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Finally, you have an enormously cynical and contemptuous view of the Russian rich - as if they are driven by an unintelligent desire for material comfort, rather than possibly driven by a desire for collective control and national dignity. It's like suggesting Churchill would have given up fighting Hitler for timeshares at Prora - completely absurd. (2/2) — Steve yesterday
A good point
Lotsa wishful thinking in that thread
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3:16 AM
@Robusto Rather better than I'd worried it might be.
3:58 AM
In the Stavropol region of Russia, a man noticed rainbow-painted benches in a kindergarten and submitted a complaint to the local police, which has begun an investigation. gazeta.ru/social/news/2023/03/19/20005921.shtml
> “The kindergarten was reported to the police by a resident of Yessentuki, 65-year-old Nikolai G. In the early morning, a man was walking through his city, on Dolina Rose Street, his path lay past a preschool institution. The pensioner's gaze caught on the multi-colored gates and benches on the territory of the Zoryanochka kindergarten. They are painted in the colors of the rainbow, ”the publication says.
4:12 AM
Машина для уничтожения крепостей «Обой» (под таким обозначением значилась в документах, также известна, как Аппарат Семчишина и «Катающаяся крепость») — проект гипотетической боевой машины колоссальных размеров, разработанный русским инженером И. Ф. Семчишиным в 1915 году. Представлял собой бронированный эллипсоид диаметром несколько сот метров, который, двигаясь со скоростью до 500 км/ч, сминал бы неприятельские крепости. Явно утопический проект был отклонён техническим отделом ГВТУ в том же году. == История создания == В июне 1915 года один из чинов технического отдела ГВТУ отправил начальнику...
A tank proposed in 1915 in Russia, but rejected for construction for being too outlandish
4:31 AM
My dog ate all the Scrabble tiles. I left him at the vets.
No word yet.
@CowperKettle The police will start by investigating how the man knew what the rainbow colors might signify.
What Asian stereo type do you hear the most?
Personally I’ve got a Yamaha surround sound system.
5:10 AM
> I introduced myself to my teacher, and I got suspended. I introduced myself to a pretty girl, and she told me to fuck off. I introduced myself to my neighbor, and he punched me. Maybe there's somebody else named "Yorick Hunt" with a bad reputation out there.
I don't get it.
"I'm Yorick Hunt"
"My name is Yorick Hunt"
Doesn't seem offensive.
"I'm your ick hunt"?
It's raining here nicely. Weather took a week to decide weather to rain or not LOL
@Vikas Nice! It's overcast here
Here's an online webcam in Yekaterinburg, showing the ski slope in the Uktus Park: youwebcams.org/online/ekaterinburg/…
Children are skiing
@CowperKettle It's great. Didn't know such things exist.
Wish we could have good camera quality as well.
5:26 AM
There must be a lot of such cameras in India :0
Live street camera in Belgaluru: insecam.org/en/view/919685
The traffic there is mad O_O
Namma Metro ("Our Metro" in Kannada), also known as Bengaluru Metro, is a rapid transit system serving the city of Bengaluru, India. It is the 3rd largest operational metro network in India after Delhi and Hyderabad metro. Upon its inauguration, it became the first underground metro system in South India. Namma Metro has a mix of underground, at grade, and elevated stations. Out of the operational 52 metro stations of Namma Metro as of November 2022, there are 43 elevated stations, 8 underground stations and 1 at-grade station. The system runs on standard-gauge tracks. Bengaluru Metro Rail ...
Cool city, with a subway
6:27 AM
@CowperKettle "You're a c*nt"
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7:30 AM
@M.A.R. Allarin aghrimasin!
1 hour later…
8:59 AM
Wordle 639 2/6

That was nice.
9:13 AM
Wordle 639 4/6

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10:58 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer (94): If it wasn't / hadn't been for ✏️‭ by Jill Norris‭ on english.SE
11:57 AM
I read this news headline several times, and still needed to glimpse the article before getting it right.
