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12:11 AM
Hey guys!
Please have a look at this question if possible english.stackexchange.com/questions/273618/…
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2:03 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Email in answer: Idioms/phrases for "I won't get in the way?" by zafar on english.stackexchange.com
2:47 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Email in body: I am not native english language by zafar on english.stackexchange.com
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4:48 AM
I wanted to request open ppl to reopen this question if possible. english.stackexchange.com/questions/273618/…
I have made the necessary changes.
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6:37 AM
6:55 AM
Q: What does "Bird-cry" stand for?

user131336What does "bird-cry" mean? Does it mean "rain" when it comes with "sunshine", "wind", and "plants"?

A: 'Give you notice' vs 'Give you a notice'

Paul NtuleDiscusses the Unique feathers of antarctic penguins that work similarity To a waterproof diving suit.

Now if only we could somehow move that answer over to the question, maybe they'd both go away happy and leave the rest of us forever puzzled.
5 hours later…
12:00 PM
@tchrist would you have any idea about this?
I seem to have 3 perl rename scripts on my system, one of which is yours. Any idea what the differences between them are?
Also, why the hell do I have a script you wrote but which no package seems to have installed?
Did you hack my computerz?
"hack" is such a harsh word :P
Not among geeks. It just means programming.
12:29 PM
@terdon Some hacks are more elegant than others.
12:53 PM
@Rigor Before coming to SE I wasn't aware of the "hacker" term in the "programming" sense either.
But now it makes sense since I see people use it all the time.
I found this:
> A Hacker is someone who makes things. In this context, it’s someone who makes things by programming computers. This is the original, and purest definition of the term, i.e., that you have an idea and you “hack” something together to make it work. It also applies to people who modify things to significantly change their functionality, but less so.
@Arrowfar not to mention this:
1:12 PM
Q: How to get cat pee smell out of a camera

MeelahYes, you read it right! I was staying with friends and their rotten little furball peed in my handbag. Anything soft, like my cloth wallet, was a write-off. Anything hard, like keys, just needed a good rinse with soap. But I don’t know what to do about my camera. It was in its case so escape...

Yeah, I don't think I want to know.
@tchrist: ^^ may come in handy someday.
Whoa, this is a hot question:
Q: Is Saudi Arabia funding 200 mosques but not accepting any refugees?

Andrew GrimmHas Saudi Arabia announced it'll build 200 mosques for those fleeing fighting in Syria and Iraq, but won't accept any refugees? Example claim: https://www.frontpagemag.com/point/260080/saudi-arabia-offers-build-200-mosques-syrians-daniel-greenfield Why will the Saudis build 200 mosques for t...

