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4:16 AM
I am astounded at how difficult it is to kick off an async task from a webserver using php
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7:28 AM
Q: Why are comments now disabled on “first posts” reviews?

Affable GeekToday, on C.SE, I reviewed some 'Late Answers' and First Posts. I was not even near my daily vote limit. And yet, I was given a message that said comments disabled on deleted / locked posts / reviews It seems I was not the only one either: Why are comments now disabled on "first posts" r...

this looks like (a pretty lame imNSho) attempt to salvage "known good" audits in this queue, which fail miserably if one can comment. Next (lame) steps will likely be disabling flagging and edits, thus making whole review a victim of wrongly picked audit strategy. Why doesn't SE team consider keeping only "known bad" audits in FP / LA queues, simply escapes my mind — gnat 1 min ago
A: Review Audit/Commenting on good questions discouraged?

gnatAs far as I can tell, audits in First Posts are designed based on assumption that algorithm for known good items automatically selects posts that are so perfect that no comments are needed at all. Above assumption is absurd, plain and simple. Such posts are impossible to pick even manually becau...

overall, "known good" audits in First Posts and Late Answers are as if designed specifically to punish thorough reviewers - those who can spot things worth commenting, editing, flagging. Robo types would likely hop over these "audits" with ease, by thoughtlessly clicking No Action Neededgnat Sep 22 at 7:12
7:56 AM
@GlenH7 found an obscure post on some tweaks in hotness formula...
A: How do the "arbitrary hotness points" work on the new Stack Exchange home page?

David FullertonBasically what's documented here: http://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/11602/what-formula-should-be-used-to-determine-hot-questions We have a few tweaks: Succeeding questions from the same site are penalized by increasing amounts. So, the first question from SO in the list gets multip...

Succeeding questions from the same site are penalized by increasing amounts. So, the first question from SO in the list gets multiplied by 1.0, the second by 0.98, the third by 0.96, etc)

Community wiki questions are penalized, to keep the entire home page from being Poll-type questions

The benefit of many answers is capped at 10, and we only look at the score of the top 3 answers

We only degrade based on question age, and not the last update date on a question, so questions don't pop back up to the top every time they're edited
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12:12 PM
@MattD async is over-hyped. It's great in some cases, but not every case.
@gnat at first glance, that seems a bit asinine. It presumes that subsequent questions aren't as good or better than the current hot question. I think it's good to cap how many hot questions come from a single site, but that's not how I would have handled it.
12:31 PM
@gnat if I have some time today, I'll re-run the analysis based upon that answer.
1:07 PM
@GlenH7 well, per-site penalty seems rather "soft"; at 2% for every next question, it would take like 25 (!) questions from the same site to decrease score by half, go figure. As for adjustments to analysis, I wouldn't be surprised if answers-quantity issue will become even more prominent. Look, they totally ignore all but 3 top answers, plus capping on 10 questions doesn't help much
> Even with tweaked formula, stuffing 8 useless, zero-score answers into +50 question would have the same effect as giving 80 upvotes to answers. At +200 question, this would be like giving 320 (over three hundreds!) upvotes to answers...
and there's even a real, recent example for that:
9 mediocre answers stuffed into it in 20 minutes after posting the question likely made it artificially high on collider, attracting views and votes. It's neither the asker's nor voter's fault that it has gotten more attention than it probably deserves; it's just a typical effect of broken "hotness formula" — gnat Sep 16 at 9:24
9 quick mediocre answers bumped the mediocre question to the top with ease
Yeah "benefit of many answers is capped at 10", how cute.
The core of the formula (without the site-based degrading or traffic scaling) is:

