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3:18 PM
@Nyuszika7H Which servers do you frequent?
4:11 PM
@paradroid freenode, WiseIRC and sometimes EsperNet.
@Nyuszika7H Yeah, I am on Freenode all the time. You should check out OFTC as well, if you like Freenode. What's WiseIRC like/about?
4:45 PM
Hi guys, question (I'm about to through my computer through the window)
I had all my document selected on Word, I accidentally clicked on one of the styles, and the whole document is changed, but to my surprise, I can't undo that with a ctrl +z. I can't believe this can't be undone, does anybody have any ideas?
this is so strange, I'm trying it on some other document and it is undoing itself with undo
I can't reproduce the problem
don't suppose you saved or something?
@Trufa Have you looked for hidden files in the folder where the file is saved?
Look for files with a *.wbk extension
@Wil yeah... rub it my face :)
If you have Autosave on, it shoudl have a previous version saved
@Trufa I mean't, did you save after changing styles - that clears the undo (as far as I remember - Don't have word installed on the machine I am on at the moment to test)
4:54 PM
looks for .tmp files as well
@paradroid lets see
Might be worth looking in %TEMP% as well for those, just in case/
great, now its all too late
the computer freezed
okay, maybe today is not my day
rebooting with adrenaline pumping
4:57 PM
To anyone in England, something you may like, if you didn't already know! -
I didn't mean to delete that
(no preview)... oh well - I tweeted... against secrecy the way it is being "enforced", as far as I am concerned, whilst secret, no one had any 100% certain idea who it was, so why would it be illegal to tweet if I wasn't sure - I asked in a question way - is it xx!...
@Wil Heh, yeah, I saw that BBC News story popup on my RSS toast notification a while ago
I knew it was Ryan Giggs a few days ago, from Reddit.
His name was in the headline for the submission
that's cool! I got to get more in to reddit and other sites - there just isn't enough hours!
You have to know how to avoid the retarded shit on reddit to get the most out of it.
/r/sysadmin is good
This was that reddit submission, from two days ago:
5:03 PM
@paradroid lol, like with most things!
Makes me wonder who was the first to leak it though... because there are many other injunctions that no one knows about
Just got a shock email... Intel have finally acknowledged my fault! It is a driver issue - communities.intel.com/message/125990#125990
'Few weeks'? That's hardly quick enough to avoid bad publicity.
@paradroid I have already given up until I actually see proof - My blog has got hundreds of hits on that article, so must be many other people searching about it
@Wil So are you having to use a discrete graphics card in the mean time?
5:18 PM
@paradroid for all my customers with I7's, yep
home users?
As I said in my blog, I believe that not many people actually use this configuration... I7 2600k is a very high end cpu - most people who use it, only use it with a card for gaming... but, my customers don't want to game, just want a high end computer
@paradroid no, business
Core i7 in business PCs? That's unusal. Graphics pros? CAD or video stuff perhaps?
Dell XPS and HP Z workstations
One customer just said they want something really fast... not gamers, so, I7!
Gave a price with I3, I5 and I7, (all interchangeable on the same socket), they chose I7's
What make is it? I ought to get a new desktop some time.
5:24 PM
then, £10 difference between 2600 and 2600-k, went for the K as it has the "better" graphics (intel 3000 instead of 2000),
@paradroid EZPC! I built them
I see
Typically, I only sell within the M25 / Kent area as I give full support etc, but if you did want a machine or parts, let me know and I am happy to see what I can do
I thought the small scale system builders market was dead, as it is very hard to compete with OEM system suppliers and their support. Loads of smaller companies folded in the mid 2000s
Well, I want to upgrade my HTPC some time, and get a new workstation. But my priority is getting a new laptop at the moment, as I had mine stolen a couple of weeks ago.
I don't really need such a powerful desktop PC yet, as I don't do CAD work anymore.
And most of my apps are on my servers
@paradroid I wouldn't say that... I don't sell to the public as my own brand, I only do it to customers who I have under support contracts - why deal with HP/Dell or other partner programs and pay them £300 for support over 3 years... I take it myself and include it with the warranty - they pay me one price, get computers, support and guaranteed uptime etc... .I have my perks that I offer and companies choose me!
But isn't it hard making a profit unless you buy in bulk?
Or do they just pay you for the time it took to build them?
5:38 PM
@paradroid Depends... I think I produce a superior product and charge based on that - in addition, I do bulk some components in bulk, but it is mainly down to the support I offer... I never aim to make a lot of profit on the machines
depending on the config, I sometimes do make a bit of money... but again, my whole company really is about support
finally, back in here
Finished mowing the lawn 1 minute before the rain. bam!
welcome back!
thanks @Wil
I got hit by this bug
Q: Cannot login to chat when primary OpenID is Stack Exchange OpenID

