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3:06 AM
@WAF Just out of curiosity, what were you talking about that you said you'd learned from me?
@IsaacMoses And, for that matter, what the dickens were you two talking about?
3:19 AM
@msh210 I was talking about dividing a really long comment into two consecutive ellipsized ones, which I have seen you do several times and did for the first time today.
@IsaacMoses was talking about my bottom comment [here:meta.judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/226/….
. . . I suppose it could have been a comma.
@WAF No; I think it'd have to at least be a semicolon.
@IsaacMoses I always assume semicolons to be a replacement for "furthermore" and therefore never use them.
P.S. A . is a semi-colon.
"No furthermore I think. . . "
Q: Why are votes locked after some period of time?

WAFWhen I try to remove a vote older than some (relatively brief) period of time I get this message: You last voted on this question X hours ago Your vote is now locked in unless this question is edited I can understand why this feature exists I guess - to discourage frivolous ...

@WAF I tend to assume semicolons to represent going from one sentence to the next without letting my interlocutor get a word in edgewise and therefore tend to over-use them.
man, this conversation belongs in [english] chat
3:56 AM
@IsaacMoses ITYM [english.se]
@WAF Ah! Thanks.
@WAF For some reason, I've recently taken to using colons a lot.
4:21 AM
Any idea why I now (at least sometimes) get notification of a comment that's directly below mine on an answer that's not mine, where said comment doesn't @-refer to me?
@msh210 Very nice!
@msh210 Weird; no.
@WAF Thanks. You may enjoy other questions there, too. (Also from other years' SDCs: that page is from 2007's.)
@msh210 Yeah, I've gotten that, too. Maybe they're tweaking the notification engine. Anyway, I like it. I generally want to know if there's more activity in a thread I posted in, whether it's explicitly addressed to me or not.
4:37 AM
@msh210 Fun stuff. :::::::: is the best one so far. . .
Does anyone else find that attempts to upload consistently crash Chrome?
Upload images, that is.
@WAF I don't use Chrome: sorry.
@WAF You're going to have to ask that in a wider forum, I suspect.
Here's one from 2005: What's the next number in this sequence? 3, 9, 27, 2, 0
(It was added to the OEIS thereafter, so it's easy to 'cheat' now.)
5:11 AM
Good time-zone, y'all. Bye.
9 hours later…
1:44 PM
@msh210 if you're the only other commenter on a post, then they automatically notify you too. I guess the assumption is that the comment is likely a response to you. (I think that this only applies if the other comment is from the poster himself, not a 3rd person commenter... )
2:02 PM
Anyone object to a gradual, few-a-day-campaign to delete or close all the questions? We could either detag them all, so that there's no at the end, or we could put a note in the tag wiki saying that riddles are discouraged.
1 hour later…
3:08 PM
Posted by Matt Sherman on June 15th, 2011

We’ve added a bunch of new features to Careers 2.0 profiles.

Based on popular demand, have added CodePlex, Bitbucket, SourceForge and Google Code as open source hosts. (Plus an “other…” option for those we don’t explicitly support.)

Already, over 2500 people have added over 11,000 open source projects to their profiles!

Gateway drugs

We think that if you are active in open source, you deserve to be on Careers 2.0. So we’ve added “gateways” for GitHub and CodePlex – log in via those services, we’ll take a look at your activity and (perhaps) auto-invite you to Careers 2.0 on the spot. …

3:18 PM
@AviD Ah, thanks.
@IsaacMoses I don't object to gradual closing. (Nor to sudden closing. Closing doesn't bump things to the top of the list, I don't think.) I don't see that they should be deleted, but TBH I don't know what the criteria are for deletion vs. for closing. I don't think they should be detagged if not deleted: it's a handy way to consider them collectively. I agree the wiki should say "don't do this".
@msh210 The only ones I'd delete are ones where I think neither the question nor the answer contains useful content. At most a few; maybe none.
@IsaacMoses Sounds good.
@WAF nice דילמא question. Never thought of that. Of course, Isaac E. Mozeson would say that dilemma comes from דילמא ;-).
3:37 PM
@msh210 Mah main man!
@msh210 It seems that you're right about closure not causing a bump-up. (I just experimented on one.)
@msh210 I didn't realize his middle initial was also E. His whole name is probably derived from mine. :)
@IsaacMoses Wait... you mean he's not your son?
@msh210 Nah. No son of mine would misspell "Moses." It'd have to take more than one generation for that linguistic corruption to creep in.
3:53 PM
@IsaacMoses Great. Now I have a Genesis song in my head.
@msh210 As a remedy for that, let me remind you that tomorrow will be Friday, Friday, Friday.
@IsaacMoses I don't know that one. I do know Sunday, Bloody Sunday and Monday, Monday. And probably others ("waitin' all week for you!").
@msh210 Consider your apparently sheltered self fortunate.
4:09 PM
@IsaacMoses You added the feed from Jewish Life and Learning Meta. Considering how frequently we get new questions on Jewish Life and Learning, you could probably add that as a feed, too. Just a thought.
@msh210 I'm hoping that Jewish Life and Learning questions will eventually be too frequent to make this practical. I'll put it in as a slide-down ticker.
@IsaacMoses As am I.
Under recent badges on the side of Jewish Life and Learning: shabbat Shalom
@msh210 (BTW feel free to alter the feeds yourself when you see fit.)
@IsaacMoses Had to grab that:
user image
@msh210 I can't see imgur from work.
4:22 PM
@IsaacMoses It's just a screenshot.
Interesting. If I write a multi-line comment with a magic link, e.g. "[ main]" on one line, regular links on the other line don't auto-link.
e.g. [main]
[this should link to google](http://google.com)
oh, I see. multi-lining in here means pre-formatted, so it doesn't automagic anything
@msh210 I figured.
1 hour later…
5:36 PM
Posted by Alex Miller on June 16th, 2011

This week, Jeff and Joel are joined live “in studio” by Marco Arment, creator of Instapaper and formerly the lead developer at Tumblr.  This week’s topics include:

Join us next week, once again live @ 4pm on Tuesday for Greg Wilson for deep insights into the communities surrounding open source software projects.

Stack Exchange Podcast #08 w/ Marco Arment by Stack Exchange

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5 hours later…
10:17 PM
@msh210 That's priceless!

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