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4:11 AM
I just made a spreadsheet with all the books and chapters in Tanach with a link to the Chabad.org Tanach, with showrashi enabled. docs.google.com/spreadsheet/… -- This should make it faster to link to specific chapters. Assuming I did it right all the links should be correct
Does anyone know how to make a google form (or any kind of form) that will let me chose chapter and book from a drop down menu and present me with a link to that book and chapter? Even better if I can input verse and get that added to the link.
4:58 AM
Q: Choose standard off-topic closure reasons

msh210As described more fully in a very informative post on meta.stackexchange.com, which I recommend you check out, we're going to lose these two closure reasons: off topic Questions on Mi Yodeya are expected to relate to Judaism within the scope defined in the FAQ. Consider editing the question...

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6:14 AM
@Menachem Thanks for your hard work! What you want to do should be very possible in a Google Spreadsheet (but not a form, per se, based on one). To make a dropdown, use Data/Validation . You can assemble URLs by concatenating using '&' and using things like IF and VLOOKUP to translate user choices into URL text pieces.
6:55 AM
Q: Can I consult Mi Yodeya like I would a rabbi?

Isaac MosesDoes Mi Yodeya offer personal guidance in response to practical questions about Jewish law or attitudes, as a rabbi would?

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2:55 PM
@Menachem Where'd you get the page IDs from? Manual checking? Are they all sequential within a book?
@SethJ I think maybe your recent question should be on meta?
@Daniel No, my whole point is to pair it with that Meta post by Isaac.
@Daniel Well, maybe not my whole point. My main point is to get an answer.
@SethJ Ok, I'll edit my answer, then, to make it more appropriate for the main site
I went to the first chapter of every book and downloaded the html source. Then I ran a little shell script that isolated the lines that contained "Chapter_Combo.Add", then inserted the pageid listed on that line into a URL. They appear to all be sequential except for Bereshit that skips a chunk in the middle. The lines look like this:
Chapter_Combo.AddItem("Chapter 1", "15785");
Chapter_Combo.AddItem("Chapter 2", "15786");
@Menachem Cool. You can make a lookup table using this data with two columns: a concatenation of book name and chapter number, and the page ID. Then, you can do a VLOOKUP that takes a concatenation of the chosen book name and chapter number and returns a page ID, which you can use in building up a URL.
3:06 PM
@Menachem Whoa. I propose some sort of award for unsurpassed contributions. Ani Yodeya, anyone? This would be my nominee for 5773. (cc @IsaacMoses @DoubleAA @MonicaCellio @msh210 @Daniel @HodofHod @CharlesKoppelman @all_regulars)
@SethJ reddit.com/r/yodeya used to be at ani.yodeya.com , but I never really tried to get it going
@IsaacMoses Cute. I'm just saying I think it'd be a great name for an award.
@SethJ I agree. Better than for a non-used subreddit, for sure.
3:21 PM
@IsaacMoses yes, thanks for this great @Menachem!
Is this a duplicate of this? I haven't reviewed all the comments and answers, but it looks like it.
3:39 PM
@Meta-Man @IsaacMoses Thanks. Wanna draw up an answer? :-)
@msh210 Yes. Eventually. Sorry for my slowness about real posts.
@IsaacMoses Since I've already created the full URL, I think it might be easier to have the lookup just display the correct cell. I don't do a lot of spreadsheet scripting, so I'll have to figure out how to do it.
@Menachem To add a rashi switch, you'd have to build up the URL. Also if you want to eventually generalize to offer Mechon Mamre (or other) links with the same framework. The correct way to do this, of course, would be a real online webapp backed up by a little database, but a spreadsheet is much easier to prototype, especially for one who knows spreadsheets but not web programming. It may be some time before I can get to it, but I'd be interested in hacking together a nice spreadsheet...
... version of this, unless someone wants to go the webapp route.
(Making such lightweight spreadsheet tools for internal use is part of what I do for a living.)
@IsaacMoses Mechon Mamre
@msh210 <ahem> and Chabad with or without rashi
3:54 PM
@IsaacMoses Right, I forgot.
@msh210 ... and the Living Torah. @Menachem, I think the existence of this (which I also forgot about) may supplant the spreadsheet idea. Maybe we ought to make a community promotion ad for it.
(There is the problem, of course, that most of the content it offers is Christian.)
