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12:16 AM
Q: Calculating min and max with if-statements within a for-loop

Renea S.This code section is from the main method of my Annual Fuel Use class. The program projects my annual fuel usage based on at least three fill ups of my car. Here, I am calculating the max and min for distance (which is miles traveled), MPG, and price per gallon. I'd like a general review. //ini...

12:49 AM
Q: Calculating a total price by using switch statement and sentinel controlled loop

v_7My homework is to make a program that calculates the total value of products sold.It works but I put the if statement because it was asking for the quantity on the output before ending loop. And for the same reason, I couldn't make program to ask again if user enters a number out of 1 to 5. impo...

1:00 AM
@SimonAndréForsberg Well hello, welcome to CR chat! I was kinda scared to post anything on SO chat, but here.. it feels like we freakin' own this site! Actually, we do!
Well hi there retailcoder. Indeed we do! I've only been active for 2 weeks and I already own it. Not bad :)
@retailcoder: Honestly, I'm way too scared to entire an SO chat room. I'm just a college undergrad, and most are experts.
Sounds like I have to check out a SO chat room sometime.
@Jamal with a diamond next to your name they'll all eat in your hand :)
@Jamal (don't put that into practice - I mean I did say you weren't going to turn into an inflated-head j@ck#$$ right?)
@retailcoder: I think so. :-) I have read that all mods have the same power in all the chatrooms (and have endure all the flags).
@retailcoder: Yes, well, I still have to uphold the rules, even if it means being like that. Just don't go flagging for s**** and giggles.
1:06 AM
So guys, are we answering anything tonight?
just working on the latest Java question!
or rather, second latest.
@SimonAndréForsberg I see why you hate that western gun :)
A: Copy Excel formula in a relative way

retailcoderI haven't used NPOI and I would believe you have valid reasons for using it (I'll take a wild guess at saying the thing is running on a server that doesn't have Excel installed), but for the record, if my memory isn't failing me if you used Microsoft VSTO / Excel Interop, you could use a plain & ...

A: Correct usage of EF's DBContext in ASP.NET MVC application with Castle Windsor

retailcoderYou're doing it right - per-request lifestyle is exactly what you need, and you got it; this ensures your favorite IoC container disposes your context at the end of each request, and serves a new instance at each new one. One thing bothers me though, and it's not about your code: Use UnitOfW...

lol, yeah. Sorry for being that western gun sometimes :P
@SimonAndréForsberg it's all right - the more the merrier :)
1:23 AM
I gotta sleep soon though, it's 2:23 a.m. over here
I got the Mortarboard badge yesterday, so I should probably lower my gun by now.
Seems like someone been visiting What's your favorite programmer cartoon? recently :)
@SimonAndréForsberg yeah, and I went through all of them!
Well done! I think I only got through the first six pages :)
or four.... or five...
You saw the best ones then (there's lots of not-so-funny crap near the end)
1:29 AM
@SimonAndréForsberg: I'm jealous. :-) That'd be a nice badge to earn, though I'm okay with Nice Answer.
@SimonAndréForsberg Yeah [badge:mortarboard] rocks!
@Jamal wouldn't it be nice if [badge:name-it] worked?
Testing a ...
Wow it even presses down on hover!
Wait, do I have 8 out of 12 starred posts here?!
@Jamal I actually think it's very easy to get a mortarboard badge on CR! Most of it came from answering old questions I think. And since we try to reduce unanswered questions and un-upvoted answers to such questions, it's very easy.
Speaking of badges, I actually got the Revival badge twice for the same question!
@SimonAndréForsberg: Could also be luck. Some of my not-so-great answers have received many votes, while some of my greatest ones haven't (except for my only 10). But there's also very few C++ reviewers here.
1:34 AM
@SimonAndréForsberg now THAT's a revived post!
Why not try for Necromancer? :-)
@Jamal Yeah, could be... Like I had with this StackOverflow answer. That's gotta be pure luck.
@Jamal Yeah, that will be the next step I guess. That would be my first silver badge for CR in that case.
*My upvote brings all the boys to the yard...*