12:14 PM
My Old School is a 2022 documentary directed by Jono McLeod on the subject of the Brandon Lee scandal. In 1995 it was discovered that "Brandon Lee" – who had a year earlier enrolled as a fifth-year student at Bearsden Academy secondary school in Bearsden, Scotland – had actually been a 30-year-old former student, Brian MacKinnon, posing as a 16-year-old. The story attracted widespread and sensational news coverage at the time.McLeod, the film's director, was one of MacKinnon's peers at Bearsden Academy. The story of MacKinnon's time at Bearsden and his unmasking are told through a combination of...
12:27 PM
Ah. I thought it was a female singer. Sacha.
It's a bisexual name in Russian though
I have a friend called Sasha (Alexandra)
> Distel was the son of Russian-French emigre Léonide Distel who was born in Odessa (Russian Empire) and French-Jewish pianist Andrée Ventura (1902–1965), born in Constantinople.
I wrote a short verse about Sasha years ago.
Word of the day: artyodactyls (from Ancient Greek ἄρτιος (ártios, “even”) + δάκτυλος (dáktulos, “finger, toe”))
12:52 PM
Etymology of the day: giallo (movies in sexploitation/horror style) - Borrowed from Old French jalne (variant of jaune), from Latin galbinus.
1:03 PM
#Worldle #423 1/6 (100%)
🌎 Mar 20, 2023 🌍
🔥 66 | Avg. Guesses: 4.8
🟥🟧🟥🟩 = 4

1:43 PM
#Worldle #423 1/6 (100%)
Wordle 639 3/6

@jlliagre I just never guess right on population.
@Robusto I got it right that time but it's a rare event.
🌎 Mar 20, 2023 🌍
🔥 1 | Avg. Guesses: 6.47
🟥🟥🟥🟥🟩 = 5

Wordle 639 4/6

@tchrist What was your biggest fear?
@Robusto That one get in trouble for re-infecting the Brits with the mandative subjunctive. :)
@tchrist High on everyone's list, I'm sure.
1:54 PM
Daily Quordle 420
Daily Quordle 420
The observation that "the internet" reads in "American English" but that the Anglosphere's spongy youngsters, hearing no accented voice speaking it aloud, do not realize this and so assimilate it without prejudice was not something I had previously contemplated.
Daily Octordle #420
Score: 82
Pas top...
@tchrist I've gotten mail!
I have mail. Unopened, of course.
Got mail?
2:05 PM
Chain mail?
Chain mail is an anachronism.
Does chain mail describe chain letters? Discuss.
@tchrist So is AOL.
Time warner.
Time warmer.
Daily Octordle #420
Score: 77
@jlliagre Merde.
Thought I would get a good score from the way it started.
2:11 PM
@Robusto Merdre !
Ubu Roi ([yby ʁwa]; "Ubu the King" or "King Ubu") is a play by French writer Alfred Jarry, then 23 years old. It was first performed in Paris in 1896, by Aurélien Lugné-Poe's Théâtre de l'Œuvre at the Nouveau-Théâtre (today, the Théâtre de Paris). The production's single public performance baffled and offended audiences with its unruliness and obscenity. Considered to be a wild, bizarre and comic play, significant for the way it overturns cultural rules, norms and conventions, it is seen by 20th- and 21st-century scholars to have opened the door for what became known as modernism in the 20th century...
@jlliagre So was the riot about the unconventional spelling or the use of coarse language?
Parisian theater- and ballet-goers have this thing about rioting.
The Rite of Spring (French: Le Sacre du printemps) is a ballet and orchestral concert work by the Russian composer Igor Stravinsky. It was written for the 1913 Paris season of Sergei Diaghilev's Ballets Russes company; the original choreography was by Vaslav Nijinsky with stage designs and costumes by Nicholas Roerich. When first performed at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées on 29 May 1913, the avant-garde nature of the music and choreography caused a sensation. Many have called the first-night reaction a "riot" or "near-riot", though this wording did not come about until reviews of later performances...
Aujourd'hui, c'est le printemps !
You are rite.
