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12:00 AM
@Baarn I am glad you're OK.
I think I'll go to bed anyway… But be assured I might post some videos in the next few days!
(from better times only)
Sleep well :)
I look forward to the videos :)
See you tomorrow, folks
or however or whatever that timey wimey clock thingy makes out of it for you
1 hour later…
1:20 AM
@Baarn - my condolences; I missed the post earlier.
1 hour later…
2:47 AM
1 hour later…
4:03 AM
@JoshDM 'Twas unfortunately necessary - folks were getting a little too passionate about their contributions :)
4:33 AM
@Baarn I am sorry for your loss.
2 hours later…
6:33 AM
That is in desperate need of captioning.
It really is :P
6:50 AM
Might have some kind of informal holiday pet photo contest here, winner gets limited, narrowly scoped fame.
Oooh, that sounds fun :)
7:09 AM
It will be, I think this room will be a popular network hangout during the holidays :)
With all the cute pictures we post? Certainly.
HALP! My dog drank eggnog
7:29 AM
@TimPost D:
which kind, the kid friendly kind or the fun kind?
if he can't wag his tail in a straight line...he's had enough for the night
5 hours later…
12:17 PM
Aww, more bunny pictures! That's why I come back here :-)
@Baarn For what it's worth, I'm a native speaker and it confuses me, too!
(Although I assume you know more about the topic than me)
One of my snailies is laying eggs as we speak.
@Baarn My condolences, as well :-(
3 hours later…
3:21 PM
@snailboat Ooooh interesting :)
@TimPost One of my ferrets was obsessed with Jack & Coke.
That's my kind of ferret
I never voluntarily gave him any, but if he got a sniff of it, he'd immediately be on a mission to knock the glass over (because then he could lick it off the floor/table/sofa while I ran for paper towels)
A glass of coke was fair game, but if he smelled Jack in it, he'd literally try to climb your arm to get to it if you were holding it
Some monkeys do the same
yeah, when we were in Peru (many years ago), I watched a monkey steal a bottle of "Inca Cola" (now with 500% more coca leaf!) and chug it
3:31 PM
@snailboat Snail eggs?
@TimPost Uh-huh!
You're expecting? :)
You can't see very well in that picture, but the snail is still there laying more :-)
So many eggs...!
I find that super fascinating - I dont konw a lot about snails.
3:42 PM
Wow, tres cool
@Beofett - Makes me wonder if your ferret was half raccoon! I know they're not related, but raccoons have been known to exhibit that kind of problem solving too.
4:12 PM
@Baarn sorry about your dog :( I was wondering how she was going from when u first posted a Q about her.
@Skippy-psI'mawoman - welcome back.
@Skippy-psI'mawoman Weclome back :)
Welcome back, Skips (you're a woman, apparently)
4:27 PM
@JoshDM While I appreciate any edits that correct typos, etc., could you please refrain from making edits to change the style of writing? I just rolled back your last edit to my post, and I've been tempted to roll back some of your other edits to my posts
Grammar, punctuation, general readability are fine, but a lot of your edits seem to be more about writing style
@Beofett I have noticed these edits as well on a few of my posts, as well - style is going to be individual, and it rarely needs to be changed unless it is hard to understand what the poster is saying. There aren't any real style guidelines on here, other than correcting spelling and grammar and readability, and other than that, editing seems unnecessary.
thanks guys :) and yes on Stack Overflow I get mistaken for a man and just thought it would be easier like this :)
@AshleyNunn I know I've seen this in other metas, but the only meta.so reference I've found so far is this one. While specific to code styles, I think the sentiment of the top answer reflects the general SE approach.
@Beofett I would agree - replace code with answer, and it sums it up well, I think
Not a fan of snails here : news.nationalpost.com/2013/04/16/…
4:39 PM
@JoshDM Yeah, I heard about those... those are the ones that can eat concrete, iirc.
@JoshDM Yeah, okay, those snails sound super ungood
Hrm, that article says stucco. not as bad as concrete, but still... not good. Especially in Florida, which I recall having a disproportionate number of stucco houses :)
Well, one could argue that the elimination of stucco as an architectural consideration is potentially a positive thing...
