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6:00 PM
130 accidents.
Yeah, it's amazing how safe that stuff is.
So I still find it to be quite a lot.
out of how many total?
Basically that's 7 deaths per accident.
Think how ironic would be if Arda had to live with the burden of your death on his soul, @Mana.
6:00 PM
If it continues at that rate, you'll have four dozen husbands by next month.
> Fatalities per 100 million passenger journeys are (on average) 4.5 for cars, 2.7 for trains, and 55.0 for planes!
@badp You seem to be deluded as to think I have a soul.
Mermaids aren't really proud of their souls.
Mermaids I have no soul.
@badp That's really reassuring of you. I think I'm ready to face death.
You don't have to be shy of your tiny itty bitty babby soul.
6:02 PM
Imagine if that is indeed the last thing he'll ever say to us.
@badp I'm not shy of it any more than I am shy of my 4th eye.
I only have 3, you know.
Obvious. You can't be shy of an eye if you don't have it.
So it's mathematically impossible.
Same thing goes for my soul.
and highly uninformative.
Hah! 4-2, bandage and A+!
HOARD sounds like fun.
Soulless creatures can have fun?
6:06 PM
Fun is defined by dopamine releases.
That makes 12 bandages.
A+ on 4-3 doesn't seem easy
Why do you even bother?
SMB doesn't have the achievement yet.
So it's not tracking progress either.
Because I might as well get the 17 A+s I think I need right away
I don't think the game achievement description will be any clearer than "Spend as least time as possible in Hell."
Glitch levels.
I haven't yet seen one.
There's a question about them on the site.
6:08 PM
8*(@31^ }{&4$ ^7&#%
"Complete stage"
Talking about Super Meat Boy? This is relevant to my interests!
Trying to get an A+ in 4-3 is quite frustrating.
The level is short and 'easy'... but I need to shave 1.5 more seconds.
Bah, Powerlord did better than me? A full second faster? UNACCEPTABLE.
I don't remember levels by number, unfortunately. Let me go find a youtube vid of it.
Also, 800 views in half an hour? Holy crap!
6:12 PM
I still need a Gamepad
But they're expensive.
Time required: 11.50
Best time: 11.87
By the way, @badp
I picked up a gamepad for $20, @ArdaXi
@RavenDreamer Where?
Best Buy
6:13 PM
This is irrelevant to my interests.
Just a Logitech brand USB Gamepad
Since I'm, like, an ocean away from there.
Q: What makes fluids multiply?

Raven DreamerVery much related: How do I multiply Lava and water? In the above question, I answer how to multiply Lava and Water; I use a very large, cumbersome set of steps to do so. It's irritating to navigate around, and potentially dangerous (I've fallen into the lava tank and died before). I want to kno...

Q: How should I configure my Rock Band 3 pro drum kit for the most authentic experience?

FallenAngelEyesI purchased the Rock Band 3 pro drums (the ones that come with the cymbal attachments). I'm wondering what cymbal to color configuration I should use for a drumming experience most comparable to an actual drumkit. The instruction booklet said one option was to set up yellow->blue->green from le...

Q: Minecraft Redstone : How do I reverse the activation of Pistons with redstone automatically?

EraserExeSo basically, I want to make a hidden Piston door using Redstone that opens and shuts when I pull a lever. (Skip to 2:32) ...

this would be much harder if I hadn't gotten so far in smb for the potato sack :)
I seem to have lost my SMB progress.
Oh well.
6:14 PM
@ArdaXi Good point.
This is what I have @ArdaXi
So I guess I spent 25$
Well, yeah, but I figure if I'm getting a gamepad, might as well get an Xbox 360 one.
Which isn't that much more expensive.
I didn't have that foresight.
(I also don't own an Xbox)
Me neither.
btw 17 A+s in Hell might be a little too hard.
6:16 PM
I only have one right now
@badp You spammed me! I thought you already had a comment with someone.
lol :/
Q: Recommendations for music games for children.

BalthazarCan anyone recommend some good music games for small children? I thought something like a virtual piano or drum, but with a very simple GUI. My girls are three and six, and they already love to play tuxpaint, I am looking for something similar for music.