@Jamal Pffffft LOLL!
(or downvote)
1:38 AM
@Jamal click the dropdown arrow, you can edit it
@retailcoder: Thanks for reminding me!
1:57 AM
This is nice, I added some questions as favorites thinking that I could answer them some day, already several of them have been answered!
@SimonAndréForsberg: I'm about to post a Java answer (relevant to my C++ knowledge), so please take a look at that.
@Jamal Sure, I will!
A: Calculating a total price by using switch statement and sentinel controlled loop

JamalI'm not familiar with Java in particular, but I do understand switch enough from C++. If you're terminating the loop when n is 0, it looks like you just need to change your default: default: n = 0; break; I've removed the sum += 0 as it looks unnecessary. You would then no longer nee...

Actually, you're not correct about "while (n != 0)" and "while (n == 1)". It's two entirely different things.
The first means "while n is not zero", the other means "while n equals 1"
@SimonAndréForsberg: Okay. I can remove that.
2:04 AM
In C++ I know it is possible to write "while (n)" when n is an int, but in Java that's not possible. Java can't convert an int to a boolean just like that (perhaps this was what you were thinking about when you wrote that part)
A: Beta sites should be in the Data Explorer

Tim StoneThis is in the works, so hopefully beta sites will have their data become available in SEDE within the next few weeks.

@SimonAndréForsberg: I shouldn't have gotten carried away, then. :-) I'm even unfamiliar with some differences between C++ and C. Anyway, I've removed that paragraph. Is everything else good?
I think that's a yes.
@Jamal It's hard to tell since I'm not sure about the original question. Considering the question text: "It works, but I use the if statement because it was asking for the quantity on the output before ending the loop."
@Jamal I'd add something about naming. n isn't very informative imho
@SimonAndréForsberg: Well, I suppose this is still okay if it works in general. I could delete this answer if the OP disagrees.
2:08 AM
If the if (n == 0) is removed then it will ask about the quantity of product before breaking the loop. Not sure how it is supposed to work :P
@retailcoder Indeed right, n could be called productNumber or something.
@Jamal talk about naming and I'll put my upvote back :)
@SimonAndréForsberg: Eh, I'll delete it, improve it, and undelete it.
@Jamal I regret having upvoted this question. It's really not that "clear (click to undo)"
@Jamal I'll take a look on it tomorrow, 3:12 a.m. now and I really gotta sleep. Goodnight, fellas.
@SimonAndréForsberg see you later!
@SimonAndréForsberg: Later!
2:13 AM
@Jamal did you see this MSO answer I just linked to? (couple chat posts above here)
Looks like we're going to be able to run queries against CR data pretty soon!
Q: Please review my solution for interview question print out a binary tree level by level

bjackflyBelow is my implementation for an interview question of printing a binary tree level by level. I also include some methods for creating a binary tree from a vector in my solution. Thanks in advance. #include <iostream> #include <unordered_map> #include <vector> #include <algorithm> #include <typ...

Woot! Posted my 40th answer! That's my 22nd this month! 992 questions left to answer...
2:32 AM
@retailcoder: Yay. :-P Anyway, I have finished my answer, but I've left out the switch entirely. I too agree that the OP doesn't make it entirely clear. Care to look at it this time?
@Jamal I'm second-to-last in the user rankings this week (-75!) - cause: 2 paid bounties :) hopefully I'll have answers to manually award them!
@retailcoder: You were even lower than Community User! D:
@Jamal Position: 40 Change: -36 -- ouch!!
@retailcoder: I'm sort of too chicken**** to post a bounty, even though all my questions already have an accepted answer. Not that rep for privileges matters for a mod anyway...
@Jamal you get a bronze badge for offering one on your question, another for offering one on someone else's question - and then you get two more badges for awarding the bounty manually :)
@Jamal I wanted to clear that n' leave it behind, you know, bounty's paid - so when I catch up with @Malachi's score I can say "ha! and I paid more bounty that you did" :p
2:49 AM
@retailcoder: Fastest Gun and bounties... the SE creators must really be interested in the wild west. :-)
@Jamal LOL! Coming from a sheriff in Texas, that last comment was a gold ingot :)
@retailcoder: Technically, that'd be Deputy and Marshall. I have both of those badges on some sites.
@retailcoder: Wait, a bounty on a C# question? hears Jon Skeet in the distance
3:20 AM
@Jamal so it's for real, you're becoming a moderator? I take it from the couple times you've mentioned it that it's not exactly *hush-hush*/top-secret?
@retailcoder: I don't really know if it's top-secret. But if it is, and SE knows, then I hope I'm forgiven (and I was never warned about this anyway).
@Jamal I guess you have all rights to be excited about it :)
I don't like this answer I posted, anyone has a better idea?
A: Is this the correct way to expose a setting for a vb.net class library?