(MIN(AnswerCount, 10) * QScore) / 5 + AnswerScore
MAX(QAgeInHours + 1, 6) ^ 1.4
1:42 PM
I think it's also worth mentioning that even cap at 10 answers doesn't really address the issue of using "bad data points" in the formula - "Even with tweaked formula, stuffing 8 useless, zero-score answers into +50 question would have the same effect as giving 80 upvotes to answers. At +200 question, this would be like giving 320 (over three hundreds!) upvotes to answers... and there's even a real, recent example for that..." — gnat 40 secs ago
2:00 PM
@enderland glad it helped. It really redoes how you think about databases.
2:32 PM
@MichaelT now if you can only solve the problem of constantly changing project requirements you'll be forever my hero! :)
2:51 PM
@enderland After you get the requirements, do something to the business owners so that they are unable to give you more requirements. I'd suggest cutting off hands and tongue though some may consider this a bit extreme (or even an anti-pattern). I call this methodology MDD - Maiming Driven Development.
@MichaelT I suspect that GCD question, the OP is just never going to come back to even see so it doesn't matter. He doesn't even know it was closed.
he was last seen an hour after posting his Q
@JimmyHoffa It was probably due Monday morning and I didn't give him the answer soon enough.
However he was on SO yesterday, so he did get a notification at some point of a new answer to his question.
@MichaelT You suggest he knows how to operate SE well enough to pick up on that
@MichaelT see the problem is the requirements umm are not really defined
I realized this this morning
they "think" they know what they "want"
3:08 PM
@enderland One must not remove the brains before getting the requirements. I do realize this can be a challenge - in many organizations lobotomies accompany the move up the org chart (this is simplified by a 'hire from within' policy).
heh. I'm not superman - too many hats to wear in thos job
Look at the source for that answer...
@MichaelT I wholeheartedly disagree, after 13 years of gathering and implementing requirements, if requirements were well formed and useful I don't think I'd know what to do with them, I'd have to rewrite them in broken english, and paste arbitrary unrelated information from news papers randomly throughout to make them look like something I'm used to
3:14 PM
@JimmyHoffa dont forget they have to change at least once a day
Hmmm... you need a /review queue for requirements. "This requirement is VLQ, recommend deletion." "This requirement change vandalizes or significantly alters the meaning of the requirement."
As to the source of the answer I linked above - meta.stackoverflow.com/revisions/…
A: In hotness formula, discard answers when voting evidence indicates that these are not good data points

David FullertonSorry, marking this as status-declined. We love seeing people contributing in concrete ways (especially backed up by research!) but in this case, not knowing the implementation details makes it almost impossible for you guys to solve this one. The hotness formula that's used for the network ho...

@enderland I've taken to giving BA's paper with those little spinners on them like a decoder ring that has the slat for a message to allow them to just turn it a little to change the requirement each day
@JimmyHoffa at least you have BAs :P
this is a huge drawback of being a solo dev in a compnay
3:23 PM
@enderland I was making a joke; actually I have none. And it's much better this way compared to the last place I was with them...
@JimmyHoffa yeah I kinda like being able to directly talk with the stakeholders
but since they have zero appreciation or udnerstanding of software dev it's hard
"what do you mean it's hard to code an entire project in a month? !!!"
BAs can be an improvement or a terrible nightmare, just depends. Here what we really need is a PM, way more than a BA. We have a marketing department in the distance that throws random requirements over, but due to low surface contact between them and us, there's very little churn on the reqs, actually works kind of well
yeah I'm basically PM/dev on this project
We end up going off their initial gut feel, and have something working before we end up getting feedback from them because we don't talk enough, feedback obviously asks fro changes but it's not a change every week so we can finish something for them to see before they ask for changes which results in more reasonable changes because they can actually put their hands on it
More than anything we just need someone tracking all the conversations and changes that do float around keeping shit from getting lost/forgotten, a good PM. Oh well, very small dev teams here removes tons of the problems I'm used to dealing with in 30+ man dev teams
@MichaelT revisions history, side by side markdown, tells the story better: meta.stackoverflow.com/posts/137665/revisions
3:36 PM
Previous employeer, PMs entire duties consisted of creating the schedule at the start of the project based on estimations and sending out emails when people completed a task that was more than 10% over or under the estimated amount (if you're 10% over the estimated hours logged, you get emails, if you are late on the completion date you get emails... and of course, it takes a bit to fill out the email forms you get making you run even later...).
@JimmyHoffa whats on the menu for todays suggested reading. @enderland I really liked that article about salary negotiation you sent yesterday
@Ampt it's a really good one imo. I see it so hard in my engineering role - there are people here who are ridiculously less qualified than me :( not sure what they make but it's probably similar to me... :\
going to be an interesting convo come raise time discussion
@Ampt Have you read The Rise of Worse is Better?
very famous essay
or another famous lisper essay, Beating The Averages by Paul Graham paulgraham.com/avg.html
@Ampt did you read that thing on bad crmra I sent yesterday?
3:45 PM
@MichaelT that link that @enderland sent me was pretty long. This must have slipped through the cracks
This one starts off talking about a college philos class and schlitz beer.
> I immediately fell asleep but was soon roused when the professor asked, "What is good? In other words, what constitutes what is good and right and decent? How is good defined?" Despite a relatively spirited discussion, it became clear to all that nobody could really answer the question adequately. Finally, the professor, no doubt through long experience in teaching "Introduction to Ethics," posed the best answer of all the bad answers.
> He called it the "Schlitz Ethic." This was named after a well-known brand of fantastically bad American beer, whose advertising at the time always concluded with the jingle, "When it's right, you know it!"
mmmm beer
We actually just did a little demo on campus back from when it was the blatz bottling plant
took down the old transformer building
they had their own high voltage lines running to the building to supply their power
we have a video of it somewhere around here. let me find it.
gets interesting around 15:43
one of my main labs is actually right behind the windows you can see on the right of the screen. Had a few pieces get in there and shatter the glass
4:06 PM
Q: Managing threads in Java with a good pattern