Poor Florida, between giant snails, giant pythons, and R.O.U.S's, the introduced species are really hitting them hard
@Beofett Oh man, no kidding
4:55 PM
@JoshDM They are supposed to taste exquisite but can give you a belly ache if prepared wrong
@Chad So people should eat them very carefully to help solve the problem? :)
I have only ever eaten snails once, and it wasn't my favourite thing ever, not by a long shot.
@AshleyNunn was it at a really nice restaraunt?
@Chad It was at my cousin's super fancy expensively catered wedding
5:06 PM
I would give them a second try if you ever get a chance to dine at really good restaurant. Caterers can screw up lobster and shrimp and Escargot is not anywhere near as simple
I might try that then. I liked the flavour, the texture was just weird, but they might have screwed it up
Yeah if you cook it too long it becomes rubbery if it isnt enough then its slimy and gritty
I'm saying g'night to all. Great to be back. :)
@Chad Yeah, they were rubbery :(
Night Skippy Glad you are back
That would be an awesome chat room name : Table scraps
5:56 PM
You know, I think that's kind of catchy, and unlikely to offend anyone that eats.
@Chad Did you toss that on the related meta post?
@TimPost The decision was made its the litter box despite objections
Well, I suppose table scraps do ultimately find their way to the litter box - organically and all.
6:34 PM
@joshdm that is awful.
Those Wandering Spiders are the "true" banana spiders; here we just have Golden Orb spiders that look like bananas they're so long (and harmless and beautiful and creepy).
7:23 PM
@Chad We're still in beta. meta.pets.stackexchange.com/a/544/129
Even if we were out of beta we could still change the chat room name
1 hour later…
8:49 PM
@JoshDM I really do not understand why you have to be so confrontational about this. In fact I let the topic drop, it was an offhand comment not a request to change anything
I've offended someone
@PreciousTijesunimi What happened?
@AshleyNunn It looks like someone has been following me
@PreciousTijesunimi Following you?
I posted an answer 1 minute later -1
and a question and now -1
9:02 PM
People just notice when activity happens and thus might be ready to vote and such right away - it might not be malicious, necessarily, but it is something to keep an eye on.
@PreciousTijesunimi Downvotes are not personal.
@Chad don't worry I was just saying :D
I suspect it isn't anything in particular to be worried about.
Q: Can a dog become homosexual?

Precious TijesunimiWhile reading an article about neutering and spaying, It said that one of the effects of early neutering or spaying is that the dog can start getting attracted to other dog of the same sex. (i.e Become homosexual). Can a dog actually become attracted to another dog of the same sex?

@AshleyNunn I'm not worried about -2 rep. I was just saying. I have no problems with it :)
9:05 PM
@PreciousTijesunimi okay, because it felt like you were worried about it - usually when people mention downvotes, they have a concern.
I think if you linked to the article in the question it would have a better reception
@AshleyNunn Yeah. Thanks!!!
@Chad I'm currently searching for it
Also yes or no questions do not really fit the SE format well. What is it you are wanting explained? How the behavior will impact your dog? The dangers of it? What is your concern?
I can see some people down voting as a knee jerk reaction to apparent homophobia. I dont see it but I am used to watching out for anything that can be construed that way.
@Chad hmmm. Really?. What about the question about rabbits being the 3rd top pets in the world. Isn't that a yes/no?
@PreciousTijesunimi I think that question could be improved as well
@PreciousTijesunimi When trying to compare your questions or answers, compare against the best ones not those that seem to be passing. It will improve your over all quality.
9:17 PM
Q: Is it true that goldfish growth is limited by container size?

Skippy - ps I'm a womanAs I grew up, I was taught that a goldfish will only grow to a certain point dependent upon the size of their container and how many fish are in the container; all the fish within the same container would be limited by this rule. Is it true that the growth of a goldfish is limited by its contain...

What about that?. Isn't that a yes/no?.
I'm not trying to destroy other questions. I just want to know how mine is different and how I can improve
Lets look at skippy's. It has an implied how does it work associated. That really does not apply to your question. An answer should not just say yes or no, it can include information on how it works.
@PreciousTijesunimi In this case, it is a practical problem related to how many fish you can practically keep in one space, and the results of a small container. Knowing if the fish will grow or not related to the space helps the poster know how to care better for their fish.