retailcoderI think it's a fairly verbose way of exposing app settings. How about this? (taken from an answer on this SO question)

3:43 AM
@Jamal should we have a "too long" close reason?
@retailcoder: I am not sure. Best post that on Meta for everyone to decide on.
@Jamal done already, I'm asking you :)
Q: Should we have a "Too long" close reason?

retailcoderSeveral questions (including some of mine) have lots of code. Some of those have ridiculous amount of code and should probably be broken into two, three, sometimes even four questions. When it's a recent post, we can comment and ask the OP to edit and often they'll happily comply. But when it's...

@retailcoder: I'll think about it later. Though, if I'll be a moderator soon, then I should no longer vote on feature-requests.
@Jamal but you can still have an opinion right? Check out the meta post, I think it could help us clean up the unanswered junk..
@retailcoder: Yes, of course I can. But as Winston Ewert once said, some may take a moderator's word as law.
3:49 AM
@Jamal you're not that scary without the diamond you know :p
Q: Should we have a "Too long" close reason?

retailcoderSeveral questions (including some of mine) have lots of code. Some of those have ridiculous amount of code and should probably be broken into two, three, sometimes even four questions. When it's a recent post, we can comment and ask the OP to edit and often they'll happily comply. But when it's...

@retailcoder: If it matters, I think the excessively-long auto-flag in the 2K moderator tools can help determine what constitutes long code. Otherwise, it may be subjective.
@Jamal Hmm I didn't know that thing existed. Is that a long queue? Is this one in it?
Q: Doubts about the quality of an API designed for use with minimal effort

TeaDrivenDevThis is going to be long, and I do hope it is going to make some kind of sense; I apologize if it doesn't. I'll try to provide exactly the amount of context that is necessary to understand the construct. So, I built an API (well, a small part of one) that works and is kind of usable, but rather ...

This one is:
Q: Review Request - A simple NAT library

SIFEI've created a simple NAT library, with four essential functions: Find the UNPN device (the router in my case). Get the external IP address. Add a port forwarding entry. Delete a port forwarding entry. Currently, updating an entry in the NAT table will change only the internal client ip add...

@Jamal actually this one ain't that bad (I think I've done worse)
@Jamal Yeah I saw that one, BTW I just upvoted the single answer there, so that's one less question with no upvoted answers :)
3:57 AM
@retailcoder: Also, this answer was flagged as NAA by someone. You may add yours as well.

@Jamal you mean my NAA flag?
Was that yours?
@Jamal Nope, I'm typing up a comment to the author. Should I delete my "self-answer" on my dice game post then?
@Jamal right. nevermind the comment :s
@Jamal fastest gun...
@retailcoder: If it really is a self-answer, then you may keep it.
4:19 AM
@Jamal It's not. Now I was going to delete it but then realized I had made it CW when I posted meta-question is it rep-whoring to post a "closure" answer... which I ended up deleting. So I guess I'll just delete it then.
5:02 AM
1137 questions with no upvoted answer: that figure dropped by 100 since last Sunday!
5:20 AM
@retailcoder: Once I get my powers, I'm gonna some time purging posts in the deepest bowels of CR. puts on goggles
5:43 AM
Q: composition in c++, am i doing it right?

