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12:07 AM
@Malachi aren't those records supposed to be 'sealed' ? :) ?
I haven't given anything out
@Malachi - I know. Just gave you some homework to do.
i will see what I can do on the performance stuff, I was hoping that someone would notice something small I could change in the syntax. I will be back in a little while
12:40 AM
@rolfl You work on Watson? Now I suddenly want to work on (ActionBar)Sherlock.
@rolfl Honestly, I'm really impressed that you work on Watson! You must have been doing a great job, considering it's performance in Jeopardy.
Yeah, "This paradigm shifting application is taking the machine-learning world by storm, it was worked on by rolfl".... "What is Watson, Alex?"
My Job, take "Watson" which is (according to wikipedia) : Watson is composed of a cluster of ninety IBM Power 750 servers, each of which uses a 3.5 GHz POWER7 eight core processor, with four threads per core. In total, the system has 2,880 POWER7 processor cores and is able to store 16 terabytes of RAM
I have to put that on a PC.
(running Linux).
@rolfl On one single PC?
I am somewhat exagerating.... the timelines on that target are fuzzy..... this will take many uears to get right. By the time we get there the PC is going to be very powerful
12:50 AM
@rolfl Yeah, the power of ninety IBM Power 750 servers on one single PC. Sounds very powerful.
The PC is not the only thing, but, as I say, timelines are fuzzy, but, at some point the idea is to have watson wherever it is helpful - hospitals, etc. And it has to be affordable enough to do it. It's not there yet.... Right now things like this are happening: ihealthbeat.org/articles/2013/11/15/…
@all hello! we got fresh new encouraging figures:
Q: Call of Duty - We're on a mission

retailcoderThis is a direct reply to Grace Note's recent CR review, more precisely the following part: (emphasis mine) Unanswered Tying in to all of the above is one of the most pressing concerns about the site I had in my own review, which is the gigantic pool of unanswered questions. There are, ...

918 Questions with no answers. (-92 | velocity: 18.4/day | incoming: 18.1/day)
1,045 Questions with no upvoted answers. (-192 | velocity: 38.4/day)
See this? We answered 18.4/day and per Area51 we got 18.1/day incoming zombies! We're keeping up guys! Woot-woot!
@Malachi with your last approved edit we now have identical rep scores :)
@retailcoder I just saw that update. Nice nice.
1:06 AM
@Jamal is there not a way to wikify a meta-question? I couldn't find the CW checkbox when I edited the CoD post.
@rolfl is Watson the new name for Skynet?
@retailcoder: Only moderators can CW a question now.
it will be called Skynet when it becomes self-aware.
(FWIW, I have already asked Watson how I can make it faster - it told me 'What is an Accelerator, Alex').
@Jamal 9 revs, is it me or it was like 1 revision away from becoming a wiki post?
Q: Class Inheritance Java Program I'M I DOING THIS WRONG OR RIGHT?

user3019552basically the person class is the super class and the customer is the sub class and the ] details on the methods and acessors used below Plan: Person Superclass with instance variables (data) that holds the person's name, address, and telephone number. instance methods: No-Argument Constructor ...

@SimonAndréForsberg: I don't see a need for a rollback here. The original code was not modified, and the newer code was added below. I'm assuming that newer question came from that added code from the answers.
1:18 AM
@Jamal Ok. It's your choice. Just wanted to flag it to let you make the decision. Good point about the fact that the original code didn't change.
That new Zombie is in the wrong game. (Read: That new question is off-topic)
@Jamal Use your powers to close that new question. It's not working code.
1:36 AM
@Jamal That user seems edit-happy. Most of the folks on SO probably saw this revision, in which case it does indeed seem to be better fit for CR.
Isn't the "errors" in the title still noticeable, though? I do see all the editing as well, and it could cause some confusion. Let's just see if they will help fix the errors.
@SimonAndréForsberg You're talking to the most edit-happy user on CR!! (@Jamal)
@retailcoder Good point :)
Hey, @svick.
One more chat member? We're growing :)
@Jamal That user3019552 and his intense editing is a good reason for why questions shouldn't be edited to invalidate answers. This is just confusing.
1:43 AM
@SimonAndréForsberg: Can you solve the OP's problem? If not, I can just keep the post closed until SO helps solve the problem.
@Jamal If I would solve his problem it would be only temporary. This guy is too confused. Unfortunately I think there's multiple things he needs to learn before asking a question on CR. I hope he will pay more attention in class and ask his teacher more about things. And, I hope his teacher is a good one (judging by his students, that is doubtful).
@SimonAndréForsberg: Possibly. So yeah, I'll keep it closed for now.
svick left us again :(
And now I will too. Night folks.
2:36 AM
@SimonAndréForsberg Daily vote limit reached: vote again in 21 hours | 1,022 questions with no upvoted answers / 916 unanswered.
New record!
2:57 AM
Q: error in dataSearch using berkley DB