@AshleyNunn Since I just want to know if it is true, I guess I'll just delete my question and continue searching. Thanks!!!
@PreciousTijesunimi You could simply ask if it is true what causes the behavior?
@Chad That would be a good way to improve it :)
9:22 PM
Try and phrase the question in such a way that it can be read as please explain this too me
rather than as SO would put it "Gimme da codez"
@Chad I tried my best to edit
@PreciousTijesunimi There you go now you are looking to understand something. Much better
Are there specific health issues related to homosexual dogs? is a great aspect
@Chad Thanks for your advice. This site has a lot of nice people. @AshleyNunn Thanks too
@Chad I wasn't being confrontational; I agree that Table Scraps is a better name.
Re-read my post and maybe look up the definition of the word "deference"
9:38 PM
@JoshDM Sorry I guess I misread it.
10:01 PM
Looks like I'll be getting my enthusiast badge tommorow
I got this at the same time and got really confused
@Beofett ^^ can we have a party :)
@Skippy-psI'mawoman Are these two different sites? :)
@Skippy-psI'mawoman - You know, you could link to the wiki entry on Skippy the female kangaroo and save yourself the awkward handle.
@AshleyNunn OH yep, llol
@Skippy-psI'mawoman They looked so alike I wasn't sure if it was a bug, or a hey I hit two awesome rep counts on two different sites
10:07 PM
I forgot you couldn't see the site name hahahahaha
@AshleyNunn I thought it was a bug! I got confused, it happened at the same time, cos I got a notification and then went to a different site which is why I took screen shots
Alternately, throw in the towel and pretend you're a massively tattooed male biker that has recently joined the Hell's Angels but still has a soft spot for cute bunnies
@JohnCavan I've tried! believe it or not
@JohnCavan nah. My relationship just ended, it limits my chance of meeting someone .
Like I have a good chance of meeting a man, who lives in my area, right age, single, and compatible on Stack Exchange lol
As to the homosexual dog question
Q: Non coitus sexual activity and the brain

Skippy - ps I'm a womanMost animals will only engage in sexual activity that can result in reproduction. There are some exceptions; Bonobos, for instance, engage in a lot of sexual activity that does not involve coitus. Human beings have a large range of sexual activities and fetishes that do not involves exual interc...

Most don' really. Consider this... most guys on Stack Overflow think girls have cooties.
That is assuming that they know what a girl is...
@JohnCavan I know a couple people who found SOs through SE, but they are generally LDR's.
^^ it mentions dogs dry humping, but simply put, dogs to bot have homosexual sex and it could be answered on Cognitive Sciences
10:11 PM
@Skippy-psI'mawoman "dogs to bot"?
@AshleyNunn LDR?
@Skippy-psI'mawoman Long Distance Relationships
Liberal Democratic Reformists
@JohnCavan >.<
10:13 PM
@JohnCavan I'm replying to @PreciousTijesunimi Q that he brought up.
The question is legit, though. I think that others may have the thought.
@JohnCavan You can migrate if it is off-topic.
@PreciousTijesunimi I don't think it is off-topic.
@AshleyNunn Well let the community decide. It already has a close vote
@PreciousTijesunimi Yeah, the community will figure out what they feel is best.
10:19 PM
I don't know that I agree that it is. It may apply to both sites, which is a bonus, but I think pet owners may well have this question and its presence here is fine. I think the down votes are around an implied negative to the concept of homosexuality that may or may not have been intended.
@JohnCavan I've really learnt not to try and guess the reason for a downvote and also not to ask why
OK I answered it pets.stackexchange.com/a/1225/87 let me know what you think
I think it's on the borderline of on topic.. I really don't want people asking the sme question about every species do you guys?
I have a fun (true!) question I'm saving for a rainy day.
@Skippy-psI'mawoman I am not sure that is going to be a problem. If it is, we can always address it, but it is better to address problems we have rather than create them unnecessarily
@AshleyNunn yup
10:25 PM
I don't think we are going to get questions like this for every species, if that helps.
I would be highly surprised, at any rate.
@Skippy (the female roo) - I agree with Ashley. The question is okay, let's see if it leads to a rash of "is my goldfish gay" questions first.