@Arrowfar Yes. It's a hot topic at the moment with the refugee crisis in Europe.
I see. Yeah.
Hi @terdon.
1:25 PM
Hi :)
1:54 PM
Would you agree that gelatin rhymes with skeleton?
Tell me to relax, I just stare
Maybe I don't know if I should change
A feeling that we share
This eagerness to change...
@crl Sup. I thought you were saying that haha. It seemed like a rhyme so I searched and bingo some song.
2:07 PM
I just know some boy named Shane, and I thought of this song all morning :/
r u a .... :O
No homophobia in this chat.
Hi ninja!
----------------------------------------------------> !
2:15 PM
@Rigor nah haha I mean boy as young child, he's 14 and sometimes play tennis table with him
it would pretty hard to sing that song in Spanish
it would sound less ...
2:26 PM
I had the same question btw :)
> Es una pena o una lástima es mejor traduccion en este caso.
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 I would rhyme the words in verse with not a second thought, if that answers your question.
@Robusto I have this hybrid binder thing made by the Mead corporation. It's a soft binder that comes with plastic pocket folders. One of the folders has a pocket for index cards, and this is illustrated with a fake index card that invites the user to think of at least five words in English with no rhyme, and skeleton made the list.
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 Well, now, you're talking about some junior copywriter who came up with that. Hardly an authority.
@Robusto But there are very popular choices, which are also included (purple, silver).
The full list of "answers": orange, silver, purple, diamond, skeleton, limited, ninth, and poem.
2:33 PM
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 I'm not saying they didn't get some right. But in my view you came up with a refutation of skeleton.
@Robusto like immediately.
I wonder if they consulted a rhyming dictionary.
And for what it's worth, many people would rhyme home or roam with poem.
I wanna go ho-um.
Poe-eem amuses me.
My boyfriend's mother says muse-eek.
If you say gelatin and skeleton fast, the vowels get reduced. It's that simple.
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 French?
@Robusto not sure.
@Robusto no matter how slowly I say them, they rhyme.
Gel-a-tin. Skel-a-tin.
Do you say skel-a-tun?
2:38 PM
You have more of a midlands/Southern accent then.
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 If I bother to articulate it, yes.
You probably write with a pin and avoid getting pinnies in change, right?
A guy at work does, though. And he doesn't have the picture-pitcher thingy.
How do you pronounce oil? Rhymes with what?
What else?
arthur conan doyle
2:40 PM
People from Oklahoma and Texas pronounce oil kind of like I would pronounce all.
It gets lost in their mouths.
They don't let it out.
They think it is too precious to pronounce certain diphthongs.
Coworker also says Mondee, Tuesdee, &c.
Also: bidness for business and wudnt for wasn't.
2:44 PM
St. Louis has a weird set of pronunciations. Highway 40 is "highway farty" and pork steaks are park steaks.
I don't know what regionalizations there in KC.
highway tree fiddy
@Robusto There are people who sound like Midwesterners and people who sound like hicks.
I am difficult to understand.
@crl 350
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 Not in print. ^_^
2:50 PM
@Robusto :D
Or when I read aloud.
But I constantly play with language.
I pronounce some words like a Wisconsinite for fun.
you play with words / you play with love
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 Same here.
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 How would you know the difference?
@tchrist I frequently speak with CenturyLink employees.
I should have said upper midwest, I guess.
@tchrist do you have any idea what your rename script is doing on my system? Do you know if it's packaged with anything?
3:06 PM
@terdon Could it have come with Unicode::Tussle somehow?
I didn't put that together; bdfoy did.
But you clearly need it. :)
mac(tchrist)% wc scripts/rename
     265     898    7563 scripts/rename
mac(tchrist)% head !$
head scripts/rename
#!/usr/bin/env perl
# pathedit/rename/relink -- rename or relink files
# original rename and relink were by Larry Wall
# this version by Tom Christiansen

use strict;
use warnings;

    $errcnt,    # how many didn't work
That one?
Looks like it, yes:
terdon@badabing ~ $ wc /usr/local/bin/rename
 265  898 7563 /usr/local/bin/rename
terdon@badabing ~ $ md5sum /usr/local/bin/rename
55a25a299fbb56e429278b17b33b79c0  /usr/local/bin/rename
How does it differ from perl's rename?
And how would I query Unicode::Tussle to see if it provides it?
mac(tchrist)% md5 !$
md5 scripts/rename
MD5 (scripts/rename) = 55a25a299fbb56e429278b17b33b79c0
@terdon Perl's rename function just makes the Unix syscall from section 2.
And it is not a shell command.
@terdon Check the tarball?
@tchrist Not the function, there's a Perl script called rename bundled with Debian's perl package.
@tchrist I was hoping there was a command. OK, I'll check.
 $ head /usr/bin/rename
#!/usr/bin/perl -w

