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12:07 AM
simple, tell him to write down the words and thwack him if he spells one wrong
12:42 AM
By the way, what's with all them unicorns!?
1:23 AM
A: Is it safe to use the british standard for numbering in a novel with a worldwide audience?

z7sgSorry if this disappoints you, but we British have now abandoned the 'million million' billion. We now use the American billion (one thousand million) and American trillion (one million million). In British English, a billion used to be equivalent to a million million (i.e. 1,000,000,000,0...

Hi @Roland!
@Cerberus Hi!
Just emigrate to a non-English-speaking country, and all your troubles will melt away.
@Cerberus haha
I've already started work on my own language ;)
In Holland, we use miljoen, miljard, biljoen, biljard, etc.
1:26 AM
(no, not a klingon clone)
that's hard to say for my english tongue
I am better off with mid-eastern and latin-based languages
Hmm my guess would be that the French use something like milliard too...
eww french D:
Hey, you wanted Latin-based languages...
OK now that is confusing because the Germans use Milliarde for 1000 million and Billion for 1 million million. So they have sort of kept the flame alive in a way.
But in a way, that also heightens my shame
for our capitulation to the Americano.
1:31 AM
@Cerberus I am a terrestrial narwhal.
Why couldn't you keep your colonies under control anyway?
@z7sg Oh, my sincerest apologies for scoffing you with this rude word! Is that a term like African-American?
Might ask you the same question? You didn't even have very many to look after in the first place.
I am a bit lost :P
Welcome to The Incomprehensible Room
non compos mentus
1:32 AM
@z7sg True, true. But yours would have been more useful; look at ours...
@RolandTaylor *compos mentis
sigh... I wanted to do latin in secondary school
but then they dropped the course from our options :(
Really? That sucks.
1:33 AM
It is never too late...
I had to do spanish :D
not that I mind...
Yeah I wish I could speak Spanish...
spanish = the right teachers...
so they say
1:34 AM
@RolandTaylor ?
@Cerberus XD
sorry was thinking out loud
I think he had 'a thing' for his Spanish teacher?
Those things happen.
actually - I should have, but I didn't like her cause she didn't really treat me too kindly
I was the one exception to the rule :D
and the second teacher we got wasn't exactly... um... young
but at least we escaped the guy who wore the same shirt every day :D
ah schooldays... a distant memory :(
1:37 AM
yeah :S
(a good thing for me - I hated mine)
well it is late, i must hit the hay!
don't eat it!
sure man
Happy chewing.
I'll bring fresh grass next time.
9 hours later…
10:18 AM
This is a train wreck:
Q: "It is me" vs. "It is I"?

FlimzyTonight I watched a movie (The Gospel of John) in which Jesus said (as quoted from the written Gospel of John), "It is I." How does this expression differ from "It is me?"

The accepted answer actually says "'It is me' is ungrammatical." and adds in a comment that "it has to be 'It is I in that picture'".
I downvoted and left a comment, I dunno if that's enough.
@Kosmonaut, @nohat, @JSBangs.
Oh, and it's a possible dupe, too.
Of this one:
Q: Which is correct to say: "It's me" or "It's I"?

Muaz KhanI was taught at school that following expression is invalid in the sense of grammar: Who is there? It's me. The correct one is: Who is there? It's I. Can you let me know which one is accurate? Here is a good explanation about both forms.

1 hour later…
11:35 AM
So, I'm very confused now. Which is it? Me or I?
2 hours later…
1:12 PM
A: Which is correct to say: "It's me" or "It's I"?

tegner"It is ME" is not grammatically correct in the academic sense, but is used in spoken English. "It is I" is grammatically correct in the pure sense, but would never be used in spoken English - or very rarely by people who speak in an ultra-formal dialect. "It is I" would have been correct in ...

A: When do I use "I" instead of "me?"

nohatIf a pronoun is the subject of a verb, then you use I. Otherwise you use me. Exceptions: If it is the object of a linking verb (such as be), traditional grammar says to use I but this is very formal and use of me is extremely widespread in all but the most formal contexts. Myself is used as th...