Juan Battinithis time i wrote a program all by my damn self but I just want to make sure I did it right and if anybody has any suggestions to improve it in anyway a)Define and implement the Die class depicted by the following UML diagram to create an ADT for one die (singular of dice) with faces showing val...

6:03 AM
Q: find Largest string Palindrome

Sunil Kumar T KI attempted to write a program to find the largest Palindrome in a sentence. Spaces included and case sensitive. I have written the below program. Can you suggest better ways to do this ? //public static void main(String args[])-- String source = "my malayalam is beautiful"; //Find the the larg...

6:29 AM
Q: A menu option that receives input from users and then performs actions

sammyPlease review my FindMovie and AddMovie methods. public static boolean FindMovie(String movietofind, String[] ArrayMovie) { movie Movieobject = new movie(); for (String ArrayMovie1 : ArrayMovie) { if (ArrayMovie1.equals(movietofind)) { return true; } } ...

2 hours later…
8:02 AM
Q: How to refactor instance methods into dynamically defined methods in Ruby?

Alex PopovIn this class: class Collection def artists @songs.map { |song| song.artist }.uniq end def albums @songs.map { |song| song.album }.uniq end def names @songs.map { |song| song.name }.uniq end def each @songs.each { |song| yield song } end end I want to omit t...

8:23 AM
Q: Improving clarity and style of this "Document at a time" algorithm

Ward BekkerI've created a module that implements a basic "Document at a time" algorithm for inverted index querying (more background here). There are many algorithm improvements possible, but I'm now interested in feedback on the structure of the Erlang code, specifically: Unneeded verbosity / code Erlan...

3 hours later…
11:49 AM
Q: Reference and namespace errors

Hani GotcHello I have the following Class: #ifndef VERIFICATION_H #define VERIFICATION_H #include <vector> #include <iostream> #include <dlib/svm.h> using namespace std; using namespace dlib; // This typedef declares a matrix with 2 rows and 1 column. It will be the // object that contains each of...

1 hour later…
12:53 PM
@Jamal That was me who flagged as NAA. It should have been a new question or an edit I believe. The user probably believed that SE sites are just like regular forums, but they're not.
1:12 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg: Yeah, and unfortunately that stigma may never go away. I did leave a comment, and I'll delete it myself once I get my powers.
"once I get my powers", you sound power-mad already!
@SimonAndréForsberg: But I'm just being fair. Gotta keep this place clean.
@Jamal I hope you will bring the vacuum-cleaner!
@SimonAndréForsberg: I also have a lighter for the tags.
@Jamal Yay!
@Jamal Gotta play this song each time you use the lighter. youtube.com/watch?v=EBjuoMy9FUU
1:22 PM
@retailcoder: Morning!
@retailcoder Afternoon, actually.
@SimonAndréForsberg lol!
@SimonAndréForsberg: By the way, have you seen my Java answer lately? I've left out the switch and just mentioned the naming and the sum += 0.
@Jamal Yup, you got a +1 from me.
1:27 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg: Cool. I wish I had more to add, but I wanted to point out those things. Perhaps it may have been left unanswered anyway, seeing as it's lacking some clarity.
I posted like 6 answers yesterday and my net total for the week is still like -60... I hope my bounties won't pull an e-sushi (whose bounty was paid and not awarded to anyone)
Running out of votes again...
@retailcoder: Sushi? Where? D:
@Jamal here
@JesseC.Slicer Snazzy indeed. I think you should post your observations as an answer. — retailcoder yesterday
Q: Review of simplified secure encryption of a String

jbtuleI have two code examples that I wrote for best practices encrypting a string that I'm looking for feedback both in terms of best practices and security. They are both using authenticated encryption. One is using the bouncy castle api to do AES-GCMand the other is for the limitation of only using...