TylerI've created a database using Berkley DB that stores N records where a record is a key/value pair. I originally populated it with only 20 records. With 20 records I managed to do a Key Search, and a Data Search (where I search through the database record by record for a data value that matches th...

3:10 AM
Another one bites the dust:
Q: 'Universal' WinForms TextBox Text 'Two-Way' Binder

ShamilSBelow is the code of a custom C# class I have called UniversalTextBoxTextBinder. I'm interested to hear the code review comments to find out the limitations of this 'universal' solution as well as to get posted here the references on similar solutions. Obviously the solution posted here can be ge...

@rolfl @Malachi Am I the only nutcase still active at this time?
I am back at work again. I have to get this Query to work the way the Legacy System worked
@retailcoder i think that I do my best work late night in the dark though
before the switch over I ran out of stars and votes!! I thought that was cool
Yeah that's pretty intense!
3:20 AM
Seriously I got scared for a minute, I ran out of ammo about 45 minutes ago and since then 0 zombie was shot. And I posted the only answer that brought the unanswered counter down.. I thought I was the only user active on the freakin' site!
I voted on a couple of things a little bit ago, but I am ok'd for overtime on this deal because it must be done by noon tomorrow.
what's that?
you mean you're physically at work?
Long live VPN...
yeah I don't have the setup at home that I have at work
I have three huge monitors here at work
Sh!t I thought I was cool with 2!
(at home too!)
and I have to log into all these fun databases and stuff. it's just much easier being at work. it is quiet here and I can bump my music a little bit.
I have 2 laptops at home and a nice extra monitor for when I get my windows box back up
I don't think that my little laptop can handle all the fun stuff that I do. plus my windows box still has the broken keyboard at the moment.
3:33 AM
Minus the one your big boy spilled apple juice on
that's my Windows box
i need to get it back up to, I want to sell really cheap webpages for Christmas letter pages.
if that makes sense
I VPN/tunnel to our data center and then I can remote desktop to my office workstation, or any of our virtual machines - my Win8 box doesn't actually have any work to handle..
And I don't get the x-mas cheap webpages...
i don't know that my laptop could handle that. and I can do that too. but I prefer being able to use all 3 monitors
check out my Website, hartwebpages.com
i have an idea for cheaper that what I have on there right now. but I would do just about anything right now for the extra cash. that is why I am trying to learn javascript so I can start making my own plugins @retailcoder
3:38 AM
ouch! talk about cheap layout!
i haven't been working on it in a while. I want to change it up again. I was using some dreamweaver template, yuck
did you see my first version of the cool E-mail form? I need to make that look pretty now that I have it working
Oh, just noticed the menu bar!!
where's the email form?
yeah I need some cool Javascript and CSS in there bad. I built that like 2 years ago...
on the contact page
Well it's better than mine: ______ (none)
it's needs work. but I need to learn some PHP and JavaScript for sure. it took me a little bit to find the right code to make that page work the way I wanted and I think it still has some quirks
but it shows a verify page and then redirects back to the home page of my site, which I think is cool
3:47 AM
I'd probably [try to] do mine with ASP.NET MVC. 5 years ago I would have done it with MS-Word so I'm coming from a galaxy far, far away!
@Malachi BTW I'm 10 points ahead :p
i would do it in ASP.NET MasterPages but ASP seems to cost more for hosting. if I knew more about doing server stuff I would turn one of my extra laptops into a mini webserver until it got too much traffic for it to handle
I will be there this weekend...lol
I promised little man that we would play some army of two this weekend on the playstation
I got that game on xb360
That's so cool, I hope my wife won't throw a fit when the kids are old enough to play video games and I dig up my PS2 with Guitar Hero Metallica...
(or CoD/BlackOps)
All right, I'll call it a day. Good night!
Good night
4:55 AM
Q: How to include correct: <SDL2/SDL.h> or <SDL.h> and set -I/usr/include/SDL2?

