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Light grey is lost energy. Dark grey is energy that is actually used.
It seems there isn't much energy waste to be countered by households.
Except if they use less electricity.
Because, for the orange beam arriving at the Residential block, a light-grey beam twice its width is wasted in the process of generating electricity.
Oh, and households could use less transportation, though it doesn't show how much of the Transportation energy is used by residents and how much by the rest.
12:45 AM
@aedia I hope they let you go home.
1:31 AM
@Cerberus — Ha! They put solar in yellow (presumably because the sun is yellow) but at 0.11% of the total it makes a very thin, hard-to-see line.
I wonder what "rejected" energy means.
Q: Why "ain't I" and "aren't I" instead of "amn't I"?

grauturWhy do we say "ain't I" or "aren't I" instead of "amn't I"? What's the history of this usage? Are there any other similar patterns in English? I'm guessing it has something to do with the dispreference of two consecutive nasal consonants, but a more authoritative answer would be great.

Nuke it.
@Robusto Why?
I'm sure this is a dupe, but I can't find it.
1:47 AM
I'm terrible at finding dupes, but I'm not sure it is one, anyway. (And it certainly isn't general reference - the Wiktionary link or whatever in the comments doesn't come close to addressing the "why".)
Here, have an .
A little box that says "F8" above "FF"?
Works on Macs only, I guess.
Ah, I see. How'd you know I was hungry?
I wish my keyboard had thorn and eth characters.
I can do the ash: Æthelflæd.
1:55 AM
Alt+Num 0222: Þ
Not on a Mac
Alt+Num 0254: þ
See, Macs suck. :þ
0198 = Æ, 0230 = æ
Ah, no they don't suck! þÞ ðÐ
Option-t = þ
Option-T = Þ
Option-d = ð
Option-D = Ð
I just had to enabled the U.S. Extended Keyboard ^_^
0208 = Ð, 0240 = ð
So now I can't write Æðelflað just like an Old English writer would have (if he had owned a Mac).
2:01 AM
(Took me a while to find those - for some reason, character map alphabetizes them after various accented I's.)
See, Freudian slip: "can't write".
Or is it Æþelflæð? I don't remember, and my Anglo-Saxon Dictionary is somewhere in a big pile of books.
The beauty of Alt+Num shortcuts is that they're completely independent of the current keyboard layout.
The whole alt plus numbers things is boring. I want keystroke combos I can use.
What do you see there?
I can always type an é or an ö, even if I'm using someone else's computer who has some fancy-shmancy French keyboard installed.
No. 222, only with a fancy underlined-superscript 'o'.
Yup. Kewl.
if (a ≥ b && c ≤ d) {
// noop
2:06 AM
@Robusto That will be a very tight loop that can lock up some systems if those conditions are true.
That's code by Robusto®!
@Martha 1/4 1/2 3/4
@Robusto Hen Hao
Have a pilcrow: ¶
(those were 0188, 0189, 0190 btw)
0182: ¶
2:08 AM
PC ≠ Mac
PC < Mac
¿Quien sabe?
Just my 2¢
@Robusto That was for a paragraph. Is this for a section? §
« »
@Robusto You should have ended that with a double-exclamation point‼
That is a section marker. Also used in musical notation. The score will say dal segno (from the §)
Found that fancy №, but it doesn't have a shortcut.
0167: §
2:11 AM
A: It is unprofessional to use double exclamation marks and CAPS in a product or service?

RobustoThat depends on how you want to present yourself to your audience. If you want to appeal to the 4chan crowd or put yourself on a par with, say, the local used-car dealer, by all means stuff your prose with bundles of exclamation marks. But you have to ask yourself if exclamation marks (especiall...