SathyaOver at Super User account, I have Stack Exchange OpenID set as my primary OpenID. I can no longer login to chat using it - I get stuck at this screen I can repro the same using Chrome, IE9 & Firefox - there's no popup showing up asking to relogin et al. The GlobalAuth login tests pass suc...

@Sathya physical or virtual!?
ahh. I have just had a weird issue for money with authentication, but not sure to report it as I can't easily repro it - just, everything works fine and if I send a picture, it asks me to log in... I can only get in by clearing cache/cookies and signing in from scratch
5:50 PM
@Wil it's just been fixed by balpha
that's why I'm here now
@Wil if it's the new StackExchange ID then probably here
Q: Help us test and vet StackID (Stack Exchange OpenID)

Kevin MontroseWe're working on replacing our dependency on MyOpenID for new account creation. Basically, replacing the click here to sign up link on /users/login. The experience has never been really stellar. You click a link, end up on a new page on a new site, with Stack Overflow (or Stack Exchange) dwarf...

also, booster badge!
I haven't tried to use that yet.... knowing my luck, it will delete and remove my account!
@Wil hahah :D
btw, nice pics with the icecreams and what not :p
Open source... that's cool... I am trying to mess around at the moment with .net open auth but not having a lot of luck... I will have to give this a try
I got clippy up! I love it when it pops up unexpectedly!
@Wil :) best wishes
6:09 PM
@paradroid and @Wil thanks for your help, I run out of battery (definitely not my day today)
I was on a hurry so I went the old fashion way and manually did all the style back
sometimes its faster that way
thanks again to both!
@paradroid It's "the wisest IRC network", it runs Unreal IRCd.
Im starting to get tired of Shakespeare homework sigh
6:27 PM
I'm out, good night all
Has anyone ever had the issue with a Mint 9 OS having the Shut Down and Restart options grayed out. I have to type "init 0" to shut it down properly...
Any ideas?
I could screenshit it if you like.
@David Make sure your user is in the "power" group
Yeah, that's what I thought too. I even logged in as root to see if that was the issue
Good idea though!
@David I take it Mint has a user manager that you can easily modify groups in?
hmm... let me check
I need to boot up the VM
Thanks for your help btw
:D The configuration could not be loaded. An unknown error occurred. LMAO!
That happened when I went to users and groups manager
OS Fail...
6:40 PM
Q: I deleted files from my Linux box's /boot directory and now it won't boot

abcI did that to save space. Now I see GRUB loading, please wait ... ERROR 15 when booting. What can I do ? /boot still has files corresponding to 2.6.32-27 version of the Kernel. But I deleted all others that did not have that string in /boot.