I managed to A+ the entire game... eventually.
It took a while, though.
raven: do you have the achievement already? :)
6:17 PM
Awesome. A game-rec on another site.
I don't know what the achievement requires
we're thinking it might require a+
lots of them.
Eh, what the heck. I'll go boot up SMB and see if I unlock anything.
6:18 PM
maybe we need to get them today
@RavenDreamer You won't, though.
The achievement isn't even in the game yet.
the achievements don't show in the game list
@lunixbochs This achievement isn't in the game.
As in, even if the game wanted to unlock the achievement for you, Steam would complain.
how'd you determine that?
@lunixbochs Steam achievement page.
Starred list is negative today.
6:22 PM
Great... trying to play Super Meat Boy made my comp. Blue Screen.
I blame you, @badp
Also, I feel like someone else should ask about the Jolly Rover achievement...
anyone know if you can get achievements from previous days?
after the fact
@badp Let me use you for a non-consensual experiment.
"You've completed 4 of 7. See the remaining activities." makes it sound like I can still complete some
@lunixbochs yes you can
@RavenDreamer Not if you don't have the games.
But yes, you can still get the tickets.
6:25 PM
If you don't have the games, you can't complete the achievement in the first place.
But you're right; the games aren't on sale anymore
@RavenDreamer Most of them weren't on sale on their particular days either.
okay, I do have most of the games though
so thanks :)
Of the first day list only BTB was on sale.
Today SMB, HOARD and Magicka.
no, multiple were on sale
it only shows me the ones I don't own
in the ticket list
if you already own one, it doesn't show you it's on sale
they're all on sale today
except for the free-to-play one for obvious reasons
No, they're not.
Well, they're on sale in the sense off 'summer sale', but no in the sense of 'daily deal'.
6:30 PM
the games for today all show as on sale when I go to their page
Which is what @RavenDreamer was referring to.
Those games are still on sale.
Bit Trip Beat is still €7,99 €3,99
I don't think 66% needs to be on daily deal to be considered a proper sale ;)
Got an A+ on 4-3 again, @Badp.
If you hate this level now, just wait until the dark world version...
It ain't pretty.
@RavenDreamer You racist.
I have 6 A+s in hell now, but Sir Willis' answer is discouraging
6:31 PM
"Dark World" is not a race.
@RavenDreamer You just said the dark version was less pretty.
That's racist.
No, I implied the sight of @badp pounding his face into the keyboard in frustration was not going to be pretty.
So you're saying the dark version is more violent too?
going to finish all of the ones from day 1-2 before I come back to SMB then
The Spiral Knight activity disappeared.
The moment I installed Spiral Knight.
Clever. Very clever.
Finally. A nemesis worthy of my vast intellect.
6:35 PM
it's gone for me too, and I didn't bother installing it yet
@lunixbochs Your vast intellect is obviously not worthy.
Spiral Knight activity was broken: forums.steampowered.com/forums/…
Yeah it is.
The achievement is not unlockable.
garshasp is going to take a while to download -_-
The achievement was in Super Meat Boy all along. Very clever, Steam.
6:39 PM
we find it?
I did.
A: Super Meat Boy - How do I earn "Medium Rare" achievement?

Arda XiThe achievement isn't called Medium Rare, it's called BBQ Boy. The SMB team has said on Twitter that it counts a sum of the best play times in Hell.

@RavenDreamer Grand. As I said I got .3 seconds away from there
@RavenDreamer I don't care enough to do all the dark levels :P
@badp You have to.
For the achievement, anyway.
@ArdaXi I just officially stopped caring about this ticket.
6:43 PM
@badp Me too.
I have however shaved off a few more seconds off my total so I guess it's not too bad
@Powerlord already got the SMB achievement.
@ArdaXi I pointed him to a savefile on the valve ARG that has all the levels cleared with A+.
But that's cheating.
@badp Right. Cheating is bad, mmmkay.
Again I don't care about tickets enough to do that
I did cheat for the second SMB potato :P
6:47 PM
Neither do I. ---shifts eyes---
No way I was going to hunt for 8 more bandages.
I didn't cheat for that one :(
@lunixbochs the 20 bandages one?
I 100%'d world 1 I think for it
I don't even know where some of those bandages are.
I did get one today.
6:48 PM
oh, only 90%'d it
I don't think there's a potato I didn't cheat for in some way.
did you get the golden?
the AAAA one took a while
6:49 PM
Besides I'm not in a particularly challenging environment :P
@lunixbochs Cheated it.
wonderful end of the world?
@lunixbochs Cheated it.
I cheated every Dejobaan in the same way.
Developer negligence.
I cheated it by slowing the game down
SMB I used a downloaded save
6:51 PM
@ThomasMcDonald I did cheat BTB that way.
the wonderful end and audiosurf are the only I had to cheat
@ArdaXi and that
I found the score modifier in the wonderful end and did a mem edit
Audiosurf I cheated by changing the score on the fly
Well, one of them. The other one is ridiculously easy.
@lunixbochs Why would you do that if you could just use the DLL Dejobaan provided?
6:52 PM
didn't see a DLL
TWE I just slowed down and did it normally
because I kinda enjoyed that game
@lunixbochs There was one.
It had exposed methods for generate_steam_overlay_url.
Needless to say those weren't hard potatoes.
amnesia was annoying because I died from the monster because a lever wouldn't trip the first time :(
the second run through was pretty fast though because I'd already figured it out
Oh Amnesia
6:55 PM
I'm too scared to play that game after attempting that potato
Apparently you need to do all of World 4 in 500 seconds.
A+s not required.
even dark? are those consecutive?
Including dark.
A: Super Meat Boy - How do I earn "Medium Rare" achievement?