2:08 PM
I am a native speaker, so if I just say something without thinking about the grammatical correctness of it all, it is automatically grammatically correct. Me is always right!
I is me and me is I. Is I me?
I am me
I am me!
not I is I.
I is a letter, so I is I, or in other words I == I.
Uh-oh, another programmer!
A man walked into a Buddhist pizza shop. He asked, "can you make me one with everything?"
2:11 PM
and the shaolin monk kicked his <ahem>?
joke! xD
Dude you pinched it from a question. >:( -1
@z7sg did i? where?
Q: Can someone please explain this Dalai-Lama joke to me?

RoboShopOk not sure if this question is on topic (maybe it just needs to be rephrased) but since this made global headlines due to the Dalai Lama not being able to understand it, I figure most non-native speakers would have trouble getting the joke too. This is the joke on YouTube. The Dalai Lama wa...

Could that be coincidence?!?!
ahh yes so that's where i saw it
2:13 PM
You're coming with me, sir.
Daili Lama's reaction was funnier
You have the right to... wait...
you have no rights...
NOW I get it :D
3 hours later…
4:50 PM
@RegDwight: Could you send me the Arctis Vanguard link/invitation again? It was "no longer open" when I saw it.
5:29 PM
@Cerberus yeah, I beat it with flying colors. I sent the invitation because I thought this one would require like 20 people, too. But then it turned out that not all raids are that hard.
And now I am not allowed to begin another raid for 1 day 4 hours. No idea why.
But hey, I kicked off a war and it looks like we can only win if I chicken out and let you handle it.
I still need a few cards for a stronger deck, or 17 war bonds to unlock the vault where I can just buy them directly.
6:02 PM
Q: Are or is with (s) conveying possibility of plural and singular?

BabikerWhen there is a possibility one is refereeing to plural or a singular and makes so apparent using (s) like: The computer(s) are on. Should 'are' or 'is' be used?

Voted. Making good use of my new powers!
2 hours later…
7:59 PM
@RegDwight Aww, yeah it sucks that it often pays off to just sit still and do nothing now.
Oh, and someone told me a trick.
If are on auto and click several times on the "fight" button in the arena, before the battle takes over, you can fight several battles at once. There is a lag of about a second. With an Autohotkey script I can click about 35 times at a time. The goal is to win the "Emperor" achievement, which unlocks a rather good card. You need to win 5000 battles against humans to get the achievement. Still a lot of work, though, even with the script.
I'm not sure how good it will turn out to be, but this experienced player told me it was often used in pro defence decks or something.
8:28 PM
@Cerberus: Did you get your book photocopied?
It was two books actually.
Took me an hour and a half, and I didn't even photocopy them entirely.
Hey, do you know of a way to buy access to Google Books books?
I'd really want to pay for unlimited access to all books on Google Books. Perhaps even €20/month.
I don't know how it works. I only know I hate not being able to copypasta from GB.
Yeah. But whatcha gonna do?
I may have a beer. That usually helps.
8:42 PM
Where's the fresh grass, btw? I assume that's easy to come by in Amsterdam.
It sure is.
Though the only time I ever went to a coffeeshop was to use their bathroom on Queen's Day, when all the bars were chock full of nutty provincials.
The city of Utrecht is starting an experiment where people grow their weed collectively in a sort of co-op.
The legal limit for home-grown cannabis is five plants per person, I think; together, that will amount to quite a bunch, if everyone should join.
BTW, nobody says "pop a blueberry" or "I'm going to pop a blueberry." People would think blueberry was a slang term for a drug of some kind.
That's what I thought... but what else could it mean?
Think outside the box, doggy.
That may well be what that sentence means, but if it that's true it's a lousy sentence.
It's not strange to get passive rep one vote at a time, but I always wonder why I'll get two or more votes for an old answer on the same day.
9:12 PM
I can't remember whether that happens to me.
What does surprise me is that sometimes several of my 0-score answers get pity votes on one day.
I got four today.
@Cerberus — I got two for this one today:
A: "Gadhafi forces retreat" - how do you understand that?

RobustoThis is a type of ambiguous headline known as a crash blossom. From the Wikipedia link: Newspaper headlines are written in a telegraphic style (headlinese) which often omits the copula and therefore lends itself to syntactic ambiguity, usually of the garden path type. The name 'crash blossoms...