noneThis morning I began writing a minimal chat using Java socket and threads but it took some minutes for me to experience a lot of problems in the MVC management. Currently I have 3 classes: Main, this is just the main class used for starting the Control. ChatController, I use this for managing ...

he says he wants patterns guys
Saw that, debugging other job stuff.
Its actually not a bad question all in all. He just has the delusion that there is a pattern for every imaginable scenario
Just saying
4:24 PM
@Ampt he needs to follow a pattern first then. I looked over his code, and he's not using MVC as far as I can tell. I was starting to put an answer together and realized it would be longer than I have time for today.
5:03 PM
Way to piss off random people on the internet (like you need another one...)
> This site requires Oculus VR to view it properly.
Mod types... read this and take pity on your fellow SE mods for the sites they moderate (I don't think we're any where near as dramatic.)
Q: Let's put our friendship aside!

NateSummary This is about how friendly relationships between different levels of the management pyramid can encourage conspiracy against critics who try to detect or reveal flaws in any part of management body. Please consider I'm not a native English speaker, and I might not be familiar with you...

That said, I expect cookies tomorrow morning or I'm lodging a complain with SE that the mods are unresponsive to the needs of their chat room regulars (I'm not going to ask for back rubs - you might actually do that).
5:35 PM
@GlenH7 Clearly that's what I was getting at. I really wanted to see if you guys had any good thread-manager-socket-listener-auto-memory-magic-patterns
@JimmyHoffa hmmm I just got tasked with basically detailing "what do I need from the project stakeholders" from them. This feels like... atrap
lol exactly. seems like the situation I am going to find myself in :P
5:52 PM
@YannisRizos are you considering restarting the Greek language proposal? I'd be happy to help if so.
> 17:31 UTC We are investigating issues with unicorns.
@terdon Ah, hadn't even noticed it was closed. That's a shame, although the 1 year mark makes sense, I guess. I didn't really do a good job promoting the proposal, and I think it would be better if someone else took lead if we restart it. Interested? If so, feel free to go ahead. I'll certainly follow it from the start and try to contribute at least a handful of questions.
@YannisRizos you're significantly behind on mod complaints on P.SE. You need to do some more arbitrary deletions, locks, and suspensions to catch up to ELU.
speaking of drama and bad bad moderators, it it about time to unlock the question in question here? Are we done with content dispute?
Q: What recourse is there for a post that is locked for reasons that one does not understand or agree with?

