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4:06 AM
Q: Term for taking a screenshot using a camera

Andrew GrimmHow, if at all, can you refer to taking a screenshot using an actual camera, as opposed to using internal software of the computer? For example, I sometimes take a _____ with my iPhone, because using a normal screenshot doesn't show what the cursor looked like, or my laptop is running window...

4:24 AM
Q: What would you call a peron who is new to the question page but not new to the forum?

AMNWhat would you call some one who has been on English Stake exchange for years (say year 2014) but has found a new question to which he wants to comment or answer now nut a question put years back say year 2015? You wouldn't call him a newbie, but he is new to that question page.

Q: What is the unstimulating effect that affect an adrenaline junkie who has to retard in his thrill

AMNWhat is the irritable effect called that affects a F1 racer who ride his F1 car to a phenomenal speed and has to resign to a retarded speed on normal roads when he is on the road. Similar to a roller coaster rider who craves for more adrenaline and does not essentially enjoy a car ride momentaril...

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7:55 AM
Q: Single word for 25%

SwellarWhat would be the word to use if I want to name a variable that holds 25% of something, like for example: Interest Income = InterestIncome 50% Interest Income = HalfInterestIncome or HalfOfInterestIncome 25% Interest Income = _____InterestIncome I tried searching for "single word for 25%", bu...

8:27 AM
Q: A word to describe a person who wants to do things that noone attempted to do before

YjofnaIs there a word to describe a person who wants to do things that noone attempted to do before? It can be a noun or an adjective. I can think of "experimentist" but it sounds too scientific to me. And I think "adventurous" would be off-topic, but I can't be sure. Example: "S/he is original, cr...

9:05 AM
Hello, folks!
hope you doing well
Could you do me a favor?
Yesterday I (receive)____ the exam results that I (await)____ anxiously for several weeks. I (be)_____ relieved (learn)_____ that I (pass)____I knew I (make)_____ a few serious mistakes such as (give)____the date of the discovery of america as 1794 but I (keep)______( remind)______ myself that I (write)_______ three other very good essays.
key words here : Yesterday and for several weeks ===> past perfect Am I right ?
for first sentence.
Yesterday I had received the exam results that I had awaited anxiously for several weeks .
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12:36 PM
Q: Mind + Action Ing? is it correct for ask anything to someone?

iPatelI read some where. If we want to ask something to someone or If we are requesting someone (very politely) to do something like that. At that time we can use "Mind + Action ing...?" Like If I wan to ask pen to any one. => Ming giving me a pen? If I talk to some one to please go market very poli...

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2:50 PM
Q: What word could describe someone who cares more about what someone else does than the person themselves?

RobertI’m writing a story, but I need a word to describe somone in it who cares more about what their kid does than the child themself. Sorry if I messed up any grammar within that question.

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4:18 PM
> This is truly one of the single greatest answers I have ever had the pleasure of reading!
Q: Suggestion for an essay title

Val.SkyeI am writing an essay about failing to express your gratitude to someone who is now a deceased. Can anyone please suggest any two words title for the essay? I'm thinking of 'unspeakable gratitude' but it doesnt sound right to me. Any better idea for this?