You mean three?
It was two last time I looked. Now three? Sheesh.
9:28 PM
It's a miracle.
By the way, do you understand why some people insist on putting these plastic bulbs with detergent in their washing machines? I just poor it into the top detergent drawer.
Ah, must've been you. :P
@Robusto How else could I have know the original was 8 votes...
@Cerberus — I see no plastic bulbs, nor any washing machine to put them in.
@Cerberus — Doggy hearing?
Can you think about things out of vision?
I know, it's hard.
I don't know about plastic bulbs used in washing machines. Honest I don't.
I pour the detergent just like God intended.
9:31 PM
You pour it in the drawer?
No, I pour it. In the drawer. [N.B. The pineapple doggy wrote "poor it in the drawer" and then changed it after the fact.]
Heh. People have "history" buttons, you know.
Unless I were to delete it...
Actually, I didn't know until just now.
Oh. Well, that figures, since you're hardly ever in this chat.
So where does this pineapple thing come from anyway?
I'm in this chat very rarely.
Non-native speakers => NNS => ennenness [sounds like] => ananas [funny French association] => pineapple
9:35 PM
@Robusto Exactly.
@Robusto Oh! So that's it. Rhyming slang.
Well, after a fashion, I guess. It takes the long way around.
If that ain't rhyming slang, I am a kitten!
You'd have to be three kittens.
Incidentally, do the Brits ever use ananas? I think not?
And I'm quite sure Americans would never use it either?
Except perhaps for the plant species?
9:59 PM
was just perusing top answers and I came across this:
A: Why is "bicycle" pronounced differently from other obviously related words?

KosmonautAlthough such variation could be the result of things like when the word was borrowed into the language, this variation is probably due to the prosodic structure of the words; we get different vowel sounds because of the way that stress influences vowel quality in English. In English, unstressed...