RobotexHow to include correct with using gcc: or and set -I/usr/include/SDL2?

2 hours later…
6:27 AM
Q: a program that stores length of words passed to it into array

JohnMerlinoI am looking to write a program that stores the length of all words passed to it in an array. I want to use only basic c program constructs. This is what I came up with: #include <stdio.h> #define IN 1 #define OUT 0 main() { int c, word_length, word_index, state; int words[2]; ...

7:06 AM
Q: Find a missing numbers, single missing number and two missing numbers, from consecutive range

JavaDeveloperContains 3 options. Given an input array 1. Unsorted and consecutive range, and array is 1 element short. eg: range is 6-9, and array = [7, 8, 9] output should be 6. 2. All conditions same as previous except 2 numbers are missing. 3. Input is sorted, numbers are consecutive, array has one missing...

1 hour later…
8:11 AM
Q: What kind of google analitycs tool does wikipedia use?

blade19899I have ghostery as my firefox addon, and every time I visit a site, it gives me a list(top right) what it is blocking. Bu, when i visit Wikipedia i don't get a list? when configuring ghostery, i selected to block all! no exceptions! Question: What kind of Analitics software does wikipedia use?

8:37 AM
Q: Code repetition vs multi responsible method

yBeeI try to follow the Single Responsibility Principle (SRP) and also to omit Code Repetitions. However there are often places where there are code repetitions that are nothing more than code blocks of invocations that are resistant to extracting them into at least meaningfull named method: DoActio...

9:10 AM
Q: Drawing a table in Python3

3k-I have created a module to draw text tables. The relevant parts are below and here's the full code for txtable). class Row(Txtable): [...] def format(self, col_widths): """Return the row as formatted string. """ columns = [] for x, column in enumerate(sel...

3 hours later…
12:00 PM
Q: Refactor if statement with object-oriented style

Glauco CucchiarI've this block of code: public void Execute() { ... ... if (testCond1()) doSomething(); if (testCond2()) doAnotherAction(); if (testCond3()) doUpdateData(); ... ... } How can I turn this procedural code in OO code? Is there a pattern to solv...

12:26 PM
Q: PHP: chars added when exploding on newline?

kasimirConsider this code (http://codepad.org/lJGcW7tU): $str = '1 2 3 4 5 6'; var_dump(explode("\n", $str)); I would expect output like this: array(6) { [0]=> string(1) "1" [1]=> string(1) "2" [2]=> string(1) "3" [3]=> string(1) "4" [4]=> string(1) "5" [5]=> string(1) "6" }...

Q: Pygame: Can someone tell me how to make this code faster?

Sam TubbI am working on a sim-city clone, and I am noticing a drop in frame rate as I add more objects to my map, now this is expected, but, when I fill the whole screen, the game maintains about 300 fps. Will it hold this as I add a lot more objects? Or will it continue to drop? Here is the code: imp...

1:11 PM
I gained 105 reputation this night by doing absolutely nothing (or rather, sleeping...)
1:38 PM
Meh, I think my 30 reputation in is cooler.
1:55 PM
@rolfl You mean 40 reputation ;)
Q: Improve speed of linq question

ArkinghorHow i can to improve speed of this linq question: using (var txn = new TransactionScope(TransactionScopeOption.Required, new TransactionOptions { IsolationLevel = IsolationLevel.ReadUncommitted })) { var myAlertsList = (from alerts in _db.Alerts.AsNoTracking() ...