EMSThis post: < Best practices for refactoring parameter file structure in multiple environments > was locked. I believe I set out a very dispassionate and objective counter-argument to the points raised in the comments there. I appreciate the comments, but am puzzled by them. As referenced there...

it's locked for, like a bit less than a week now
6:02 PM
> Unlocks in 21 hours
@Yanni, OK, I'll do that when I get the chance and ping you. I'd love to see that site. Allos enas tropos na xanw xrono sto SE :)
@YannisRizos magic! okay let's wait for it to happen
@gnat Nah, since you made me go look at it, I just unlocked it.
I get the distinct sense that for a hand full of months now P.SE has really needed absolutely minimal mod intervention
@YannisRizos you gotta be getting bored with all the work the community does to keep shit right here
@JimmyHoffa Why you think I volunteered moderating Politics? :P
6:06 PM
@YannisRizos b/c you want to be able to lay the smack down and figure politics will explode?
@YannisRizos Because with a party like The Golden Dawn roaming your country you wanted to pay attention to politics in country's where they're less scary?
@YannisRizos oh that's even more magic!
Aug 23 at 22:43, by gnat
One shaft of light that shows the way
No mortal man can win this day
It's a kind of magic
The bell that rings inside your mind
Is challenging the doors of time
It's a kind of magic
The implications of that is gnat doing karoke of Queen.... which might be interesting.
@JimmyHoffa More depressing than scary, but yes.
@enderland That's also true. Part of the reason I'm spending time on Politics is to see if such a volatile topic can work within the constraints of a (supposedly) high quality Q&A site. Morbid curiosity, I guess.
@YannisRizos You been doing it for a while, what's your verdict so far? Surprisingly it can, or is it just barely making the grade, or worse?
6:15 PM
@MichaelT my grandma was singing quite well. When my grandpa was trying to sing, that made her sick. I am more like my grandpa...
@JimmyHoffa Americans are crazy.
@gnat You've not refuted my previous suggestion.
@YannisRizos That's fair
@gnat Man I just went through that post and that guy must be a lawyer or something
6:17 PM
@MichaelT I didn't intend to, just honestly warned about possible consequences
@JimmyHoffa not the good kind. The kind that doesn't think they're wrong because it's not in stone
@Ampt Language Lawyer's aren't the good kind
surgeons ok, but lawyers, No. No no. Ugh no.
6:18 PM
Q: Is [language-lawyer] really an effective characterization, or a borderline meta-tag?

Robert Harveylanguage-lawyer For questions about the intricacies of formal or authoritative specifications of programming languages and environments. Typical questions concern gaps between "what will usually work in practice" and "what the spec actually guarantees", but problems with understanding...

@gnat In my experience language lawyer is a borderline personality disorder
@JimmyHoffa Some of my favourite contributors have abandoned the site (including one of my fellow diamonds). That's not a good sign, and I don't think the site has any chance of making it if we don't find a way to move away from all the silly bickering. Some good answers on non-US questions, but when it comes on US specific questions, tons and tons of partizan bs (and some good answers).
@YannisRizos should the us gov shutdown y/n thx inadvance!1!
Tangent - the shutdown is having an effect upon my employer - one of our contracts is with a federal agency... and, well... getting paid is nice.
Thank goodness most of our contracts are at the municipality level. I think we're pretty in the clear on this one
6:21 PM
okay I am a question-lawyer now. How many more opinions are we going to see on this question?
Q: What makes C so popular in the age of OOP?

GradGuyI code a lot in both C and C++, but did not expect C to be the second most popular language, slightly behind Java. TIOBE Programming Community Index I'm curious as to why, in this age of OOP, C is still so popular? Note that 4 out of the top 5 popular programming languages are "modern", object-...