@IsaacMoses What is, Living Torah?
@IsaacMoses (Related: sefaria.org)
@IsaacMoses Aye. On the other hand, he allows people to copy & amend it ("Free for distribution and derivation, but if you think it's that good, please cite the author!"), so if anyone has a stable URL with good connection and wants to host it.... :-)
@SethJ They have / are making an API!
@SethJ They might be interested in giving us an ad to put up
@IsaacMoses hm. On-site links to amazon.com items for sale are autoconverted to links that benefit SE. I guess that's not true here in chat. Curious.
Or maybe that link does benefit SE? It's not the same link as what links are autoconverted to on-site, anyway.
@msh210 Related: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/49101/179 I suspect that SE feels more "ownership" and desire to monetize over the actual content offered on the sites than for anything else. Also, the number of views for site content vs. chat content is probably different by orders of magnitude
@IsaacMoses Stands to reason.
(Unlike Moshe who, according the Bavli M'gila, sat to reason.)
4:24 PM
@IsaacMoses It is a great idea, and one I'd love to see. I made this because I like to look up the pesukim when learning gemara, and it was taking forever clicking through chabad.org's interface (not to mention adding /showrashi/true every time I changed the chapter). Since it fills my needs, I'm not sure how much energy I'll put into adding other sources...
... I like to see Rashi, so I just enable it by default. I would like to make a dropdown selection, since I think it will be faster than going through the spreadsheet. If I figure out how to do that, it shouldn't be an issue to make rashi optional, and add verses.
@IsaacMoses what is "this"?
@Menachem Do you learn g'mara in the same place every time, or in various places? If the former, it might be easier to have a hard copy of chamisha chumshe Tora at hand to look up p'sukim. Just an idea....
@msh210 I have a Chavruta I learn with over the internet. We use the daf from hebrewbooks.org/shas . We have a google spreadsheet where we add words we want to look up and translate, as well as link to and display all the pesukim quoted in the Talmud. Also, it takes forever to lookup a pasuk in the Sefer.
@Menachem Fair enough. Just so you know, Jastrow's online. (Well, he's dead. His dictionary's online.)
@msh210 I even figured out a way to link directly to the scan of the page, like this tyndalearchive.com/tabs/jastrow/ppages/JastrowP383758.gif
@Menachem Nice. Now we need a headword-to-URL lookup table. :-)
4:33 PM
@msh210 especially since it doesn't seem like the names of the gif don't follow a logical pattern.
Sholom 3leicham
@MonicaCellio :) don't get angry bout the spelling
@MoriDoweedhYaAgob 4leicham sholom.
@msh210 56789
@MoriDoweedhYaAgob Seriously, isn't '3' an ayin? Then where's the chataf-patach?
Some people put 3a
But it is a common word everyone knows how to pronounce
4:38 PM
@MoriDoweedhYaAgob Not if you spell it with a 3. :-)
@msh210 well now you know
@msh210 did you listen to the 2 videos I posted for @monica ? They are very nice check them out
@MoriDoweedhYaAgob No.
Ok check them when you have a chance. It is the proper pronunciation. It is in the question she asked. I put it in the comments
@msh210 also tell me what you think :)
@MoriDoweedhYaAgob I have no specific plan to watch them.
@msh210 do it for me :)
4:52 PM
@MoriDoweedhYaAgob Sorry, man. I love you like a brother, but not like my brother.
@MoriDoweedhYaAgob not angry, but annoyed. Are you incapable of using a standard transliteration scheme, or do you think you'll get people to learn yours (hint: you're making yourself look worse, not better), or are you trying to annoy people, or what? I don't get it. I assume you want to participate in this community, which would seem to include making yourself understood.
@msh210 do it for your own benefit then. At least you hear the real loshon haqodosh
@MonicaCellio my transliteration is proper. a cheth is not transliterated as a cheth. But a hHeith or h with a dot under neath or in fast paced typing, a 7
@MonicaCellio It's called being an obstinate stickler for what one perceives as right, and I recognize it because I am one myself. When transliterating, I write Tora, not Torah -- a foolish consistency, the hobgoblin of small minds. The New Yorker includes the dieresis over the second e in reelect (and no hyphen before it), a style that has otherwise been out since the 1260s or something.
in The Upper Room, Jun 3 at 22:31, by msh210
@JonEricson Oh, I always <code>-ify emoticons anyway. For screenreaders and because I'm a... purist. A/k/a stubborn mule.