Hey guys
that answer uses an unfortunate example, 'record'
because in BrE we actually pronounce both vowels for the noun, not just the first one ;-)
@Cerberus Hey 3-head-dog, @Jez hey french guy, @Robusto hey big guy
Whoa, today I finally sent the answer to that Top Users thing
I wasn't sure
the t-shirt size
10:03 PM
Which size have you requested?
@Jez Good point.
I M.
I'm not sure xD but according to what I measured
it's the one
Where are you from?
You Italiano, si?
I was wondering if we have the same sizes?
but maybe those sizes are international.. no?
10:04 PM
I mean
a L is L everywhere?
I have size 39 for shirts normally? Neck size.
I don't know
I think M and L are supposed to be international; but they usually vary depending on the brand.
yeah, my t-shirts aren't a reliable source, they vary...
10:06 PM
For jackets I have 49?
Honestly, I don't watch it xD I mean, I try it... Maybe I should get more expert lol
By the way, this bit from Kosmonaut's answer struck me as funny:
> The noun form takes first syllable stress: [ˈrɛ kɚd]. If you aren't familiar with IPA, note in particular the [ɛ] vowel and the [ɚ] r-colored schwa vowel. Schwa (and sometimes [ɪ]) is what often shows up in reduced, unstressed vowels in English. Since stress is on the first syllable, we get the r-colored schwa in the second syllable.
@Alenanno i'm not French... :-)
@Alenanno But you have to start somewhere when you're in a shop...
@Jez really? :O @Cerberus Yeah, you're right... LoL about the Kosmonaut post :D
10:09 PM
je suis surpris que mon français était assez bien de tromper tout le monde
10:27 PM
@Jez Sounds great!
By the way, is it really assez de + inf., not assez que + something else?
actually it's probably assez ... pour
Ah, right.
I never know these things.
My active French and German suck.
Speaking/writing (active) v. reading/listening (passive).
listening is the worst of all for me
virtually impossible to understand 'em
10:37 PM
@Jez ops, I deleted it... you mean French?
erm, yeah
Yeah, listening to French is hard as well.
But reading is not.
reading is eas*ier*
I still have to look a load of stuff up though
"63 % des Français opposés à la dépénalisation du cannabis"
11:02 PM
Yeah, France has always been a staunch opponent of cannabis, somehow.
And yet they use more of it than we.
i dunno whether they're that much more opposed than the UK
you'd struggle to get a majority for decriminalization here
Lately it seems as though England were lapsing into something similar to American Puritanism...
Being afraid of everything.
hard to tell. depends who one talks to.
i detest the revival of respect for religion, though. that is noticeable. i spit on religion.
everyone loves it - the BBC, the current government, Tony Blair did...
goddamn faith schools everywhere..
too many people are brainwashed
Well, general government policies seem to become more protective. Cf. the law that says parents can't be on school playgrounds any more...
Really, more respect for religion? But surely the general trend is still for secularization?
not really.
you have the pope coming here and criticizing an 'aggressive secularism'
11:12 PM
Isn't church attendance decreasing every year?
and his head is still one with his body
though we had a protest rally
church attendance decrease is more than matched by mosque attendance increase
The Pope would have absolutely no problems coming here. I doubt there would be more than a handful of protesters. And yet the Netherlands is extremely secularized and becoming even more so.
@Jez Really? Mosque attendence, which has always been low, is decreasing here as well.
well, i'd dispute that if you're not out attacking someone who is attacking secularism.
it means nothing if you don't fight for it.
11:14 PM
But we already have it?
definitely not here. we have millions of Muslims and they're increasing in number.
Are you sure?
even so, you should attack people who fight against it. it's easy to lose.
relatively sure.
80 % of Dutchmen believe crime is rising every year. And yet is has been decreasing for at least a decade.
Perception is a funny kid. With weird red hair and unpredictable fits.
speaking of the Netherlands, what's the attitude to cannabis there nowadays? I heard Amsterdam had a mayor who wanted a crackdown. sigh.
11:18 PM
Not exactly... the thing is that coffeeshops are mostly owned by criminals, even though they are legal: the reason is that buying it in great quantities is illegal (which is a major flaw; but we can't allow that or we'd risk the wrath of France and America).
screw france and america.
Well, the situation is quite manageable this way.
Several major politicians from various parties have made an official statement that they want to legalize hard drugs too.
But that's still a minority.
this crackdown on drug tourism... don't your politicians realize what people like about Holland?
are they as dumb as ours? because that would explain it.
Well, it isn't the kind of tourists we want. And the money they spend mostly goes to the wrong kind of people.
if you dont want them, you suck.
i like soft drugs, i'd be happy for people to come here and take them.
11:22 PM
I'd rather have us mail the drugs to you.
What I don't like is the throngs of drunken tourists destroying my bicycle for the 3rd time this year...
doesnt work for countries where it's illegal.
Yeah I know. But it would be nice.
drunken? sooo... not cannabis.
But that's always the same kind of tourists that do both.
wouldn't be me
11:24 PM
No-one here has anything against people coming her to smoke weed in general.
sounds like you have some right-wing politicians who do
It is mostly the mayors who are suffering from the littering and destruction from mass drugs tourism, in Amsterdam and along the borders, who want to curb down on it a bit. And a few Christian parties. But the biggest parties, Liberals and Socialists, are for it in general.
Oh, and many people don't like coffeeshops' being near schools.
Which is BS.
Bovine faeces.
11:29 PM
Kids will buy drugs anyway: it doesn't matter whether the shop is near school or ten minutes away.
I don't really agree. I mean, when you're a kid, it doesn't take too much to change the way you think
11:50 PM
@Alenanno Everybody in my school was smoking joints. One of my classmates had a habit of rolling a joint in class and sticking behind his ear all through class. He might or might not be told to put it away...
Oh and we didn't have a coffeeshop nearby. About 5 or 10 minutes by bike.
high school? or elementary school?
High school.
In elementary school, alcohol was cool enough. They didn't need cannabis yet.
lol :D anyway... That's the difference in my opinion... High school boys are already "big", kids in elementary schools are kids, c'mon...
an argument can be made for restricting cannabis sales until 21, to wait for adult brain development
but aftrer then, it's just bullshit prohibition
You can consume it in small quantities, no?
11:53 PM
@Jez It is 18 here. But all kids get it, somehow. Probably through older friends and family.
I guess
I'm not sure
I don't think elementary-school kids ever smoke joints.
thank God :P
So that isn't a problem.

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