@Robusto I was using character 19, but maybe you missed that. =P
I don't need new ways to write slammers.
@Robusto ☺
0191: ¿, 0177: ±, 0181: µ
@Robusto That's "per mille," isn't it? 1/1000.
2:14 AM
0169 © 0174 ® 0162 ¢ 0165 ¥ 0163 £
@Robusto I know there's another one, which I believe the banks may refer to as "per diem" (or something like that) which is for 1/10000 and has one more trailing sub-script-like "o" included.
yeah yeah, four keystrokes per character. I get it. It's a PC.
× (0215) ÷ (0247)
@Robusto The leading zeros are optional. But you'd still be at four keystrokes for that to hold down the ALT key.
2:17 AM
I can make dots on vowels: ỏả
But there's also 130 é, 148 ö, 160 á.
Nope, holding down a modifier key is not a keystroke. Besides, you're holding down the ALT key anyway.
Yeah, I can do all those too.
Actually, the leading zeros are not optional: there are some characters that have three-digit codes, but the four-digit code is not the same as the three-digit code with a zero added to the beginning.
@Robusto In programming it's different then.
2:18 AM
é = 130 or 0233 is the only one I can remember off the top of my head.
Me loves me Mac. Poor you with your PCs. Me sorry for you.
@Robusto Thank you.
Me also loves that it's dual quad-core with 16GB RAM ^_^
I can £ the keyboard all day and it never breaks a sweat.
@Robusto That's very nice. I see i7 processors and am looking forward to getting one of those some day soon.
Pfft! One of those.
2:20 AM
@Robusto But that's just because the Mac OS is such a resource hog that you need that much just to get by. :þ
@Rob: The light-grey energy is what is lost due to inefficiency. Dark grey is what's actually used.
I don't have a ¥ for a PC at all. Besides, I run Windows XP and Windows 7 and Ubunto on my Mac as well.
@Martha — That is such a lie.
@Cerberus — Thanks.
Now I must to bed. Night all!
It's fun to rile up the appleoids.
2:22 AM
@Martha I wonder if the Umlaut Monster ( uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/German_grammar ) uses a Mac?
Bye @Rob!
Macs to the flames! Let's collect them on the square and burn them all!
@Cerberus Does that mean you're promoting Mac Book Burning?
@RandolfRichardson Heh, yes! You got that right.
Ok, folkses, me gots to go home now. Me cants write jquery even when awake, so half-asleep just aint gonna work.
I am off to bed as well.
2:28 AM
Time for me to get back to Java programming (and Perl) too.
/me waves good-bye.
7 hours later…
9:28 AM
@Martha I don't even get the box.
I see it! lol
I mean
the apple
9:46 AM
Ciao tutti quanti !!!
Ciao @AlainPannetier
Already 3 "Correction required/requested" questions today... what's happening? :|
@Alenanno Ham and Bacon keeps answering them before they get closed, that's what's happening. So the OP sees no reason to stop.
I noticed that
But this last one, is he the same one from before?
Sure he is.
He changed nick!
I thought he was another one
9:59 AM
Q: Hyphenating “steady state”

stff00I am unsure if and when to hyphenate steady state (in a mathematical context), i.e.: We now calculate the steady-state concentration from the given formula. I looked at this generic hyphenation question, but the links given there did not give a clear rule for this case. To me, it seems mos...