2:13 PM
Per site stats on the front page, there are 10,464 question in total. Per the unanswered tab, there are 913 unanswered questions. 1-913/10464=0.913, which means CR is 91.3% answered - how come it's still saying 90%??
'morning fellow reviewers!
(@SimonAndréForsberg good afternoon!)
@Malachi define "safe"?
Ah WTH I'll check this out at home :)
2:31 PM
the woman in the picture is fully clothed but showing lots of leg in a sexy way. it's a book cover
it's funny
I would read that book
showing lots of legs is an euphemism!
I am trying to look for that book, probably shouldn't do that at work huh?
2:51 PM
Probably shouldn't do that at home either - your lady might take it for something else...
maybe it is something else. I couldn't find it right away, so it has to be an obscure book that it didn't come up on google right away when I typed in the Title and the author
It begs the question: What is your object orientation?
3:12 PM
LOL @rolfl
have a Java Answer that I think may need to go, but I would like your opinion on the matter. (@Anyone)
A: Java using PostMethod multiple times

pasha701import org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpClient; import org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpException; import org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpStatus; import org.apache.commons.httpclient.methods.PostMethod; import java.io.BufferedReader; import java.io.IOException; import java.io.InputStreamRead...

I wish I still had ammo to punish it with another downvote. I mean, you tell him to expand and he argues?!
I tend to give the benefit of the doubt. His code is broken in a couple of places, but it also has some good things. If he can be encouraged to listen, I think it should stay. Negative-votes are as effective (or worse) as deletes
I'll downvote and comment.... If he wants, he can remove it....
@rolfl Agreed
3:18 PM
With a score of -3 he could earn a badge for deleting it :)
I thought it was like -5
I should post a bad answer so I can get that badge.
Badges? we don't need no stinking badges
oops that's +3 or higher
Deleted own post with score of -3 or lower.
3:36 PM
I am going to have to try to get both of those....but the +3 one would be so hard to do.
I got that one on Meta.CR when I deleted a question similar to the one posted by yesterday's angry user that ended up abandoning his account..
Mine had a much more positive tone though
Q: Is the following algorithm possible with one index?

WizLizI have the following algorith which retrieves information in a List of KeyValuePair (prices) and write them in a DataRow. I was wondering if I could achieve the same result without j. if (prices != null) { for (int i = 8, j=0; j < prices.Count; i+=2, j++) { res[i] = pric...

Q: JQuery carousel code review

MonicaSo here is my code. I would like feedback on things I can improve. If you want to see the full example on action here is the link. And here is the js code $(document).ready(function() { var all = $("#slider-view"); var winWidth = window.innerWidth; var winHeight = window.i...

Q: JEE: starting a new transaction inside a single bean

rzymekI thinking of a way to start a new transaction inside a single EJB bean. Typical use case would be to process every item from a list in a separate transaction. One way to do it would be to use UserTransaction: @Stateless @TransactionManagement(TransactionManagementType.BEAN) public class Manage...

4:09 PM
Q: A simpler if/elseif/else logic?

its_meThis is the grid markup that I need to employ (for displaying 5 highlighted posts): <div id="top-stories" class="row"> <div class="col-md-5"> <article><!-- first article content --></article> </div> <div class="col-md-7"> <div class="row"> <div class="col-sm-6 col-md-6"> ...

Q: Is this over-engineering and a bad use of templates?

jliv902I'm not very good with templates, so any general tips would be appreciated. Basically this class parses a CSV file with a very specific format. My original idea for this was that I wanted this to be useful in MFC desktop applications and non-MFC applications such as Windows services. Basically...