I would have been *royally pissed if I was still living in California, because this is the time I would head to the mountains (Yosemite) to get fall color photos.
maybe I'll go to a state park this weekend just for the heck of it
@gnat Most of the blame is on the moron who bountied it.
@gnat typing up my response now.
One part of that is that it means I can't take 120 through Yosemite (4h from SF to Lee Vining) to get to Mono Lake area - adds another few hours (+1.5h) to either go up to another highway (which isn't as well maintained) or going WAY south (2/3 the way to LA +4h)
6:29 PM
@MichaelT are you a traveling salesman? I know a few good methods for that problem but it won't work on any old civilian
@Ampt The company I work for, its prime product is about estimating the traveling salesman.
@MichaelT Amazon?
@ThomasOwens Applied Data Consultants.
@MichaelT Oh. Because I think Amazon's Prime product also wants to eliminate all kinds of salesmen, travelling or otherwise.
@YannisRizos ROTFL moron indeed. :) Though given that it was hanging there for only a day, bounty is unlikely to blame...
I am sure right because I did just that. Probably, the only thing I don't know about bounties is Why bounty dropdown sometimes defaults at value larger than minimum allowed? :) — gnat Aug 25 at 21:54
and the rewarded answer is friggin' good
6:38 PM
@ThomasOwens adc4gis.com - look at product quick view, Elite Extra. Thats what our bread and butter is.
Its not big values of N for the TSP - its not that bad for solving with N of 4-5 for a typical route.
Hm. Interesting.
If Amazon does its own delivery from a warehouse (rather than using another company like fedex, ups, or post office), its exactly the type of thing they would be interested in doing.
TSP is very applicable to a lot of problem domains.
If it was reasonably solvable (by someone who could talk about solving it), it would be big news.
free CV Custodian badge at Programmers meta, anyone interested? :) meta.programmers.stackexchange.com/review/close/233
6:46 PM
>>You need at least 3k reputation to review Close Votes.
> You need at least 3k reputation to review Close Votes.
how do you indent it like that?
'> '
lol. I just need the space? you kidding me?
well the > and the space
6:47 PM
> this is so annoying it took me this long to find this
> hello
wow. lolfail.
only 1 i guess. no nesting.
> > let's test nested quotes... test failed - no magic
needs more magic
> Maybe multi line
> > will work?
6:51 PM
@Ampt all the magic is here:
> Can you go into quote
< out of quote
> Into quote?
Dude! That's NSFW! — Bart Sep 19 at 14:14
@gnat lol. took me a while to get it. hahahhahahahahahh
some posts at MSO are hilarious
@ThomasOwens when you've only got a few stops its solvable by brute force.
6:57 PM
@enderland would Workplace be appropriate for asking about information like "Can I apply to a company without naming a specific position?"
@Ampt yeah
I would make it "how to " rather than "can I"
The real thing I want is 10k rep on MSO so I can see the deleted questions.
@MichaelT no kidding
Well, really just MSO mod so I can search for them.
6:59 PM
But not SO mod... that would make me sad.
(fun thought - picture if MSO was really split into M.SO and M.SE -- and M.SE had an election for mods)
If a moderator cries in Meta, does he still make a sound?
@Ampt moderators don't cry. they make other people cry ;0
7:14 PM
@enderland Thats interviewers. And @YannisRizos only made one person cry... so far.
this week...
@enderland SE removes our tear ducts when we get our diamonds.
How thoughtful of them.
is there a better way to select a variable or class that uses snake_case?
@YannisRizos speaking of your YES-answers, we recently spoke about one...
4 hours ago, by gnat
@MichaelT revisions history, side by side markdown, tells the story better: http://meta.stackoverflow.com/posts/137665/revisions
@YannisRizos Mods only cry crystal tears... and it hurts like {insert choice expletive}! Thats why they have to save up unicorn tears.
7:19 PM
I'm used to double clicking on stuff to select the whole thing but my cursor appears to get stuck at underscores... it's almost a reason to not use snake_case
@gnat "No, you are wrong" is long enough for a comment.
@gnat Oh, that one. Thank you for all the "your answer has been edited" inbox notifications...
@Ampt this drove me nuts when I realized this worked like this - let me know if you figure it out :P
@enderland there has to be a way to change the way cursor highlighting works... just add _ to the list of acceptable characters
I just stopped naming variables that way :P
7:21 PM
@YannisRizos well you could have filled it with all this stuff yourself, couldn't you
I'm trying to be nice and follow python PEP 8
first langauge I've used with snake_case
"Content dispute" notice on that answer looks quite funny
we could rename it "You're wrong, shut up"
Silly python people. Snake case is appropriate for them.
lol i just made that connection
just like soft drinks <-> soda because hard drinks <-> alcoholic
im 22 and just figured that one out
7:24 PM
@Ampt sigh Off to ELU ELL with you!
Q: Why do the British refer to things as 'posh'