Me haz commeneted.
Saw that. Voted to close.
I say NFO.
Haha, I said Ubunto instead of Ubuntu above.
Yeah, I was like wondering already and stuff.
Voted to close as well.
10:02 AM
Me fingers, they does what they wants.
Especially when I'm tired, like right now.
@Robusto What time is it there?
@Robusto are you already or still up?
6:00 a.m. Already up.
uccello mattiniero si becca il verme
10:04 AM
Ahahah :D Mattiniero*
And I can't have coffee or food this a.m. because I am going in for a blood test.
Take some snacks with you
Corrected thx
with chocolate
a lot of chocolate
@Alenanno — With myself? I'll make sure to take pineapple.
10:05 AM
@AlainPannetier :D
Pizza Hut emailed me; any stuffed crust pizza for £9.99. they're evil, fattening me up
Pizza Hut? I wouldn't eat that crap if it was the last pizza on earth.
Is it "take sth with you" or "with yourself"? You put me in deep doubt now
@Robusto i would
10:07 AM
It's with you.
Yeah, well the rule of thumb is this: If you're paying for it in £ it ain't real pizza.
Go to Chicago and get yourself some real pizza.
10:08 AM
Real pizza = Napoli. Everywhere else = crap.
@RegDwight Well said!
Pfft. That's B.S.
@RegDwight :Q________ but in the rest of Italy there are some good pizzas too
personally i like a pizza crust a bit thicker than a piece of paper
Have you been everywhere else, @RegDwight?
10:09 AM
@Robusto there's no need to
@Robusto have you been to Naples (Italy, not Florida)?
If you want to get murdered or robbed, go to Napoli. If you want pizza, go to Chicago.
Al Capone lived in Naples as everybody know.
@Robusto I've had 'Chicago Town' pizza. didnt digest very well.
10:10 AM
Why did somebody star my comment about section markers in musical notation? That is so not starrable.
@Robusto 1. I have, as a matter of fact, been everywhere else, and 2. in hindsight, I shouldn't have been everywhere else, because, as I mentioned, everywhere else is crap.
@Jez — I have no idea what "Chicago Town" means.
@RegDwight — You haven't been to my back yard, in spite of your threats.
10:11 AM
That is so not pizza.
@Jez — Oh, puh-leeeze!
That's not pizza that's cheesecake.
@Robusto Um, you are mixing them up. If you want to get murdered or robbed, go to Chicago. If you want pizza, go to Naples.
With bacon and ham.
@Robusto How would you know I haven't?
10:12 AM
@AlainPannetier it's chicago style. give me pizza hut anyday :-)
You don't see them ninjas in your backyard, either.
@RegDwight — I stand by all my racist and metro-centric remarks.
Pizza hut put just a little bit less cheese...
10:13 AM
@RegDwight — They can't get in. I have a ninja filter on my back yard.
@Alenanno I'd eat that but it's not the best.
@Robusto That's what they would have you believe, yes.
@Jez It is a pizza. That's different. :P
Those sneaky ninja-filter seller bastards are like that.
@Alenanno looks like it's one of those ones with a crust the thickness of a piece of paper.
10:14 AM
@Robusto That one looks good too.
Pizza is not about looks, it's about taste.
It's also about looks.
Now that is just abhorrent.
10:15 AM
I mean, if it's thicker than my laptop, no.
And a deep-dish as well.
[Looks toward the heavens.] I tried to teach them, Father, but they will not listen.
@Robusto erm, that's quiche
@RegDwight — You know, if you're not going to say anything, the proper way is just to exercise restraint and not say anything.
We don't need a marker to show where you didn't say something.
A picture is worth a thousand words. Especially if it's a thousand Capitalizationist words.
10:19 AM
curious. they must only allow access on IP
@Jez That is just unnatural.
now that is mmmmmouthwatering
i like to eat the cheese off the top separately :-)
@Jez — Stop talking about your perversions. No one cares. Really.
Four of the latest 5 questions are closed. We could make it 5 out of 6 if people [ cough @RegDwight ] would get off their dead butts and close the hyphenation one.
10:30 AM
We have 50+ 3k users but only one RegDwight. You do the math.
(And just so you know, RegDwight is way too busy deleting that closed stuff.)
@RegDwight I did the math. All it takes is one @RegDwight. No need for 50+ 3K users.
A déjà vu! lol
We have three close votes on steady-state already.
@Robusto What will you do during my next Urlaub? Huh? Huh? I ask you, how will you be able to live???
I have already appointed a @RegDwight surrogate.
10:33 AM
Well, there you go.
Let him close stuff.
Her. She's a chick. Much hotter than thou.
Then I have no idea why you're still in the business of chatting with Communists, telling them not to say anything.
Hey, life can't be sex, drugs and rock'n'roll ALL the time.
Says who?
You, obviously. Here you are.
Haha, we have three people answering the multiple-choice question about "orange blanket of blossoms" ... I choose A. No wait, I choose A. No, I do. Me, me me!
10:43 AM
I am tempted to head over there and choose B, whatever it is, just to freak everyone out.
I will upvote you, to heighten the freakout. And put in a +1 comment. It will be perfect.
That sounds like an (evil) plan.
We could all make it the most upvoted answer.
Oh wait, I'm not sure... an (evil) plan or a (evil) plan? I'm going to ask this question now.
And people would not know what to think. And it would become canonical. You would google and it would be the first hit.
@Alenanno — Wait, aren't you supposed to hyphenate "a evil-plan"?
10:45 AM
We could get it MultiCollidered, and change the wording of the question while it's on the MultiCollider so that B actually is the correct answer, and then after I get 80+ upvotes, we change it back. Profit!
@Robusto You have a point.
@RegDwight — You sure you want to stop at 80+?
I am extremely generous today.
Anyhow, the next step would be to post a follow-up question on Skeptics, and doctor it in a similar way.
Meh, gotta go drink my water and be with my wife, even without coffee. :(
10:47 AM
See ya!
@RegDwight You can multicollide things at will??? I worry that such powers are in the hands of a Communist.
@z7sg It's not that hard. Especially for a question with 3+ answers.
In fact, it's already in the top 90, without me even moving a finger.
@Reg Ah, these things are beyond my ken.
Rats, @Robusto, they stole your all-time shill question!
Mar 7 at 18:08, by Robusto
@RegDwight — Here's my all-time shill question suggestion: "Which Ubuntu distro allows the fastest downloads of porn and more cowbell?"
Q: Which Ubuntu (or other GNU/linux) for a 12-year old system?