@rolfl, that guy just doesn't get it.
@retailcoder Good afternoon :)
@retailcoder I gladly downvoted that answer for you :) (It's good to save ammo once in a while you know!)
4:25 PM
@Malachi @rolfl just left my two cents: This is code review, not StackOverflow: CR is much more about the fishing rod than the fish itself. Browse around, look for some nice answers and see for yourself: most of these highly-upvoted answers are about the review, not the code. Also see this meta-answer about writing good code reviews.
@SimonAndréForsberg I'm the top voter this week, month and quarter.. I'm this close to post a asking to lift the daily upvote limit...
@retailcoder I doubt that will happen
@Malachi I know, I'm not even going to bother...
@retailcoder +1 on that comment. I also added a comment myself.
Q: Using lenses with StateT

mhwombatI'm new to lenses. The example below compiles, but I have a feeling that the functions increment and initIfNeeded could be improved. I thought perhaps I should use perform here, but I'm not sure how. {-# LANGUAGE TemplateHaskell #-} import Control.Lens import Control.Monad import Control.Monad....

4:42 PM
@retailcoder I wish they would though. but we would run out of things to vote.
got some Rep back
Was it self-removed or was it moderated out?
I don't know
here is a question waiting for 4 separate answers, if two people gave an answer to each question that would be awesome, should it be separated into 4 separate questions?
Q: Is this over-engineering and a bad use of templates?

jliv902I'm not very good with templates, so any general tips would be appreciated. Basically this class parses a CSV file with a very specific format. My original idea for this was that I wanted this to be useful in MFC desktop applications and non-MFC applications such as Windows services. Basically...

Q: Using ADO to run sql script (with GO syntax) in inno setup

GovsI am using this code to run my sql scripts in inno setup. However ADO gives an error if the script contains GO syntax within it. I added my own code to overcome this problem. My code below splits the script at each GO statement and run each section separately. I think this could be done in bette...

5:04 PM
Q: a program that stores length of words passed to it into array

JohnMerlinoI am looking to write a program that stores the length of all words passed to it in an array. I want to use only basic c program constructs. This is what I came up with: #include <stdio.h> #define IN 1 #define OUT 0 main() { int c, word_length, word_index, state; int words[2]; ...

put on hold because "it doesn't have working code" but actually I compiled and it does have working code
@JohnMerlino Hi there. I will check it.
@JohnMerlino "I think there is a flaw here. What if the first character of the input is a space, that word_index will increment to 1 before setting the total length for the character at index 0." suggests that there is a problem with your code that you want fixed. Fixing problems is what Stack Overflow is for, not Code Review.
@JohnMerlino It is possible that @Jamal made a mistake though. It is a little unclear what you are looking for.
@JohnMerlino The way I see it, you have a problem in your code that you want to have fixed. I think @Jamal did the right choice of closing your question. Try asking on Stack Overflow.
5:34 PM
Huh..... I
noticed that
if you type many
lines it puts your Stack-Exchange total reputation there.
that was
@rolfl Thanks, I was also thinking about what on earth those numbers was. I thought it was some kind of chat userid.
6:09 PM
Huh, just had an epiphany.... I hate Python because of the significance-of-whitespace problems it has... but, for a place like CodeReview, it sure is nice to have well-indented code every single time!
6:21 PM
tes - You can perform this action again in 1 seconds - retry / cancel - wtf is this?
You need a happy-pill there, @retailcoder ?
@SimonAndréForsberg there is no problem with code, it runs just fine
all I was asking for was some code review
run that c program, it will compile
@JohnMerlino Edit your question and ask for a code review. As Jamal wrote as comment on the question "Yes, the last paragraph implies that you suspect there is a problem. Alongside that, there's no stated review request."
@rolfl nah, all is good. I guess there's a limitation on the number of chat messages you can send per second..
@JohnMerlino However, since you are aware of a possible flaw, you might want to attempt to fix that flaw.
6:37 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg I think there's a difference between non-working code and code that is suspected to have issues - peer review is also for finding code issues that haven't been identified by the OP.
@retailcoder I agree, but I'm not sure if it's off topic or not since he seems to be aware that there might be a flaw?
@SimonAndréForsberg @retailcoder - anyone who has 100% confidence in their code is wrong.
Thus, CodeReview is for 'nobody'.
@rolfl You have a point there.
@retailcoder @rolfl So should we vote to reopen or what?
Haven't seen the post, but I think we're shooting ourselves in the foot if we close every post where the OP thinks there might be an issue...
Besides the last question I posted had a stupid bug and yet I'm this close to earn a nice question badge for it.
@retailcoder what question?
6:45 PM
this one:
Q: Multiple return statements smells like what?

retailcoderHere's some code of mine that I don't like (this was my very first attempt at DI/IoC!). It's a small C# application that runs scheduled on one of our servers and is responsible for fetching the latest version of a VB6 codebase, compiling it and packaging an installer for it. There's an Execute m...