eval 'exec /usr/bin/perl -w -S $0 ${1+"$@"}'
    if 0; # not running under some shell
# $Revision: 331 $$Date: 2013-04-30 21:23:41 +0100 (Tue, 30 Apr 2013) $
# Robin's RCS header:
# RCSfile: rename.PL,v Revision: 1.3   Date: 2006/05/25 09:20:32
# Larry's RCS header:
#  RCSfile: rename,v   Revision: 4.1   Date: 92/08/07 17:20:30
@terdon Dunno what that is.
Oh, is that Larry's old version?
Mine is functionaler.
mac(tchrist)% rename --wtf
Unknown option: -wtf
usage: /Users/tchristi/scripts/rename [-ifqI0vnml] [-F file] perlexpr [files]
    -i          ask about clobbering existent files
    -f          force clobbers without inquiring
    -q          quietly skip clobbers without inquiring
    -I          ask about all changes
    -0          read null-terminated filenames
    -v          verbosely says what its doing
    -V          verbosely says what its doing but with newlines between old and new filenames
OK, yes. That seems considerably better.
3:12 PM
You can rewrite the symlink target with it, too.
Oh? That's nice.
It's just weird that I've somehow ended up with three separate perl scripts called rename.
    unless ($renaming || $reslinking) {
        $renaming   = $0 =~ /name/;
        $reslinking = $0 =~ /link/;
You can make a link to it called relink.
Well, or supercalifragilisticexpiallilinkus.
What's the third one? The four to six line version?
Q: What's with all the renames?

terdonOn my Debian system (well, my LMDE system, but close enough), I have at least 3 different rename programs: /usr/local/bin/rename : This is a Perl script, written by Tom Christiansen. Oddly enough, I can't seem to find which package installed it: $ dpkg -S /usr/local/bin/rename dpkg-query: no ...

