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12:49 AM
@Robusto Selling out on the Imperial system, you mean?
2 hours later…
2:38 AM
A: English-English term for "Shōjo manga"

seijitsuIs there a standardised English-English (as opposed to English that borrows words willy-nilly from Japanese) term for Shōjo manga (少女マンガ) used when describing it to people not familiar with manga and anime or the Japanese language? No, there is not a standardised English-English term for Shōjo m...

Aside from the notion that Shojo and Manga are English, which is something that I feel only goes to show that the O.E.D. is way too accepting sometimes, I feel like that is a very nice and in-depth answer insofar as phrase-requests go, even if it's not on our own website.
@RegDwigнt How many times have "you" "announced" "Possible duplicate of ..."?
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6:15 AM
@JaspervanLooij @Tonepoet Thank you for your answers.
7 hours later…
1:31 PM
@Cerberus Well, that started as a joke, but you turned it into something else.
@Robusto I thought we were making the same joke.
The Joker has good reviews.
They call it the movie of the year.
1:48 PM
> A comedy series about Hitler in 1913 who is trying to understand why so many time travelleres are trying to kill him. In the second part of the season he notes that many of them were Jews, and something changes in his mind..
2:41 PM
2:59 PM
@CowperKettle yeah uh, kinda inaccurate
Wasn't Jew hate prevalent in Europe even before Hitler?
@M.A.R. But it's curious that Hitler was cooperating with a Jew. Hitler painted postcards, and the Jew sold them to tourists.
So he was not a Jew-hater from his early youth
1 hour later…
4:27 PM
@Cerberus why would you make the same joke. @Rob already made it. You can't have it.
Get your own material. Hoover under the carpet if need be.
@RegDwigнt I was rather trying to confirm my interpretation.
5:17 PM
> [redacted] added score "Here's my next trash" to group "Piano"
This one is NOT impossible, but as usual, if you spot an impossibility through TRIAL AND ERROR, NOT just looking at it, let me know.
As usual, how about YOU go and try playing your trash. And then let yourself know that it's unplayable from first bar to last.
He who can't play, teaches. He who can't teach, composes.
Should be MuseScore's tagline, really.
6:16 PM
Did you know Renata Scotto? I have to say I'm deeply impressed with her Regnava.
She's so...vivacious.
@RegDwigнt This is weird. Here she teaches in a "masterclass", where she speaks Italian, with a Russian translator.
So funny. She speaks politely and in a friendly manner, while the translator sounds like a commanding, angry dog.
With all the Italian terms in music, this was surprisingly easy to understand, by the way.
7:16 PM
@M.A.R. Yes it was.
2 hours later…
8:48 PM
Q: He drink only five liquids

amzinwhile reading NYT's review on the Gladwell's last book I stumbled upon a rather strange passage: In the weeks I spent listening to Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast, I learned that lobsters have serotonin, that Elvis Presley suffered from parapraxis and that Mr. Gladwell adheres to a firm life r...