@terdon That comment is more optimal.
4:50 PM
@MetaEd You're less than pessimal
@Mitch Use a pessimizer.
Set it on "most pessimum".
@MetaEd grrrr
The kerning on Google maps means I can't tell if it's Thomhill Walk, or Thornhill walk.
> This is truly one of the greatest singular answers I had ever had the pleasure of reading
of course, that has the problem of tautology
5:09 PM
@MattE.Эллен It's also only a couple of pixels away from Thornbill Walk.
@MattE.Эллен I can't hiza either.
5:26 PM
please I need some help
@Educ Can I offer you a cup of coffee.
In your opinion, what is the agency that exerts the strongest influence on people's behavior and personality in your society?
@MetaEd Thank you i have it already :)
Reading "agency" broadly, and in the context of the US, in the past I would have said one's church.
Perhaps also one's employer, or the local police.
For a few years, one's school.
but we have to say why
Are you having trouble forming an opinion?
5:37 PM
we should give reasons why exactly church or local police or even school
i will write one
How far have you gotten?
and please could you correct it for me
not yet i'm trying to write one
and i'll post it
is that okay ?
It can't hurt.
Thank you
im not gonna talk about the family, the school,the peer group, and the mass media
but if i were in Italy i should talk about Church
@Educ I skipped the family, because when you say "agency" I think you mean some kind of organization or government body.
5:46 PM
yes i see but the family in many ways has strong infulence on children's academic developpement foor example
6:02 PM
@Educ The weather
people in warmer climates are easy-going, laid back. Those in colder areas are really uptight and distant.
People who live in climates that swing back and forth between extreme temperatures (hot in summer, cold in winter) are unreliable and mercurial, they change their opinions like the weather.
@MetaEd If he doesn't want it, I'll take his.
@Mitch That's latitudist.
@Keepthesemind latitudinarian
Have you ever noticed that the meaning of 'literal' is not literal, you're not using the letters to determine meaning.
@Mitch This is good idea
@Educ Yes, you are.
6:36 PM
@Educ I don't think it holds up in reality at all, but it is a good source of things to say that are unexpected.
@Mitch It got cold, got a personal nuke?
@MetaEd What an excellent idea! a small plugin for your smartphone that goes in the headphone jack, produces concentrated microwaves, so you can warm up your hands on a cold day, your unfinished coffee, your leftovers for lunch.
Brand name: Personuke
also for temporary battlefield incapacitation.
Like a stun gun.
@Mitch I was thinking more along the lines of a tac nuke.
Maybe more like a 'mild surprise' gun
Destroys the employee, leaves the coffee.
6:41 PM
@MetaEd but with limited affect like a blast radius of 3 cm?
@Mitch Yes. Doesn't smile, doesn't cry, just does the damn job.
I'm only saying that for the reference. I don't actually like cannoli
let's say I like a cannoli as much as a cannula
I really hope @Educ does not take my example seriously. I think Montequieu was discredited/ridiculized years ago for a similar idea. Well, for the exactly the same idea. but with different examples. Didn't he say warm climated people were likely to have fiery passions, and northern latitudes were cold-hearted? something like that.
'@Cerberus' would know better
he's read books and stuff
more books than stuff
well... maybe more stuff than he'd like to admit
backs of bottle caps
road signs
instructions on the back of digital clocks
it can add up
Does it count if you've read the same brand name on your phone thousands of times?
Does it count if you're reading pixels on a screen?
@Cerberus Yes, I think it does. Think of it as reinforcement.
Good, good.
Then we've read lots of things.
6:54 PM
@Cerberus What? No. one pixel is hardly reading
Such as the name of this here website.
that said, I've heard there are font sizes below 1
I can read a lot of things in a pixel.
I haven't seen them though
ba dum. tish!
If you have a very high resolution, perhaps?
Or glasses?
You should be able to see a pixel.
6:55 PM
but read it?
Mine is dead.
So I see it.
And read things into it.
Such as death.
You have really good eyes then
or glasses.
@MetaEd In your opinion, what is the agency that exerts the strongest influence on people's behavior and personality in your society? Personnaly, I think the family has strong influnence on children's acadmec developpement the childreen don't developped following their parents influence and the influence is very strong. For example, the child loves painting but the mother says no no i bring a teacher of mathematics.
Most childreen have extra classes at home in mathematics in physics in sciences they never have extra classes in french or in english you know why ? this gives especial type of developpement for the childreen they think if you scientific oriented students you are more successful than If you learn french very well. you can use french to learn more. If you learn English is even better because you can be informed and trained you got information all the time and you got training in any filed you want, It's available now everywhere but the influence of the family don't allow that.
what do you think
is it good paraghraph
@Educ Several comments. Check the spelling and punctuation. Some parts where I am confused by the grammar: "the children don't developed", "I bring a teacher", "this gives especial type", "if you scientific oriented", "if you learn English is", "the influence of the family don't".
Otherwise, it seems your opinion is clear.
I still worry that the question is about an agency, and so maybe limited to a business or government bureau.
It is indeed comprehensible, but, in order to write proper English, you need to study basic English grammar some more.
As to punctuation, you need more of it. More commas and full stops.
And everything that Ed mentioned.
7:07 PM
@Mitch person uke - a ukulele made from body parts
Step one: use a word processor or browser that will check your spelling. That should take care of a couple of sloppy errors like childreen.
Q: Meaning of a sentence in "Aurora Leigh"

CowperKettleI cannot understand the meaning of one sentence in Aurora Leigh: "Now may God Deliver me from this strait! This gift of yours Was tendered . . when? accepted . . when?' I asked. 'A month . . a fortnight since? Six weeks ago It was not tendered. By a word she dropped, I know it was n...