I'm a man
@JoshDM It was raining here earlier, does that count? :P
Just thought I'd put that out there
@WorldEngineer - Prove it or lose it
10:26 PM
@WorldEngineer whydo you have people mistaking you for a woman :)
Wait! Don't do that, we're a family site.
@Skippy-psI'mawoman Because I like cooking
@WorldEngineer oooooh them is fighting words lol
@WorldEngineer Psh, tell 'em to shut it and then come cook for me?
Oh, I love to cook. I put in a whole new stove because I was unhappy. The kitchen is definitely a happy place for me.
10:28 PM
@JohnCavan I wish I could do that! I love baking, so I'd love a decent stove/oven
Gas stove top, electric convection oven, is the only way to go. Rocks the taste buds.
I like cooking on gas, not electrcity.
@JohnCavan ditto, that's what we have
I love gas, instant change in heat, you can't properly cook a major meal without because you need a bazillion burners to cover you.
@JohnCavan Oh, I would give a lot for that combo. Although I dont mind gas ovens
I totally agree @JohnCavan except for the other type of natural gas :)
10:31 PM
Dual fuel is best. Gas top is a must, I'll never by an electric top again, period. Night and day.
@AshleyNunn it is pretty good to cook with, best stove, oven combo I've ever had
When I have a place of my own someday, perhaps I will.
@Skippy-psI'mawoman I know someone who has a gas stove, and I love cooking dinner at his place
it just....works so awesome
@AshleyNunn for some reason you reminded me of Dorothy from the Wiz of Oz
@WorldEngineer - The old saying is that a way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but I'm here to tell you that a way to a woman's boudoir is through the kitchen. A man that can cook is high marks in any woman's book that I know of.
@Skippy-psI'mawoman Last I checked, no green witches were mad at me, so I think I am safe :)
10:32 PM
@JohnCavan I think I've got it covered
@JohnCavan Yes, this is so true. At least in my case.
The odd fool of a man denies it... but then he's a fool. :D
^^Caption "When I have a place of my own someday"
@Skippy-psI'mawoman grins That works quite well :P
10:34 PM
@JohnCavan omg! that is so true
@AshleyNunn it reminded me of the wistful, 'there's no place like home'
anyway I am too talkavtive n donot want to drive everyone nuts.. yet again...
I'll be back, in governor, austrian, acotr accent
@Skippy-psI'mawoman I am talking just as much as you :P
Hang, we're all good. It's night, I've had 5 pints and I'm in England. :D
@AshleyNunn :) I'm going to have my first cigarette of the day :)
@JohnCavan warm pints? :)
I quit that almost 3 years ago. Smoked for 31 years (started at 11) and it was the hardest thing I've ever done, but no regrets on that front.
@Skippy-psI'mawoman - Nope, nice and cold, as it should be. The English have learned...
OMG -- the insanity that has hit Toronto politics is incredible and I'm away from home. Sheesh!
@JohnCavan yeah, it is pretty crazy stuff
10:42 PM
I love watching politics, I'm a bit of a junky there (hehe, no pun intended), but the Rob Ford stuff gets nuttier by the minute. The man is an inveterate liar.
@JohnCavan I would so star that except that it has a different meaning sans context and I prefer to star statements that make you go huh with out the context
@JohnCavan The whole thing is just....insanity. He needs to like...not be in power, it is just getting pathetic
@Chad - It only works if you follow the thread. :D
@AshleyNunn If you are suggesting anarchy Im with you sister!
@AshleyNunn - It is sad. Sad and pathetic. However, the man can't let go and his brother is egging him on. It's a train wreck and the city is locked in a morbid curiousity.
10:45 PM
@Chad I will bake us cupcakes, revolutions always need snacks
@JohnCavan It is totally trainwrecky.
I mean, he finally says that he smoked crack and then seconds later claims he doesn't do drugs. This guy has derailed himself into a whole different universe!
@JohnCavan oh I didn't know that
Great now i have this montypythonesqe skit running in my head where Ashley brings cupcakes to a revolution. Wish you guys could see it its pretty funny
@Chad Oh man, I'd watch that for sure
@Skippy-psI'mawoman - Know which? I admit, I'm across the board now. :D
10:51 PM
@JohnCavan I am fascinated that someone studied that
We all need a hobby...
