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6:05 AM
Q: 2021 Moderator election: suggestions for nominees?

LuciaAs you may have seen, the nominations for the 2021 moderator election will be open on March 29. Per StackExchange rules, MO users are expected to nominate themselves for the election. For some people, it may appear awkward to nominate oneself. The purpose of this question is for the community...

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11:08 PM
hi all
Q: Conjecture about arcsin and $\sqrt{\quad}$

mickLet $r(a,b)$ be a rational number depending on $a,b$ and nonnegative. For every $b$ there is an $a$ such that $r(a,b)$ is not $0$. Let $C(a,b)$ be a squarefree positive integer depending on $b$ and different for every $b$. Consider for positive integers $I,J$ : $$ S_J = \sum_{j=1}^J \sum_{i=1}^I ...

@MartinSleziak interesting
Uhh... I don't know exactly what MathOverflow is supposed to talk about.

What kind of math questions exactly?

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