KishanI have a 12-year old Toshiba Libretto Laptop with a Transmeta Crusoe Processor TM 5600 running at about 600MHz, 128 MB RAM and S3 Savage graphics. Which Ubuntu (or any other GNU/Linux based OS) could I use for a stable operation. I intend to use the laptop for basic computing needs including sur...

11:53 AM
Q: Adjective with proper noun

TragicomicDo we use the article "the" when we use an adjective with a proper noun? Which of these is correct? The Switzerland-based ABC Fund operates in most countries of the EU. Switzerland-based ABC Fund operates in most countries of the EU. I have a feeling the first sentence is correct but t...

1 hour later…
12:57 PM
@RegDwight — Yeah, but they messed it up. They forgot the part about the porn. A rookie move.
Yeah, if you gonna plagiarize, you better do it right.
It will cost them in the scoring.
It already does. Only 22 upvotes so far, and that's for the question, all the answers, and all the comments combined.
Dang, another Friday meeting.
@RegDwight — Rookies. And the lack of cowbell will hurt too.
1:47 PM
@Martha, @Robusto Regarding your discussion of last night about the input of unicode characters, if you're lucky enough to use a GTK+ Linux desktop the "CTRL+SHIFT+U" sequence will allow you to enter any unicode character even above the BPM limit. On the PC the hexa codes you have to remember are IBM codepage dependent.
@AlainPannetier — Can I use that with my Ubuntu distro? I can't recall which one it is, because I so seldom use Linux.
All Gnome distros with GTK apps.
To know if you "qualify" try the Old English ones or the eszett:
Old English:
Æ ash maj. : C6
æ ash min. : E6
Ð eth maj. : D0
ð eth min : F0
Þ thorn maj : DE
þ thorn min : FE

ß eszett : DF
So just try CTRL + SHIFT + U and a small underlined u will appear.
Then you can either release or not and type an hexa number from the list above and see what happens. Strike return after the number's last digit.
I will have to do that from home.
In addition, if you install the right fonts (eg from synaptics). Wikipedia left hand side menu starts to look "human"....
For instance you will need special fonts for this to display correctly:
Linear B ideogram:
𐂃 EQU (horse head) 10083

𒈠Lugal (King) 12220
I don't know if I can handle "human" ...
1:58 PM
Also very easy to type IPA.
The good thing for MAC users is that these are the very same codes as in OSX (with the option key held down).
With the "Unicode Hex Input keyboard layout" I mean.
@AlainPannetier Can you do this in Windows too?
In Windows I believe it's Alt + "+" and the Unicode hexa code.
I'll check it out in a VM (have to start it though)
So Alt and + simultaneously, then the hex code?
@AlainPannetier — Ah, so I can just select that keyboard layout. See how easy Mac makes things?
2:09 PM
When I want to type Japanese I just switch to hiragana keyboard and the Mac does the rest.
Works with Alt and the keypad, but I can't figure out hex input. I'm such a n00b.
þat's very useful Alain
@KIt forgot to tell you
`HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Input Method\EnableHexNumpad = 1`
What will that do to my numpad?
Q: What does "way too up to do something" mean?