Apparently I need to kibo SE.
And yes, yours is bundled with Unicode::Tussle
3:19 PM
@terdon Do you have a bunch of things in your paths whose basenames =~ /^uni/ — if so, you probably installed the bundle.
Oh right.
Didn't see that answer.
I noticed that you had uniquote the other day.
The new uniwhatever scripts are actually perl5 scripts. rename is mostly a perl4 script.
The new ones are documented, and make use of various standard modules.
@tchrist Heh, I basically wrote it.
@tchrist Yes, I have them. I think you told me to install them at some point and they've come in handy.
I hate to interrupt, but can either of you tell me what teledeltos means?
We can make something up.
Spanish of course has delta for the Greek letter, but I know no *delto.
Teledeltos paper is an electrically conductive paper. It is formed by a coating of carbon on one side of a sheet of paper, giving one black and one white side. Western Union developed Teledeltos paper in the late 1940s for use in spark printer based fax machines and chart recorders. Teledeltos paper has several uses within engineering that are far removed from its original use in spark printers. Many of these use the paper to model the distribution of electric and other scalar fields. == Use == Teledeltos provides a sheet of a uniform resistor, with isotropic resistivity in each direction. As it...
What do you ask?
3:23 PM
The tele- part seems understandable. So just deltos because messages?
Teledex competitor? :)
I just want to be sure.
I know nothing.
Ask @terdon, it's his word.
Yeah, I have no idea.
That's just some publishing house.
3:28 PM
Hang on, I may have found something.
Δέλτον (delton) was some sort of proto-notebook. Wax-covered tablets. That's probably what they were thinking of.
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 ^^
Or so my ancient Greek dictionary tells me.
@terdon Oh, I like it.
Thank you!
That makes reasonable sense.
I told you it was his word. :)
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 You're welcome, I like learning new words!
@terdon Me, too!
3:39 PM
Yay! Found a definition though it doesn't really add anything to what I told you:
writing-tablet, it calls it.
hmm why my spellchecking on Chrome doesn't recognize "subsistent"
@terdon my laptop is also cerumen covered
I take great care of it
unhearit.com :) that's stupid
1 hour later…
5:04 PM
@Cerberus OMFG Lorin just brought me a baby RATTLESNAKE!!!
the cat?
5:19 PM
Yes, the cat.
No, I captured and released it already. Lorin wanted to play.
Might still be out there.
5:55 PM
did it rattle?
Hello people. Is there life on the net?
6:50 PM
@tchrist aieee
7:20 PM
@tchrist This is something I would worry about. What if they come across a not-baby rattler?
Trust me, I worry.
If we move to NM, there would also be a danger from tarantulas and scorpions. The dumb house cats wouldn't know enough to be afraid.
Hmm, so "blonde hair" in Spanish is el pelo rubio. I would have thought amarillo.
new mexico?
New Mexico.
@Robusto They don’t think of it that way.
7:24 PM
I suppose not.
I wouldn't worry about spider bites, but the urticating hairs could mess them up.
move to norway
nothing to worry about there
Except boredom.
And snow.
And six months of harsh cold darkness.
And not speaking Norwegian.
it will make you harsh and cold in no time
I hear that in Sweden and Denmark neo-Nazi parties are in the ascendancy.
yeah, don't know much about denmark
In Sweden the Sverigedemokraterna is the biggest party now, think they got 27% in a recent poll.
neo-Nazi is perhaps an oversimplification
but they have brown roots which is ew
7:32 PM
Does that mean their hair coloring is washing out?
"brown roots"?
Ha ha
I don't have roots to color sniff
I think they can be traced to neo-nazi bs 20 years ago
No expert in the subject.
The debate in Sweden is pretty broken, much pointing with the stigma finger.
the terry mcauliffe thing slowed down the U.S. White supremacists 20 yrs ago
Ooh the stigma finger.
Wash that off
@tchrist What kind of cat do you have?
7:36 PM
@Mitch did the stigma finger make sense?
Not a poison-impervious cat
@JohanLarsson yes sort of. I was making a joke of it.
I don't know exactly what you intend but the general idea is there
~winning~ by calling the opponent {racist, sexist, ...}
So for both sides, there is stigma? But what for each side? For the neon axis I guess the nazi stigma is it. What about the gegen-nazi crowd?
The stigma is simplex.
The comple is lemmata
7:40 PM
but the strategy has not been very successful i think, backfired
Crying wolf?
@Mitch <- whoosh
Why doesn't refrigerate have a 'd'?
Yeah I was trying too hard
Where do you want the 'd' to go?
refridgerate? makes sense to me, that is how i would spell it :)
7:41 PM
Simplex is a technical term that is not used as a synonym for simple
Plural of stigma is stigmata, like lemmata is for lemma
fancy stuff
Why is congratulate spelled with a 't'? In English there is no reason to spelling. Somebody guessed badly along time ago and it stuck
I think Andy posted a new wall in geb.
It's 'fancy' Saturday. Tomorrow we'll regret it
Geb is great but I don't have the patience to re read it. I like making comments about it. Too bad all the people at the beginning haven't shown up to talk about it.
@JohanLarsson Exactly. But there might be a story behind that. Unless there is some English spelling convention I've forgotten about.
7:47 PM
@FaheemMitha Kitty cat.
@tchrist Yes, that's what I thought. I meant, what breed? Siamese... something else...
Domestic shortish hair and domestic longish hair.
@tchrist ok
@terdon Can you shorten up Zalgotic Beowulf? I’m thinking that’s about as short as it gets.
@Mitch Yeah it should be spelled with "j" or "g" instead of "t".
8:00 PM
I hate congratulate's spelling. It looks a bit cheesy.
@Arrowfar Why?
@Arrowfar Spelling is not intended to represent pronunciation.
Therefore, what you say makes zero sense.
It’s like Chinese.
@FaheemMitha Because we spell it one way, pronounce it the other.
@tchrist I know.
8:54 PM
why do you have so little so rep @Mitch?
1 hour later…
10:07 PM
wow look at this thing I just found: getspoonr.com
10:21 PM
@JohanLarsson feels ashamed
I have a tendency to answer lots of questions that I don't think are ... important enough in the comments
10:44 PM
@tchrist No I can't. Nice one!
Can't believe the wimps only require it to work for ASCII input but demand Unicode output.
11:19 PM
Hey guys!
Can you please check if the question shoule be reopened again. I have made all required chagnes. LInk: english.stackexchange.com/questions/273618/…
11:53 PM
@tchrist Just noting that you approved an edit which despamified a post. I rolled it back because it should be deleted instead.
@curiousdannii I already saw that and flagged it to that effect.
The problem was reading in rendered mode instead of in raw mode.

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