@retailcoder If it would have been on a Java question, I'd gladly answer it.
@retailcoder: Oh, it's a user. Thought it was food...
Wait, did the OP invalidate the answer?
1:33 PM
@Jamal no, it was last edited somewhere in July...
@retailcoder: Okay, just making sure (although you do have the power to rollback).
@Jamal yeah but my goggles aren't as flashy as yours
@retailcoder: Rollbacks are the same for everyone with edit privileges. Plus, I cannot be everywhere at once.
@Jamal but you are everywhere my friend!
@retailcoder: I can't say I'm all up around those old posts. I'm sure many of them need attention. I do hope to someday perform a massive cleanup of the oldest posts on this site.
1:43 PM
@Jamal well since I posted CoD on meta I've been hunting for unvoted answers on old questions, and posting answers on unanswered ones. Got quite a few of 'em on the hood of my pickup now.
@retailcoder: ...does your gun rack have a gun rack, too?
@Jamal I prefer crossbow hunting.. it's more silent though. But I do get some votes for the best ones.
Time to kill some Zombies! Gotta reduce 112 questions with no upvoted answers for the Java tag, to 105 questions.
@retailcoder If you need answers to upvote for the mission of reducing unvoted, I have some for you
Q: Common interface but need to have different return types

guitar_freakI was suggested to move my question from Stack Overflow to here. I didn't know about CodeReview, so because it's my first post I would like to say "Hello". So now, let's come to the issue... I am creating a small app working on file system. User can choose a directory and than, application get ...

Q: Vaadin web application

Adrián UtrillaI am creating a web application for an enterprise and I would like to improve my way of coding, know what I do wrong and what I do well. I'll leave the main class' code here: package com.puntobile; import com.google.gson.Gson; import com.google.gson.JsonIOException; import com.google.gson.JsonS...

Q: Review Request - Android CountDownTimer activity

iYeagerI'm new to Java and Android. While I've created a project that seems to work, I'd like some opinions on how to make it better. The app is going to be used as an interval workout timer/music player for Android devices. I know there's a ton of these already, but I thought it'd be a good way to l...

I don't like "begging" for upvotes but what the heck, We're on a mission!
Q: Correct usage of EF's DBContext in ASP.NET MVC application with Castle Windsor

eXistI am trying to use Entity Framework as simple as posible. Use UnitOfWork and Repository patterns seems to be overkill because whole web application will be pretty straightforward. I came with this idea: public class Entity { ... } public class MyContext : DbContext { //Set database conn...

@SimonAndréForsberg It's not begging, it's publicizing answers so people know where to find answers on old questions that have zero upvoted answers - @Jamal what's your take on this?
When the data dump has CR data it's going to be easier to find those.
4 votes left for today!
2:03 PM
@retailcoder And yet there's 10 hours remaining of the StackExchange-day. That's 1 vote per 2.5 hours for the rest of the day!
I never ever voted as much - I think I hit 40 votes /day for 3 days straight now!
2:18 PM
@retailcoder, looks like I have some catching up to do....I already have 60 rep today though....lol
2:46 PM
70. You mean I have some catching up to do - you're still ~100pts above me dude :)
Wtf italics don't work from phone post?! test test test
Oh well
@Malachi oops forgot to ping you on that - the above was meant for you!
@retailcoder lol I am going to try and stay ahead of you to. did someone come along with a good answer to your question yet?
@retailcoder, when I said catching up to do I meant here in the chat room I missed a bunch of chatting
@Malachi yeah you've been gone for a while!
I was watching X-Men united with my little man last night, and then I was spending time with my lady after that. so yeah I was away longer than I should have been, I didn't even get any personal coding done last night, @retailcoder I was having withdrawls
3:05 PM
@Malachi nope, it's like nobody wants those 100pts :)
@Malachi it's all right, we can take turns at having a life :)
Dang win 8.1 update is taking forever! (had to let it out)
105 questions with no upvoted answers in your tags: java.
@Malachi I think you made a good decision not spending too much time here :)
@SimonAndréForsberg, I don't know JAVA! but I can guess...lol jk if it has to do with good coding practices then I might be able to help. it looks like C# and I know C# does that count?
@retailcoder, I have been hearing lots of bad stuff about that update
our 3rd party vendor application is sort of dependent on IE and it doesn't like IE 10 or IE 11
@Malachi Yes, Java and C# are very similar. I never code in C# myself but I do understand the code.
Daily vote limit reached; vote again in 8 hours.
3:24 PM
@Malachi I don't use IE, and I code mostly windows apps & class libraries for COM interop... but thanks, note taken - I won't install that crap at home!
Time for me to go have a life, catch you later
i do understand Java Code for the most part as well.
@retailcoder, I have to use IE for some stuff at work. pain in the rear
hey @retailcoder, will you take a look at this and tell me if I answered and Edited it correctly?
Q: VbScript/ASP Classic good OOP Pattern