@msh210 :) but you don't pronounce the way I do, or do you?
5:07 PM
@MoriDoweedhYaAgob I've never heard you speak, but I doubt it.
@msh210 like teimonim
sorry teimonim from sa3na
@MoriDoweedhYaAgob I don't know that I've ever heard them speak, either, and I still doubt it.
I am learning 7abbani 3vreeth
Do you differentiate between an Alaf n 3yeen?
@MoriDoweedhYaAgob I'm learning i18n & l10n myself.
@MoriDoweedhYaAgob I don't.
@Menachem Awesome work! I noticed that Melachim 2 is actually Menachem 2. Autocorrect?
5:09 PM
@msh210 :) hasSlocho Rabo in your learning
@IsaacMoses No, I meant, "What is [mostly Christian], Living Torah? [Whatever do you mean???]"
@MoriDoweedhYaAgob (I was kidding. I'm not really.)
@msh210 I know :)
@msh210 Ohh, you totally fooled me! I thought you were linking to Mechon Mamre!
5:13 PM
@SethJ That's not mostly Christian. :-)
@msh210 Whew, glad to know! (JK) Your earlier link, though, was hidden by the name Mechon Mamre. That's what fooled me.
@SethJ Yeah, I understood. I was linking to it for Isaac, saying that it's a preexisting script, of the kind he was describing, for Mechon Mamre.
I'm not sure how I just noticed now (and nobody else seems to have noticed yet) that this question's title is grammatically incorrect/impossible. (How) should it be changed?
@SethJ Add "analogue" before "for"?
@msh210 Y"K.
5:23 PM
@SethJ And yours: thanks for doing it.
@HodofHod probably muscle memory more than autocorrect.
@Menachem My name is Michael and I write sometimes to someone named Michal -- but not often enough to affect my muscle memory. I don't know if I've ever typed her name correctly the first try.
@msh210 dont talk to her ever again and you wont have this problem :)))))
@msh210 or switch your name to hers
@MoriDoweedhYaAgob I'll have others.
@MoriDoweedhYaAgob Then, too, I'll have others.
@msh210 if you ever meet a person name michal or michael you should definitely not befriend them
@msh210 and if someone in your family gives their child these names you should do your best to stay away from them
@msh210 or just isolate yourself completely like the RaMbaM says. go to the dessert or a cave or something :)
5:37 PM
@MoriDoweedhYaAgob I go to the dessert as often as possible. You might call it caving.
@msh210 boruch hashem
6:12 PM
@MoriDoweedhYaAgob I didn't say "proper". You (alone among Yodeyans?) appear to believe yours is; others of us believe ours is. You can't settle an argument about "proper". I said "standard". You may as well be writing in pidgin-Swahili as far as I'm concerned. And my reaction to that is not to "work harder to figure out what Dhoweed meant", just for the record.
@msh210 I can be pretty particular too; for example, I don't use singular "they" even if others do, nor will I put terminal punctuation inside a close-quote (or close-paren) if it isn't part of the quoted/parenthesized text. If I had a habit that impeded communication, however, I would have to consider the effects of my decisions.
@MonicaCellio I thought that a full-stop always goes inside close-quotes, even if it is not part of the quoted text
@Daniel <headdesk>
@Daniel ;-)
@SethJ Apparently it's been too long since I've studied English grammar :)
@Daniel that's what grade-school English teachers teach (or at least taught; no handy kids to check current practice with). But in technical documentation doing that can sometimes introduce errors (like if you're quoting string literals). My desire for precision (even when it doesn't introduce an error) trumps what I was taught about "proper" English style. (Also, I'm told that this is a point of difference between US and UK style.)
6:30 PM
@MonicaCellio Sure.
@SethJ "While we appreciate your enthusiasm" :-)
@Daniel I just meant that that's so far from @MonicaCellio's main point. But I think you knew that. I was just teasing. :)
@msh210 Well, I did, at least. Sorry if I spoke out of turn. :)
@SethJ :-)
@SethJ Yeah I know that her point is about something that could cause much more confusion than a misplaced period :)
6:51 PM
@msh210 So this is off-topic?! It has +14!