KittenpoxConsidering that the achievement is called 'Medium Rare' (a measurement of how well-done a steak or other piece of meat is), I'd guess that you would need to get burnt in some manner. As it is a Hell level and you are a piece of meat, I would expect that you'd need to die in either fire or lava -...

Err... I'd flag this for not an answer, but...
Well I have 226,98 seconds in the light world plus 4-7 4-14 4-20
From the dark world I only did 4-19X
I got an A+ for it though.
6:58 PM
@lunixbochs Not consecutive, it's a sum of your best times.
this featured Interwebz level pack is intense
I don't even know how to start 4-1X
Are A+ times under the threshold?
I.e., A+ing the world will give you the achievement?
@RavenDreamer no idea.
All I know is @Powerlord downloaded a save file and used that to get the achievement :P
Hmm, I need to ping @badp on something, but I have no idea if just using 'terrible mod' in a comment would do the trick.
7:00 PM
Seriously, how do you do the first jump of 4-1X?
I'm going to ask that on the site.
@badp You? Ask? Site? On?
@badp across the lava?
I jump left, right, shift+left
Oh right. That worked this time around.
@badp I did this for tater
And now no longer
7:03 PM
just make sure you're low enough on the shift+left to clear the overhang
you can drop a half sec if you need before jumping
Yeah, that was the problem, I kept hitting the ceiling
I actually just got it with a shift+right to slide up the wall, then a shift left
@ThomasMcDonald Me too!
@badp Start acting on flags dammit.
There's someone wrong on the internet!
Ctrl-F ArdaXi Dismiss invalid
watches his flag weight plummet
See, I knew it.
What's 'disputed' anyway?
Oh like if I flag a flag.
Yay! Now my answer is on top!
7:10 PM
So Light world hell A+ times is 276.8...
By the way, did anyone notice that Valve removed the Spiral Knights ticket?
And 631.8 seconds total with the darkworld
yeah, it's buggy
Oh, and yes, I cheated to get the SMB achievement. I really, REALLY dislike that game, and there's no way in hell I'm going to get that one on my own (no pun intended)
If you need to get under 500 seconds, geez. That means better than A+ing all the levels.
7:11 PM
@ArdaXi Your wish has been granted
@Raven it's very possible though
I don't doubt it. Now I go to see how far my scores put me from 500
for example the goal on 4-1X is 19s, I just got 12.5 by skipping a cycle or two of blades and jumping through the middle D:
@Powerlord I guess that's for a good reason. The item isn't in game.
@RavenDreamer Dunno, based on the forum posts, who got the achievement and who didn't, that's what it looked like.
The thread is there for anyone to read :)
> So, I opened my Golden God file, and...I got it! My times on that file are: 498s total levels time (lol the warp zone time is still fucked up for me)
> I'm on 568s total levels time [...] I didn't get it.
Um... I just bought the item in Spiral Knights. It is in the game, it's just not awarding anything
289.08 dark world times
7:14 PM
@RavenDreamer Really? I checked the stores, the auction house, etc. found nothing.
The wiki also has nothing on the item.
My Hell overall time is currently 524.3 seconds
It could very well be 525, or 550, or 570
Okay, so it isn't 525.
It's between 498 and 524.3
There's your firecracker, badp
7:16 PM
@RavenDreamer Oh, right. I also searched for "stellar" etc., the full name of the item as shown on the ticket description
So yes, I find it outrageous that people on that forum are whining on how uninteresting the achievement is :P
Gosh darn it.
My SMB sound refuses to work
'nother comment to un-answer-ify, @badp
@RavenDreamer Check the sound volumes in the Settings menu.
@Powerlord - no, it's a sound crashing bug.
Sound works fine till you get to the main menu
Also, why does Spiral Knights not use the Steam updater on the Steam version?
Then... nothing.
7:21 PM
@badp Nope.
It's remained constant.
@Powerlord - because it uses Java?
I dunno.
@Powerlord Because it's an F2P MMO. They all do that.
@Powerlord It's a very good question.
@Powerlord - wow, that actually was the problem. WTF? Why'd the settings change?
@RavenDreamer Thanks, TCO.
7:23 PM
Man, 2,700 views in an hour
We should ask more questions based on the steam things. Get lots of traffic for the site.
so.. anyone else find the SMB one a bit hard
also they removed the Spiral Knights one, but the devs said it will be readded at a later date
Well that was easy. 5 seconds knocked off already
so might as well get the item still so youll be ready the day that one comes up again
17 sec to go
its 495 seconds from what I hear
not 500
wish I was in my meatboy prime like I was back in Nov. This would of been much easier.
7:29 PM
@RavenDreamer The vendors listed on that page aren't carrying it right now.
I'm in Spiral Knights right now, talking to the vendor that supposedly has the recipe in the Bazaar district, and it isn't there.
16 mins ago, by badp
> So, I opened my Golden God file, and...I got it! My times on that file are: 498s total levels time (lol the warp zone time is still fucked up for me)
It could be that there are two different timers for dark and light worlds
Hmm, the vendor that sells the bomb itself has it, though
@Powerlord Perhaps wait for the achievement to return on the ticket list first though
Buying items is very cost uneffective. Especially if you don't need the item.
Actually buying items you aren't going to use is plain stupid. :P
The right way would be finding a recipe at depth 0 or 4 or whatever.
Well, it could be the vendor on the terminal level (4) has it, but that'd mean I'd have to go down into the clockworks to get it.
If you get the recipe I should have the material.
7:43 PM
@badp - is there a quick way to view your total times per world in Super Meat Boy?
@RavenDreamer The thread suggests SMBStats
Q: How to skip battle animations in Civilization V?

