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12:18 AM
Q: Need help with friendly URL's in Wordpress

StevenI'm creating som custom templates in Wordpress and I'm passing some data in the URL's. Currently my URL looks like this: http://www.mysite.com/designers/?id=43&name=designer+name The URL contains designer ID and designer name. I would really like to use this: http://www.mysite.com/designer...

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7:13 AM
Q: Install Gallery 3 in Subdirectory of Wordpress

BennyTI tried to install Gallery 3 as a subdirectory in my WordPress folder and point a subdomain to it, but it doesn't work. The gallery site comes up initially, but there is no theming to it and if I try to click on login I get a 404. The URL that comes up when I click log in ends with "/index.php/...

7:44 AM
Q: How do I display a tag cloud with both post tags AND a custom taxonomy?

AmandaUsing wp_tag_cloud(), how can I display a single tag cloud that incorporates both regular post tags and a custom taxonomy?

8:14 AM
Q: Custom Taxonomy Template Post List with Sort Order

NetConstuctor.comI have an interesting problem I am trying to solve. Here is my situations: I have create a custom post type for "events". For each event post I require custom fields to be entered for the event start date/time. In addition, each event can be assigned to a custom taxonomy I have created specific...

8:26 AM
Q: Can I make user role that can only access a certian content type?

Paul SheldrakeI would like make a custom role that can only access a custom content type that I'm going to be creating in the admin. Is that possible and does any know of any examples or tutorias that I should check out to get started? Thanks, Paul

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9:44 AM
Q: How do I troubleshoot registration/password email errors?

AmandaI moved the blog I was working on from my development server (on DreamHost) to the client's server (some local host which they are unwilling to switch from). Everything seems to be working perfectly, except that users are not receiving their new user confirmation emails, or their lost password em...

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12:57 PM
Q: How do I add a new string to a .po or .pot file?

Lea CohenI have a pot file that came with my theme. Now I want to add strings to it, that weren't there in the original theme. I'm using Poedit and I can't see a feature to add a string. Do I have to update the .pot file? but 1) How do I do that, and 2) How do I make sure that the strings that were transl...

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2:00 PM
When you get questions shown in a list like this there appears to be much more than it looks like on the site.
(Also bump above that other WordPress room)
Ah, I already ignored the Feeds user since they take up so much space, and I can't follow the lively discussion in this room!
Ahaha, did you want me to change it to a ticker format?
It appears in the top left for a short while, then goes
I don't need the big notifications, so if you could make it less obtrusive that would be nice
2:08 PM
Yeah sure, I'm going to keep the meta one in the chat feed though because it's prett slow moving.
And I view Meta and Chat as much closer related anyway
2:32 PM
Q: GPL, Copyright, and Code Snippets

EAMannAbout a week ago, I answered my own question on the WP Hackers mailing list by posting some drop-in PHP code (to be used either in a plug-in or a functions.php file). Today, I find out that someone used that code to build a plug-in that's now available on the WordPress repository. I'm a fan of ...

@Jan I agree. The main "parent" notifications would fit better in a ticker ... there seem to be a LOT of them. Though maybe having the meta ones show up in the conversation will help them get more attention from the "active" members of the community.
@EAMann I've set it to ticker but for future reference: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/info/6/stop-press?tab=feeds
Ah ha! Thanks :)
If you click on the room link in the top you should have all the abilities available as you're a diamond.
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2:43 PM
How bizarre
Maybe we should also keep an eye on WordPress questions on the other sites: stackexchange.com/tagsets/76/wordpress-except-wordpress-answers
@Jan Good idea.
@EAMann: Re: your copyright question: if you don't explicitly say you license your Stack Exchange content under the GPL too, it can't be re-used in a plugin
But if you license it under the GPL, I believe you can't require attribution
@Jan That's what I figured.
And you, as the copyright holder, should do the complaining
I don't think someone else can do that for you
2:48 PM
But should we have some kind of blanket reminder on the site? To point out that CC-licensed work can't be incorporated into a plug-in with an explicit dual license ...
Content distributed via email (i.e. my question) is just a regular copyright, not GPL ... so re-using code from an email conversation would require explicit permission of the original author.
I just don't want WPA to become known as a place where hack developers can come to steal quality code.
I don't think you can do anything to prevent that
So much web development is picking and combining small pieces of code you find on other sites
The best way to prevent others taking credit for your code is releasing it yourself as a plugin
Then you can hope to be more popular than the others
@Jan True, but I don't want to encourage someone coming to the site, "borrowing" code that you, I, or anyone else has put together in good faith to educate a member of the community, and repackaging it to either sell it commercially or use it to bolster their own portfolio.
I've had people claim ownership of my code in the past ... usually it's innocuous, but once or twice someone's gotten a job off claiming they wrote a plug-in that was copy-pasted from a tutorial on my blog.
Maybe a notice at the top of the page reminding people that content on the site is CC-licensed unless otherwise specified would be enough.
Then we'd still leave pursuing it up to the original author.
As much as I want to protect developers from being harmed by IP theft, I also want to protect the newbies who copy-paste a solution while they're learning from being smited by the powers that be.
A "I didn't know any better" excuse doesn't hold up so well ... so making it very clear that code on the site is "owned" by the original author and must be credited as such would be (IMO) a step in the right direction.
This is all much easier on the regular Stack Overflow site, where you're more likely to get a code example that you have to adapt to your own environment
Here we all use the same system, so indeed, you can just copy and paste code and it will end up in your final solution...
It's not one person copy-pasting that bothers me ... it's one person copy-pasting into a re-distributable system (plug-in or theme) that bothers me.
Usually, we're getting individuals asking for a specific solution to fix their site or add a feature to the custom theme they're the only users of.
I don't know whether we should increase the visibility of the CC notice - I think it will not stop those that are deliberate to repackage and distribute it
3:04 PM
There's not much we can do to stop anyone with that deliberate intent. My aim would be to discourage those who could be discouraged and educated those who don't understand the implications of using someone else's copyrighted content.
2 hours later…
5:14 PM
Just out of curiosity ... why is the room called "Stop Press"?
Because it's what Mark called it when he imported it I believe
Room -> statistics & room description if you want to change it.
9:45 PM
A: Need help with friendly URL's in Wordpress

Jan FabryI don't know (or didn't know) much about the rewrite rules myself (but it seems nobody does), but based on some other answers here, I got this to work. We add a new rewrite rule that matches designers/designer_name/. We "flush" the rewrite rules so they get saved to the database, but make sure to...

If someone with more knowledge of rewrite magic could validate my answer, that would be great
I don't want to give the impression that I know what I'm doing here

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