Fair enough :P
@JohnCavan thats wrong... an English lop rabbit tired of being handled can do it in .003 seconds
@Chad - It only seems like that slow poke
@JohnCavan Ive worn enough rabbit pee... it doesnt take 20 seconds.
10:58 PM
I suspect the investigation wasn't exhaustive. Interesting, nevertheless.
OK Hagn all
Also, they put some weights around it. Exceptions often prove the rule for a reason and there are humans that can let that all out in their early years quite quickly too.
@JohnCavan hang on, are you asking which category you fall into on the link? :)
After a run at the pub there's really no question...
11:13 PM
LOL,yep... even with my body weight.
@JohnCavan did we reach a consensus about downvotes and comments? I recently reversed two votes and commented on both posts as to why, so OP wasn't confused.
@JohnCavan and grey too?
WTF!!!. Why do I always have to login everytime I come to chat?
@Skippy-psI'mawoman - Don't reverse votes that are legit. In general, wrong is wrong and while offering help for a reasonable error is not a bad thing, you're not obligated. If you have a better answer, however, I would hope that you would offer it.
@PreciousTijesunimi caching lol
@JohnCavan if an edit can clarify an issue, I am happy to reverse a downvote. Conversely an otherwise good post can be ruined by an edit
11:29 PM
Yep, worth keeping an eye. I change votes on an edit too.
@Skippy-psI'mawoman Well then I will have to switch back to mozilla. I only started having this problem since I started using chrome
Ok I'll find an unanswered Q and answer and then study java.. OMg @PreciousTijesunimi I think u can do my assignment :)
@PreciousTijesunimi Weird, I don't get this issue on chrome.
@PreciousTijesunimi I use chrome.. check your privacy settings.. cookies
Yep... Chrome user here too...
11:31 PM
Lol. Looks like everybody uses chrome. Now let me check my privacy settings
Erm I treat this chat a bit like fb.. and star comments, a bit like liking comments to acknowledge I've read them and they're funny.. can someone apply electric shocks to my keyboard pls?
Cookie and/or ad blocking tools. Give the system here open access, they don't abuse it.
@Coronus morning!
@Skippy-psI'mawoman I can't do your assignment, I just started learning java
@Skippy-psI'mawoman Dang time travellers. Almost off work here. How's tomorrow look?
11:32 PM
@PreciousTijesunimi I know! u said. I am sure you're already better than me..
@PreciousTijesunimi - a cream and sugar is all you need
@PreciousTijesunimi Use Chrome!
@Coronus tomorrow is sunny nd blue skies.. waiting for a delivery of lattice
@JohnCavan Lots of sugar.
11:33 PM
@Skippy-psI'mawoman I like this idea, we had grey skies all day
@JohnCavan lol. how will that help?
@AshleyNunn spring here.. my fav season, follwed by summer
yes spring is followed by summer, but summer is my second fav season after spring lol
Haha, Java is English slang for coffee
I love summer. :)
@JohnCavan What?????????????
11:35 PM
Yep... hence the logo.
@PreciousTijesunimi it's ok, I gotta a Canadian friend and he loves to make these jokes when I whinge about java lol
@JohnCavan hahahaha. I can't stop laughing
We gave up our day jobs for that
I just had to star that for the mere million of question marks :)
@Skippy-psI'mawoman lol
11:37 PM
is there any Q someone would like answered, that doesn't involve fish or rabbits? I am looking to answer something
or ferrets
New one just popped up, give them the cone of silence
@JohnCavan hahahahhahhahaha yr funny when you drink pints in England
ok I will go forth and make our newcomer happy with a good answer..
who was that masked hopper?
Cheers, I don't have a logical answer beyond gremlins and, on that note, I'm going to bed and will up vote as needed in the morning.
I guess I already fixed that cache whatever. I just closed my browser and restarted and I didn't have to login again
So unless I have someone hold her, my turtle won't sit still for pictures. She's fast!
11:47 PM
@Coronus That's super amusing
@AshleyNunn Yeah, it is. She gets so excited. Of course, she's stuck in a tank, so everything's gotta be interesting to her.
She runs around the room checking out everything on the floor before finally settling down.

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