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5:37 AM
Ben Popper on November 12, 2019

This week on the podcast, we sit down with Jess Lee, one of the co-founders of Dev.To, a social network where programmers come to learn, chat, and share ideas with a community of other coders. She explains her strange journey from working as a tour manager for Kidz Bop to building one of the fastest growing and most progressive online platforms for software developers.

Paul and Sara chat about what language is best to choose as your first when you’re just getting started on your journey as a programmer. Probably not Mathmatica, but it’s a neat one. …

12 hours later…
5:40 PM
Q: Was the painting “In the Ring of Saturn” by artist Andrei Sokolov used as a book cover?

uhohThe BBC News exposé includes the text: “The Voyagers gave us a really wonderful impression of Saturn. It’s a beautiful gas giant,” says Nasa’s director of planetary science Jim Green. Prof Andrew Coates, from the Mullard Space Science Laboratory in Surrey, UK, agrees: “Saturn is th...

5:52 PM
6:13 PM
Julia Silge on November 12, 2019

Welcome to November’s installment of Stack Overflow research updates! This month marks one year since my colleagues in UX research and I started sharing bite-size updates about the quantitative and qualitative research we use to understand our communities and make decisions.

In recent months, we have invested time and energy in improving the question-asking experience on Stack Overflow, one of the most fundamental interactions on our site. In August, I outlined what we learned from the question wizard, our first major change to the question-asking workflow in a decade. In September, Lisa  …

6:27 PM
@called2voyage or any mod, the user @WendyK has made (at least) two major rewrites of other users' posts. The first was rejected as "attempt to reply" and the second as "vandalism".
In both cases the edits were attempts to overwrite the posts with the user's own ideas, rather than to improve them.
This is already mentioned in the user's own profile.
6:52 PM
@uhoh ok, thanks
I sent her a message. Let me know if it happens again and I can follow up.

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