The Little King is a 1930-1975 American gag-a-day comic strip created by Otto Soglow, telling its stories in a style using images and very few words, as in pantomime. == Publication history == Soglow's character first appeared on June 7, 1930, in The New Yorker and soon showed signs of becoming a successful strip. The Little King began publications in comic book issues from 1933, was licensed for a 1933–34 series of animated cartoons by Van Beuren Studios and featured in advertising campaigns for Standard Oil and Royal Pudding (1955). It became evident early on that William Randolph Hearst was...
I wonder if Ubu Roi influenced this comic strip.
The look of the drawing is very similar.
2:19 PM
@CowperKettle 1) webcams are fun to look at, but I'm not sure what the point of making them public is? Why do the people who installed the webcam want for it? Did they all do it for advertisement? Or was it for security (and then publish it for extra eyes on the location?)
2) So a lot of kids ski after school there? Isn't it expensive? (Skiing is expensive in the US)
@Mitch I liked the webcam of the eagle's nest.
@Robusto The zoo cams are fun.
The street cams of traffic are also fun (if there's traffic to see).
Sometimes they can be a bit desolate.
Like it is post apocalyptic but still clean.
> Sweet, unfulfilled. Yet have I understood
One joy, by their fragility made plain:
Nothing was ever beautiful in vain,
Or all in vain was good.
I keep forgetting the meaning of the last two cryptic lines
2:30 PM
Daily Sequence Octordle #420
Score: 75
@Mitch It's just nice to let people all over the world to look at other places
@CowperKettle What don't you understand?
@Robusto "or all in vain was good"
"All in vain" means nothing came of it.
I know. I don't understand the meaning of the line
2:32 PM
> His efforts to become a scientist were all in vain.
I don't understand "or all in vain was good".
"Nothing ... [that was] all in vain was good."
Even bad things, if done in vain, were good? (suspicous black boy meme)
I would summarize that couplet as: "Nothing that was ever beautiful became so for naught, and nothing that did not come to fruition was good."
@CowperKettle Don't overthink it.
And certainly don't apply 21st century memes to it.
@Robusto Thank you! I'll try to get it later
Toxoplasmeowthias, Ruler of worlds
2:36 PM
@Robusto Parisians always find a good excuse to riot.
@jlliagre In Russia, for the mere act of throwing something, like on the picture, the person would get at least a couple years in jail.
And if that something hits a policeman, double that.
@CowperKettle Looks like a Frank Frazetta painting.
@CowperKettle And if that hits a chief of state ?
@Robusto It's MidJourney
2:39 PM
@jlliagre A guy during protests threw a metal garbage bin at a policeman, and got 3.5 years in 2019 m.polit.ru/news/2019/09/04/kovalenko
The bin did not hit anybody.
But the guy previously grabbed one policeman, and the policeman fell.
@CowperKettle The very definition of fascism.
@Robusto In the US, one would not get this?
@CowperKettle Sure, they might. And it would be fascism here too.
2:41 PM
I wonder how this was prevented in the US, the spreading of police power.
Maybe sheer luck.
@CowperKettle The point is, it wasn't prevented here.
@Robusto I have a carton box filled with books with similar-looking images on covers. Some sci-fi I read in the early 1990s.
Thankfully, I also read some good literature.
@CowperKettle Il faut souffrire pour être belle
"You must suffer to be beautiful"
@CowperKettle A guy slapped Macron in the face and stayed 3 month in jail.
2:44 PM
A bit harsh. I would give him 2 weeks.
@CowperKettle Sure... but that's not enough incentive for me to install a camera -and- have it connected to the world for them to see out my front door.
@Mitch Il faut respirer pour être belle.
No pain, no gain.
Il faul to have some mitochondia too.
@jlliagre You never put your hand in the same fire twice
2:45 PM
Pas de bras, pas de chocolat !
@Mitch No, but you put your hand in a fire multiple times.
Jan 31 at 1:08, by Robusto
I'm up to here in mitochondria.
@jlliagre A chocolate bra ... just in time for Easter!
@Robusto Once burned twice you don't have a hand left to put in the fire
I'm sure you've burned your hand more than once, and you likely still have them both.
2:47 PM
Dark humour.
> Мне мама в детстве выколола глазки,
Чтоб я в шкафу варенье не нашел.
Теперь я не хожу в кино, и не читаю сказки
Зато я нюхаю и слышу хорошо!
