abuse might not be administered correctly.
12:29 PM
his name is irrelevant, people who die by fire don't need a name
even though I am third, I am still representing Arqade in the winterbash
@boo is joint 28th
@mad and @Braiam are higher but their hats are from other sites
@kalina not if you use the Burned Note ;)
(lame reference to Death Note)
@kalina higher?
@Braiam Can't you just write into the Death Note "He dies by fire"?
interesting, the views on my payday 2 question just readjusted and I lost 40 views
this makes me sad
@Braiam Yeah, you need to be high to get to the leaderboards
12:34 PM
@kalina @boo's hats are from other sites, too.
@FEichinger :O
the bulk of my hats are from arqade
except my unicorn
and... some others
I have 19 arqade hats
I have a top hat and pipe now. It makes me cultured.
@kalina I'm #2 on Arqade, @boo is joint #11 on Arqade.
that might actually be #1 if you use hats only from a single site
12:35 PM
Even @Braiam has more Arqade hats than @boo.
@5pike Have to wait 2 more hours
@5pike HOW RUDE
@Sterno I didn't know there was a timelimit...
@kalina ironic
12:36 PM
@kalina In fact, @boo has just more than 1/3 of the amount of hats you have on Arqade.
Was Death Note that film with the crazy CGI devil creature?
@Rob you know nothing NOOB
@Braiam HOW RUDE
@kalina And yet, it's starred.
12:38 PM
@kalina Those snorkle and goggles fit remarkably well.
@Sterno I know
I went through several avatars until I found one that worked
@Braiam Is that a yes?
I like the frost hat because you can position it pretty ridiculously high. And hats are best when they're annoying other people.
@Sterno three hats is best for that
@kalina Disagree. Frosty gives really obvious whitespace in between avatar and hat
12:41 PM
I cba to argue
food time
Now I have to go downvote you so that you can never get updo
Frosty goes higher than three hats, Frosty wins
Then I need to buy some fire insurance for my house.
12:43 PM
@Sterno Better stuff it full of asbestos, that'll stop the house from burning down in the first place
@Sterno gg
Okay guys, the internet it's over
It's been nice
Please give Sterno a final round of applause
We now present you with a new internet. Press START to continue.
@Sterno Internet+: Not Sterno's Edition
The final boss comes upgraded with extra snark in Internet+ mode
Can't decide if this is too broad, or okay: gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/146613/…
Q: What are the stats for the DLC weapons?

NiteCyperIn Tomb Raider multiplayer, there are six DLC weapons that can be bought. They refer to Hitman: Absolution. Tomb Raider: Hitman: Absolution Weapons Pack Agency SPS 12 (shotgun) HX AP-15 (rifle) Silverballer (pistol) Tomb Raider: Hitman: Absolution Weapons Pack 2 JAGD P22G (pistol) M590 12ga...

Q: Is there a way to disable screen bob/shake?

NiteCyperIn Tomb Raider, running, jumping, explosions, taking damage, etc. cause the screen to shake. I think that it's contributing to nausea. Others have voiced the same complaint. I can't find a setting to turn this off, like in Minecraft. Is there a way to disable it, even via editing the game files?