@CharlesKoppelman To the extent it asks about Judaism, it's not off-topic. Note: "What did a typical day look like for a woman living then and there? Did she pray (how?), participate in education (e.g. as a teacher), study (what?), interact with men in the community (how?), interact with non-Jews (how?), have any leadership role?" Probably some of those should be removed and the question recast. IMO. cc @MonicaCellio
7:08 PM
@MonicaCellio i am not alone. look at @hacham-gabriel
@msh210 I think these are all intimately related to [The history of] Jewish life.
@MoriDoweedhYaAgob Heck, look at me.
But at least my scheme is fairly well understood by most.
@MonicaCellio yea look at @SethJ
And are therefore in scope.
(Or so I tell myself.)
7:13 PM
I think the main difference between these and the FAQ no-go questions are that the FAQ no-go questions have a broader interest than folks interested in Jewish things (modern Israeli/American politics; general WWII buffs)
I think my rule of thumb is that if it's an aspect of Jewish history that doesn't have a large non-Jewish following, it might belong here.
...that's not quite right
but something along those lines
@msh210 my intent there was to ask specifically about Jewish life. The issues I called out are ones where I would expect halacha to have a voice.
This question would also be a no-go if we exclude Jewish history: judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/1679/…
@CharlesKoppelman I would have thought that question should be off-topic even before
@CharlesKoppelman better?
7:21 PM
@CharlesKoppelman You're saying that is off-topic under current practice, is off-topic under current list (in the FAQ Help Center) of topics, is off-topic under the newly proposed off-topic closure reason, should be considered off-topic, or what? I'm sorry, but I'm not sure what you're getting at.
... In particular, I don't think anyone is proposing that we do or should exclude all history questions. Does your impression differ?
7:42 PM
@msh210 I'm saying that the policies I see being practiced do not follow the guidelines expressed in this off-topic closure reason and that the examples given in the history section of the canonical in/out list are a little too single-subject to be clear
i meant to say this
no, that actually is what i meant to say'
I also want to say that I really appreciate the policies in practice and don't want "history of Jewish life" to be exclusively about halakha
@msh210 and tisha esrei sifre Nach as well.
@MonicaCellio that being said, I do think the edits you made to that question make it more answerable, and if those are the questions you meant to ask, you just made it much clearer, so ...yes, better :)
@CharlesKoppelman I agree. As the asker of the "what was Jewish life like in...?" question you might have inferred that, but just being clear. :-)
@CharlesKoppelman thanks for the feedback, and for pointing out that it wasn't clear originally.
(I do some loose historical re-enactment so this actually is a practical question for me -- but not in a way that consulting my rabbi will help. :-) )
@MoriDoweedhYaAgob @msh210 lol
@msh210 I'm trying to say that given the information we would provide someone whose answer we close with the "No Jewish history" off-topic reason, it would seem to me that judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/10008/… is off-topic for this site. However, I see several questions in that category that have decent upvotes
...and more importantly, are good questions!
7:51 PM
@DoubleAA :)
@CharlesKoppelman "except if related to Jewish life and learning" isn't clear enough? Hmm, do you have a suggested rewording of this one?
8:41 PM
@CharlesKoppelman [Just catching up on backread.] The policies in practice match that off-topic closure reason AFAICT. Did you not see the "except as related to Jewish life and learning" part of the latter?
@DoubleAA Good point.
Also, how about replacing all instances in these of "Jewish life and learning" with "Judaism"? After years of seeing the former phrase around, I have trouble seeing what it adds that the one word lacks. — Isaac Moses 6 hours ago
9:11 PM
@MonicaCellio It is indeed a US/UK difference. The US rules are very simple: the period (or comma) always goes within the quotation marks. The UK rules for the positioning of full stops and commas around quotation marks are more logical, but also significantly more complicated. I like them.
@TRiG I like and, when I can, follow them, despite being an American.
@TRiG yeah, I've long been a fan of logical, not "typographical", punctuation. Thanks for confirming the US/UK difference.
@TRiG I'm glad to see I'm not totally wrong about my punctuation :)
@Daniel Did you just use an emoticon as terminal punctuation? :-)
@MonicaCellio I did. That's another US/UK difference
9:26 PM
@MonicaCellio I understand that this community (and the general Jewish community) understands "learning" in a very specific way, but that is not clear to anyone else. "Jewish learning" can easily be interpreted as "learning about things Jewish", which is very broad
@msh210 I don't think I understand exactly what is meant by "JL&L".