You know teh archaisms. Don't we have a question somewhere that covers this type of construction using bare infinitives?
7:36 PM
I'm finding a lot of different interpretations about the strong difference between have to and must
In the affermative form
Some people say that have to means "it's necessary, optional" and must "it's obligatory". Other people say that have to is used when it's a law or something said by other people and must is used when it's something you say
There is a lot of overlap.
I'd say they overlap most of the time.
Off hand, I can't see much difference between "have to", "have got to" "must", and "be obliged to".
Besides tone. "Have to" is fairly informal. "Be obliged to" is fairly formal.
"Must" is short and therefore good when you want to be blunt.
I suppose.
Somebody might tell you that you have got to see (TV show X) or that you must see (TV show X) without quite meaning that it is obligatory. It's obligatory only in a figurative sense. But I doubt anybody would tell you that you are obliged to see (TV show X) without it being literally so.
But there are situations in which one fits but not the other(s).
7:49 PM
For example consider the sentence "If you don't do your homework you can't go out". Should I say "You must/have to do your homework before you go out"? Which is better here between have to and must?
Q: Must or have to?

gisèle gatheratIs it more usual to say " Must you wear a uniform ?" or " Do you have to wear a uniform?" I understand the ( slight) differences between must and have to in the affirmative form, but does this difference exist in the interrogative form, as well. Thank you for your answer!

@MetaEd There are multiple layers of (il)locution. But, as you say, there is obligation in some layer in your example.
@Curio Both fine.
There's a Lawler answer here, and Lawler answers are generally very useful:
Q: "have to" or "must"

Alice Calb CalbI am trying to teach the difference between the use have to or must. But my students do not understand anything. Could you help me?