12:48 PM
We have a tag?
@Lazers Wasn't this questions closed/deleted recently?
@kalina would be rude if I had call him n00b :(?
@5pike Would that stop Nite?
@FEichinger I don't know him all to well.
@Sterno I think a case could be made that we're experts on the "professional" scene in some sort.
But then again, we wouldn't know anything about the business side of it, the gameplay side is already covered and the teams and structures aren't really our cup of tea.
12:53 PM
@sterno don't even joke, it's probably going to happen anyway. I got a bunch of down votes from the same user yesterday just after rep capping as well
@badp If you don't already have it, you need that cool script that was tested out in here yesterday that apparently lets mods see who flagged what
downvote troll made me think of flag troll.
I agree but GTA V also
@Sterno I don't have it indeed
...sounds like an exploit?
@badp Maybe. I forget who was testing it in here. But they said basically the information was exposed to mods, and there was just no UI for it
@Sterno ...I suppose it was a feature, not a bug?
12:57 PM
Ah I got that link somewhere let me find it
@badp It's linked in the TL transcript from yesterday
@badp Not being a mod, I am not in the position of having to decide whether or not using it is ethical. :)
@Sterno Supposedly an example for an answer
Also - I was right.
1:01 PM
@Sterno easiest not an answer flag EVER?
@sterno zomg that is so good, I'm going to give it a 500 rep bounty
@Sterno Lolwut?
I need 20k so I can delete answers.
Someone 3k bounty me
Never mind deleting answers, how much rep before you can delete users? And I mean from the face of the earth, not from the site.
@Sterno sure, give me 4k rep first
1:06 PM
@tombull89 0 rep required. You just start working on prison rep after that.
@tombull89 I think that's 1... and some heavy artillery
@Sconibulus we need @PrivatePansy here, he can surely provide that!
@tombull89 Who tickled your hate?
Well, Samsung do Artillery pieces so I'll see if they give me a free TV if I buy one.
@tombull89 samsungtechwin.com/_img/menu1/k55tank.jpg looks like a toy in the image
1:08 PM
@Sconibulus That's so 20th century. Nowadays, you just need a UAV with the right (small) payload.
Why use something so expensive? Acid does the trick just fine.
UAVs aren't expensive anymore.
cheap as chips parrot drone, a bottle of vodka and a fuse of some kind
plus a system to light it
no I don't have one already set up
I do want a remote control helicopter though
nitro one, not battery powered
Good morning, Comms Room.
I... er
1:12 PM
@Yuki Uhm...
@Yuki Good morning to you, too, @Wipqozn.
@Yuki hello awxwr
@FEichinger Why thank you, @Sterno.
@kalina Now that's just downright offensive.
excuse me, modrator, awxwr is circumventing his ban again
@kalina flagged
@kalina *modrater
1:14 PM
badp left the second we said "mod"
I still can't get over how dilated Rainbow Dash's eyes are in this avatar
it's like I'm looking at a picture of myself
...once chat updates
@kalina nice hat
It's very... pink!
I haven't seen it yet, but I can guarantee the snorkle is better
1:18 PM
I don't know, this fits quite well
Now you look like an old lady.
@Sterno It is, the snorkle hides the huge eyes better.
@Sterno look at you, of all people, calling me, of all people, old
@kalina This is where you come to get expert answers to questions on which people have a lot of experience.
of all people
1:20 PM
I like Xenon Diflouride. Totally nondescript, stable, white crystals, smelling of ozone a bit. Dissolves to hydrofluoric acid on contact with skin. LD50 of 90mg/kg (oral).
@Sterno then why don't you have a million reps yet?
1 reps for every year you've been alive
@kalina BeingOld.SE hasn't gotten the needed support in Area 51 because followers keep dying off
@Sterno We need a VampireLifestyle.SE
@MartinSojka Science Fiction & Fantasy
@MartinSojka Bitcoin.SE
1:22 PM
Q: How many hats do I have?

SternoOn the leaderboard page, I have 8 hats. Or 9 hats. I'm bad at counting and it's really hard to tell.

Agh, Wasteland 2's on Steam Early Access...
@MartinSojka I'm still a fan of chlorine trifluoride, will burn quite literally anything.
@KevinvanderVelden It's also rather hard to handle.
@MartinSojka jup, great fun :)
@SepiaLazers AAAAH. I just noticed that meta has no hats!
1:23 PM
FOOF is also an acceptable, if rather weak, substitute
@kalina Pink hat looks bad. Change.
@FEichinger You're blind. But still right though.
@Arperum Yep, only main sites do.
and MSO
because it's special
@3ventic MSO is technically a main site.
@SepiaLazers The tag on this was just changed from to . I'm not sure I "need help with one of the site's features".
don't tell me what to do
NAA flags please.
@boo saw URL, was dissapointed it wasn't this beyonce:
Wait that url is failing -,-
I just got a phone call that caller id said was coming from "1000000"
That's a pretty awesome number.
1:50 PM
@kalina Did you just headdesk repeatedly into your keyboard?
@kalina flagging as spam
@tombull89 flagged as tombull
Q: Ars Magica 2: Level up problem

Tobias LangnerI have a problem in Ars Magica 2. I took with my first skill points "Self" and "Regenerate" and "Projectile". Now I can make only 2 spells - "Self Regenerate" & "Projectile Regenerate" - which I both can't cast. The first uses 270 Mana, the second uses 540 mana - but I have only 100. How can I p...

@kalina flagged as tombullist
1:56 PM
@tombull89 Flagged for flagtrolling.
@Arperum flagged as— "Oh hey, a butterfly!" runs off
@Yuki CATCH IT! I want it!
@Arperum flagged as "this is The Bridge, what do you expect, valid flag use?"
@tombull89 flagged as bridgeist

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