Google translate does it well on this poem.
@CowperKettle Somewhat irrelevantly, I just saw the Navalny movie last night.
He doesn't seem like a bad person.
In a normal country, he would be just another populist politician.
But he showed that he has some nerve.
@Robusto No chocolate nor bra for the Venus de Milo.
The Venus de Milo (; Greek: Ἀφροδίτη τῆς Μήλου, romanized: Aphrodítē tēs Mḗlou) is an ancient Greek sculpture that was created during the Hellenistic period, sometime between 150 and 125 BC. It is one of the most famous works of ancient Greek sculpture, having been prominently displayed at the Louvre Museum since shortly after the statue was rediscovered on the island of Milos, Greece, in 1820. The Venus de Milo is believed to depict Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, whose Roman counterpart was Venus. The sculpture is sometimes called the Aphrodite de Milos, due to the imprecision of naming...
@CowperKettle That is an understatement.
His kids are extremely blond.
2:49 PM
@jlliagre Mais elle a des seins !
@Robusto C'est normal, non ?
Oui. Mais certainment !
@CowperKettle нашел doesn't rhyme with хорошо.
Not that they have to.
But the other pair looks like they rhyme
trying to find the reason for the rhyme
Prospero, from Shakespeare's Tempest, by Midjourney 5.
> You fools! I and my fellows
Are ministers of Fate: the elements,
Of whom your swords are temper'd, may as well
Wound the loud winds, or with bemock'd-at stabs
Kill the still-closing waters, as diminish
One dowle that's in my plume
2:57 PM
No wonder Tolstoy didn't like Shakespeare. He self-taught English at a late age, and only could understand the events in the plays, and not savour the phrases.
But huge cudos to him for self-studying English to such a level.
His main language was French, besides Russian.
@jlliagre A great movie
@jlliagre soleil en août, pâté en croûte
Nov 17, 2012 at 15:51, by Robusto
That's not something you attain. It has to come to you, like shipwrecked sailors to Prospero's isle.
@Mitch Neige en novembre, Noël en décembre
pingouins dans le champ, hiver méchant
@Mitch That's just silly.
3:10 PM
Bien entendu
Or, and hear me out, it is perfectly logical
En avril, ne te découvre pas d'un fil
En mai, fait ce qu'il te plait
@Mitch Penguins don't go on a field. They go on the snow.
@jlliagre En juin, regardez pas les pingouins
@Mitch You are obsessed with penguins.
3:17 PM
@Robusto Or maybe penguins are just what we should be talking about.
@parz Are any about penguins?
No shouting in chat, please.
3:17 PM
Your caps-lock key is stuck.
@Robusto sometimes shouting is necessary
There we are. My capslock is often short.
@Mitch That's what exclamation points are for.
@parz Unsuspecting? No. This chat room is my main source of information about Eurovision.
3:19 PM
So, without further ado, here are the rankings (in emoji form, good practice for the flags part of Worldle)
@jlliagre It's how I get my international news.
@parz Yay Emojis!
wait... emoji flags?
make them in a bigger fontsize then?
I want to see the chicken on the Ugandan flag.
They're in Eurovision, right?
Is that morse code?
It's gotta be morse code
Penguin code
No, it’s emoji for my eurovision rankings.
3:26 PM
But... where are the...
Do you mean Iran won?
That's the flag at the end right?
Can you not read emoji?
No, it’s the opposite way around.
@parz I don't want to answer that.
France, on the left, wins.
@parz That's racist.
Have you seen France?
No, their song, Evidemment.
3:27 PM
That's walrus code to me.
@parz Comme d'Habitude
My way
@parz Ohh... that lady you like. She was singing a normal song. But she didn't dress up with a boa. How did she win?
No, they’re my rankings.
Sweden (Loreen) and Finland (Käärijä) are the favorites of the bookies.
3:30 PM
That Albanian flag looks like the flag of the bad guys in some James Bond movie
@parz When is the final deciding referendum?
The primaries are on May 9 and May 11…
I feel like I'm missing the Supurb owl or the World Wide United Nations elections.