Is it only mods that can specify multiple duplicates?
@marcellothearcane And people holding a gold tag badge in a tag on the question
9:22 PM
More stupid katakana tricks: ラザニア (ra.za.ni.a) is how the Japanese spell lasagna. I actually gave up and looked it up.
@Cerberus yeah it's quite hilarious. That's because that's not a translator, I would say, but a music teacher who just happens to know Italian. (To the extent that any knowledge at all is needed, as you rightfully say.) So she just speaks with the student in her capacity as a Russian teacher.
That's what Russian music teachers are like. Get used to it.
@Robusto ゲズンドハイト
hahaha, very fonnee
Took me a few seconds before I got what you were doing.
@Robusto That sentence right there should be Katakana's tagline.
BTW, the way you say gesundheit in Japanese is お大事に (odaijini)
Meaning get better. They're a little less willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.
Don't fucking sneeze in here, idiot.
@Robusto No, that's the way you say gesundheit in Japanese.
9:31 PM
OK, let's just say it's the way you say it if you want Japanese folks to understand it.
Actually, serious question: do you say gesundheit in Japanese, or is it considered impolite to even notice?
Depends on who you're talking to.
Yeah doesn't it always.
In Japan, it always depends on that.
If a stranger sneezes on your sushi, you wouldn't say お大事に.
Unless it was sarcastic.
Well, easy solution: become the emperor of Japan. Then it's everyone else's problem not yours.
9:33 PM
I'll keep looking in the job listings.
It's the only reason to log in to LinkedIn anymore.
Aug 23 '11 at 1:01, by Robusto
BTW, please be sure and remind me if the Sultan of Brunei job comes open. I want to put in an application. $50 billion and a harem. Don't even tell me about the medical.
I would tell you about the medical for a mere $1 billion.
New discovery: good food looks yummy.
You know, funny thing is, if one day you actually see the opening you probably won't believe it's legit.
9:36 PM
That is true.
And neither will anyone else save for some idiot who doesn't even know what emperor is. And so he'll get the job by virtue of being the only applicant.
Sounds like a movie plot. Better write it down before you forget.
I forgot how to write things down.
Being There is a 1979 American comedy-drama film directed by Hal Ashby. Based on the 1970 novel of the same name by Jerzy Kosiński, it was adapted for the screen by Kosiński and the uncredited Robert C. Jones. The film stars Peter Sellers and Shirley MacLaine, and features Jack Warden, Melvyn Douglas, Richard Dysart, and Richard Basehart. Douglas won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor and Sellers was nominated for Best Actor. The screenplay won the British Academy Film Award for Best Screenplay and the Writers Guild of America Award for Best Comedy Adapted from Another Medium. It was also...
That's one Hal of a name.
Peter Sellers and Shirley MacLaine? Just how much of the runtime is spent doing horrible Indian accents?
9:38 PM
None. That's how much.
That is not very much.
I refuse to believe it was Peter Sellers, then.
Probably his evil twin ピーターセラーズ.
He didn't do any Indian accents in Dr. Strangelove
See, that's why nobody watches Dr. Strangelove anymore.
Don't forget, chiles rellenos are stuffed peppers. /nod
I won't forget it if I remember how to write things down.
9:41 PM
Just open another browser tab.
Can't. It's occupied by the wiki article.
Today I couldn't remember the name of Pink Floyd's bass player (Roger Waters). And then I couldn't remember Rush's bass player (Geddy Lee). Eventually I remembered them both, but Google is destroying my memory.
They are insidious.
That movie is as old as myself. 20 million people saw it and none remember it. And I don't even have 20 million people that saw me. Makes you think.
Roger Ebert gave it 4/4 and died before giving me even a 1/4.
No fair.
@Robusto give it a couple more years and nobody will remember Pink Floyd as a whole anymore.
Problem solved.
@RegDwigнt He told me he really didn't like you very much.
Yeah I know you met him.
I would take an "I don't like this guy" from him. I could be the second Rob Schneider with that kind of an accolade to my name.
I'm sure at least 20 million people still remember Rob Schneider.
9:49 PM
More probably remember Roger Ebert.
Yeah but that's because of video games and that one guy who got killed by his mate.
Bam Margera.
One difference between Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert: nobody cheered when Roger died.
Uh. I'd rather not tell you about all the jackasses who did.
I witnessed it first-hand.
Reddit was full of cheering.
Reddit is an idiot.
Alas, if it were but an.
9:52 PM
An amalgamation of idiots.
Possibly also a concatenation.
How use amalgamation in sentence? Pls hlep.
You just did.
Yeah that's what I use to reply in the comments.
Quit stealing my stuff.
You can have it back.
Hold the line, I might reconsider.
9:56 PM
As Hamlet said, "You cannot, sir, take from me any thing that I will more willingly part withal."
As I said, "yes backsies".
Hamlet can't compete with my English.
@RegDwigнt Gosh, poor students!
@Robusto That's what you get when you're trying to write an alphabetic language using syllabic script?
@Cerberus see, now you understand why they vote Putin. Otherwise they aren't able to cum.
Looks like Mycenaean.
@Cerberus Katakana is the Lego of writing systems.
9:58 PM
Where Knossos would be something like ko.no.so.
And they also mixed up L and R, I believe.
As did the Egyptians.
I see you are a veritable konosor of languages.
@Cerberus There is no L in Japanese.
And our alphabets are ultimately derived from Egyptian.
@Robusto Japalnese.
There. Hope that helps.
@Robusto Yes, what I meant was, both are the same sound to them, so they are expressed using the same signs.
10:00 PM
Let's just say it's a bloody horror.
Let's just say it's buradi horo.
Maybe hourou, even. Actually let me check.
Prolly ホラー.
Not to put too fine a point on it.
ホラー映画(ホラーえいが)または恐怖映画(きょうふえいが)は、映画のジャンルの一つ。観る者が恐怖感(英語で言うところのHorror、Fear、Terror等)を味わって楽しむことを想定して制作されているものを広く指す。また、ゾンビ、殺人鬼など、観客に恐怖感を与えるためにホラー映画で用いられる素材・題材を含むものを(それが恐怖感を与えるための物か否かに関わらず)ホラー映画とする場合もある。 == 概要 == ホラーの他に、ジャンルの名前がそのまま感情の名前でもあるものにサスペンス映画とスリラー映画があるが、これらはホラーと密接に関連している。あえて分けて呼ぶ場合は、ゾンビやオカルトなど超自然的要素を扱うものをホラー映画として狭義に括り、現実世界の殺人鬼や犯罪者を描くものをサスペンス映画、スリラー映画と呼ぶ場合も多いが、厳密な定義はない。また、スプラッター映画は、典型的には血しぶきや惨殺死体などの直接的な描写(“スラッシャー”とも呼ばれる)によって定義されるジャンルだが、これも恐怖感を引き起こす手段として多用されるため、基本的にはホラーのサブジャンルと見なされる。サスペンスと同様性行為などのエロティシズムなども内包されているものが多い。また、ホラーとは対照的な存在であるコメディをひとつの要素として取り入れたコメディ・ホラーと呼ばれるものも存在しており、これもホラーのサブジャンルとして見なされている…
Katakana kind of planes over the nuances.
Ha, I got it.
You win one medaru.
Wear it with puraido.
10:03 PM
Think of a word, then reduce it to what you think it would be in katakana, then reduce it five more times and you're almost there.
Q: "until mine is on tight" is a idiom?