I'm 1 point short of getting the approve tag wiki edits privilege!
@Malachi And for the new question that has been closed, it is this one:
"I think there is a flaw here. What if the first character of the input is a space, that word_index will increment to 1 before setting the total length for the character at index 0." suggests that there is a problem with your code that you want fixed. Fixing problems is what Stack Overflow is for, not Code Review. — Simon André Forsberg 2 hours ago
Q: a program that stores length of words passed to it into array

JohnMerlinoI am looking to write a program that stores the length of all words passed to it in an array. I want to use only basic c program constructs. This is what I came up with: #include <stdio.h> #define IN 1 #define OUT 0 main() { int c, word_length, word_index, state; int words[2]; ...

Apparently, I have just learned how to link to comments.
@retailcoder i see I need to down vote you somewhere huh?
@JohnMerlino, if you change it to ask for a review I am sure there are several people that would vote to reopen. maybe edit that part of the question that makes everyone think something is wrong, or wait and test the code giving it your Edge case
@Malachi lol
new answer here
A: Real time HTML tester

MalachiI think that using the Html Width attribute is okay for an iframe, but I wouldn't use it for other tags, because you have CSS for that. anything that can/will be considered styling should be done in CSS, that is what it is there for, don't style in HTML, HTML is for Data Transport, use CSS to s...

@Malachi - are we supposed to post when we answer old questions: ??
if so .........
A: Improving the Java UUID class performance

rolflI could not get Caliper running, but hacked my own test: My initial results were: warmup JdkFrom: 1787.38 JdkTo: 635.12 NessFrom: 460.15 NessTo: 183.67 [-4552303853801426784, 69220000, -4552303853801426784, 69220000] Real Run JdkFrom: 1415.68 JdkTo: 553.28 NessFrom: 426.29 NessTo: 94.69 [-4552...

There's the answer for the biggest and oldest Java Zombie - unanswered Score-11 question.
(now score 13).
7:00 PM
it went from -11 to 13?
@rolfl if i think there is a question that doesn't get a whole lot of attention then I do, especially if I know it's code that we all are semi familiar with
@rolfl Well done, I was hoping someone would someday post an answer to that one!
@Malachi Close. It was at +11 the first time I saw it. It is now +15
7:20 PM
@retailcoder thanks! Sorry I'm just now getting this message. :)
Q: Hour averaging program

JustinI am looking for tips on improving my short program. I am using system("PAUSE") because this was for an assignment. Code: #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <iomanip> using namespace std; void Display(string* , int* , double*, int); void Percentage(int*, double*, int); void Int...

7:38 PM
out of ammo, somebody cover me
@Malachi DUCK!!!!!
@Malachi check your 6
Crap I still have Stars!!!
Q: Approach to algorithm for assignment of resources

Chris LivelyWe have a requirement to be able to match people with locations based on availability and certain conditions. Let's say I have a group of people each with 3 types of things they may need to park. A car, a truck and a boat. Each person also indicates their preferred parking location (choices 1,...

going to SuperUser to see if I can use up all my votes there too. maybe up my rep over there. and maybe learn a thing or two
I am going to get flagged over there I think. I just flagged two questions with unclear what they are asking....lol
8:55 PM
Q: How can I optimize this query to improve performance?

RobbiegodI'm building a wordpress website using advanced custom fields and the repeater plugin. I've managed to put this query together after re-organizing my data using the repeater plugin. The query below is fired off when a link on a page is clicked and via ajax the results are loaded into a floating...