@parz And the finals?
and the referendum is May 13.
May Madness
My March Madness bracket got busted when the referee walked on the court.
3:47 PM
Just in case: Penguins are not pingouins in French but manchots (pas de bras...) and a walrus is a morse.
@jlliagre Morse code for walrus?
I am the walrus
Goo goo g'joob
@jlliagre I thought the walrus was Paul.
@Robusto Right, comme d'habitude
4:09 PM
@Robusto .--- . / ... ..- .. ... / .-.. . / -- --- .-. ... .
@jlliagre C'est quoi ce bordel?
@jlliagre David Bowie's original lyrics m(that never got made):
But Claude François did the actual original lyrics and tune.
@jlliagre OK WTF... then what are 'pingouins'?
Linux fans
the internet says FR pingouin -> EN auk
I don't know what an auk is.
4:22 PM
The razorbill, razor-billed auk, or lesser auk (Alca torda) is a colonial seabird and the only extant member of the genus Alca of the family Alcidae, the auks. It is the closest living relative of the extinct great auk (Pinguinis impennis). Wild populations live in the subarctic waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Razorbills are primarily black with a white underside. The male and female are identical in plumage; however, males are generally larger than females. This agile bird, which is capable of both flight and diving, has a predominantly aquatic lifestyle and only comes to land in order to breed...
That's the other way around.
OK get it straight, scientistes.
or whatever you call yourselves en français.
Scientologues ?
4:24 PM
Might be.
That's what GT says.
So really it could be anything.
Scientifique is fine, usually opposed to littéraire although you can be neither of these.
> The birds currently known as penguins were discovered later and were so named by sailors because of their physical resemblance to the great auk. Despite this resemblance, however, they are not auks, and are not closely related to the great auk.[9][16] They do not belong in the genus Pinguinus, and are not classified in the same family and order as the great auk.
So penguins do not belong in the genus Pinguinus.
@jlliagre neither? Like maybe a pompier?
or both, pompiers are free to be what they want to.
What was Marie Curie? I mean more general than ... cripes the English words for those sound wrong in French.
4:30 PM
Une scientifique, clearly.
@jlliagre Sans doute, but likely not.
@jlliagre A chemist sounds like it might be in French the person who runs a pharmacie.
What is someone who does physics in French? Un physiciste?
Une chimiste, une physicienne.
and someone who does physics?
What kind of physics?
in general?
Stephen Hawking?
4:38 PM
Never a doctor (in medicine) unless you are in the 13th century.
== Ancien français == === Étymologie === Mot dérivé de fisique, avec le suffixe -ien. === Nom commun === fisicien masculin Médecin. Nostre Dame plus d'enfers cure Que tuit li grant fisicienNe tuit li bon cyrurgienDe Montpellier ne de Salerne. — (Jean le Marchant; Miracles de Notre-Dame de Chartres -XIIIe siècle) Apres fist venir devant lui les fisiciens latins et leur requist ce meismes et bien dist que se il i avoit peril sur lui fust qui le fesoit faire et ne mie sur eus. — (Guillaume de Tyr; Li vintiesmes livres -XIIIe siècle) ==== Variantes orthographiques ==== fuisicien === R...
Hawking: Astrophysicien
In English chemist - making sulfuric acid, physicist = dropping weights, physician = a medical doctor.
Chimiste / Physicien / Médecin
False friends
A: How did 'knowledge of nature' narrow semantically to: art of healing, medical science?

jlliagreAll of these meanings are closely related. In particular, it is not surprising at all for a root meaning "knowledge of nature" to evolve into words applying to numerous subsets of such a wide concept, like "knowledge of human body and living organisms" (medical science, biology), how to heal the...

@jlliagre Those all look like correct friends to me, or médecin looks like medicine which is a drug, not a person.
and who makes drugs?
Une droguiste?
4:44 PM
Droguistes used to mean that but not any more. A pharmacien might make drugs but usually sells drugs made by laboratoires pharmaceutiques.
A préparateur en pharmacie can make drugs too.
Completely different stores.
A drugstore here is usually has convenience store items (snacks and drinks), cosmetics (and other things like in your second picture) and then way in the back the place that makes or dispenses drugs.