riadh_vmcI have to create a website in Classic ASP, and I really want to do a clean design so I will try to put everything in Classes and Models to emulate the ViewModel Pattern. So can you tell me if this approach of creating objects is good because I will use it everywhere Class User Public Name ...

@Malachi I already commented on that post ;)
@retailcoder, LOL I saw.
@Malachi posted my competing answer :)
@SimonAndréForsberg later!
3:35 PM
nice, that Question is like a year old, did you see my comment @retailcoder
@retailcoder, I changed that tag. it was vbscript, but from the wording it sounded like the OP was actually writing in vb.net
change it back if you think it should be vbscript.
facepalm just saw the title.........
@Malachi Given it's ClassicASP I'd take the OP's word for granted and call it VBScript :)
@Malachi I put the tag back in
985 unanswered questions! Guys we're on fire!
4:42 PM
Q: Advise me on refactoring this code

user2983542I am relatively new to Java but have been reading up on how to improve the quality of my code. I am writing a system where I take in a series of points from a file with x and y co-ordinates and by checking slopes relative to each other, am calculating and drawing a line if there is four or more c...

Q: Order and visibility tracking algorithm

ddriverI have a tree of objects. Object id:0 Object type:0 Object id:1 Object type:0 Object id:3 Object type:0 Object id:2 Object type:0 Object id:4 Object type:0 Object id:5 Object type:0 For each object I have a method that returns its "index" in the tree down to the root item. Ind...

4:55 PM
Q: Object orientated parser model review

Rolf SmitFirst time I make use of Code Review. At the moment I'm creating an Android application and the I'm working for company has a specific file format that can be used to give text based data specific formatting rules. See it as an rich text format especially build and designed for their use. The Fi...

5:17 PM
@retailcoder, is the result variable in your code like a return? is that was is returned when the code finishes? otherwise I don't see anything being returned
Q: how to test if for loop executed all iterations successfully

Eduardo DennisThis method finds the smallest positive number that is evenly divisible by all of the numbers from 1 to 20. But I am wondering if there is a better way to test if all iterations of a for loop completed successfully. Because when I put the found boolean outside the for loop it was terminating my w...

@retailcoder, Nevermind I figured it out. you actually aren't returning anything from that function except Errors if there are any
@Malachi sorry was out getting something to eat
@Malachi in VBA/VB6 (/VBScript) there's no return statement (well there is one, but it's to return from a GoSub instruction ...which is worse than a Goto) - you make function MyFunction return "Hi There" by assigning to it, like MyFunction = "Hi There".
that code actually looks really good to me, I can see anything that I would change about the logic, except that I don't like counting errors.
@retailcoder that was for you buddy
what is the goto 0 business? is that terminating that function?
@Malachi where am I counting errors? If Err.Number = 6 in C# would be like Catch(OverflowException) :)
@Malachi and On Error Goto 0 tells VB to blow up when there's an error - usually found after a On Error Resume Next which tells VB to ignore any & all errors.
@Malachi that code is essentially try { result = (int)value; return true; } catch(InvalidCastException) { return false; }
5:36 PM
@retailcoder, I was out there for a minute, but I figured that is what you were doing, sort of
Found an old dusty should-be closed post:
Q: Shaky on QUnit folder structure

ViktorI want to write something serious in JavaScript for the first time in my life. Knowing this, I want to do TDD and write unit tests. I have experience in JUnit, but yet, how to structure my project with QUnit (my choice of framework) remains a mystery to me. I'm thinking something like this: my-...