@Malachi: Your answer here was flagged because someone believed it was too similar to the referenced answer and didn't add anything else. Do you agree or disagree with this?
@Jamal oddly it seems @Malachi's answer was posted 1 hour prior to the other one...
You mean too similar to the other answer on the same question right?
@retailcoder: Yes. The flagger states that Malachi's answer adds nothing else from the other answer, while the other answer has code.
9:16 PM
@Jamal the flagger should have just downvoted @Malachi's answer, it was posted before the other one, he couldn't have known in advance that another poster was going to restate his answer and make it better.
@retailcoder: Ah, you're correct. By further inspection, Malachi's answer was posted some minutes in advance was referencing the comment.
@Jamal, @retailcoder, sorry I was AFK let me catch up quick
@Malachi: Alright. I haven't acted on the flag yet.
I commented that ratchetfreak add his comment as an answer, and then I went and answered. his answer is better than mine, but I don't think it is the same
my answer gives a little more review to the answer, his answer puts it into practice, but doesn't actually explain why.
@Jamal if he had added the explanation in his answer I would have removed my answer
@Jamal, @retailcoder I up voted his answer as well
9:31 PM
@Malachi I think you should remove your answer then, last I checked your answer said 6 hours ago and rachetfreak's answer said 5 hours ago.
Looking more closely there's like 10 minutes between the answers.
@Malachi: I suppose you could remove it, then. But it's up to you.
maybe I will suggest that he uses my answer, then I will wait a day and if he does I will remove mine
Let me upvote your answer so you can get a badge when you remove it .... ;-)
I need like 2 more up votes though
I left a comment on his answer.
A: Improve speed of linq question

ratchet freakFirst lets split up the query so we can read it: var alertList = from alerts in _db.Alerts.AsNoTracking() where alerts.AlertID >= Id.AlertID && alerts.DataWystapienia >Id.DataWystapienia select new MyAlerts { AlertID = alerts.AlertID, DataWystapienia = alerts.Data...

Sure we can make that work, right @retailcoder ?
9:36 PM
@Malachi the thing is it's not clear that your answer is referring to the comment, I understand why it was flagged. If I had mod goggles I'd remove it, it's a useful flag :p
@rolfl I need to reload first!
vote again in 2 hours
@retailcoder, read the answer I gave again, I said that ratchet freak was right in what he said.
@retailcoder: Yes, it is a useful flag. Mods are not required to deem a flag helpful if the flagger's exact requests were fulfilled. Rejection would only be needed if the accusation was absolutely false.
@Jamal so you can deem the flag useful and not do anything with it?
@Jamal @Malachi it will be auto-useful when you delete your answer
@Malachi: Yes. Basically, rejection is best if you've "wasted the mod's time," such as if someone flagged an actual answer as spam.
9:40 PM
Rejecting that flag wouldn't be fair to the flagger.
Also, if it was flagged as NAA (Not An Answer), it would be rejected.
you all have time to upvote my answer, I am going to at least wait for him to see my comments and stuff. so I won't be removing my answer until later
I would just edit his question, adding my answer to his, but that would sort of be abusing my editing powers
10:01 PM
i almost ran out of flags on Superuser, I have 5 active right now...lol I hope they don't shut me down....lol
10:17 PM
@Jamal 8 hours without editing this question? I am impressed. Now I just had to do it.
Q: Improve speed of LINQ query

ArkinghorHow can I improve speed of this LINQ query? using (var txn = new TransactionScope(TransactionScopeOption.Required, new TransactionOptions { IsolationLevel = IsolationLevel.ReadUncommitted })) { var myAlertsList = (from alerts in _db.Alerts.AsNoTracking() whe...