AldairRevI was studying English, so I downloaded a comprehension reading test and I found a phrase which I can't get it Seat belts save lives and that's a fact. That's why I don't drive anywhere until mine is on tight. I think that it's a idiom because I don't find a definition that with each word

Oh me, oh my.
Then spell it in Russian, and a Russian will reduce it in half.
A speaker of the Moscow dialect, anyway.
I sometimes think there are no word boundaries in Russian. It all comes out in a soup.
@Cerberus in all seriousness, though, picture this. The fine lady from Italy comes over for a masterclass to listen to the student for five minutes and tell her in the most polite terms that she sings out of tune. That teacher has been probably telling her the exact same thing for five years and is at her wit's end.
@RegDwigнt I suppose so!
Look at her body language. She almost steps over the diva to get at the student's throat.
Me, I couldn't hear anything out of tune. I guess I need to practice the violin for another twenty years. And then in the choir for another hundred.
10:07 PM
I did wonder why Scotto would teach such an inexperienced student; her knowledge seemed a bit wasted.
If anything, I should say the diva was out of tune all the time.
She can be out of tune if she wants to, as a teacher.
Yeah I ascribed half of her missed notes to that. The ones that were obvious. The other half I don't know.
Sep 19 at 21:56, by RegDwigнt
We spent a good hour working on a single chord. Trying to get the sopranos a quarter of a tone higher, and the altos a quarter of a tone lower.
The choirmaster was exhausted by the end. I was like shrug whatever.
Luckily my mom only plays piano.
10:13 PM
She can still be out of tune.
That's a funky song.
Needs more cowbell tho.
I wouldn't know how to categorize it.
I wouldn't know why categorize any music.
I'm not a musicologist. I have things to do with my time.
On a lazy Sunday I might toss it into the "stuff I listen to" bin.
Then again on a lazy Sunday I'd be busy being lazy.
The fuck you even found that thing. I only just noticed the views and the likes and the not comments.
10:19 PM
I knew the song from long ago, but forgot about it until you started talking about divas being out of tune.
I am half-tempted to leave the prototypical Russian comment "Good."
I mean, I haven't thought about that song in decades.
Neither has anyone save for 330 people.
That means it's probably not crap.
Aye. Hear, hear.
10:20 PM
But who can tell?
Some of the best recordings, ones I am grateful to find on YouTube, get like 16 views.
And I'm basically OK with that.
Yeah. There's obscure stuff and obscure stuff. Some obscure stuff from 30 years ago, you upload it, and it gets 3 million views straight away cuz everyone spent the last 30 years searching for it.
Anyway, we're going out to dinner tonight so I'm going to go get ready. Laterz, all you kool kidz.
CYA good night.
Yo doggy, I'm going off as well. Work in the morning.

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