Sugestions... Don't be logged in as root if you don't know what you are doing...
Reminds me of the time our Financial Director restored some (b)ought ledger files to the root folder rather than the data folder, so he just deleted b*.* - oops, there went boot!
@David su up and moduser. Heres a list on using it. sauron.jyu.fi/docs/manual/moduser-cmd.html
...and we only found out a few weeks later when we did a scheduled reboot
@Linker3000 Sounds like a smart guy ;)
Who needs some linux books
6:42 PM
@SimonSheehan He thought so
thanks @SimonSheehan
@David No problem :P
7:04 PM
@David you get that working? :P
Am I right that downvotes are no longer free again?
@Linker3000 They are but only on questions
@slhck Thx
I don't see the point of making them free. It's such a small penalty, but it makes you less likely to throw them around, which keeps the atmosphere happier
@paradroid I don't see the point of downvoting questions that are well asked but unluckily off topic
7:13 PM
@Linker3000 Do you mean that there is no penalty on downvoting questions or answers?
that's what I don't really get
@paradroid Downvoting questions is free - so I have just been told
I see
I hit the daily rep cap for only the second time today. I've never been that bothered about rep, but today I feel like I missed out.
@paradroid Well done.
I usually never get anything but an answer marked on my best answers, which require more arcane knowledge
@Linker3000 Cheers
7:18 PM
@SimonSheehan sorry for the delay... No I did not get that working.
I don't think that the utility you were referring to applies to the Ubuntu distros (such as Mint)
Maybe I am just doing it wrong
when I type moduser --help just to see if the command exsists, it states "moduser: command not found"
I'm not a Linux Guru... yet...
@David You broke it!
O well... It's just a worthless VM
The data on it has no value to me.
I broke Linux...
I can't believe it... :'(
Linus Torvalds would be very mad at me.
@David You weren't after 'usermod' were you ??
@David he gets mad at everyone!
Who gets mad at everyone @Linker3000?
Maybe I should use that instead... Sounds better.
I was trying to use the utility found here...
Thanks @Linker3000!
I will try it now...
@David Looks like moduser's part of the Sauron system so it depends on whether you are actually using that??
7:29 PM
Hm, i guess moduser isnt for everything
@David Use adduser to make a new user maybe? try it there?
Well... I think there might have been some confusion on what I am trying to accomplish...
I am trying to figure out why the Shut Down and Restart options in the GUI are grayed out. I have tried this as the regular user and root
I applied updates... and now they are not grayed out...
Maybe it just needed some patching
thanks though!
That's just weird...
Thanks @Linker3000 and @SimonSheehan!
Any Gits in here that can offer me some advice with branching?
7:46 PM
Phew, I use it from time to time, but not experienced with branching @Greg
Maybe the programmers at StackOverflow know more?
All i can figure out with git is commits and push.
never did quite figure out what forking was
@SimonSheehan It's like branching but one level higher.. Just like "pushing" is committing but one level up.. that's at least my stupid explanation :p
8:11 PM
@slhck i get what you mean ;)
8:22 PM
There really needs to be a "vote to accept" button on some of the older questions :(
@Mokubai Yeah, agreed.. but you can't really tell for some if it really solved the OPs problem, that's probably the main reason why there's no thing like that
Yeah, but there are some obvious "yep, that's the ticket" answers that are definitely the right answer... like:
A: Need The Excel Header On Each Print Page To Be The First Row Of The Table

irwinjGo to file->Page Setup and choose the sheet tab. There is an option 'rows to repeat at top'.

wth, just got logged out
That's an easy accept and it would stop Community dragging it up
maybe make it a high level privilege so you don't get everyone voting to accept stupid answers...
Yeah, true that. Maybe there should be a "community" answer, like the close votes, if 5 people with >5k agree on that
Community accepted answer.... neat idea, if the OP comes back then they could still accept for real perhaps...
8:40 PM
It could be 2 categories
such as: Answer chosen by OP. then answer chosen by community
@SimonSheehan Yeah something like that
Oh I found my first cross site dupe :P superuser.com/questions/287637/…
The dupe on SO has answers, I'd vote to close our one
urk, didn't read the time on the SO question...
good find tho @slhck
9:08 PM
I think its great that they've set it up so you can migrate things over
stackexchange is a wonderful thing
Indeed it is
I think the implementation is very well done.. I'm planning for some web app that also has a reputation-like system but it's really hard to come up with a design that works as good as it does here
if there was just a way to flag cross-site duplicates :P
What the heck is Sony doing?
Portal 2 spoiler alert. Everyone's read this? Okay, here it comes...
Sony would be better off just using OpenID or something >_>
9:20 PM
@slhck: Doesn't really help to cover security concerns regarding name, address and credit card information.
@TomWijsman True that of course
Sigh - SU seems to be becoming a dumping ground for people who can't be bothered to do a bit of Googling, visit topic-based forums or even check the 'related' links that the site kindly provides.
@Linker3000 Some days it's better, some days it's worse
Its on and off i think
well I can't keep my eyes open anymore, good night or good day, people!
9:29 PM
Night @slhck.
@slhck Bye
Q: Why are there 8-bits per byte?