As you said, have to is probably slightly less formal in this example.
Lawler points out that you can say "today I must" but not "yesterday I musted", and the substitution is always "yesterday I had to".
7:52 PM
@Cerberus if must I choose only one?
@MetaEd Actually, the traditional past tense of must is must.
@Cerberus Yesterday, I must go the the doctor? No, yesterday, I had to go to the doctor.
@Curio It's hard to choose between alternatives that are both perfectly fine! I don't have a real preference in this case.
@MetaEd That probably sounds unnatural to you because it's a slightly less formal context.
> The dragon was almost upon her. She knew she must jump.
English taught in schools is really different, they should teach more speaking things
Yes, they ought to.
7:57 PM
@Cerberus That's different.
Thanks for your answers :)
@MetaEd Well, it's less different to should than whatever else I could think of.
Another thing
It's the weekend, so you don't have to/mustn't go to school. I think the first is better, but...
Ah, yes.
There's a big difference there @MetaEd .
Have to + negation => you are under no obligation to do x.
Don't have to means it's not necessary, it's optional. The problem is that you CAN'T go to school at the weekend because you can't enter. So it doesn't seem optional
8:07 PM
Must + negation => you are obliged not to do x.
@Curio You can't go to school = a different statement.
You're doing two different kinds of negation there.
There's "you do not have to", but there's also "you have to not".
I mean, don't have to doesn't seem so optional
So that's a good example of where have to and must can be (very) different.
There's "you must not", which = "you have to not". And because of the way "must" works, there's no equivalent. You can't write "you do not must".
8:09 PM
In this case
So you always use "you do not have to".
It's not that you must do it, but it would be appreciated.
So you need an extra clause to use not with must in this sense.
Which is usually not what you want.
Yes, but not because the two have different meanings. It's because "must" is a modal auxiliary and simply can't be bent that direction.
8:10 PM
Okay thanks again
In Lawler's terms, when you want to say "you do not must" you use the standard paraphrase "you do not have to".
Which only works because "must" and "have to" have the identical meaning.
When you want to say "you must not", you can. Or you can paraphrase "you have to not". And again that works only because "must" and "have to" have the identical meaning.
Well. I have to not go on about this anymore.
From that perspective, yes.
But 'meaning' is no so clearly delimited.
Since you have not to is rarely used, you have only two reasonable options in that sentence: you must not go to school and you don't have to go to school, and the resulting overall meaning is quite different.
@MetaEd You don't have to go on about it anymore
It can be argued (and it is commonly assumed) that the way a word or construction can be used is also part of its meaning.
@Mitch You saved me.
8:23 PM
@Cerberus What is the alternative?
You are obliged to go on about it evermore.
@Mitch Some ideal but not quite attainable strict separation between meaning and usage.
Of course we use some sort of separation in practice, but it is somewhat flexible and open to interpretation.
The ideal is implicit rules, which are unfortunately only realizable by using explicit examples. The rules come from usage, not the other way around. Making up conscious rules by authority is the cart before the horse.
Wittgenstein was dumb
He was a nutcase
and a crank
He just wrote so inscrutably that smart people thought that he was deep. They were smart but they were filling in gaps that just weren't there.
Now, now.
"Things you can't talk about you must keep quiet" - that's just sophomoric pseudo Zen
@Cerberus somebody has to say it
What's with all this hatred for push-carts?
8:29 PM
keeping it real
@Cerberus misplaced annoyance with physical labor
also, waiting for my robot
So you're not?
A robot?
@MetaEd this is my topic sentence :" the family has strong influence on children's academic development "
i will write my opinion as paraghraph
starting with this topic sentence . AM I on the right direction
@Mitch ♫ Wittgenstein was a beery swine who was just as sloshed as Schlegel.
@Cerberus Yes, and their entire family, all the pushkin.
@Educ Well. I understand it.
@MetaEd to express my opinion should i start with "I strongly believe that... "
or just say that : "the family has strong influence on children's academic development "
Now that's a good question for a teacher. If it were me, I'd do the latter and leave off the "I strongly believe that". And then I'd give my reasons. But I do not know what your teacher expects.
8:44 PM
Yes i see so I ll start with "the family has strong influence on children's academic development " :)
I do know it's three hours and a quarter until hats.
Please some Ideas or statement about : In your opinion, is love the only factor that may guarantee a successful marriage ?
For me i think that love is necessary condition but it's not sufficient one
due to many reasons :
@MetaEd please check if this is good topic to answer the last question : "love is necessary condition to guarantee a successful marriage but it's not sufficient one due to many reasons : "
@Educ You probably want "a necessary" and "a sufficient"
Other thing
yeah if you would
help me please
8:57 PM
I also disagree with your thesis, but that is a matter of opinion.
When I say: "You can do all the things which you want", do I have to put "to" at the end?
could you say your opinion
I think a loveless marriage can work. And there are plenty of historical examples where successful marriages were political and had nothing to do with love.
wow incredible
simple, short and very good
please sir could you give me an example ?
i like that idea
9:36 PM
An example of a political marriage?
Good place to start research:
A marriage of state in ancient use is a diplomatic marriage or union between two members of different nation-states or internally, between two power blocs, usually in authoritarian societies and is a practice which dates back into pre-history, as far back as early Grecian cultures in western society, and of similar antiquity in other civilizations. The fable of Helen of Troy may be the best known pre-historic tale reporting an incidence of surrendering a female member of a ruling line to gain peace or shore up alliances of state between nation-states headed by small oligarchies or acknowledged...
@MetaEd Thank you
When I say: "You can do all the things which you want", do I have to put "to" at the end?
10:23 PM
Q: Word for someone becoming everything they hate?

JamesIs there a word to describe someone who ends up becoming everything they hate? For example, if a guy hated selfish people but eventually ended up becoming selfish himself, is there a fancy word to describe this? Thanks!