@SimonAndréForsberg: I must've somehow missed that one. :P No worries, though. I already have enough edits under my belt anyway.
Afk / driving
@retailcoder, they don't let you Stack and Drive in Canada, eh?
10:42 PM
Lol Stack n Drive - starred as soon as I get back to my keyboard!!!!!
11:01 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg it's not how long that question stood un-Jamalized for: it's how long since @Jamal's last edit!!
@SimonAndréForsberg just realized how painful it is to ping you from a smartphone :p
11:22 PM
If I look at meta.codereview.stackexchange.com in a box on the right it says there are 121 people chatting.... how can that be right? Are there chat forums I can't see? Is it SE-wide?
@rolfl I think so
@retailcoder Yeah, I've also started thinking about that. Whenever I ping you guys, I always use your full usernames. If you do the same for me, well... poor you :P
starting to wonder if there are any shortcuts to write usernames, @retailcoder ... Ah! The TAB button works!
@SimonAndréForsberg Well from a computer I do @+s+i+m+<kbd>Tab</kbd>
@retailcoder yeah just figured that out. And on a phone you have to write the full name?
I guess I could've just said @simon but it would have been less funny
(did that work?)
11:30 PM
@ret yeah, you don't have to write full names. I wonder what the smallest possible you have to write is?
I thought it was 5 characters, apparently 3 is enough!
And also, can I ping myself? @SimonAndréForsberg
@retailcoder.. I doubt so
@retailcoder yeah, that didn't work :( sad (and if I edit a previous one, I ping again!)
11:32 PM
@retailcoder Could you try just @S or @Si?
@retailcoder nope
@retailcoder yup, three letters works
(@saf was kinda hoping SE Chat autocomplete had a built-in ReSharper-like code completion)
well that's good to know!
11:34 PM
@retailcoder saf as in S(imon)A(ndré)F(orsberg) I presume? Naah, StackExchange is smart but it's not that smart.
lol exactly
Hey Guys don't forget me in 20 Minutes. you will probably get these votes back if he merges his answer
A: Improve speed of LINQ query

Malachiit's so bunched together I can barely make out what is what. but Ratchet freak is right, you only need the Order BY on the Outside Query, it's the same in SQL, the inside queries aren't doing anything that needs them to be in order for any reason, you just need the final result to be in orde...

@Malachi I still haven't used up all the ammo for today!
What is it with all these people trying to do MVVM with WinForms?
Q: Automatic Databinding of controls to Model

Aseem GautamI have developed a prototype framework (MVVM) where control on the form is bound to a model property using a naming convention and its UI behavior is controlled using custom attributes. As of now the control name is divided into two parts - 3 part prefix and then the Name of the property in mod...

@Malachi And also, we will get new ammo in 20 minutes
11:41 PM
(2 questions with no answers in )
Svick is getting a [badge:nice-answer] in 20 minutes - forgot to get back to my question yesterday (and that one is 1 vote short of being my first [badge:nice-question])!
@retailcoder lol
@SimonAndréForsberg, I need those votes, and I hope that he merges my answer with his.
I am outta here for at least a couple of hours.
@Malachi Goodnight then to you :)
oh yeah I just ran out of ammo on Super User too!!!
@Malachi I guess @retailcoder's behavior is contagious.
I almost ran out of flags. only one declined so far because you can't migrate a question older than 60 days I guess
11:47 PM
@Malachi SU doesn't have any zombies... right?
@Sim what behavior?
@retailcoder voting as much as possible :)
like, shooting at every single zombie out there as if my life depended on it?
@retailcoder Yes, exactly.
@retailcoder: Does that question warrant the code-smell tag?
I'll put it in, I just edited it
@Jamal done
@Jamal uh you're talking about [Multiple return statements smells like what?] right?
11:52 PM
@retailcoder: Yes.
(and I was hoping for some snarky comments to that specific question...)
Q: Optimize random number generator

Sionnach733I have a method that generates a 10 digit random number where each digit occurs only once. eg: 0123456789 3645720918 Is there any way this method could be optimized/improved? private static String randomize(){ Random r = new Random(); List<Integer> digits= new ArrayList<...

@Jamal the not-so-funny part is that it was actually non-working code... see "mea culpa" edit...
@SimonAndréForsberg dude, 1163 in 21 days! @rolfl 1045 in 23 days! ...talk about velocity!
Daily vote limit reached, vote again in 1 minute ...grrrrrrrr

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