MallowI understand that the binary system of two symbols (traditionally represented as 1's and 0's) helps count all the possible numbers from 0 to 255, but where does the limitation of 8-bit for byte come from? While 11111111 is the representation of 128 + 64 + 32 + 16 + 8 + 4 + 2 + 1 why stop there, ...

I voted to close as not a real question.
Trouble is, people kindly answer this type of questions - it may be good to help but it's turning the site into a patchy Wikipedia.
@MarkSzymanski Me too. I've pointed the poster in the right direction, but am now engaged in a comment debate about why the question is off topic.
9:50 PM
Hi :D
@BloodPhilia Greetings - how's you?
@Linker3000 Hi :D Fine thanks! How about you?
@BloodPhilia Fine thanks - winding down for a while before bedtime.
@Linker3000 hehe
Does anyone have any logic behind this question:
Q: Transparent home page for firefox

user10826Is it there any way to make firefox for mac default home page just transparent so one can see everything that is behind?

10:05 PM
@TomWijsman ??? That's just...just....weird!
@Linker3000 Tbh, I think that is a good question now I have read it!
@Wil What the bits one?
I didn't know the answer and I find it very interesting as to why it is 8 and not 16 or something else.... the only part that really makes sense is it keeps doubling
@Linker3000 yeah
Well, for what it's worth, I vote to reopen - doubt it will change much!
There's nothing wrong with the question, it's just outside the scope of the site's remit according to the FAQ.
And there's tons of resources on the 'net that can answer it.
@Linker3000 I agree, which is why I commented on it and applied the closing vote...
10:07 PM
I don't see how, it is a fundamental of computing, very super-user ish imho
@Wil he's basically asking "give me all the information about a byte you can find"
I don't think it's a bad question, just think it's overly broad
Can't fault the question - it's just not for here.
I don't think so - it has an honest answer - which I would really like to know...
@Wil Pop over to wikipedia and have a read then ;-)
@Linker3000 It's really...
"Nobody in their right mind would ever do that" should be a vote-to-close reason on #StackExchange
10:10 PM
@Linker3000 I could do that with half the questions on this site! - just saying, I think it is a very interesting question and I would like to see more like that - fundamentals of computing
not asking stupid questions like "why are all my power cables black" (mind you, I have a few beige/white), it is a very interesting computing question!
@Wil Agreed - it's interesting, but the FAQ infers it's not within the scope of the site's remit to answer that kind of question.
@Linker3000 @Wil I'm afraid I have to agree with Linker
Now - if it was written up for a wiki piece or for the blog...
Then lets change the FAQ :P ... I'll fold as I am clearly in the minority, but, I would personally really like to see more questions like that....
@Wil Well, it's a question that likely will only yield references to Wiki articles (or from other didactic like websites)
10:15 PM
@Wil Maybe there's a need for another site within the collective for that kind of question, while SU focuses on solutions to problems
@BloodPhilia but again, you can say that about removing malware or hard drive repair... and I wrote two long wiki answers here that many people have now read - there is no reason we can't do that for other areas
@Linker3000: Why is that question closed? What line of the FAQ states it's not welcome?
@Linker3000 Where does it say that? I have asked a few question on SOthat are not specific problems - just things I would like to know.... and, answered many many things here which do not solve specific problems
Tom: What kind of questions should I not ask here? You should only ask practical, answerable questions based on actual problems that you face
@Wil I know, I think a number would strictly be off-topic according to the FAQ but have 'snuck by' - anyway, I'm not on any kind of crusade....
I think the line should be drawn as follows:
@Linker3000: He has the following practical and answerable problem: He doesn't understand why it stopped at 8.
10:19 PM
Maybe it is time to change the FAQ! argh, as I said, I don't mind giving up this point at all... but I feel strongly that in a community like this, that is the sort of good question I want to see - don't mind it being phrased better and as community wiki then...
I am sure that a huge amount of questions are not specific problems and are just general questions like that.... it is a problem if I don't understand it! :P
@TomWijsman That makes any 'lack of understanding' valid on this site - a total free for all on anything about a computer - like: "Why were the original IBM PC's off-white"