@msh210 and it certainly isn't clear to "those wanting to learn more"
When are the new closure changes going to take effect here?
@CharlesKoppelman What do you think of meta.judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/1729/…?
9:43 PM
@msh210 I'm not sure that's what the site is about. Is it?
@Daniel I don't know. I don't think any non-SE-employee knows.
@CharlesKoppelman AFAICT.
"If you have a question about...
" Jewish law or practice (what to do or why)
" Jewish philosophy
" a Jewish text (explaining a passage)
" history of Jewish law or of Jewish life
" language used in Jewish life and learning
" general knowledge (science, etc.) as it relates directly to Jewish life and learning
"... (examples) then you've come to the right place."
Sounds to me like the site's about Judaism.
@msh210 Ok. I was just curious, because I saw that the [on hold] change has already been rolled out at least on MSO
@msh210 Sounds to me like it's about Jewish things
@CharlesKoppelman What's the distinction?
@Daniel Things definitely happen to different sites at different times. For all I know, the various closure-related changes may not happen at the same time, either. (On any one site, I mean.) But I don't know that.
@CharlesKoppelman You mean like bagels and skullcaps?
9:46 PM
Jewish life != Judaism. There are other facets, like (among others) folk cultures
@CharlesKoppelman What do you mean by "folk cultures"?
@msh210 for instance, yiddish tales of ELiyahu
or distinctive dress of Teimani Jews
it's only recently that there's this false dichotomy created between "religion" and "culture"... it used to be "life"
All I'm saying is that this site's description is not clear to an outsider
@CharlesKoppelman Certainly separating religion and culture is a dicey business.
@CharlesKoppelman Judaism is definitely a way of life more than a religion in the way that people usually think of "religion".
@CharlesKoppelman Can you explain the kinds of things you're speaking about? Or, if you need to describe it by examples, then give more than two?
@msh210 Ha! That's actually exactly what I'm saying we need to do in the FAQs!
Right now there are three "out of scopes" in the FAQs that deal with history (I remember something along these lines coming up before)
Modern Israeli politics, Modern American politics, and the Holocaust
If I brought down a question about what the Jews of Mainz ate on a daily basis, would that be in scope?
What about synagogue architecture?
Or traditional names?
9:54 PM
@CharlesKoppelman IMO no. (At least, not as you just worded it.) This has nothing to do with Judaism.
@CharlesKoppelman IMO yes: this has to do with Jewish life (and maybe halacha).
What about colors that different Jewish groups have proscribed? If it's done in the name of Judaism, does that make it different than if it's done in the name of something else?
@CharlesKoppelman I think yes (to your last question).
@msh210 So is it just applicability to halakha or texts?
@CharlesKoppelman No.
I'm trying to piece together the axes that you're using for determining this
I'm not trying to be pickayune, just to work out a solid definition (especially if it's going to get cast into bytes)
Why are names in scope and food is not/
9:58 PM
@CharlesKoppelman I don't know why names would be in scope. Let's leave that alone for the moment if you don't mind. I know we have a bunch of name-relatd questions.
Q: Are there other extant Chabad groups besides Chabad-Lubavitch?

CuriouserWikipedia lists a number of different Chabad groups including: Chabad-Lubavitch Chabad-Bobroisk Chabad-Kapust Chabad-Liadi Chabad-Nezhin Chabad-Strashelye I was told that these different groups were all formed when the sons of the Tzemach Tzedek created their own Chasidic groups. But today, I...

@msh210 what did they eat in $location at $time by itself, no -- that's too far removed from Judaism. What would you think about a question about Shabbat meals, or a reputed Yom Tov tradition, or redactions of recipes from Jewish sources (c.f. A Drizzle of Honey)?
Q: Seeking old Jewish recipes

msh210What are some really old recipes that Jews are known to have used (actual recipes that say how to make the dish, not just names or descriptions of what was eaten like צלי קדר)? I'm seeking specifically recipes for food, not for medicine. And if you've tried one of the recipes, or know someone wh...

@msh210 oh right; that was you. :-)
@msh210 @CharlesKoppelman This has nothing to do with halacha or texts. But it's definitely (IMO) on-topic in that it's about a group of Jews which is defined by a Judaism-related inclusion-in-the-group rule.