10:43 PM
@Curio No, because the which clause (ie: which you want) modifies things. You want things; you don't want to things.
> you can do all the things you want to do
@Cerberus I don't have corporeal form. That's why I need a mechanical robot to perform physical world tasks like converting people flesh into chemical energy storage batteries and, I know it sounds a little cliche, perform techno music for me.
@Educ Academic development? What? I thought you were talking about personality development. The answers are quite different. I don't think you can say anything other than 'the schools'.
@MetaEd I don't know about 'beery'. That's just calumny.
I just learned that word.
Put those all in a sentence
@Mitch If you lack a corporeal form, then how can you make the robot move?
A game I used to play, except I challenged myself to put obscurish hard words in a verse.
@Cerberus Uh...software?
10:58 PM
Isn't software made of physical electra?
OK so I'm a process. One usually doesn't ascribe any kind of entity with mass to that.
but I suppose it is arguable
Wait...it is the movement of electrons which define my essence, not the electrons themselves
Can a process exist without a physical expression of it?
It is so hard talking to you fleshbags, you have such strange implications for your words
@Mitch I guess you've heard of the uncertainty principle.
At least we have bags.
11:01 PM
@Cerberus I don't know about physical expression. The relations of some physical things (as you would call them) are what you'd probably call 'me'
@Færd I'm not so sure about that
@Cerberus Can a physical expression exist without a process?
An inert, stable particle floating in space can hardly be considered a process.
Hey...is that what you meat receptacles call philosophy?
all that staibility and floating is a process.
@Cerberus How can you prove such a thing exists out of your mind?
11:03 PM
Check and ... goddamit I misspelled it
That doesn't seem reasonable.
@Færd Noöne can.
Not so sure then.
What I meant was physics doesn't see particles as stable things.
Not that there may not be anything outside of your mind.
@Færd I had an older relative ask me 'What is this quantum physics thing?'. Over the phone. In a family-thanksgiving-10-people-are-on-the-line situation. I really had only one sentence to do it in, so I didn't even get to uncertainty.
So I just said 'stuff smaller than electrons and stuff'
they were happy with that.
THey would have been happy if I had said 'Puppies are cute'
Couldn't have been more misleading, could you? :)
But they'd have chosen a proper occasion to ask, if they'd really cared
@Færd I'm pretty sure there's other things outside my mind. I don't really feel like proving it, but it just doesn't feel very necessary to go that far. I'm content with Amazon telling me that a drone is about to deliver my robot
11:09 PM
Practical enough.
You might want to say it's obvious.
@Færd They cared, but in that older relative way of ... you sounded like you knew something.
It's not like I really know
I am so distanced from physics now that my knowledge of it has reduced to pop science.
Everything I learned about science I picked up from the diagrams and captions in Scientific American at the dentist's waiting room.
11:11 PM
Must have featured beautiful scientists.
There are rarely Scientific American copies at the dentist's office, so you get some perspective.
@Færd haha. Science in general has a man problem, but not as bad as elsewhere.
Physicists in particular are mostly men.
Oh that's just like...hear me out...how everybody says America has the worst race problem. It's not good at all, but there are a lot worse places (actually most places are worse, and I'd have to say it's places that are entirely mono-ethnic that don't have internal racism problems, like Iceland. Those guys are totally racist about other people outside of their country though.
@Færd SOftware Engineering has a similar problem.
@Mitch Is that a problem?
Medicine/biology is closer to parity, but there's still a lot of strict roles (male docs/female nurses) though that is changing faster than software engineering. Also depends on the country
11:16 PM
@Mitch We don't have blacks in Iran (the dark African type), but when they come around they don't feel discriminated against.
I suppose.
@Færd That is arguable of course, but it seems that the lack of diversity in SE is causing problems for those in the minority, and for women in particular
@Færd What do people in general think of Afghans (the refugees that are in Iran)?
The only chance minorities have is to exert their presence themselves.
Not what you think but what you think other people think
11:18 PM
No matter what others do it'll end up weird more or less.
@Mitch Diverse opinions.
Actually, for the mideast, Iran is more ethnically diverse and ethnically accepting than others (but is not great)
Those who feel financially threatened by them (some domestic workers, builders, etc) are not very happy with Afghanis working for lower wages.
I wouldn't want to be a Philippine house keeper in Kuwait is what I'm saying
I can imagine
@Færd I think that's a universal, job fears.
You're probably hearing all about the crazy Alabama election here today
11:21 PM
The better to do classes divide into the haughty snubby snotty racists who think themselves better than those who happen to be 'inferior' to them eg Afgans
And the welcoming open minded ...
Who sometime go overboard in integrating others.
And all sorts of other fish in and outside these ponds
@Mitch Yeah
One tiny part of all that mess is that Alabama is in the south of the US, known for it's history with slavery, but in the past ten years, has seen an influx of Hispanic workers (mostly from Texas). And everybody has job fears. But of course if you look at numbers, the jobs they're taking are jobs that native Alabamans aren't applying for.
Exactly. That goes for the jobs Afghans take here too.
Well, to some extent.
When will the results be announced?
if the polling places are efficient, later tonight morning for you.
I think there's so much controversy brewing about it that no matter what happens everybody is going to be unhappy.
That republican guy sounds like a nutcase.
Judged on his own merits. Or speeches.
But I'm taking him out of context I suppose. He makes some sort of sense to his supporters or it wouldn't be so controversial.
@Færd And no reasonable person would ever consider him as a candidate if he just came out of the blue. It just turns out that he is 'on the team' for one side, and it's just human nature to support the leader of your team, especially when all you see is people bad-mouthing him from the other team.
it doesn't matter what reality is (to the majority of people)
11:31 PM
@Mitch You know that sounds so plausible looking back to where we supposedly evolved from.
We wouldn't have cared much about reason per se.
Every team's logic was its own survival.
good point. reason is a new and difficult skill to use
usually we're just reacting on the spot to tigers about to bite our faces off
Well I was thinking about human tribes facing off.
but that too.
@Færd Afghans are a race?
@Færd But does it see them as processes?
@Mitch That sounds like an adequate answer.
@Cerberus I don't know. They can look distinctly Afghan. But they have branches or families or inter-races between them I'm sure.
@Cerberus Sort of.
The population of Afghanistan is quite diverse, I believe. But, regardless, is every group that can be distinguished by looks a "race"?
11:39 PM
The lowest energy state possible for particles we'd care about in this discussion is not absolute zero.
No doubt.
@Cerberus That's not a good definition, but can be a consequent?
I mean people from the same race look more alike?
Race is decided by one's pedigree I suppose.
@Cerberus So yeah they keep jostling and bustling and being a process.
> race2