@Linker3000: Not really, because that is defined under the scope of a site...
@Linker3000 Don't worry on the crusade front! I like debating when it comes to things I see - I really don't mean to be a PITA... and as I said, I don't mind giving up, but at the same time, I do feel like that is the content I want to see on this site.
And furthermore, your example is "subjective and argumentative" while this question is not.
@Linker3000 That is an interesting question.... I figured it is just because of manufacturing ability at the time!
The famous, what are the A: and B: Drives for... not a technical problem, but a good interesting question/answer
10:23 PM
@Wil I know - that raised a lot of discussion, but really was off topic according to the FAQ
@Linker3000 Why should he leave it? :P He has just as much right giving arguments for his views?
@Linker3000: It is "subjective and argumentative", it's unlikely that you will find someone who can give you an objective answer and thus results in very argumentative discussions.
@BloodPhilia I meant Wil answring my IBM colour question!!
@Linker3000 Oh lololol! xD Never mind then!
@Linker3000 Again, why is it off-topic?
If it were off-topic it would've been closed.
10:25 PM
@TomWijsman Not necessarily - you cannot say that because an off-topic question wasn't closed that makes it on-topic.
If you speed in your car but aren't fined, that doesn't mean it's legal.
@TomWijsman Not it's not subjective as it's asking for a fact.
Subjective would be "Why was IBM's original PC colour scheme better than Compaq's?"
@Linker3000 ohhh... I have a problem with that as well :P when ever I drive past a speed camera.... I will leave that for another day!
@Wil Sorry officer, I was on my netbook answering a question about data bits and not keeping an eye on the speedo
@Linker3000 It has received sufficient attention to be closed by now...
@Linker3000 If you speed a car that is broadcasted on the news you will most likely get fined.
@Linker3000 If I ever get a ticket/fine when driving, I want it to be for browsing the internet/on a laptop etc whilst driving!
@Linker3000 There is no such fact, unless you were to ask IBM themselves.
10:28 PM
@TomWijsman True, but retrospectively closing it would serve no purpose.
@TomWijsman So a good answer would be - "here is the phone number of the IBM press office, they may be able to help..."
@Linker3000: No, because that doesn't answer the question and thus should be a comment. Just like people would migrate it to site Y.
@Linker3000 While the question was developing is not really retrospectively.
@TomWijsman It provides knowledge that may help the question to be answered.
@BloodPhilia: How is the question overly broad? It's asking for a single fact which will sure exist.
@Linker3000 So, that would make "Google it!" a valid answer on every single question?
Not really, because it's the source of all wisdom.
See how this gets subjective? ;)
Darn, my editing has gone wonky - I must be getting tired!
@Linker3000 You and your wonky
10:34 PM
@TomWijsman Nope - 'google it' is not subjective. If you had said 'You will get a better answer on Google than Yahoo"... however
@Linker3000: No, you've got it wrong. "Google it!" is not a fact, it's my opinion that that answer will get the question to a possible answer...
@TomWijsman No, it is a crap answer, but it's not subjective.
@TomWijsman Agreed - it's not a fact. it would look like an unverified fact if you had put "Google will give you the answer you want"
@Linker3000: It's bad subjective: (1) How, (2) Short, (3) Not constructive, (4) Opinion, (5) No facts or references, (6) Mindless social fun
If your example question weren't argumentative, we wouldn't have this silly discussion.
@TomWijsman To be subjective, the answer would need to have a comparative element based on your opinion.
Ah - "silly" - subjective based on your opinion ;-)
I've lost the will to go on!!!
@Linker3000 No, comparisons are not the way you decide something is subjective.
10:41 PM
"pertaining to or characteristic of an individual; personal; individual:" adj subjective evaluation.
This requires me to compare my feelings about the issue with yours and others - ie: it's subjective
"placing excessive emphasis on one's own moods, attitudes, opinions, etc.; unduly egocentric."
Hey we've not Godwined yet - that's a winner in my book!
Yes, but it does not necessarily have to be a comparison to be subjective.
That's your subjective opinion ;-)
You are just giving random examples rather than an actual definition.
@TomWijsman Well, let's agree to disagree and move on
Here's a good one to consider:
Q: Is installing applications on a network drive going to make them slow?