GwiHui JeongA friend of mine put the expression on his FB wall. What does it mean?

Puh-leeze kill this with fire.
2:16 PM
@Kit, it does not have to be on the numpad. Type DF and the "+" from the normal keyboard. Should work.
I mean {Alt + "+"} then DF
@z7sg — Shoulda gone with the eth there.
@Keep Alt + "+" pressed till you finished entering the Hexa number.
1. Press Alt
2. Press keypad +
3. Press then release D
4. Press then release F
5. Release ALt and +
ß should appear.
@Robusto something to do with drugs?
@Robusto No, I think thorn was commonly used for the, as in 'Ye Olde Shoppe' þ -> Y
And this and that and pretty much everything. I don't think it was phonetic.
Could be.
But 'Ye Olde Shoppe' was never Old English.
2:26 PM
Well, I think I've got the notion, but hot keys keep getting in the way.
Is it Middle English?
My sequence is wrong release the + before pressing the D.
You might need to reboot if you did not have the right registry settings.
@AlainPannetier Thanks, but it doesn't make a difference. It keeps hitting my file menu.
I'll try rebooting, but really I wanted the é, anyway. I can get that without hex.
Try in Wordpad maybe, it worked for me. Ah OK.
I don't think Alain's method can work on a Windows machine. For one thing, the '+' is a repeating character, i.e. if you keep it held down, it eventually fills the input buffer and starts beeping at you.
2:31 PM
@z7sg — I'd call it "Wardour Street English".
And é is easy - Alt + Num 130.
Ok, people, somebody has seriously misunderstood the point of stars. The list on the right looks sad.
@Martha — Agreed.
@Martha Yep. Quick, say something funny!
@Martha, it did work for me ALT+"+"(release "+", keep Alt pressed) + D + F + release alt and "ß" does appear.
It might work for me, but the Alt+F hot key for the file menu keeps picking up.
2:37 PM
@Robusto I had to look that up. Wardour Street doesn't have any 'Olde Shoppes' these days.
@AlainPannetier You must have hotkeys disabled or something. Alt+D puts the focus on the address bar, and Alt+F opens the File menu, as Kit said.
That was not ß
What's with the meta-starring?
but it was also not ▀
2:41 PM
☺ (Alt + 1)
ȣ ȣ Frig!
ß is the same as ß, but one is OEM and the other is Windows.
@Martha, It's Alt + "+" + "DF". Not just Alt + DF. The "+" must avoid collision with the Alt D and Alt F provided you have your registry setting OK.
If I use Alt + and 223 I get ȣ. Alt + 0223 ȣ Alt 0223 ß or Alt 225 ß
2:45 PM
@Cerberus There's a question for that.
Q: How to enter phonetic transcriptions?

stackerI was impressed of some answers (as well as comments) which used phonetic transcriptions. My Question is how can I enter them in the text editor? Maybe it's not possible with an ipad, how do you do this on a PC?

@Alain No, I double checked the registry entry and re-booted. It's still hooking my browser hot keys.
@That's the normal keypad entry 223 is the decimal notation of DF.
@Martha Better now?
@AlainPannetier Hence my confusion.
2:46 PM
@RegDwight Naw, nothing starrable yet.
Huh wait, how come that message was @Kit?
There. Much better.
@RegDwight Ah, yes, thank you!
@RegDwight Oh, that makes much more sense now.
(Though could you remove mine, too, since you've made it irrelevant?)
Well, if you insist.
It could have served as a reminder.
Or just make the room more incomprehensible.
2:50 PM
Danke schön!
î ì æ Ä Ö Ö!
Found it.
@RegDwight: A little help here?
Q: What does "way too up to do something" mean?

GwiHui JeongA friend of mine put the expression on his FB wall. What does it mean?

Now I can write touché properly without using copypaste.
@Robusto Okay, okay, aber nur, weil Du es bist.
@Kit What's more, now you can write tóûchè improperly without using copypaste!
@Kit Hooray!!! ☺
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