StrangerbirdWhy do the British refer to something very smart, or people who are very well-off as being 'posh'?

strikethrough is really neat awesome
7:25 PM
Q: Is "forenoon" commonly used?

StijnI came across this word in some software code written by someone else. I knew what it meant (in Dutch we call it voormiddag), but I didn't know the word exists. I've always heard/seen people refer to morning and afternoon, never to forenoon and afternoon. Is it a word people commonly use?

ugh no stop
I have work to do
english history is awesome and will eat up all my time
just like last names suck as johnson and thompson meant john's son and tom's son back in the day
or baker and smith were their profession (simple, I know, but most people don't even think about it)
@MichaelT I wonder if you could get good estimates for larger sets knowing you're good at smaller ones by doing a concurrent bayesian algorithm of concurrently running 1000 random 4-5 node sets through it's algorithm, then constructing the results of all the 4-5 node runs for analysis
One of my grade school teachers last names was "Blank" -- when his family emigrated to the US, they didn't put a last name in. It was transcribed as "blank"
@MichaelT you aren't helping
found a very interesting piece of data here...
7:28 PM
Not trying to.
> ...I wish I had a better way of grouping these, but until I figure something out here's a list of every custom off-topic reason selected at least twice since this feature became available: jsbin.com/ajipiKI/1
@gnat Oh, yeah.
@MichaelT you're gonna feel silly when I get CVs over there and not here, aren't you
I want to categorize those and pareto the hell out of them.
@Ampt ELL might welcome you...
7:29 PM
crap am I misremembering what bayesian analysis is
@JimmyHoffa You go to San Francisco and analyze the asian food? Bay Asian Analysis? Right?
I'm surprised that most of the applications in the world work at all with the twisted logic you guys employ
what's the name of the thing where you have a validation function and you choose a random distribution of values to throw at the function which has been shown to efficiently allow you to infer what the function is after, like to find the circumference of a circle etc
genetic algorithm?
7:31 PM
I was thinking bayesian filter
No not genetic algorithm
@ThomasOwens pareto 'em without mercy! and justice for all
@MichaelT Gah. How do you not know what I'm talking about, and I can't find the wikipedia article stuck in my memory for it...
@JimmyHoffa telepathy... and genetic algorithms are fun. Psst... box car.
@Ampt here's some actual valuable reading for you, paulgraham.com/better.html
Yeah it's bayesian analysis I was thinking of
@MichaelT don't tell me you don't know what Bayesian Analysis/filtering/inference/whatever is?
@MichaelT This URL doesn't respond.
Its been awhile... and I do. I had some in my philos of science class I took.
7:37 PM
@JimmyHoffa Works fine for me. Probably a 'game' or some such and blocked.
@JimmyHoffa saw the title, closed the page. I'm not even sure I clicked the button. May have just been a reflex
Bayesian Filtering can be used for pruning your genetic tree in a genetic algorithm, but it's not really a good choice because Bayesian Filtering is deterministic
@Ampt "Better Bayesian Filtering" caused you to close the page?
@JimmyHoffa remember boxcar 2d physics game?
@MichaelT nope
Go home and click it.
7:39 PM
maybe it was the date. You know in computing, it would have like 2^((10*12)/9) as many transistors if it was written today
@Ampt Bayesian Filtering is a statistical analysis technique worth knowing about, you may never use it but if you ever run into the type of situation where you can use it, it's well known for it's extreme efficacy in certain situations.
The Raven paradox, also known as Hempel's paradox or Hempel's ravens is a paradox arising from the question of what constitutes evidence for a statement. Observing objects that are neither black nor ravens may formally increase the likelihood that all ravens are black—even though intuitively these observations are unrelated. This problem was proposed by the logician Carl Gustav Hempel in the 1940s to illustrate a contradiction between inductive logic and intuition. A related issue is the problem of induction and the gap between inductive and deductive reasoning. The paradox Hempel descri...
and whatever anyone may say about Paul Graham, nobody can say he's not a funny dude:
> The first discovery I'd like to present here is an algorithm for lazy evaluation of research papers. Just write whatever you want and don't cite any previous work, and indignant readers will send you references to all the papers you should have cited. I discovered this algorithm after ``A Plan for Spam'' [1] was on Slashdot.
Some fun stuff on bayesian stats in there.
7:44 PM
@Ampt You don't need to understand it deeply, but understanding the general concept which isn't even complex will increase the likelihood in the future when you're in a situation where you should use one you'll actually know it rather than not knowing it and just using something else that's way less effective
correct me if I'm wrong, but the fundamentals include a limited length recursion with a statistical analysis to determine which path or set of paths made it closest to a certain goal, and selecting those to continue in another trial.
its like massively parallel successive approximation
am I close?
@Ampt for some mind blowing...
at work = no videos
Take two balls where the mass ratio is 10^n -- start with n = 0.
7:48 PM
Push the y ball at the x ball with elastic collisions. x ball bounces off the wall, bounces back at the y ball, and the wall and the y ball and so on until the y ball is pushed back in the 'l' direction.
ok, im with you so far
for n = 0, the number of bounces the x ball makes is 3.
(wouldn't that be inelastic though? No deformation, therefore 100% of energy is conserved?)
Yea, the 100% conservation one... I'm not a physics guy.
7:51 PM
y hits x (y stops), x hits wall, x hits y (x stops, y rolls)
Got that? Thats for a mass ratio of 10^n where n = 0.
If n = 1, the number of bounces is 31.
If n = 2, the number of bounces is 314.
ok, your picture is a little dubious then, because unless you hit it right in the middle you're introducing a second vector in the direction that wall extends
can you guess what the number of bounces for n = 3 is?
7:53 PM
Ok... how about this picture then.
3.1415926(8)? is all I remember
nvm, its 3.14159265
Still, pi from bouncing balls.
7:54 PM
im not able to visualize it but I'm sure that there is something going on there that has to do with the balls and angular momentum
There's the graph for 31 bounces.
you push both balls back equally
so it's got something to do with angular momentum then. That has to be where the pi is showing up from
Q: Intuitive reasoning behind $\pi$'s appearance in bouncing balls.