Jader DiasI know in strategic mode there are no battle animations. But how can I skip them in 3D mode?

cat on hand makes it hard for me to see more about that
She meows and yawns in my general direction
Level 4 vendor didn't have it either.
Maybe that's why they removed the Steam thing, the recipe for it is missing.
Oh hell, his recipe list is randomized?
Do I even need to mention how idiotic that is?
anyone still need the alien breed achievement?
the coop one
Thats the only one I dont have (besides todays)
its from yesterday
7:47 PM
Yeah, I know.
complete 3 coope levels in Alien Breed Impact
But it's breed, not swarm.
yeah lol I get them confused
same type of gameplay
There's plenty of them I never will have.
The Lead and Gold one was a pain...
7:47 PM
Because I'm not going to spend money for them.
Yes, but it bugs me that one of them I would have was removed before I got it.
I think theres only been 3 games I havent had so far
Space Chem, Hamiltons adventure, and Jolly Roger
Hamiltons Adventure is pretty meh.
Jolly Roger I actually have and did earlier.
I had never heard of it until today
Bought it when it was on sale a while back.
7:50 PM
Is HOARD worth the €3? It seems interesting.
idk Ill play it for the first time today.
thats why I love these, they force me to play games I probably never would otherwise
Hoard is pretty bad
Blizzard must be getting desperate to get people back into WoW.
They just sent out an email about a "free 7 days"
@Powerlord wait, so is it 7 days free or is it 20 levels free?
@badp This is for people who already bought the game but aren't currently subscribers.
The irony is, they used the same URL for this promo as for the last one.
A: Is this email claiming to be from Blizzard legit?

PowerlordThis is a scam that is a variation of a real email that Blizzard sent out on November 10th, 2010. The difference is that the link in that email went to www.worldofwarcraft.com, which is a real Blizzard site. To be exact, the link was: https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/account/claim-promotion.html?...

The link mentioned in that answer, that is.

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