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10:09 AM
I feel difficult to speech or type English....However I think that I've enough vocabulary....
4 hours later…
1:39 PM
Hi @Hazro. Sundays are slow, sorry for that. Visit some time during the week to find more people to chat with.
1:50 PM
(Finally I could log in, after 4 times I was said my login data were too old.)
Q: What is 'lol' in English talk?

AJ09What is 'lol' in English talk?

I am not sure the question is asking what LOL means when used in talking.
The answer is already given in another question, thought.
Q: What are the abbreviations most commonly used on the Internet?

gablinEvery so often I see various abbreviations used on forums and blogs and whatnot, such as FYI (For Your Information) and AFAIK (As Far As I Know). What other common abbreviations are there, and what are their meanings?

Is the "possible duplicate […]" comment always added when a question is marked as duplicate? Or does it happen when the two questions are found to be related?

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