MattI have installed a few portable apps onto my network drive at work. Are they going to run noticeably slower than if I store the locally?

The OP has not defined a problem but this is worthy of opinion and comment. Maybe Wil's right and the FAQ needs tweaking?
I have already agreed. You are just disagreeing based on a wrong sense of the FAQ, you are free to move on and I'll just take this to meta in general.
10:54 PM
@TomWijsman If the wording of the FAQ is leading to multiple interpretations then that is a good idea.
Q: Drop the "based on actual problems that you face" from the FAQ.

WilWe are having an "interesting" chat in the Super User Root Access chat room, (Start from about here) I Personally think that Why are the 8 bits per byte is a very good question and represents the sort of content I want to see on Super User. This same FAQ rule is on Stack Overflow and I am guess...

If we don't like the FAQ, Change it!!!
Right, brb...
@Linker3000: That last question is dependent on several factors and is argumentative.
@Wil: Really, just the title is going to give you a lot of downvotes.
was going to put on SU meta, but I noticed the same faq statement on SO, and we can't be the only people discussing this/had a problem
Different from your reason to reopen, I belief it is an actual problem he is facing...
@TomWijsman Seriously? What would you recommend?
10:59 PM
@TomWijsman It should be closed then?
I don't know, @Wil, I'm just going to wait for reasoning from multiple persons on
Q: Why did "Why are there 8 bits per byte?" got closed?

Tom Wijsman Why are there 8 bits per byte? Why did such a valid and interesting question got closed? The user is a computer enthusiast. It's about computer hardware, how it works. It's not about videogames or consoles websites or web services like Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress electronic devices,...

Although, @Wil, I'm not going to give an initial vote because I'm not for your idea but I don't want to give a starting downvote... :P
@Linker3000 Yes, I planned to vote it subjective & argumentative but was too busy. Doing it now...
@TomWijsman Oh thanks... so you mean to say... I'll give it 5 minutes and when there are others, I will down vote it as well!?
@nhinkle: Hmm, site is down for maintenance.
But I didn't notice the URL and will be editing it for clarity. :P
The same rule is on scifi.stackexchange.com - but I doubt anyone is having actual problems :S
All the sites are up for me.
11:04 PM
anyway... brb errands to do :(
No revision upgrade, seems like some other maintenance. But it's back now...
@Wil Interesting...
Hi, @studiohack.
whee! first day of work done :D
Yay! :D
hey @MarkSzymanski - how are you doing?
11:17 PM
I'm doing great, thanks. :)
Wow XD
So who's going to ask "Why are there 4 bytes per fullword?!?!"
lol @hyperslug
I'm letting that one sit for the community to take care of, as I don't have any energy to mess with that one
It could be easily answered with Wikipedia.
Which is why I VTC.
should be closed as 'general reference' (which is in testing elsewhere on the SE)
This is going to run and run!
11:42 PM
> The key distinction to make here, in my mind, is that all questions are ultimately in service of the people answering them. That is the audience you need to satisfy if you want to have any hope of creating and sustaining a community of peers learning from each other. The minimum bar for a question is not “is this on-topic?”, but rather “is this somewhat interesting and on-topic?”.
@TomWijsman good point, I agree...
still going to let the community do this on their own...
Going to put this as an answer on my question.
@TomWijsman have read that
11:56 PM
A: Why was the question "Why are there 8 bits per byte?" closed?

WilWell, I voted to reopen. As far as I am concerned, it should be closed under the FAQ, but I believe that the FAQ should be changed to allow for interesting questions like this. I know binary and can do basic binary maths/operations fast - but this is one question that I have never thought of bu...

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