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10:07 AM
A: The usage of it in sentences

The Photon"Winner takes all" is a common idiom meaning there are no prizes for 2nd or lower places in some competition, often metaphorically applied to situations that aren't organized contests, for example a competition between two companies. I've never heard "the winner takes it all", but it is perfectl...

> I've never heard "the winner takes it all"
@Robusto not in the Julian calendar there isn't.
You have to subtract 13 from everything.
So there are actually minus twelve months between October and December.
And I've actually studied maths.
So QED, yo.
Also, technically he only specifies the year for the December, but not the October. So maybe he means December 2019, but October 2015. And there might well be three months between those, I've not run the calculations yet.
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11:44 AM
revelation! cows is not the plural of deer:
Q: Is cow ever the plural of cow?

Matt E. ЭлленI was thinking about ruminants, as you do, and I noticed that, unlike with sheep or deer, cows is the plural of cow. I started wondering why, then it occurred to me that maybe there were dialects that used cow as the plural. I tried searching Google books but in almost all references to "a field...

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2:19 PM
@MattE.Эллен Looks like a clerical error to me. Also consider the scale of the results. When you peak at four in a million, anything can happen.
Pro tip: When the curves look like square waves on an oscilloscope, you're probably dealing with suspicious data.
yeah, someone tweeted at me that there's nothing in coca
I haven't checked the BNC
That said, maybe they were square cows.
Square cows stack better for shipping, IIRC.
and then the stacks can be exchanged. [cow.se]
I'm still wondering what determines if a herd animal gets a distinct plural
cows, goats, and pigs, but sheep and deer
or am I imagining deer?
no, I am right about that
no hits in the BNC either
2:43 PM
Yeah, deer, sheep ... also elk.
And moose.
Fish can go either way.
Maybe not. Nobody says they saw a school of fishes.
There's part of the problem. Cow used as an attributive noun modifying another non-pluralizing class of animal.
it's a shame you can't do 4-grams with placeholders
Also downright plurals: "A herd of cow animals ..." etc.
2:59 PM
yeah, same problem I found with "a field of"
@MattE.Эллен If you want I'll put this as an answer to give you closure.
@Robusto yeah, thanks!
@MattE.Эллен Done.
De nada, amigo.
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5:32 PM
@KannE There's been a lot of research by MD/PhDs that prove that being a jerk is a medical condition.
@KannE Wait...which comment?
5:51 PM
@Mitch IKR
6:37 PM
@Mitch They've been deleted, Thank God... See, what happened wuz..someone would mention a term; then someone else (meaning a different person) would look up that term, find it used in a source about something else (meaning a different topic), and then cite that as proof. Then another person (person #3, which rhymes with me) would mention a term for that topic (because it wasn't spelled out in bold anywhere, I guess); and so, of course, the different person looked up the different term...
@Mitch BTW, you're cited as a source to prove that "we was" is just jim-dandy, hahaha, really.
5 hours later…
11:46 PM
@KannE By the OED? NICE!
11:56 PM

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