picakhuThis video is about an interesting math/physics problem that when cranked out churns out digits of $\pi$. Is there an intuitive reason that $\pi$ is showing up instead of some other funky number like $e$ or $\phi$, and how can one predict without cranking it out that the solution has something ...

whats the equation that relates i and pi?
just figured that SE guys were thinking of implementing non-fake hotness in terms of adding denormalized field, oh my...
wrt "denormalized field" to keep evidence-based score, I never ever imagined having stuff like that for every question - it just does not make sense as there are only 100 questions in hot list anyway (half of them at collider). Just 1) select 200-300 top-hot questions using current formula as approximation 2) recalculate score for these using voting evidence and 3) select top 100 by re-calculated score. Simple as that — gnat 1 min ago
7:57 PM
e^(pi * i) = -1
eulers identity that's right
that one blows my mind
@JimmyHoffa Gotta work on that "Ampt 3000" one.
@JimmyHoffa that would better be 11,111 (need moah delete voters)
@Ampt Sounds right; I don't recall anything about recursion other than I suppose recursion would be the technique in the definition of a math based implementation
7:59 PM
if I get an upvote I'll have a palindromic 14041 rep... though that said, I'm sure some jerk would upvote me again to mess it up. Who would do a thing like that?
But yeah, basically it's an estimation technique based on a large well-distributed set of usually random inputs to a fitness function
@MichaelT good question....
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