Look who's just got their powers!
Q: Please welcome your newest pro tem moderator

PopsI'm Pops, a Community Manager at Stack Exchange. As many of you know, one of your moderators recently stepped down for personal reasons. I'm happy to announce that a great new pro tem mod is about to take his place: Now, I could tell you about Jamal's contributions to the site, but it seems I ...

Again, that was slow, SE bot!
@Jamal, Congratulations!!
@retailcoder, LOL
6:03 PM
@Malachi: Thanks! Now I just have to get used to this interface...
@Jamal so many buttons eh?
@retailcoder: Yup. I think I've sorted out the flag-clearing, though.
@Jamal well, take a moment to study your new cockpit!
@retailcoder: Darn, I still have access to the regular close queue. I need to remember not to vote right away, otherwise the effect will take place right away.
@Jamal LOL
6:10 PM
@Jamal as I said - with great power comes great responsibilities
@retailcoder, it just looks so cool....sorry it wasn't more.
@retailcoder: Okay, I will eventually do my own work on the unanswered questions. I'll be behind the scenes, of course.
@Malachi hey at least that's 1 unanswered question in the pile - sorry can't upvote, ran out of votes early today!
Go @Jamal Go!
@retailcoder, I will look at again I am sure. I like going through my answers and seeing if I can add to reviews to make them better, or contribute another answer or a better answer
for all the SQL people out there, let's revisit this question and see if I summed it up well enough.
Q: SQL query clustered with repeated function calls

kodkodI have the following SQL query that computes for every date the week it falls in (a week begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday): SELECT EntryDate ,CAST(DATEADD(DAY, 1-DATEPART(WEEKDAY, EntryDate), EntryDate) AS DATE) AS 'SundayDate' ,CAST(DATEADD(DAY ,7-DATEPART(WEEKDAY, EntryDate), ...

@retailcoder, that is ok, I am stuck at 69 rep for today at the moment
6:34 PM
@Malachi I'm now at -10 for the week (that's +10 today)
@retailcoder, I just had an answer accepted!!!!
@Malachi woot-woot!
@Malachi and now your rep score is 1234 ...lol
7:00 PM
@Jamal, how do you add a synonym?
for tags I mean
7:18 PM
@Malachi: This page explains it: codereview.stackexchange.com/help/privileges/…
I'm back, so now I have no live again!
@Jamal: thanks, I am almost there. but I won't have enough rep on the questions with the tags that I want to synonymize. lol that isn't even a word
Q: Is reviewing project structure on topic?

ChrisWueThis is mostly related to the following two question: Web application structure review Shaky on QUnit folder structure Question 1 was upvoted and answered, question 2 was closed. The difference is that question 1 is about reviewing an existing project structure while question 2 is about helpi...

@Malachi: Request it on Meta to get consensus. If there are no users able to initiate the change, I or another mod can do that.
will do it later. i was looking to get that badge...lol @Jamal
7:24 PM
@Malachi: Oh, it's a hard one to get, for a normal user. You need sufficient rep AND tag score.
@Jamal Congratulations on your powers, does this mean we have to start behaving now?
Q: How could I write this simple Javascript App better?

DrStompSo I wrote this simple javascript application for a homework assignment and I got feedback saying it could be written better. Can I get some feedback on how to write this differently. It works for me and returns the results I need but I would like some more specific feedback. It was meant to be s...

@SimonAndréForsberg: Yes. :-) After all, I will need to delete/flag any messages as needed.
@Jamal Aff. Ok ok, I'll start behaving!
Q: Web application structure review

Fez VrastaI'd like to have suggestions about the structure of my web application. What the app does: My app receives files from about 800 scanners around my country and the users see the scanned pages into this web application, then they can organize the pages in groups, choose which one keep and which ...