@MonicaCellio A question asking what the Jews of Mainz, 1095, ate specially for Shabas would IMO be on-topic.
@msh210 So sociology is okay if it's about Jews doing Judaism things, I guess?
10:05 PM
@CharlesKoppelman I... guess. Don't quote me on that, though. :-)
And don't consider my opinion authoritative, either.
What about Jews doing things as Jews, like not owning land?
I know
I'm just having a conversation to figure out where the muddle is
@CharlesKoppelman I don't understand what you mean.
Doesn't everyone do everything as what he is? (I kid, but I really don't know what you're asking.)
@msh210 Jews were forbidden, as a class, from owning land in Europe for a good part of history
@CharlesKoppelman What does that have to do with Judaism?
@msh210 Since that was something Jews were excluded from as a class (or something else Jews as a class were included in... like pogroms!), is that on topic?
10:07 PM
@CharlesKoppelman IMO no.
@msh210 So group membership is not sufficient. It needs, (in your opinion) to tie into something holy - something Judaism-related
@CharlesKoppelman Yeah.
@msh210 I'm happy with that definition, and I think it's more explicit than "Jewish life"
@msh210 We might need to ask a wider audience to agree, but I think that's closer to what we see on the ground
@CharlesKoppelman So instead of "Jewish life and learning" you propose "Judaism (related to something holy) and Jewish study"?
@ShmuelBrin Does R'Alex appear in those pictures?
10:10 PM
@msh210 hahah. Maybe "Judaism and Torah study"?
@msh210 no idea. Never saw him,
....but that's not as catchy
@CharlesKoppelman how about just Judaism? Questions about Torah study are about Judaism, after all.
@CharlesKoppelman Clarity's more important IMO.
@msh210 Now that I understand what the site's about, I can agree with that. And I suppose learning is somewhat redundant.
cc @isaacmoses -- all the above, starting at chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/10040000#10040000 and continuing below
10:12 PM
...the only piece that's missing is "things related to living a Judaism-bound lifestyle" or something
.... like the "how do I deal with coworkers' questions about my kippah?"
@CharlesKoppelman you mean like judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/2326 ?
(I'm using Judaism in an awkward way to distinguish it from Jewish.... )
@msh210 exactly.
I think "Judaism" pretty well covers those. Not every nuance needs to be captured in a catchphrase/summary.
@msh210 But maybe in the In-scope/out-of-scope
@msh210 close reasons are limited to (IIRC) 500 characters, but if they link to something that covers it in more detail, like our on/off-topic meta posts (or help center or whatever), we can be succinct in the close reason. "Judaism" should work there.
10:15 PM
@CharlesKoppelman Do you mean this page, this page, or the new closure reasons?
@CharlesKoppelman The one I mentioned --
5 mins ago, by msh210
@CharlesKoppelman you mean like http://judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/2326 ?
-- is listed there already. :-)
@msh210 true. But the negative cases are really the issue for me.
@CharlesKoppelman You mean the ones deemed off-topic?
@msh210 yeah. there is very little diversity. It can't all be Israel
10:21 PM
@CharlesKoppelman There is no subcategory of on-topic topics at meta.judaism.stackexchange.com/q/1473 that clearly includes this question, yet I'd consider it on-topic.
@CharlesKoppelman (2 of the 5 listed history questions are about Israel.) What else are you thinking should be listed there as off-topic?
@msh210 It can be elbowed into "Jewish law or practice (what to do or why)"
@CharlesKoppelman With quite a bit of elbow grease.
nudging the practice over to make room
@CharlesKoppelman Or maybe it needs a separate category there.
@CharlesKoppelman Well, on second thought, I guess it's not so different from judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/119, which is listed there.
I think one day @IsaacMoses came down and said the "How do I wash my tzitzit" sort of thing was exactly the question he had in mind when he founded m.y 1.0
10:24 PM
@CharlesKoppelman "Moses came down"
@msh210 And Isaac too :)
@msh210 I hope you didn't take me as hostile. I was really just trying to understand where the line is drawn and figure out how to explain it
@CharlesKoppelman Not at all! This conversation has been very helpful in clarifying this stuff in my own mind.
Now we have to see whether all the other site users disagree with everything each of us has said. :-)
@msh210 Meh. I'm sure it can't be hard to convince people that we're right :)
time to head home
@CharlesKoppelman Have an easy fast.
Thanks. You too

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