5:45 PM
@Mitch Your drugstore is like a pharmacie, except you wouldn't find snacks, drinks and even less so cigarettes!! it it. Would be like asking for pork in a kosher store...
In the UK, a chemist can be our pharmacien.
6:00 PM
@CowperKettle rarely have I been thanked for telling that to someone
@jlliagre -- .- .. ... / --- ..- .. ...
Prepares the holy syringe
readies thy piston, counts to three, and no more than three
looks up images of lung cancer
6:22 PM
I found this kinda interesting, outsider perspectives on our (or my?) Meta policy. Unfortunately, many of them seem to have gotten us confused with SO (unless anyone's seen GitHub Copilot answers here): news.ycombinator.com/item?id=34241293
I saw that my post was viewed thousands of times and I guess this is why
6:40 PM
@Laurel If I'm not mistaken SO decided first to ban chatGPT-generated answers
@M.A.R. Wasn't it all AI-generated answers, not just ChatGPT?
There may come a point where it will be impossible to tell which is which.
The sheer number of lost souls on meta.SE asking programming questions shows people can't tell or can't bother telling SE sites apart
@Mitch it's a bit of a generous use of the phrase to say preparing extemporaneous formulations is making drugs
It's about using some basic chemistry and physics to make a mix (emulsion, solution etc.) that would stay stable for an unusually long time. Sometimes the compounds are just very compatible so it's only a matter of mixing them.
Nonetheless, it is the easiest way for pharmacists to demonstrate the practicality of their skill and knowledge to laymen and laywomen, so it's a bit of a pride thing
@M.A.R. So are there other careers available to pharmacists besides pushing pills at a drive-thru?
That's been my only exposure to pharmacists. Well, except when I've been in the hospital.
6:57 PM
@Robusto sure. High-profile pharmacists earn their keep managing research grants and grunts. Many specialized government positions that pay well require a degree in pharmacy. Clinical pharmacists spend time in hospitals bossing doctors around. Depending on the field, many more positions can become available in big Pharma, food industry etc etc.
They say the one thing a pharmacist isn't is unemployed.
I dunno how true that is in the US, which probably has thrice the number of pharmacists per capita, but there's rarely an academic discipline with so many job opportunities in and outside academia.
@M.A.R. Nice.
Hullo guv'ner
4 hours ago, by parz
My eurovision ranking, in emoji.
Better songs are farther to the left, and Albania and Croatia are the bottom two.
That's a lot of countries. Europe probably made up some of them
Why is a contest called Eurovision about hearing things
7:04 PM
Cyprus is almost certainly Greece with a funny accent.
And it’s the Eurovision Song Contest.
Or Eurovision.
I would hit ESC on the keyboard just about now.
What do they call the cooking contest? Eurotactile?
(explanation: i pronounce it yur-uh)
As in your mother
IE your mom
I get it. "Yorick Hunt."
@parz I believe that's pronounce "Yo mama" ...
@M.A.R. That's true but they linked to the post on ELU Meta! Maybe I'm just projecting the on/off topic SE mentality on sites where it doesn't belong :p
@Robusto The SO post only mentioned ChatGPT, my version planned ahead and decided all AI content like (and including) ChatGPT was not allowed
Still, the policies are the same in practice. It's just that other people are using "ChatGPT" as the "Kleenex" of the AI world, if you know what I mean
I don't know if anyone's tried to negotiate their way out of a suspension or anything with "but it was bingbot!" but I don't see it working
7:49 PM
@M.A.R. It's funny that this site was made in 1998, updated to HTML 5, supplied with CSS ... and yet still uses FONT tags!
Also, it still looks like it should be viewed on Windows ME.
@M.A.R. Ok then, you're welcome.
But that said, can you make me some pills for memory enhancement that aren't pure placebo?
And don't tell me it's just caffeine.
Well, you could tell me that if it's right.
@Robusto Are you contemplating a next career in pharmacology?
@M.A.R. If there's one thing Europe is good at it is in making new countries. Usually out of old ones. Often outside of Europe.
@M.A.R. Euroguts
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