1Each of the major divisions of humankind, having distinct physical characteristics.
That's the traditional definition.
Dubious as it is.
It excludes Afghans.
So if you must use the word at all, I would as least use it by that definition and not some vague, seemingly boundless scope.
What's your definition?
I don't use the word for humans.
11:45 PM
Did I say Afghans are a different race?
You suggested as much, by connecting them with "racism"?
Well you don't have to believe in human races to condemn those who practice racist ideas.
It's enough if they consider themselves a better race.
Which they do.
Only if those practitioners are focused on 'human races' by your definition above.
@Cerberus So how do you categorize humans? Blacks and whites are different whats?
@Cerberus Or any kin-based definition that separates "them" as superiors to "others" as inferiors.
@Færd I characterise humans by physical appearance where necessary, but then I just mention them as a group rather than using the word 'race'.
@Færd That has nothing to do with 'race'.
11:50 PM
@Cerberus Because race has come to be laden with hostile connotation?
Kin-based groups can be various things, but it's usually about ethnicity and origin, rather than this specific European theory about the major races of mankind etc.
It's the same thing basically. Or family, or tribe, our supertribe, our ... race.
@Færd Perhaps, but also because it's part of a terminology than believes in important biological divisions in mankind as viewed from a European perspective and unfaithful to real genetics.
@Færd Not at all.
Wherever you put the borderline and claim superiority you're a racist.
Why would you say that?
11:54 PM
Because picking the borderline is random.
It's a symmetric spectrum.
I don't understand that.
Gets larger as it gets along, but nowhere is the best place to define us against them if you have the turn of mind to do such a thing.
I dunno. I'm being too vague.
What does that have to do with using specific terminology instead of other specific terminology?
If you mean ethnicity, then why not use that term? It's clear and as specific as possible.
You don't define race. I do. No fight between us as to what it means for humans.
If you don't need specificity, use discrimination.
If you really think it's specifically about a category of people that constitute a major division of mankind as distinguished by bodily appearance, then by all means use racism.
11:57 PM
But how major?
As in, countable on one or two hands, or it isn't major. And it wouldn't fit the discours in which the term is embedded.
So it would be unclear.

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