You've flagged this question for migration to Programmers. Does anyone else agree?
7:36 PM
@Jamal, I agree
I'm not sure if I agree. I think it could belong here.
@Malachi: This is a test? D:
@SimonAndréForsberg: I'm still not sure, so I may let codesparkle decide. I should remember to discuss with other moderators.
@Jamal I think I'm the one that flagged this one, earlier today
Or I've put a close vote on... not sure
7:39 PM
no close vote on it
Aw, wrong one - looks awfully similar to this one:
Q: Shaky on QUnit folder structure

ViktorI want to write something serious in JavaScript for the first time in my life. Knowing this, I want to do TDD and write unit tests. I have experience in JUnit, but yet, how to structure my project with QUnit (my choice of framework) remains a mystery to me. I'm thinking something like this: my-...

...which is now on-hold
8:12 PM
@Jamal, I have no doubts that you perform efficiently and effectively.
8:24 PM
Now I think it's time to write an answer to something!
Closed questions aren't counted as "unanswered" I hope?
8:37 PM
@Malachi: Thank you. I'm performing some clean-up now, mostly on Meta.
@SimonAndréForsberg: I don't think they count.
@Jamal I hope so. Voted to close one as duplicate just a couple of minutes ago. Not sure if it's been closed already or not.
@SimonAndréForsberg: Confirmed: they do not count.
@Jamal Thanks, good!
If ever unsure, don't hesitate to flag.
@Jamal And I thought the expression was "When in doubt, use C4"...
8:48 PM
Q: Rewriting an extensive validation method with duplication of code in different circumstances

Jeroen VannevelI'm creating a chess engine and I'm currently in the stage of adding validation. I'm starting off with the major validationrule: checking if a piece can move to the given target destination. I have setup a system that allows me to very fluently define how a piece can move and validation is done ...

@SimonAndréForsberg: That, too. But don't blow yourself up.
(mods have to clean up that mess)
@Jamal Yes, I'll try to avoid blowing myself up.
9:07 PM
Q: Anyone able to crack this message?

Kenny_007G$r`l]\dahUYQSa`P\ cryptographers have been able to crack encrypted messages like the above in the past from scratch. I'm intrigued to know how they go about this. The above is something I encrypted, and its not random (first clue), so does anybody here wanna have a try as to what it might say ...

Q: Query too slow - Optimization

Evan lewisI am having an issue with the following query returning results a bit too slow and I suspect I am missing something basic. My initial guess is the 'CASE' statement is taking too long to process its result on the underlying data. But it could be something in the derived tables as well. The qu...

One down, x-1 to go!
A: Abstract class which uses a abstract factory -> New implementation with Singleton

Simon André ForsbergYour question is: Is it good to use a Singleton here? My answer is: If you can avoid using a singleton, do it! And you answer this yourself: "Of course I can avoid using a singleton if (...)". Passing a DataWorkItem object to the constructor or some other method is more preferable than using a ...

9:21 PM
Since I don't have any more votes left today, I'm adding several questions to my bookmarks so that I can vote on them another time, lol.
10:34 PM
Q: Optimize Scipy Sparse Matrix Factorization code for SGD

Ana TodorI'm working on implementing the stochastic gradient descent algorithm for recommender systems (see Funk) using sparse matrices with Scipy. This is how a first basic implementation looks like: N = self.model.shape[0] #no of users M = self.model.shape[1] #no of items self.p = np.random.rand(N, K)...

1 hour later…
11:40 PM
Q: Creating an Array to help arrange grades of students

RandyWrite a program and ask user to enter numeral grades of 27 students. Save the values in an array. (If you want you can save the 27 values in a txt file and read them into array from there to save you entering 27 values each time you run the program). Write a function to Display the all value from...

Q: Exception Handling Design

jliv902I am trying to design an exception hierarchy for logging errors. These logs will be used only by developers and not by users. This is a base class that I came up with. #ifndef TSTRING_TYPEDEF #define TSTRING_TYPEDEF typedef std::basic_string <TCHAR> tstring ; #endif struct BaseException /...


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